Standard of Living of Pakistan Army versus Pakistan General Public

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan is a group of companies run by Pakistan Army. Fauji means Army man. Every country has an Army or in other words the Army works for the country. However, Pakistan is the only country in the world where “Army has a country” or in other words, “the country works for the Army”. All the policy decisions of Pakistan Government are directed to benefit Pakistan Army.

In our previous article Naya Pakistan: A Vision OR A Delusion, we have covered in details how the Pakistan Economy is crashing. Major role played in bankrupting Pakistan Economy is played by Pakistan Army.

The Arguments offered by Pakistan Army is that they are working on protecting Islam and is fighting an non-Islamic neighbor, India. For that purpose, they need to continuously create Jihadists and Terrorists to be sent to India to carry out Terrorist activities regularly.

However we exposed Pakistan in our previous article Pakistan Murderer Of Muslims Or Leader Of Muslim Ummah?, We exposed Pakistan’s bluff and showed how Pakistan is committing Genocide of Muslims in Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and Pakistan Occupied Ladakh (POL).

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan

One Pakistani Twitter user Hamza Nawaz with Twitter ID @HamzaMNawaz on June 30, 2018 tweeted a list of the Companies run by Fauji Foundation of Pakistan Army. Check out his thread to get the complete list.

So a question arises, Why is Pakistan Army not taking a back seat and letting the Civilian Government handle country’s affairs?

One can find the answer if we look at the activities of Pakistan Army. The GDP of Pakistan is the GDP of its army which owns and runs everything starting from the army to civil petrol pumps, hawala banks, export-import firms etc. We covered about Fauji foundation owning different businesses in Pakistan in our previous article Institutional Collapse Of Pakistan: Solution.

In her 2007 book Military Inc: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy Dr Ayesha Siddiqa exposes the rampant commercialism pervading every aspect of the country’s military forces. Dr Siddiqa, a former researcher with the country’s naval forces, found that the army owns 12 per cent of the country’s land, its holdings being mostly fertile soil in the eastern Punjab. Two thirds of that land is in the hands of senior current and former officials, mostly brigadiers, major-generals and generals. The most senior 100 military officials are estimated to be worth, at the very least, £3.5 billion.

In 2016, the Pakistan senate was informed that the army’s commercial wings, including the Fauji (Army) Foundation, the Shaheen Founation, the Bahria Foundation, the Army Welfare Trust and the Defense Housing Authorities, owned as many as 50 business concerns and housing property worth over $20 Billion. However, three years later, the number of ventures owned by the army is in hundreds with net investment reportedly exceeding $100 Billion. In order to avoid the wrath of the all-powerful Pakistan Army, Imran khan turned a blind eye to the Pakistan Army.

A lowly Major General gets more salary than the highest government bureaucrat, does the country have the political will to tackle the elephant in the room whom everyone in Pakistan wants to avoid?

Pakistan has an Army with a Country

Some people who support Fauji Foundation of Pakistan Army running the business ventures argue that the companies run by Fauji Foundation are incorporated companies and are audited like any other companies and pay the taxes. Hence, they are running the genuine businesses and no one should have any issues with Fauji Foundation group of companies.

However, the reality is totally different. Pakistan Army Business arm twists Pakistan government to make sure that all the polices are made to favor Fauji Foundation group of companies. Fauji Foundation does not let any competition to survive in the areas where they enter into business ventures.

Be it the real estate business where the land is acquired from the government at throw away prices and the plots are cut and sold at huge prices and in the process the Army officers cornering a lot of unaccounted profits.

Fauji Foundation run schools have very high fees that are unaffordable for a common man. However, the costs are cut by reducing the salaries of the civilian teachers in the Fauji schools. In 2018, More than 100 female and male teachers gathered on Tipu Road in front of main offices of Fauji Foundation and staged a peaceful protest demonstration. The teachers said that in 90 schools, the Fauji Foundation administration planned to revise the contract of the teachers while reducing the salaries from Rs50,000 to Rs15,000 per month. Whereas the fees for the students is so exorbitant that a common man cannot afford to send their children to the Army schools. Rules are regularly being flouted by Fauji Schools. Even the summer vacation fees are charged.

When the parents complain, the action is taken only against the lower-class schools and no one dares to touch the Fauji (Army) Schools. In a protest organized by parents to oppose the steep fees hike, the parents who participated were identified and their children were expelled by school administration from the school mid-session jeopardizing their studies. Since Mafia of Fauji Foundation schools governs the school owner’s association and such children would not be able to get admission in any of the private schools.

Merub Khan with Twitter handle @merubkhan10 tweeted on Jul 27, 2018, “Its has been observed to that #FaujiFoundation reduced the salaries of M.Sc. and M.Phil. teachers from 40000 to 17000 PKR. Plz rise the voice of these teachers for resolving their issues…we are with you”

One example of this arm twisting was in 2015. In 2015-2016, Fauji Meat Limited planned to setup meat production plant. It arm twisted government of the time to give a 4 year income tax holiday. The budget for Financial year 2016 gave a four-year income tax holiday for companies that set up Halal meat production plants and obtain obtain Halal certification by December 31, 1016. This was a huge tax holiday given to Fauji Meat Limited which didn’t let any other big meat company enter in its competition. ARY has entered into a “strategic partnership” with Fauji Meat through its ARY Sahulat card. ARY is also a strategic partner in this project. If you visit your nearby Zabeeha outlet, Fauji Foundation’s answer to Meat One, the only card they promote is the ARY Sahulat card. Do the math.

Another example of Fauji Foundation of Pakistan high handedness can be seen when the Chairman of the Pakistan Stock Exchange was forced to resign from his job, as the Fauji Foundation linked stocks were not performing well. This shows the high handedness of Pakistan Army.

Karachi Stock Exchange continuously Crashing
Karachi Stock Exchange continuously Crashing

Another example of the Fauji Foundation directing government policies is the Textile import policy of Pakistan and denial of MFN (Most Favored Nation) Status to India despite India giving the one to Pakistan. Fauji Foundation group of companies literally own the textile sector in Pakistan. They produce virtually all the textile that is used domestically as well as exported to Europe and the US. Textile policy of Pakistan allows import of only the raw cotton and bans the import of any textile from other countries. Pakistan imported only the raw cotton from its neighbor India and processed and produced finished textile fabric and finished products and exported. Pakistan feared that by allowing imports of finished textile products, Pakistan market would be flooded with Indian textile products which would render Fauji foundation produced fabric uncompetitive and would run into losses. As a result, all the policies in Pakistan are guided by their bosses in the Fauji Foundation.

Pakistan Army is virtually running the Pakistan Government. The Imran Khan government which is a democratically elected government is being run only for the name sake. In a recent instance, On November 1, Prime Minister Khan, while announcing the completion of Kartarpur Corridor on Twitter, said he had waived two requirements relating to passport and registering 10 days in advance for Sikhs coming for pilgrimage to Kartarpur from India. He said that Sikh pilgrims from India would only need a valid ID and not a passport to travel to Kartarpur. The service fee of USD 20 dollars for those coming for the inaugural ceremony and on the 550th birth anniversary of the Sikh Guru on November 12 was also abolished.

However in a major snub to Imran Khan, Pakistan Army spokesman Maj Gen Asif Gafoora said that the Indian Sikh pilgrims visiting the Kartarpur Sahib will need a passport to use the Kartarpur Corridor. Also the Pilgrims will be required to pay USD 20 as the service fee which is being seen as a Jajia Tax that is imposed by a Islamic Nation on non-muslims.

All the above factors show how all the policies are made by the Pakistan Army and that should benefit the Fauji Foundation.

Social Media outcry to Nationalize Fauji Foundation

There is a lot of uproar on the social media and growing awareness among the public about the activities of Pakistan Army’s Fauji Foundation and a lot of condemnation.

In order to grow the awareness about how the Fauji Foundation group of companies are looting Pakistani tax payers money, a Twitter user posted a series of tweets explaining in easy terms about the state of loot in Pakistan by Fauji Foundation.

He tweeted, “Who Owns Pakistan Today? It is Fauji Foundation that is run by a few Army Generals that run all kind of businesses including making movies, TV Serials, manufacture everything from Corn flakes, cement, everything you can think of #NationalizeFaujiFoundation” (He quoted our previous article Institutional Collapse Of Pakistan: Solution.

He further tweeted, “What is the condition of a common man in Pakistan? They don’t have money for buying Roti, they don’t have money to buy vegetables. Prices are too High. On the other hand the children of these Army Generals live lavishly in foreign countries. #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan looting Pakistani Tax Payers Money
Fauji Foundation of Pakistan looting Pakistani Tax Payers Money

“All these Generals hold dual passports. Common man’s business is taken over by Pakistan Army. What will common man in Pakistan do? No Work, No Business, still they are forced to pay high Taxes, high Electricity charges. Government is Puppet of Army. #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan looting Pakistani Tax Payers Money
Fauji Foundation of Pakistan looting Pakistani Tax Payers Money

“Today Pakistan Army is committing Genocide in Balochistan. Why? Only reason is that Balochistan has Natural Mineral wealth of over $1 Trillion. For every Nation, the Natural Resources belong to the people of the Nation. In Pakistan Army owns everything #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan looting Pakistani Tax Payers Money
Fauji Foundation of Pakistan looting Pakistani Tax Payers Money

“In Pakistan, though the namesake Democracy exists, but the real ruler is Army. Baloch Genocide is being committed to free the land from locals and the same can be given on lease to Chinese in Partnership with Fauji Foundation. Profit goes to Army. #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

Imran Khan on his failure on all front. Wish he could divert public attention from Economic Failure
Imran Khan on his failure on all front. Wish he could divert public attention from Economic Failure

“Common People have stepped up and Freedom (Azadi) March led by Maulana Fazalur Rehman has reached Islamabad to overthrow Imran Khan led government. Will they be successful? Time will tell. New Civilian Government should take over Fauji Foundation. #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan looting Pakistani Tax Payers Money

“In essence the governing body always remains the Joint Intelligence Bureau (JIB) which acts as a state within the state. ISI chief and COAS operates in consensus with JIB and rarely breach the trust. JIB is the deep state of Pakistan. @RehamKhan1 #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

Power Structure in Pakistan
Power Structure in Pakistan

“JIB operates Fauji foundation, which is the largest business conglomerates in Pakistan having 18 industries with strategically diversified investment portfolio that is spread over sectors shown below. Pakistan can’t be normal untill Army does Business #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

Some of the Fauji Foundation of Pakistan Army Group of companies
Some of the Fauji Foundation of Pakistan Army Group of companies

Shahid Quetta with twitter handle @ShahidQuetta tweeted, “Civilian pension budget is Rs 85 Billions. Armed Forces pension budget is Rs 253 Billions. (Defense Budget does not include Armed Force’ Pension). Now please tell me if #Pakistan is a country with an Army or an #Army with a Country?”

“Another important thing to note that 99% of the retarded Armed Forces personnel are appointed or start another job in Police, civil service, Fauji Foundation, NADRA, NAB, PIA and numerous other civilian departments so, they get pension,perks & salaries & then another pension.”

“A civilian go through college and university then pass a very difficult Civil Service Exam #CSS to get posted as Superintendent of Police as a #PSP Officer but a #FA pass #Army Captain gets an early retirement and gets the same post without having to pass CSS !”

“It’s a Robbery of jobs, stealing jobs from qualified civilians and giving it to incompetent Army Officers who then get an Army pension plus a PSP Officer salary the two pensions after retirement, anybody deems it justice is not a human but an animal!”

“#FA pass retarded #Army Majors are appointed as Directors and Director Generals of #NAB who humiliate & arrest high ranking civilian officers but can never arrest an Army Officer because his rank is too low to arrest a #General”

Another twitter user commented, “”Just milking the system…till only the skeleton remains”

In a series of tweets Farhatullah Babar with twitter handle @FarhatullahB also tweeted, “Startling revelations at ILF/SDPI discussion on economy today 1. Largest industrial complex Fauji Foundation, assets worth $4 bn, annual profit $ 500 million 2. Largest urban real estate enterprise DHAs and 3. Largest construction empire FWO, contracts worth Rs. 200 billion.”

“Also learnt that a reason of economic woes is ‘capture of state by the elite’. Writing under this title in his book Hafiz Pasha disclosed:”Army chief and core commanders enjoy special tax treatment along with the President”, under section 51/52 of 2nd schedule of IT Ordinance”

“When asked if given opportunity what he will do to undo elite privileges Dr Pasha candidly said that his health and fag end of life did not permit him to venture into it. Withdrawing deeply entrenched privileges from powerful elite needs a profound political process, he said.”

And ahead of #Eid Pak army also collecting animal hides through its multi million empire Pak #FaujiFoundation. Pak army does everything except combat terrorism. No wonder Pak armed forces have never ever won a war since Pak came into being in 1947. Pak army runs business & country

People have started questioning Pakistan Army

Yasir Cheema with twitter handle @Yasirmcheema tweeted, “Of the pension expenditure by Fed Govt, 24% is for Civilians 76% is for the Military. This is one big gap. Probably one of the reasons People objects to cut down the size of the Army. We need to rationalize it by transferring their pensions to their AWT & Fauji Foundation.”

Tabinda Khan @tabinda_m tweeted, “That’s what khalai want. We’ll all become robots consuming fake news, toxic air, Bahria-DHA-FWO-NLC-Fauji Foundation products & services, until the violence bred by their policies kills us…a blasphemy vendetta, rogue militant, revenge attacks from neighbouring countries, etc.”

Haris with Twitter handle @bandaydaputtar tweeted, “Well then let’s bring that all-rich and powerful minority a.k.a the military elite into court for accountability. One can only imagine the skeletons they keep in their closets, having had ZERO accountability for 70 years.”

Kala Kawa with twitter handle @kaalakawaa tweeted, “You know what I really want to know? After they build DHAs and sell the plots; where exactly do the profits go? Why have we never asked that? Is it reinvested in defense spending? Does it end up in Fauji Foundation? If in Fauji Foundation, who are the dividend owners?”

He further tweeted, “Open up the DHA accounts books to us. As citizens of this nations, you are subservient to us. We must know how you’re spending, and clearly, profiting off our taxes through your vast commercial and real estate empire.”

Anonymus Baba @EhNauNeeMus posted a thought provoking tweet, “Fauji Foundation Inc:
Revenue model: “Mulk nazuk daur se guzar raha hai (Country is going though a difficult time)” .. and usurp tax revenues
Operational Strategy: “Hukmuraan chor hain (Ruling party politicians are thieves)” .. and take control of PSU
Core Assets: Corner Plots
Competitive Advantage: “Humaare paas Bum hai (We have the Atomic Bomb)” ..blackmail the world”

Demand for dismantling of Fauji Foundation

Another twitter user Shashwat Pandey @shashwatpandey tweeted, “Unless Fauji foundation is not eliminated, pakistan will continue to be ruled by greedy coward terrorists of #KatoraFauj

@IMFNews must seriously explore options of confiscating all business units of Fauji foundation or #NationalizeFaujiFoundation to end terrorism for good.”

He further tweeted, “Fauji foundation must be dismantled and all looted money should be returned to civilian. #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

“What next? Surrender as always. This time @MoulanaOfficial is hitting where it actually hurts… He is demanding #NationalizeFaujiFoundation real question is what next after that… Worry about Fauji foundation which is going to slip away anytime now.”

“It’s time @MoulanaOfficial demand #NationalizeFaujiFoundation Fauji foundation is a $100 billion worth, nationalizing it will erase pakistan’s debt in a single day. Stop the loot & free pakistan #NationalizeFaujiFoundation now.”

“Fauji foundation referred to as army/state, has killed kidnapped tortured millions of innocent civilians with absolute impunity. Unless Fauji foundation is not disseminate by nationalizing it, this will continue. @MoulanaOfficial”

Major Gaurav Arya tweeted:-

Maj Gen Harsha Kakar responded to one of the tweets of Major Gaurav Arya:-

@memenist_ tweeted, “Good to know that there are certain sections of pakistanis who are intelligent enough to understand the truth about their army. I thought everyone is brainwashed.. Next they should nationalize fauji foundation and pakistan will rise economically. #NationDemandsUnbiasedArmy”

He further tweeted, “Why #pakistan needs to #NationalizeFaujiFoundation? They focused more on defence budget, but not on basic necessities. #Toiletlesspakistan has only 45% toilet coverage. Sad state of affairs. Where did all d budget go? As an investment in fauji foundation?”

KS Rexx @KSRexxSpeaks tweeted, “If #Pakistan do not nationalize it’s Fauji Foundation. Pakistan will never come out of its Loans and Poverty. High time for pakistan to #NationalizeFaujiFoundation”

It is irony that Pakistan Army owns a Business Empire worth more than $100 Billion on one hand and Pakistan Army top brass living a lavish life style while on the other hand Pakistan Public is facing hardships even to get the daily Naan and Roti, forget about the luxury of Tomatoes.

Standard of Living of Pakistan Army versus Pakistan General Public
Standard of Living of Pakistan Army versus Pakistan General Public

Pakistan Economy is living on the bailout package from IMF while Pakistan Army continues to suck the last rupee from the Pakistan public through their Fauji Foundation group of companies. This wide gap can only be narrowed when Pakistan’s Civilian Government take over the assets of Fauji Foundation and clear off its external debts that will save them a whooping 40% of the GDP that goes in servicing the External debt alone.

Further the Pakistan Army that is good for nothing and has over the years become lethargic and outsourced its war fighting duties to the Islamic Radical Terrorists should have its wings curtailed by reducing the number of Armed forces.

It is important to note that Enmity between Pakistan and its neighbor India is not between the common citizens. It is instigated by Pakistan Army so that they can have continuous supply of public money to fund their lavish life style and their luxurious retirement abroad. That is the reason whenever there were steps taken in the past by political leadership to have dialogue, Pakistan Army stage Managed terrorist attacks to arouse anger in Public in India on one hand and inciting Pakistan common man on the name of Jihad on the other hand.

Hence It is very important that the next civilian government in Pakistan nationalize Fauji Foundation and take over its assets and let members of public to run the businesses so that common man can get employment.

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