After meddling with India on the border and causing turbulency with Taiwan recently.

China Approves Plan to Rein In Hong Kong, Defying Worldwide Outcry

We are seeing concerning events unfolding in Hong Kong:

Beijing ordered that a new law be written to extend many of mainland China’s security practices to Hong Kong, creating broad powers to quash unrest.

Watching a TV news show about the new national security legislation in Hong Kong on Thursday.

China officially has the broad power to quash unrest in Hong Kong, as the country’s legislature on Thursday nearly unanimously approved a plan to suppress subversion, secession, terrorism and seemingly any acts that might threaten national security in the semiautonomous city.

As Beijing hashes out the specifics of the national security legislation in the coming weeks, the final rules will help determine the fate of Hong Kong, including how much of the city’s autonomy will be preserved or how much Beijing will tighten its grip.

Early signals from the Chinese authorities point to a crackdown once the law takes effect, which is expected by September.

Activist groups could be banned. Courts could impose long jail sentences for national security violations. China’s feared security agencies could operate openly in the city.


“This is the end of #HongKong, this is the end of ‘One Country, Two Systems’.”

Kids Being taken into camps now

Even on Social Media CCP has unleashed its plan to crack down on dissent anywhere in the world.

Conservative voices their accounts are being hacked and bullied by the CCP and Twitter and Big Tech are allowing this to happen on their watch

A leader of a conservative student group discovered that her Instagram account was hacked Tuesday night “by Communist sympathizers” only a week after her vocal involvement with the #CCPNotForMe campaign.

The hacker(s) posted propaganda to her account favoring the CCP.

The student, Jessica Warner, remains strong in the face of the cyberattack, saying, “This attempt to silence me makes me want to fight back even harder.”

Riot police officers clashed with protesters in Hong Kong on Wednesday.
Riot police officers clashed with protesters in Hong Kong on Wednesday.

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