Failed Pakistan Creates Fake Chinese Twitter IDs to Threaten India

Pakistan Creates Fake Chinese Twitter IDs to Threaten India. As we have mentioned in our previous articles, Pakistani ISPR has hired troll army with Fake Twitter IDs. Previously this Pakistani Troll Army tried to incite Muslims in Kashmir. However Indian Government suspended Internet in Kashmir to bring the peace back in the Kashmir Valley.

Rogue Pakistan then started inciting Indian Muslims and Leftists using the Fake IDs in Indian Hindu and Muslim names.

Now while the whole world is fighting the Chinese Virus Pandemic, China that is already occupying a large land portion of Indian Union Territory of Ladakh known as Aksai Chin, has started further border intrusions into Union Territory of Ladakh.

Because of Chinese Intrusion in Indian territories, there is a border tension between India and China. Indian public has started #BoycottChineseProducts movement. However the situation between India and China has not gone out of control and brave Indian Army is capable of handling the local border intrusions themselves without the need for instructions from New Delhi.

However Pakistan is getting restless. Because of loss of revenue and imminent looming Bankruptcy, they do not want to see India Prosper even during the Chinese Virus Pandemic.

As a new Strategy, Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI offshoot ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) created an army of Pakistani Trolls on social media platforms with fake Chinese names who have started to threaten India in such a way that Indians think that the threats are coming from Chinese Government.

Fake Pakistani Twitter ID with Chinese Name @ChinaJingXi

One such fake Twitter ID is @ChinaJingXi. This ID was created in March 2020. It shows location as Hong Kong.

Failed Pakistan Creates Fake Chinese Twitter IDs to Threaten India
Failed Pakistan Creates Fake Chinese Twitter IDs to Threaten India

Check its followers list. Only followers are Pakistanis and some Fake IDs with Indian Names belonging to Pakistani trolls. Readers will be surprised to see that none of the Chinese trolls or Wu Mao or Pink Army follows this handle. As seen in the past, all Wu Mao or Pink Army of Chinese Trolls follow each other. But in the case of the Fake Pakistani id @ChinaJIngXi only followers are Pakistani Trolls.

Her Tweets

Her first tweet. Remaining are already deleted. This Fake ID tweets, “Look How Mighty Chinese Army Treat #IndianArmy at LAC.” Very funny, even the Chinese Wu Mao or Pink Army does not use this language and this selection of words that this Fake ID used.

Another laughable tweet from the Fake Pakistani Troll with Chinese ID. Uneducated Ignorant Pakistanis do not know the drill followed on India-China Border. Again Bankrupt Pakistan showed its intellectual Bankruptcy in this tweet as well by posting the screenshot from Indian Media.

Now this is a very controversial poster that this Fake Pakistani Twitter handle in Chinese name has posted. This poster can land China in trouble. This Fake Pakistani Handle is saying that China wants to start a “New World Order”. Does that mean that all the killings of 390 k Civilians so far were all planned to invade the entire world and establish a Chinese rule?

In this Tweet this Fake Pakistani Twitter ID in Chinese name talks about some local border dispute between India and Nepal. She is posting this tweet as an official spokesperson of China. If Chinese do not condemn her, that means, Indians can also post such tweets terming Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan as separate, Independent Countries as the US has introduced legislation in US Congress.

Now here comes an “Alleged Threat from China” posted by this Fake Pakistani Twitter handle @ChinaJingXi. An old picture of some injured soldiers that were treated by Chinese PLA posted as a threat to teach Indians a lesson.

Failed Pakistan Creates Fake Chinese Twitter IDs to Threaten India
Failed Pakistan Creates Fake Chinese Twitter IDs to Threaten India

Points to Ponder

What will be the response of Indian Social Media Warriors to these kind of Fake Pakistani Troll handles who in name of Chinese are threatening India.

We saw the fate of a few Pakistani handles who in the past created Fake IDs in the name of Arab Princess. Does shameless Pakistan wants to be shamed again and again after being exposed? Or is it apt to say that the “Shameless Knows No Shame”.

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