Listen to some sane voices.

Who Is Inciting Black Lives Matter Protesters? Posters are coming up in some cities in the US calling for not to spend money on July 7th. Does this have anything to do with Black Lives Matter?

Just read the poster. Who can use the terms “Holding Nationwide Economic Blackout”? This is the language that Antifa Terrorists speak, Leftists speak, their master China speaks when they destabilize other countries. This has all the signatures of China and Leftists written all over it.

Who Is Inciting Black Lives Matter Protesters? Posters are coming up in cities asking people not to spend money on July 7th
Who Is Inciting Black Lives Matter Protesters? Posters are coming up in cities asking people not to spend money on July 7th

K T Hopkins asked 3 questions to the protesters protesting in the name of Black Lives Matter

K T Hopkins in a video released asked, “3 questions for BLM protesters, a protest movement that is sweeping the globe.” She said, “My questions are these:”

“Why do BLM more when a white person is involved? Why is it that during the weekend prior to the death of George Floyd 10 individuals were shot down, murdered in Chicago at the hands of other black individuals but nothing was said, and yet when a white man was involved there are protests all over the globe. A Gentleman shot trying to protect his store from looters & rioters. He was shot dead where he stood, live bleeding on the side walk and no one seem to care. Why do BLM more when a white person is involved?”

She Asks her second question.

My Second question: What is it that you are actually asking for. What do you want and why do you want it? You an say BLM, you can shout systematic racism. You can give me all the sort of repeted platitudes but none of them are actually telling me what you want. If Racism is so systemic, did it only start when Trump was in power? Is it only systemic for only 4 or 5 years? Or does it happen in Obama’s time. If so where were you then? What is it you are asking for? If i ask 10 of you, I will get 10 different answers.

Then comes her final question.

Finally many BAME individuals have been demanding the release of a report into Corona Virus deaths. Four times the amount of BAME individuals are impacted or have died because of Corona Virus. If you were part of that, demanding that report #YouKeptFromMeNow worrying about deaths of BAME individuals, How is you are now out protesting in your thousands, stood next to each other, rioting, looting, without a mask, no social distancing. Either you did care before or you didn’t. Either your Democrats mayors wanted you lockdown for your safety or actually now they are applauding you riots. Maybe there was no problem in the first place. Why is it BAME deaths are higher. Now today you don’t care about that any more.

“3 simple questions and i am not expecting the answers to any of them anytime soon.”

Antifa Terrorists and Anti-Nationals inciting Protesters for Arson

During the peaceful protests for Black Lives Matter, Antifa Terrorists infiltrate the protest march and ask people to flip over a truck. Watch the video and see him running away from the scene. Are these protests on Black Lives Matter instigated by these Antifa Terrorists, Leftist Politicians and China and Black people or even white people who care for Blacks are being treated as pawns? Will Black people let themselves to be used as pawns by enemies of the United States? Will they cause destruction of the United States that give them all the opportunities to become great in their lives?

Who Is Inciting Black Lives Matter Protesters? An Antifa Terrorist incites people to topple the Truck. Later when people questioned him, he disappeared

Retired Police officer shot

President Trump also tweeted about David Dorn

Listen to some sane voices.

Listen to some sane voices.

Protesters in London

Just don’t tell us that looting of public and someone’s private property is called protests. People looting Electronics from the moving train. Is that the Anti-social elements have taken over the Black Lives Matter Protests for their person gains?

People looting Electronics from a moving train. Is that part of Protests? or simply looting?

Points to Ponder

People need to decide whether they will let themselves be used as Pawns by the Democrats? Why do the Democrats want Americans (Black or White) come in thousands on the streets at a time when Chinese Corona Virus Pandemic has taken over 391K lives of innocent civilians worldwide with 110K dead only in the USA? Is it Chinese plan to take over the United States without even wasting a single bullet?

What if the infection due to Chinese Virus increases beyond control? What if all the Hospitals get above their capacity? Whom will the Black and White people today protesting blame for more deaths of innocent civilians due to Chinese Virus?

If there are sane voices whom the protesters can listen, get to the social media and spread your words around and educate people. Educate people what President Trump did for the Black people, Black Pastors, Black heads of the student groups in the universities. Unemployment among the Black is the least during President Trump Presidency. He has cared for Black and is only next to Abraham Lincoln. Sane voices should fight the misinformation propaganda with the right information campaign.

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