China Is Looking For Reasons To Fire At Indian Soldiers On Ladakh LAC

China is looking for reasons to fire at Indian Soldiers on Ladakh LAC. After the recent defeat at LAC where in over 300 Chinese Soldiers armed with got defeated. In a recent combat on 15-June 2020 Monday, over 300 treacherous belligerant Chinese PLA Soldiers armed with nail studded rods attacked the unarmed 55 Indian Soldiers. The result was that 20 Indian unarmed brave Indians attained martyredom while over 60 Chinese coward sissy single kids died despite having the nail studded rods. We covered it in our previous article Chinese Aggression at Indian Border Fails – Situation Still Tense.

The rein of fear left by 55 unarmed Indian Soldiers that killed over 60 of the armed Chinese Soldiers in evening and night of 15-June, 2020 will leave stories of fear and scare and haunt the Communist Chinese PLA for generations to come.

China Is Looking For Reasons To Fire At Indian Soldiers On Ladakh LAC
China Is Looking For Reasons To Fire At Indian Soldiers On Ladakh LAC

As per the sources, China is not able to live with this shame and is looking for an opportunity to start a war with India using the fire arms. However there are 5 agreements in the past that allegedly forbid either of the sides to use any firearms against each other. Readers can refer to our following two previous articles for the details of the 5 agreements between successive Indian Governments and China.

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Despite Twitter is banned in China, Chinese state news media Global Times News is continuously giving threats to all the countries including the US and India. We covered about one such threat given to the US in our previous article Chinese CCP Confirms A New War On The US: COVID-19

Now China has started giving threats to India openly via its State run News Media Global Times and its editor Hu Xijin twitter handles on a daily basis.

China Is Looking For Reasons To Fire At Indian Soldiers On Ladakh LAC: Chinese goon Hu Xijin, Editor of Communist CCP mouthpiece giving threats to other countries
China Is Looking For Reasons To Fire At Indian Soldiers On Ladakh LAC: Chinese goon Hu Xijin, Editor of Communist CCP mouthpiece giving threats to other countries

We will quote some recent threats here:-

As our readers can check the continuous threats by Chinese state run Global Times News and its Editor Hu Xijin are an evidence how China threatens its neighbors using its Twitter handles made specifically to threaten the world. These handles are supported by Chinese Wu Mao or 50 Cent Army that are paid 50 Cents per post on the social media and they are also supported by the Bankrupt Pakistanis who expect their Chinese Masters to attack India to bring India down.

Pakistan as all our readers know is following a policy of 1000 cuts to bleed India. Pakistan has sent 1000s of Islamic Radical Terrorists in last 72 years that has killed thousands of innocent civilians including women and Children and Indian Security forces. However India has defeated Pakistan in its war and Pakistan is a Bankrupt nation now. Hence these Pakistanis take joy as and when such threats come from China to India. However Chinese common public is not allowed to come on Twitter by CCP China to keep them in dark from whatever is happening in reality in the world.

Recent indication that China is looking for reasons to fire at Indian Soldiers on Ladakh LAC came from the following tweet from Global Times Editor Hu Xijin where he mentioned “Indian media reported that Indian army along the border with China had been given “complete freedom of action”, including using firearms in “extraordinary situations.” If true, this is a serious violation of agreement, & the Indian side will pay a heavy price for any such action.” The screenshot of the title of the news article was attached from a little or unknown website. (Screenshot did not mention the name of the website. It could be Chinese supported website as well).

One of the social media user replied to this tweet with the comments, “We Know Chinese are known to use every word spoken or written as per their narrative. Did the news come from Modi Ji’s Mouth? As you know Media can print anything when paid by the Chinese, Are you involved in paying and publishing it? Indian Army will Defend India!”

He further commented, “It is true that Chinese have their moles in Indian Media, who publish news as per needs of Chinese masters. Search on google and check reputed websites. You picked a site no one reads. Clearly means Belligerent China plans aggression against India!”

He attached a screenshot of the google search on what the major reputed news websites from the google search with the news article title.

It clearly proved that the screenshot that Global Times selectively used to push their narrative was hand picked or probably published by Chinese themselves on a less known website and use it as a ground in future to fire at Indian Soldiers on Ladakh LAC and other border areas as a means of revenge to their worst defeat in the recent history.

Points to Ponder

Does that mean that the Chinese Intelligence is so week that they do not know what Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave orders? Does it mean that the Trillions of Dollars worth Communist Chinese economy has to gather intelligence from smaller, less known, dubious news websites? Do retard Communists Chinese Party CCP think that International community will not understand the Chinese trick of themselves publishing Fake News in a smaller less known news media and then launching an attack on its neighbors on its basis? When all the Main Stream News Media are interpreting the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a different way, why is Chinese State Run Communist Global Times News misinterpreting and adding unwanted meanings into the statements?

Does that mean that trillions of dollars worth Communist China will go down in history to have triggered the biggest war of the century on the misinterpretation by a Chinese sponsored, dubious Fake News Media? Doesn’t that make Chinese CCP guilty of initiating war by raising false alarm?

Whatever the Chinese designs. If China fires the first bullet, they will be considered as Belligerent, Imperialist, Aggressors who Invade the lands of their neighbors and the whole International community will be unforgiving against the Invaders. Example of Iraq invading Kuwait and the Nazi Germany of Hitler invading the European countries is the example, China should never forget. World never forgives an Aggressor.

Moreover China should be preparing at this moment to pay compensation to the entire world for over 467K innocent Civilians killed by the Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus worldwide and the cost of bringing the entire world economy down.

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