New Face Of Baloch Students Resistance - Mehrang Baloch

New Face Of Baloch Students Resistance are emerging amid the daily atrocities by Punjabi Pakistan and their Puppet Local Balochistan Government. Mehrang Baloch is the new emerging Leader of Baloch Students Resistance.

New Face Of Baloch Students Resistance - Mehrang Baloch
New Face Of Baloch Students Resistance – Mehrang Baloch

Mahrang Baloch is a student of Quetta Medical College. She is a human rights activist and is very active on the ground, for students issues in the University of Balochistan. She is also active on Twitter. She speaks out for the rights of her Baloch nation. But in recent days she is very active like a political activist. She take a stand & raises her voice on every issues that belongs to Baloch nation.

She raised her voice on different issues, whether it is Enforced Disappearance of Balochistan Missing persons issue, or the female students’s hostel issue in Balochistan Medical College. she also raised the issue of hidden cameras installed in the bathrooms of University of Balochistan. With the help of this ugly act University officials and Pakistan Army Security officers blackmailed students & destroyed the future of female students. She also protested against this brutality & highlighted the sensitive issue with the help of social media in front of civilized society for justice.

Check our previous article University of Balochistan Scandal: Secret Cameras in Women Washrooms written on 28-October 2019. We had posted her video wherein she was fearlessly talking about issues Balochistan University students were facing.

Presently she is protesting against online classes in Bolachistan. Due to COVID-19, Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan announced online classes in whole Pakistan. But Balochistan is the backward Provence of Pakistan. In many areas of Balochistan there is no access to internet. Hence there have been protests against online classes in Balochistan. Mahrang Baloch has been at the forefront of protests against these injustices.

She Resisted against ill-treatment of Baloch female students during protests against online classes. Mahrang Baloch was arrested along with other female students. However unseemly behaviour of so called police of Balochistan, couldn’t weaken her spirits. Mahrang Baloch’s courage & boldness remained steadfast for the truth.

This is the evidence that in the near future the struggle of Mahrang Baloch will make her emerge not only as a political student activist but also as a national leader.

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” Vince Lombardi

Not every human being can become a leader. Only a person who has the ability to lead can be a leader. One whose voice and speech have that passion and power that can make people to follow the leader. A leader is one who knows the truth, one who could fight against oppression and injustice in front of the oppressor.

New Leader Mehrang Baloch giving speech, announcing their protests to continue without the fear of arrests by Police

A leader can only be the one who has no fear of death. Only brave people can be the Leaders, who can raise their voice in the face of oppression for the sake of their nation, not for the sake of reconciliation for the interests of their nation by fighting for their rights! Leaders should have worked hard at the ground level and risen up, not the ones sitting abroad.

New Student Leader Mehrang Baloch arrested during peaceful protests

Mahrang Baloch has the courage, bravery, and the strength and passion in her voice that can unite the Baloch nation. Mahrang Baloch has inherited courage and bravery. Every person of the Baloch nation knows about Shaheed Mir Ghaffar Lango Baloch. Mahrang Baloch the daughter of a brave and patriotic person like him and is now on the path of nationalism like him.

Shaheed Mir Ghaffar Lango was forcibly disappeared in 2000 by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan army. He was kept in custody for a month and released after torturing him mentally & physically. But the tortures of Pakistan army’s did not broke the patriotic spirit of the Martyr Mir Ghaffar.

Tearful Interview of the young leader Merhang Baloch back in 2013 that was uploaded to YouTube in October 2016

Mir Ghaffar Lango was again abducted by Pakistani military intelligence in 2006. Meanwhile, Mir Ghaffar’s family protested against his enforced disappearance. Mahrang considers the grief of the family of Missing Persons as her grief because she herself has gone through this pain and suffering.

New Face Of Baloch Students Resistance - Mehrang Baloch protesting against Enforced Disappearances by Pakistan Army
New Face Of Baloch Students Resistance – Mehrang Baloch protesting against Enforced Disappearances by Pakistan Army

When gold burns in fire, it glitters. That is why young Mahrang Baloch is glittering like gold today as she herself has burnt in the atrocities of Pakistan Army. This bravery, this courage, this fearlessness for fear of death is in her blood.

New Face Of Baloch Students Resistance – Mehrang Baloch Protests against Pakistan Army using Death Squads (comprising of Pakistan Army and Islamic Radical Terrorists) to burn villages and kill Baloch civilians

Mir Ghaffar Lango was released by Pakistani authorities in May 2009, and was again abducted on December 11, 2009 in Karachi. And on July 1, 2011, his mutilated body was recovered from Gadani.

New Face Of Baloch Students Resistance – Mehrang Baloch giving speech to Baloch people that had rallied against the state oppression that led to the genocide of the Baloch.

It was admitted by some of the Pakistani Army personnel that a brave man like Mir Ghaffar Lango is very rare in the world !!

Mahrang is the daughter of this great person. Mahrang Baloch is doing the struggle and exposing the atrocities of The puppet CM of Balochistan Jam Kamal and the tyranny of the state of Pakistan in the front of the world.

BBC recently published an article on Mehrang Baloch in an article titled “Mahrang Baloch: ‘When my brother went missing, I took off my niqab and started protesting’

The land of Balochistan is unfortunate that it is occupied by the tyrannical and unholy Pakistani Army. But the land of Balochistan is not barren. It has given birth to such brave sons who are fighting for the sovereignty of their land against an army which Owns nuclear weapons.

Mir Ghaffar Lango Shaheed’s message to the occupying army was that we will not carry the burden of your slavery. It is our decision to die with dignity. Pakistan Army killed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, Mir Ghaffar Lango, Ghulam Muhammad Baloch, Mir Balach Khan ,Ustad Aslam Baloch, Shahdad and Ehsan Baloch. But Pakistan also remember that no one can fight a war for life. You too will eventually break down. This is our experience.

The new and bright name of Baloch struggle is Mahrang Baloch.

Mahrang Baloch’s Resistance against of injustice in Balochistan has introduced a new beautiful chapter in the history of the Baloch nation.

Long live the resistance!

About the Author: Author is a Baloch Journalist, Sumaira Baloch, works for a local news website, Balochistan Post.

Points to Ponder

More the Atrocities Punjabi Pakistan Army will continue to commit on Occupied nations, the more leaders will continue to emerge from the oppressed. These new leaders are the role models for the masses to follow.

Will the International Organizations call such living youth leaders from the ground for International events to expose Punjabi Pakistan? Malala was given Nobel prize, however she is not connected with people and real issues on the ground. Will the emerging youth leaders like Mehrang Baloch recognized and given such awards?

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