The End of Pakistan Finally Visible : Pakistan Proposes formation of New Group of Muslim Nations outside OIC

A country which shoots above its capacity will always burn its strength irreparably. Pakistan is no exception to that. Focusing more on India and less on Pakistan, Pakistan has reached a situation where it has no money left to run its economy. The End of Pakistan is Finally Visible.

The End of Pakistan Finally Visible : Poverty in Pakistan
The End of Pakistan Finally Visible : Poverty in Pakistan

If the indication given by a minister an year ago when KPK Speaker Mushtaq Ghani came up with this brilliant idea to boost economy: 2 ki jagah ek roti khayen. (Eat one bread instead of two)”, one should not be surprised at the state of affairs but should be surprised at the speed with which Pakistan reached that state.

Murderer of Muslims trying to Portray themselves as Leaders of Muslim Ummah

In our previous article  Pakistan Murderer Of Muslims Or Leader Of Muslim Ummah? we had mentioned in details that Pakistan has nothing to do with Islam and is in fact the biggest murderer of Muslims in the world.

Every Non-Punjabi Pakistani is saying today that Pakistan is a Murderer of Muslims. There is growing criticism against Pakistan for Implementing Martial Law in entire Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan who tried to project himself as the Leader and savior of Human Rights of Muslims in Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, never uttered a word of his implementing a Martial Law in Khyber Pakhtunkwa to oppress Pashtuns. We discussed about different provisions and implications of the Martial law in Khyer in our previous article titled, “Is Martial Law Imposed By Fascist Pakistan In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

In the past we have also written a series of detailed articles exposing Pakistan’s Duplicity and Hypocrisy when it comes to Baloch, Pashtun, Mohajirs, Sindhis, Ahamadiyas and religious minorities like Christians and Hindus. Here are some of the previous articles, a reader must read.

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Moreover Pakistan has never uttered a single word in favor of Uyghurs Muslims in China. In an interview with TRT World, hypocrite selected Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan simply evaded the question on atrocities on Uyghur Muslims in China.

In another interview with Al Jazeera news Channel on the question of Uyghurs Muslims in China, hypocrite selected Prime Minister of Pakistan evaded the question and said he is not aware of the issue.

So does that mean that Pakistan’s show of concerns for Indian Muslims is guided by Pakistan’s Policy of bleeding India with 1000 cuts?

Pakistan is falling down

Pakistan is crumbling and no amount of help can fix its problems. The country is internally under siege by anybody who is not a Punjabi Sunni (Imran Khan) and too much effort is spent on crushing those opposing the Punjabi dominance than on attempting to endear them.

It is already known an year ago that Pakistan needs at least 20 billion annually for debt servicing. But, where is the money? It looks like, lack of money and the limit of its capabilities doesn’t seem to bother Pakistan even a little bit.

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At a time when Pakistan should try to think of ways to pay its debts, Pakistan raked up Kashmir again by modifying the map, wasted precious money trying to influence American views on India (Ayodhya banners) and is striving hard to make enemies out of friends.

Pakistan Proposes formation of New Group of Muslim Nations outside OIC

It has now surfaced that Pakistan tried to create a rift inside OIC over Kashmir and attempted to create a rift in OIC using its proximity to Turkey.

Appearing in a talk show on ARY News, the foreign minister of Pakistan  Shah Mehmood Qureshi said: “I am once again respectfully telling OIC that a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers is our expectation. If you cannot convene it, then I’ll be compelled to ask Prime Minister Imran Khan to call a meeting of the Islamic countries that are ready to stand with us on the issue of Kashmir and support the oppressed Kashmiris.”

Qureshi said that if OIC fails to summon the CFM meeting, Pakistan would be ready to go for a session outside OIC. In response to another question, he said Pakistan could not wait any further.

But, Saudi was not kind to these tantrums and it is understood Saudi has ordered Pakistan to pay a part of the loan which Saudi gave to Pakistan. The Saudi demand letter to Pakistan for returning $1 Billion, as per some sources, was drafted by former Pakistan Chief Raheel Sharif who is presently serving in Saudi Army after his retirement.

At the height of a global economic crisis, how can anyone expect an borderline bankrupt country like Pakistan to find money? But, to its usual irresponsible self, Pakistan found money – it has now become public that Pakistan has taken a loan at an exorbitant rate to payback the loan it took from Saudi. The fundamental question now is this.

Pakistan faced condemnation from all quarters on social media.

When Pakistan is not able to clear a loan with lower interest rate, how exactly is it planning to clear a loan with a higher interest rate? Pakistan has already answered this – who cares. There will not be fiscal discipline, Pakistan will not stop pampering the worthless white elephant called Pakistani Army, which incidentally, has lost every time when it fought with a foreign nation, and is ready to surrender Pakistan for the use of anybody and everybody who are ready to fund it’s lavish lifestyle.

As per sources, Pakistan day dreams of working on Turkey’s agenda to teach the Arab world of Middle East a lesson by establishing the Neo-Ottoman Empire that will overthrow the rulers in several middle east countries and will give Pakistan an important role of an obedient servant of its Turkish masters.

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A twitter user aptly used the image of the 1843 Battle of Miani to depict the future of Pakistan – Field Marshall (Asif) Gafoor leading Pakistani Army in 2040. Though a parody, that image seems to reflect the true state of affairs in Pakistan – they will be able to afford only horses (more realistically donkeys) and swords to fight their wars in the near future.

The End of Pakistan Finally Visible : This seems a realistic image in 2040 for Pakistan Army
The End of Pakistan Finally Visible : This seems a realistic image in 2040 for Pakistan Army
The End of Pakistan Finally Visible : This seems a realistic image in 2040 for Pakistan Army
The End of Pakistan Finally Visible : This seems a realistic image in 2040 for Pakistan Army

With this state of affairs around, even though they are late in demanding their own country, it is but natural for the Sindhis to openly declare that they will not allow pawning Sindhi assets to fund this Pakistani irresponsibility. Their stand is also legitimate – forget Sindh, what exactly is Pakistan getting in return for this irresponsible governance?

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It is clear that Pakistan no more needs an external catalyst to trigger it’s dismemberment. The domestic forces are more than enough to shape it’s future – whether it’s going to be a Bastille or a Balkan War is something to be seen.

Points to Ponder

How long before the Freedom Fighters groups in Balochistan, Sindhudesh and Pashtunistan decide to take control of their independent nations from a psycho Punjabi Pakistan whose every policy is guided by hatred towards its neighbor India and is determined to bleed India with 1000 cuts.

Will the Muslim nations punish Pakistan for siding with Turkey and China, both of which are the biggest killers and oppressors of Muslims like Pakistan itself?

Will the OIC Islamic nations punish Pakistan for its killing of over a million Baloch, Sindhi, Mohajir, Pashtun, Ahamadiya, Hazara, Shia Muslims? Or will the killings of over a million Baloch, Sindhi, Mohajir, Pashtun, Ahamadiya, Hazara, Shia Muslims be ignored by the OIC Islamic nations?

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