Advance by Inches - A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan

Advance by Inches is the Chinese game plan. We bring a Case Study of Chinese aggression against India and Taiwan. It resembles the classic tale of the camel in the tent.

Advance by Inches - A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan
Advance by Inches – A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan

According to this classic tale, one cold night, a camel asks his master if he can put his head in the tent for warmth. “By all means and welcome,” said the man; and the camel stretches his head into the tent. Soon after, the camel inquires if he may also bring his neck and front legs inside. Again, the master agrees.

Finally, the camel asks, “May I not stand wholly within?” With pity, the master beckons him into the warm tent. But when the camel comes forward it becomes clear that the tent is too small for them both. “I think,” the camel said, “that there is not room for both of us here. It will be best for you to stand outside, as you are the smaller; there will then be room enough for me.” And with that, the man is forced outside of his tent.

Advance by Inches - A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan
Advance by Inches – A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan

The fable is a warning that small, seemingly small acts of China inching ahead, agression shown by regular airspace intrusions, occuping lands of neighboring countries, placing claims on land of other nations, if not checked and opposed with force can have negative repercussions. After all, the creeping camel appears in many aspects …but only in rare situations is the camel more detrimental than when he eats away at lands of its neighboring countries. And what better time than the year 2000 to reflect on what we hold most dear?

China already killed over 956,000 people world wide. China has border disputes will all 18 countries in neighborhood. We covered it in our previous article It’s NOT just INDIA, China has Border Disputes with 18 Countries!

China is planning to invade Taiwan. China has already occupied 38,850 Sq Km of Indian Territory after 1962 war and still is marching ahead. China has already illegally captured whole Tibet belonging to peacful Buddhists and also illegally broken the agreement with UK on HongKong and establishing the Communist Chinese CCP dictatorship on Hong Kong. Everyone knows about the internment camps for Uyghur Muslims.

Besides these China has entrapped many smaller countries worldwide in its debt trap. It is time before China declares them Chinese colonies.

Advance by Inches - A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan
Advance by Inches – A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan

Chinese attempt to Invade Taiwan

China, which claims democratic Taiwan as its own, has stepped up military exercises near the island, in what Taipei views as intimidation to force it to accept Chinese rule.

Chinese military aircrafts crossed into its airspace south-west of the island during large-scale military exercises conducted by the People’s Liberation Army on 9th and 10th September 2020. More than 30 Chinese military planes have crossed into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone which was described as “very threatening”.

Advance by Inches - A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan. Map of Taiwan
Advance by Inches – A Case Study of Chinese Aggression against India and Taiwan. Map of Taiwan

Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs described Beijing’s actions as a “serious provocation” and a “grave threat to regional peace and stability.” It also warned that they constitute a “dangerous signal to… the international community.”

On 16-September 2020, Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu urged the international community to help defend his country and region against “expansionist” Chinese moves, saying Taipei feared Beijing would resort to force.

On 18-September 2020, more Chinese jet fighters crossed the mid-line of Taiwan Strait. China confirmed it was conducting military exercises near the Taiwan Strait, at the same time US undersecretary of state Keith Krach was visiting Taiwan.

Chinese grabbing Indian Territory Inch by Inch

After China illegally captured 38850 Sq Km of Aksai Chin in Indian Union Teritory of Ladakh during 1962 Indo-China war, China’s greed did not end there. China has been trying to grab more and more Indian Territory.

The Chinese army, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), erected 100s of tents in the Galwan Valley and brought in heavy equipment to build bunkers in the past.

The Chinese army also brought in additional boats to patrol the Pangong Tso river to build pressure on the Indian troops.

Every time Chinese troops intruded in Indian Territory, they painted rocks with “red star”—insignia of People’s Liberation Army—during and they destroyed some tents of grazers and unused army bunkers. Chinese helicopters entering into Indian airspace and sometimes landing also in Indian Territory. This has been going on for a decade.

There had been several agreements between India and China. We covered those agreements in our previous article Border Agreements Between India and China – Critical Analysis. As per these agreements, both sides will not use any weapons and alter the status of Line of Actual Control.

However in the past one decade we see more and more Chinese bunker, missile sites, radar sites coming up near the LAC and China has been down playing them. If Chinese Intentions were not to grab lands of its neighbor India, why did China build bunkers, radar sites and missile sites near the LAC?

The creeping camel has been doing it regularly and repeatedly. Whether India protests or Taiwan protests, Communist Chinese Imperialist PLA has been incing ahead repeatedly. It’s something like make this a daily routine so that people won’t bother – by the time China declares war, China is already near Leh and Chinese jets are all over Taiwan without anyone noticing.

Chinese PLA has already done several intrusions in Taiwan Air space and what if one fine day, they actually bomb Taiwan and launch an all out attack to invade China? International community may be caught off guard.

What if China launches an attack on India to grab more territories, International community may not be even prepared to push back the Chinese invasion if China is not checked.

In our previous article The Stronger China Becomes, the Weaker it Becomes – A Look at the Patterns in Chinese History we mentioned that in order to handle China, all its neighbors need to push back China and a global coalition needs to encircle China from all sides and in case of Chinese attack on one side, it should take as an attack on all its neighbors and all the fronts should be simultaneously opened to make China wonder where the International Coalition attacks next. This will distribute Chinese arms and ammunition distributed all across its borders.

Points to Ponder

Are there such agreements, coalitions, International alliance in place to jointly fight Chinese Invasion on any country? Are all the neigbors of China ready to jointly take the war to China in case any one neighbor is attacked?

Will the International Alliance forfeit all Chinese Debts and sue China for compensation for Killing over 956,000 people world wide using Bio-Terrorism by spreading Chinese Corona Virus worldwide? Why China did not allow people from Wuhan to enter Beijing and Shanghai but sent them in all countries around the globe?

Isn’t it time to jointly fight Chinese Invasion of the whole world?

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