The Issue With A Biden Presidency : Dr. Goeferri Scolpanki

From 2001-2008 we saw an administration people had doubt in, and as a whole didn’t trust the power was fully in the hands of the commander in chief. People suspected that possibly Cheney and Rumsfeld, or an outside source had a certain amount of control over the Commander in Chief’s capabilities people wouldn’t have liked. There’s already wide speculation we would see this with a Biden administration. People see the issue with a Biden Presidency.

The Issue With A Biden Presidency : Dr. Goeferri Scolpanki
The Issue With A Biden Presidency : Dr. Goeferri Scolpanki

Sadly, Biden would be a worse version of George Bush is what I’m saying. Bush was barely a true conservative when it came to spending & small government values with big emblems of his presidency like the Iraq War & Patriot Act. Biden’s plans will simply not just raise taxes substantially for the upper class but for the middle class as well. There are already theories Biden won’t have true control but radical progressives with socialist ideologies like Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Bernie Sanders would have more control over the office than Biden himself.

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Biden has shown us enough through his speeches and behavior he has something wrong with him. Joe simply isn’t the Joe Biden of 2012 or 2008, a fierce debater who was well spoken, understandable, and much more charming than what we see today. Joe’s fitness for office is reasonably questioned, his poor judgement with bills like the 1994 Crime Bill have impaired the trust Biden needs from many average citizens. He’s shown bad judgement with the Iraq War and much more.

There’s no question we would see a significant increase in the national debt, much more government in our lives from a flip flop politician, increase in taxes for middle and upper classes, a significant increase in government spending, and a potential war. This is not the America we need, especially with inflation rates increasing in a scary pace & a vulnerable economy. Right now, and forever, America will need capitalism not socialism.

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