Hypocrisy of the Turkish State - Let's Sacrifice the Uyghur for the Neo-Ottoman Empire

Hypocrisy of the corrupt Turkish state is exposed. Turkey wants to oust US from Middle East and establish Neo-Ottoman Empire with help from China and other US enemies. To realize the Neo-Ottoman dream, sacrificing Uyghurs is a small price to pay.

Hypocrisy of the Turkish State - Let's Sacrifice the Uyghur for the Neo-Ottoman Empire
Hypocrisy of the Turkish State – Let’s Sacrifice the Uyghur for the Neo-Ottoman Empire

Turkey has ratified a 2017 extradition agreement with China, allowing the country’s Uighur Muslims to be sent back to China. Under the 2017 agreement between Turkey and China, the repatriation of “some refugees” and “Uighur Muslims” is expected to take place, supposedly of those suspected of being involved in terrorist activities.

Beijing has ratified the agreement, while Ankara is facing severe opposition from human rights groups since it is expected that China will target these Uighurs who have been fleeing persecution from the communist nation. About 20 Uighurs with Turkish citizenship picketed China’s consulate in Istanbul after the Chinese parliament ratified the 2017 treaty on Saturday 2-January 2021.

Turkey is, however, facing strong opposition within its parliament against ratifying the agreement, with critics arguing the treaty could end up being an “instrument of persecution.”

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu while denying the allegations said the country had not taken any decision in this regard and the parliament was yet to approve it. The Turkish lawmakers have come out strongly against any such decision, and the move is expected to generate similar reactions from the country’s public.

Uighurs speak a Turkic language and have cultural ties with Turkey that make it a favoured destination for avoiding persecution in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang.

But news reports have accused Turkey of covertly returning Uighurs to China via third countries.

Rights activists say Xinjiang is home to a vast network of extrajudicial internment camps that have imprisoned at least one million people. China says these are vocational training centres serving to retrain the population to find work, helping them to “move away from extremism.”

The fears of the Turkish parliament giving its consent to the agreement have exacerbated amid growing strategic ties between Beijing and Ankara, along with Pakistan. China is also exporting its COVID-19 vaccine to Turkey at baffling five-fold cost for Chinese vaccine than what is being paid by Indonesia, and the experts fear it could be used by Turkey to get Chinese funding and help in taking control of the Middle East and signing the extradition treaty is a small price to pay.

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The human rights activists in Europe, and in particular, Uighur Muslim leaders living in exile, have accused China of continuing economic and diplomatic pressure on Turkey to implement the extradition treaty. They allege China is deliberately delaying sending the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine to Turkey in order to put pressure on Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government to approve it in parliament.

However as per experts, Turkey’s goal is to work with Enemies of United States in order to reduce U.S. influence in the international arena. That includes working with Iran and China.

Just as China has identified goals for the Communist Party of China’s centennial in 2021 and the centennial of the People’s Republic of China in 2049, Turkey has a set of objectives for 2023, the Republic’s centennial, and 2053.

Turkey is increasingly becoming strategic partners in an effort to work with Iran and Russia and remove the US from the Middle East. This is Turkey’s overall goal, and the recent conflicts and chaos it has spread from Syria to Libya, the Mediterranean and Caucasus are designed to partition these areas into Russian and Turkish spheres of influence. This Goal of Turkey is in accordance with Erdogan’s dream of establishing Neo-Ottoman Empire. If Turkey succeeds in ousting US from middle east, that day is not far when Turkey takes down all the Middle East Kingdoms including Saudi Arabia and UAE.

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This has been the result in every area that Ankara has invaded and involved itself. Turkey worked with Russia to partition parts of northern Syria, removing US forces and spreading extremism. In Libya, a conflict that the US was once involved in has now become a playground for Turkish-backed militias.

The recent war between Azerbaijan and Armenia was likewise designed to bring Turkey and Russia into direct contact in the southern Caucasus, remove US influence and partition the area.

The goal was to bring Russia into the southern Caucasus as peacekeepers and to remove any Western influence. This is because Armenia had been seeking to drift away from the Russia orbit. Nikol Pashinyan wanted to seek closer ties to the West. To break this, Moscow allowed Turkish-backed Azerbaijan to launch a war to weaken him in the summer and fall of 2019. Weakened and defeated, he sued for peace, and Russia and Turkey moved into disputed areas with Baku’s acquiescence.

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Western media is fed stories about how the Turkish-Iranian-China-Pakistan grouping that is destined to clash because of historic Ottoman, Persian and Chinese Anti-Islamic deeds, or because they are Sunni, Shi’ite, Christian and Atheist countries. This is a misreading of history. They are more likely to work together against their common enemies in the West and to further their joint authoritarian and military agendas. The beneficiary that emerges out of this new grouping is Erdogan who will be able to realize his Neo-Ottoman empire riding on the support of China and Iran that are anti-US already.

Irony is that Turkey has taken over the command of NATO’s high readiness force on Jan. 1 2021.

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Recent Deal between China and Iran

Recently leaked information about Iran-China Deal is nothing but a disaster for the entire Middle-East.

The agreement between Beijing and Tehran, which is not yet finalized, will see China invest a total of $400bn in banking, transport, defence and development sectors in Iran. In exchange, Beijing expects to receive a regular, and heavily discounted, supply of Iranian oil over the next 25 years. The deal is part of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) that aims to extend his country’s economic and strategic influence across Eurasia.

On July 16, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Jask Port would become the country’s main oil loading point. By placing a greater focus on the development of the two strategic ports of Jask and Chabahar, Iran is attempting to shift its geostrategic focus from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman. By placing a greater focus on the development of the two strategic ports of Jask and Chabahar, Iran is attempting to shift its geostrategic focus from the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman. This would allow Tehran to avoid the tense Persian Gulf region, reduces the journey distance for oil tankers shipping Iranian oil, and also enables Tehran to close the Strait of Hormuz when needed.

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CPEC is being considered as the thread connecting the alliance of axis of evil countries that include China, Iran and Pakistan.

Plans for corridor stretching from the Chinese border to Pakistan Occupied Balochistan and Sindh’s deep-water ports “Gwadar” and “Karachi” on the Arabian Sea in Indian Ocean, started from 1950. In 1959 construction of Karakoram Highway was also carried out by China, but in 2002 when China began construction at Gwadar port in occupied Baluchistan and completed it in 2006, China was waiting for an opportunity to enter in region fully and get control of coastal belt completely. In 2011 when US-Pakistan relations went bad and a “Disastrous year” was declared, the alliance collapsed due to trust deficits and suspension of aid was announced. That situation continued over next year too. Finally it was year 2013 when China entered in region with full swing and a memorandum of understanding on cooperation for long term plan, China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) of 46 Billion Dollars, a collection of infrastructure projects was inked up by two governments. In 2019, it reached to 62 Billion US dollars. Now it is multi billion investment because recently China signed a $400 Billion agreement with Iran, buying crude oil for 25 years. It is also part of “CPEC” because this pipeline will cross from occupied Sindh and Baluchistan. So before it was only Arabian sea coastal belt and various Islands, now Persian gulf coastal belt and its various Islands are also going in hands of China.

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With China joining hands with Turkey, Pakistan and Iran, it is going to be a new era of beginning of the new Cold War and a step towards fulfilling Erdogan’s dream of establishing Neo-Ottoman Empire. Role of Russia in this equation seems to be neutral at this moment.

Turkey has encouraged its lobbyists in the US to claim that Ankara is doing “geopolitics” designed to be a “bulwark” against Russia, using Cold War-era terminology to encourage Westerners to believe that Ankara is on the side of Washington against Moscow. The reality, however, is that Turkey’s goal is to work with Russia and Iran to reduce US influence.

Turkey to pay five-fold for Chinese vaccine – Former WHO EU director

Dr Serdar Savaş, former program director of World Health Organisation (WHO) Europe, told daily Sözcü on Friday 25-December that Turkey had commissioned a coronavirus vaccine developed in China at exorbitant prices, and pointed to other concerns with the deal.

Indonesia has signed a contract with China to purchase the Sinovac at $13 per vaccine dose, while Turkey’s contract is for $70 per dose, according to Savaş. The doctor said: “At 50 million doses, the $57 price difference will cost Turkey $2.85 billion. How could this disparity be explained?”

The question that baffles is where is extra $57 going? Is it going to be returned to Erdogan’s pocket and extra services to make sure Erdogan wins the elections with Chinese help? Or is it also going to be paid to the Chinese to get Turkey control over the Middle East?

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The first batch of vaccines was set to arrive in Turkey in early December, but shipment was delayed. Turkish news network HaberTurk reported on Sunday that the vaccines arrived the Istanbul Airport on Sunday.

On Dec. 4, Washington Post published court documents from 2016 that showed Sinovac’s CEO bribing China’s drug regulation body to fast-track approval for its previous vaccines, such as the ones for SARS and the swine flu.

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“Was this the only one (Turkey) could find as it searched for a trustworthy company to produce a vaccine?” asked Savaş, as he raised further questions on the vaccine’s efficacy.

Sinovac conducted trials with persons aged 18 to 59, Savaş said. “But Turkey is planning to use this vaccine on people over the age of 65. The study in Turkey has not made public its volunteer profiles, including the number of volunteers, their ages, or their clinical backgrounds.”

Turkey may not be purchasing the vaccine directly from Sinovac, instead going through a representative, Sözcü columnist Serpil Yılmaz wrote,citing Ethem Sancak, a close friend of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who owns a chain of pharmaceutical warehouses.

Sancak said on Dec. 5 that his Sancak Pharma was not scheduled to receive the vaccine for storage. “But we are holding meetings for distribution to vaccine companies,” Sancak told OdaTV.

Uighurs fear deportation as China ratifies extradition treaty with Turkey

Beijing has ratified an extradition treaty with Turkey that Uighurs fear could pave the way for tens of thousands to be deported and imprisoned in internment camps that rights group say constitute a “cultural genocide”.

The treaty, first signed during Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Beijing in 2017, was ratified last weekend at the Chinese National People’s Congress, with state media saying it would be used for counter-terrorism purposes.

Turkey is yet to ratify the treaty, and as such no extraditions are expected any time soon. However Uighurs are now calling on the Turkish government and lawmakers to stop the agreement from going through.

Uighurs, a Muslim-majority Turkic minority, have sought refuge in Turkey since 1952, when the Turkish government offered asylum to those fleeing the Xinjiang region (also known as East Turkestan) as a fledgling communist China cemented its hold.

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Today, however, Turkey’s estimated 50,000 Uighur refugees now find themselves living on the edge, as China escalates the persecution of their kin back home and targets the community abroad.

Warming relations and allegations of collusion between Ankara and Beijing have only compounded fears that Uighurs could be deported to join the estimated one million detained in camps.

Earlier this week, an investigation by BuzzFeed News revealed a vast sprawl of factory facilities built across the western region of Xinjiang, underscoring allegations of forced labour and mass incarceration.

China denies the allegations, and says it seeks to lift Xinjiang’s people out of poverty and increase seucrity through its policies.

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‘Big mistake’

Abduweli Ayup, a Uighur activist in Turkey, told Middle East Eye the treaty was “not surprising” because of alleged Turkish cooperation in deporting Uighur dissidents to China, sometimes via a third country.

Among them is a 59-year-old mother of two, whom activists fear was deported from Turkey to Tajikistan in June, before being taken to neighbouring Xinjiang. Ankara denies the claims.

Ayup suggests that should Ankara ratify the treaty, extraditions will be carried out in secret and not en masse. “I don’t believe that the Turkish government will send Uighurs to China openly, not like what happened in Egypt,” he said, referring to the mass arrests of Uighur students in Cairo in 2017, thought to be at the behest of Beijing.

Hypocrisy of the Turkish State - Let's Sacrifice the Uyghur for the Neo-Ottoman Empire
Hypocrisy of the Turkish State – Let’s Sacrifice the Uyghur for the Neo-Ottoman Empire

However, he says that the public nature of the extradition accord could turn the spotlight on China’s hitherto covert campaign to force Uighurs to return home for political and religious screening.

“The extraditions were taking place underground before, and the Chinese government didn’t mention them openly. Now they’ve put it on the table, it can draw international attention,” said Ayup, who added that Turkish campaigners are now taking up the issue.

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“China has made a big mistake,” he said.

Provisions in the treaty that have raised the alarm include a clause that “it shall not matter whether the laws of both parties place the offence within the same category or describe the offence by the same terminology”.

Rights groups say this could allow the parties to request the extradition of its citizens charged for offences that are interpreted differently in the other party’s jurisdiction.

This fear is echoed by Dolkun Isa, president of the World Uighur Congress, who is one of those China has charged with “terrorism”, a tactic critics say is used to tarnish and criminalise Beijing’s opponents.

“Because the Chinese and Turkish governments have a different view of what a criminal is, the Chinese can misuse this law to claim that any Uighur is criminal and seek their extradition,” Isa said.

Representatives from the Congress are lobbying politicians to oppose the ratification of the treaty, which Erdogan introduced to parliament in April 2019.

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‘Sold out’

Australian-Uighur activist Arslan Hidayat said that by merely entertaining the treaty, Turkey had “sold out” the Uighurs.

“We Uighurs feel as though we have been sold out because obviously the Turks and the Uighurs have ethnic ties as well as religious ties. To be sold out by your own is very, very hurtful,” he told MEE.

Hidayat questioned Erdogan’s commitment to the Uighur cause, highlighting the disparity between Muslim-majority Turkey drawing closer to Beijing while France last week opposed a proposed EU-Chinese trade deal over the abuse of Uighurs.

He noted that Erdogan had positioned himself as a defender of Muslims by calling for a boycott of French products in October over President Emmanuel Macron’s support for depictions of Prophet Muhammad.

“It’s certainly hypocrisy where you’ve got the government of supposed Muslim-majority countries selling out Uighurs, and the governments of non-Muslim countries standing up for Uighurs,” he said.

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‘I lost everything for downloading WhatsApp’

An investigation by Buzzfeed News this week revealed the construction of more than 100 factory buildings within the vast compounds used to house more than 1 million people in in Xingjiang, the latest evidence in a thickening catalogue of abuses committed against Uighurs and other minority Muslim groups.

Researchers say abuses in Xinjiang may affect the supply chains of some of the world’s largest brands, including Nike and Coca-Cola.

One Uighur woman interviewed by Buzzfeed News said she was arrested in 2017, detained in a compound and forced to work in a factory, sewing garments for nine hours a day.

In the evenings after her shift, she was required to take classes, memorising and repeating Chinese Communist party propaganda and studying Mandarin, the language spoken by the majority of Chinese.

In September 2018, near the end of her time in the camp, police finally told her that she had been arrested for downloading the WhatsApp messaging app. “I lost everything, including my health,” she told BuzzFeed News.

Uighur activist Abduweli Ayup said that, to avoid a similar fate, Uighurs in Turkey were left with little choice but to speak up.

“In Turkey, people [Uighurs] are afraid of being arrested, so they are not very politically active,” he said.

“We need to stand up and say that we are Uighur and to tell people on social media that we can be victims of deportation.”

Points to Ponder

Shouldn’t Turkey be ousted from NATO? Shouldn’t US and Allies work in countering Turkish Neo-Ottoman dream and end Turkish exploitation of the Middle East situation?

Shouldn’t Middle East kingdoms of Saudi Arabia, UAE wake up and start countering Turkish Neo-Ottoman dream? Shouldn’t Middle East start with recognizing Balochistan, Sindhudesh, Pashtunistan as Free Independent Countries and crush Pakistan that has acted like a snake in the grass?

Isn’t this nexus between Turkey-China-Pakistan-Iran a new beginning of the new Cold War?

Shouldn’t US and Russia work out their differences and enter into a peace deal so that Russia doesn’t become part of this new Cold War that can lead to World War III?

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