Ukraine - Pimps are already waiting : Ukrainian Women and Girls waiting at the Train station.

UKRAINE – PIMPS ARE ALREADY WAITING, article is written by Annika Ross in German language and was published on 7-March-2022 at We are reproducing the English translation of the same article for our readers. Article is about the network of pimps from Germany waiting at Polish border hunting for Ukrainian women and about the business of Surrogacy Mothers in Ukraine.

Pimps from Germany are already waiting at the Polish border to pick up Ukrainian women. The demand for “Ukrainian Girls” is increasing on porn portals. And at Berlin train stations, dubious men walk through the rows of waiting women and offer “sleeping places”.

The images are poignant: Refugee women walking with their children, including babies, towards the Subcarpathian border crossing at Medyka in Poland. But when they arrive at the Polish border, they are not yet safe. Although they saved themselves from the Russian bombs, the next danger is already waiting: human traffickers.

In Przemyśl, the next largest city in Poland along the border, cars with German license plates whose drivers pose as helpers and offer “a place to stay” to young women traveling alone have been noticed.

Ukraine - Pimps are already waiting : Ukrainian Women and Girls waiting at the Train station.
Ukraine – Pimps are already waiting : Ukrainian Women and Girls waiting at the Train station.


That’s one of the reasons why the refugee Ukrainian women don’t dare to get into cars from Germany. Of course, in addition to the pimps, there are also many sincere helpers on duty, but it is difficult to distinguish between them. German helpers from Cottbus report that many women are suspicious.

“It’s sad, but not new,” says Irene Hirzel from the “Counseling and Training Center against Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation” in Switzerland. Human trafficking is big business fueled by wars. “Pimps know exactly how to take advantage of the women’s plight.” In 2014, after the Russian annexation of Crimea, numerous Ukrainian women fell into the clutches of pimps.

According to Hirzel, the same phenomenon can also be observed on porn sites. On the day of the invasion, Google searches for “Ukrainian girls” promptly skyrocketed and have remained high ever since. And on porn portals such as Pornhub or xHamster, more and more videos are being searched for with the keyword “war rapes in Ukraine”. And in the associated social media accounts, clients hope for “fresh meat from the Ukraine” and “that the prices in the whorehouse will finally fall”. A man writes in the Freierforum: “I’m thinking of all the young Ukrainians who will soon be here, it’s going to be a party!” Another posts a photo of Ukrainians in football shirts and writes: “Finally a welcome wave of refugees.” Cynicism knows none limits.

But not only on the Polish border to Ukraine, but also at German train stations, especially in Berlin, pimps and clients are ready. Volunteers from Berlin Central Station tell of dubious men walking through the rows of women waiting for trains and offering them places to sleep. Young people of both sexes traveling alone are also approached by these men. The chat groups in which the helpers organize themselves warn of human traffickers.

As a spokesman for the federal police explained, men would have offered money to helpers at the main train station who take care of the initial care of the arriving refugees if certain refugees were “allocated” to them. No ads were written.

Bernd Siggelkow, head of the children’s aid organization “Die Arche” in Marzahn-Hellersdorf, criticizes the fact that there are currently hardly any checks on who the women and children are who would take them into their homes. He calls for the creation of more central arrival points for the fleeing Ukrainians to protect them from criminals.

According to Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD), the Federal Police and BKA have already been tasked with arresting possible gangs of people smugglers and pimps at the train stations, but so far only “place references” have been issued. And: Since Friday, more than ten thousand people have been arriving in Berlin every day.

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Another “business”, the center of which has become Ukraine, especially for customers from Germany, and which exploits women in a similar way to prostitution, is meanwhile doing everything to keep Ukrainian women on site: the surrogacy clinics.

One of the first groups to be brought to safety – in bunkers in the capital Kyiv – were surrogate mothers. This was communicated by the reproductive clinics themselves, which wanted to reassure their customers abroad. On the one hand, the clinics do not want their business to be ruined, and on the other hand, surrogacy is prohibited in Germany. So if “surrogate mothers” who fled Ukraine give birth to their baby in Germany, they are the legal mothers – and the children can no longer be sold.

The surrogate mothers are now stuck in the bunkers, have to give birth to their children under the most adverse conditions and also fear for their own families.

War affects everyone. women in a special way.

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Points to Ponder

After seeing so many wars all over the world over last hundred years, haven’t the human beings learnt any lessons? Have all the matured leadership from the world disappeared and taken over by dementia suffering and comedians of the world who do not know D of Diplomacy? Why the sane Leaders in the world come forward and resolve the conflict peacefully over the negotiating table?

Whatever may be the reason for these special operations in Ukraine, there are bigger forces around the world who do not want world peace and are fueling this conflict by sending more and more weapons to Ukraine and carrying out a Disinformation War.

Whoever may win the war, at the end, who is suffering? Ukraine is being destroyed and will not be livable like other war torn countries. Millions of Refugees. Stock markets worldwide are impacted. Food supply around the world will be impacted as two major food producing nations are at a conflict. Oil and Gas prices are rising crazy. While the common man has to suffer and bear the high costs, Arms and Oil Lobies are partying with windfall profits due to this conflict.

Wasn’t the Chinese Corona Virus Pandemic enough that the world economy is being destroying by a war with every chance of it getting converted to a World War III, if the mature leadership doesn’t come forward?

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