Why is China Rattled with the Chinese Virus Cartoon?

China is rattled with Chinese Virus. Why is China so much against calling the virus that caused the Pandemic as Chinese Virus?

A famous quip going around is, “These Chinese eat all nonsense and we are forced to wash our hands”. Ironic but true.

The reality is this. Whether one likes it or not, the virus originated in China and it shouldn’t offend anyone to call it China Virus or Wuhan Virus. But, yes. Racist terms like Kung Flu are a big no, but tagging the virus to the place of origin is a no brainer. After all, all history, we had similar names – Spanish Flu, German Measles and even recently, Ebola and Nipah. But, China is not happy that the virus is tagged against it’s name by American President Donald Trump, who in no mean words, said, it is Chinese Virus because it originated in China.

President Trump call it Chinese Virus

President Donald Trump emphatically blamed China for the coronavirus pandemic Thursday, and again made a point of using the term “Chinese virus.”

“The world is paying a very big price for that they did,” Trump said, referring to his claim that Chinese officials did not fully share information sooner about the coronavirus outbreak after it began in China.

President Trump calls it Chinese Virus. Is China rattled with Chinese Virus?
President Trump calls it Chinese Virus. Is China rattled with Chinese Virus?

“It could have been stopped right where it came from, China,” Trump said at a White House news conference.

He argued that American officials would have been able to act faster if China’s government had fully shared information about the outbreak, which began around the city of Wuhan.

“It would have been much better if we had known about this a number of months earlier,” the president said.

Asked if there would be repercussions for China given his view of how that country handled the outbreak, Trump said, “I don’t want to comment on that right now.” He left enough room for thoughts that China could be sued or made to compensate for the Pandemic worldwide due to Chinese Virus. What if Chinese assets in the US be frozen and Chinese Debts be forfeited as payment towards Compensation to the US? What if every country nationalizes Chinese assets and forfeits Chinese Debts as payment towards Compensation for damages caused due to Chinese Virus?

People worldwide call it the CHINESE virus!

CNN & all leftists media has been calling it Chinese Wuhan Virus in Jan-Feb 2020 & that was all ok, UNTIL……….. the US President Donald Trump says it.. This exposes the Fake News Media’s hypocrisy!

Can China be sued?

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, an Israel-based attorney who has long specialized in suing terrorist regimes and state sponsors who orchestrate human rights abuses on behalf of victims, said that an argument could be made that just like support for terrorism, which is legally actionable, a government that engages in such reckless disregard and negligence and covers up an epidemic which has the potential to spread worldwide could be held legally liable ,” Darshan-Leitner said. “Cover-ups and deliberate acts to conceal a deadly medical crisis are not [among] the protected acts of a sovereign state or of responsible leaders.”

According to Darshan-Leitner, if a private party like a hospital or health care worker of a chemical company had learned of a dangerous and highly contagious disease and then deliberately covered its existence up and concealed it from the public they would clearly face criminal and civil liability.

“Why should a local or national government be any different? Clearly, China signed treaties and had a duty under international law to report the virus and not cover it up,” she continued. “China is not to blame for creating the virus but for not sounding the international alarm and trying to conceal it from the world.”

The lawsuits are already starting.

On Thursday, Florida’s The Berman Law Group filed a class-action lawsuit against the People’s Republic of China (PRC), alleging that the government’s failure to report the disease and subsequently move to quickly contain it created a “giant Petri dish.”

“The PRC and the other defendants knew that COVID-19 was dangerous and capable of causing a pandemic, yet slowly acted, proverbially put their head in the sand, and/or covered it up for their own economic self-interest,” the complaint states. “The defendants’ conduct has caused and will continue to cause personal injuries and deaths, as well as other damages.”

Will more and more countries gather courage and file such suits in the International Court of Justice or equivalent forums against China and make them liable to pay compensations? Will each country that is impacted with this Pandemic nationalize all Chinese assets?

Chinese Diplomatic Outreach

Predictalbly, China decided to show it’s diplomatic outreach by buying out countries to stop them from using the word. While Pakistan’s enslavement to China is a well known thing, it is learnt that Chinese Foreign Minister contacted many governments ostentiably to check over their situation.

Chinese Foreign Minister Spoke with Hungary, Greece and Morocco

China’s State Coucilor and Foreign Minster Spoke with Britain

China sends Aid to Philippines

Greece, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Russia and the list goes on.

All this begs one to question, what made one comment by the American President and a cartoon by a Danish newspaper force China to go into such massive a diplomatic outreach?

Why is China Rattled with Chinese Virus Cartoon?
Why is China Rattled with Chinese Virus Cartoon?


Why is China Rattled with Chinese Corona Virus being called the Chinese Virus?

Does this mean that the situation inside China is not good enough and this is to snuff out the noises over reparations, which may be imposed upon China eventually? Whole countries like Italy, Spain and Iran are broken beyond redemption. Those countries need some serious money to stand on their feet again.

It is interesting to note that this coincided with a Chinese counter-propaganda blaming the virus on America and that Chinese President Xi Jinping is leading the world’s fight against the virus.

The Impact of the Virus on China

Though no clear impact on China because of the virus is known, official numbers completely contrast the picture presented by Italy or Iran or Spain – clearly hinting that China is under quoting their numbers. Going by the assumption that China is also maintaining the rate of recovered as that of Italy(1.26) or Spain(1.54) which are two of the earliest countries with reliable numbers, the total deaths in China should be a minimum of 60000 and total infected, more than 100000.

One Belt One Road One Virus

It is interesting to note that whenever China became a part of the global village, the whole world was devastated because of an epidemic originating in China, the most famous being the medieval Black Death which devastated the IlKhanate and destroyed vast swathes of Europe. Modern studies estimate that the Black Death also originated in Hubei from marmots, like the current Chinese Virus which originated from the same area but with the carrying animal unknown. While the Black Death devastated Iran and Italy, the current virus stated from the same two countries. Four major transmission patterns are observed – China, Iran, Italy and Dubai International Transit Zone. Iran and Italy, by virtue of very closely associated with Chinese Government and investment were first hit and these two countries acted as carriers to the other parts of the world.

The case with Iran

Iran on Sunday announced 129 new deaths caused by the novel coronavirus, raising to 1,685 the official death count in one of the worst-hit countries along with Italy and China.

Health ministry spokesman Kianouche Jahanpour said more than 1,028 new cases had been recorded in the past 24 hours and a total of 21,638 people had now tested positive for the virus.

Is China rattled with Chinese Virus? Look at the live data on Chinese Virus. Source: Live Covid-19 tracker on Bing  https://bing.com/covid
Is China rattled with Chinese Virus? Look at the live data on Chinese Virus. Source: Live Covid-19 tracker on Bing https://bing.com/covid

The case with Italy

Italy announced 651 dead in one day, bringing its total to 5,476. It was an increase of 13.5 percent but down from Saturday’s figure when 793 people died.

Is China rattled with Chinese Virus? Look at the live data on Chinese Virus. Source: Live Covid-19 tracker on Bing  https://bing.com/covid
Is China rattled with Chinese Virus? Look at the live data on Chinese Virus. Source: Live Covid-19 tracker on Bing https://bing.com/covid

Rest of the World

Data on Chinese Virus: Source: Live Covid-19 tracker on Bing  https://bing.com/covid
Data on Chinese Virus: Source: Live Covid-19 tracker on Bing https://bing.com/covid
Source: Live Covid-19 tracker on Bing  https://bing.com/covid
Source: Live Covid-19 tracker on Bing https://bing.com/covid

The Tailspin of the Global Stock Markets

Stocks in Asia Pacific saw significant declines in Monday morning trade as fears over the economic impact of the global Chinese Virus outbreak continue to weigh heavily on investor sentiment.

South Korea stocks were among the biggest losers among major regional markets, with the Kospi falling 5.59% in early trade.

Over in Australia, the S&P/ASX 200 dropped 5.73% in morning trade as the sectors mostly fell. Overall, the MSCI Asia ex-Japan index fell 1.72%.

“The economic costs of the COVID-19 outbreak are beginning to reveal themselves,” Richard Yetsenga, chief economist at ANZ, wrote in a note. “We have substantially revised our G3 growth forecasts lower, with the US likely to record its weakest performance since 1946.”

Chinese Threat

In an article in Xinhua, one of the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpieces, Beijing threatened that it can impose pharmaceutical export controls after which America will be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

The article is in Chinese Language: http://www.xinhuanet.com/2020-03/04/c_1125660473.htm

China, accounts for 95% of U.S. imports of ibuprofen, 91% of U.S. imports of hydrocortisone, 70% of U.S. imports of acetaminophen, 40% to 45% of U.S. imports of penicillin and 40% of U.S. imports of heparin, according to Commerce Department data. In all, 80% of the US supply of antibiotics are made” in China.

There are many culprits behind this betrayal, but some deserve special mention.

Foremost is the globalist cabal that exported US industries to China in the name of “free trade.” Within four years of passage of the Clinton-era law giving China unfettered access to U.S. markets and WTO membership, “the last penicillin fermentation plant in the U.S. closed; China’s vitamin C cartel forced the closure of the last U.S. production facility, and the last aspirin manufacturing facility ceased business because of predatory pricing by Chinese firms.”

The Chinese government has used its favorite playbook to make the world dependent on its drugs: protecting and subsidizing domestic manufacturers to undersell American competitors, aided by Chinese industrial espionage. Indeed, biotechnology is one of ten categories of Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” industrial strategy which has driven so much of its theft of intellectual property and dumping of goods at below-market prices to kill U.S. businesses.

China Ambassador dares world to stop wearing China-made masks and protective gowns, or using China-Exported ventilators.

Aid to countries

Spokesperson of Ministry of Finance tweeted about the aid to 82 countries, WHO and AU. Is this aid aimed at shutting the mouth of these 82 countries to not to drag China to the International Court of Justice for compensation for the Pandemic caused due to the Chinese Virus?

In spite of all this, it is ironic to see that China still placed countries at their own places. For instance, a video surfaced that the masks which China provided as aid to Pakistan are actually cleaned and ironed used masks, raising the nightmare of a massive infestation in a country not generally known for good and competent governance.

At this time came the donations by Chinese businessman Jack Ma and Alibaba Foundation of some paltry number of masks and test kits to few countries. Shamelessly it was followed by a letter from Chinese government indirectly asking Ministry of Finance of those countries to be considerate and return favor to Chinese government

Pay special attention to the last para on the page 2. It reads, “The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Bangladesh avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh the assurances of its highest consideration.”

If you read between the lines, it is a direct threat to the government of Bangladesh that if they stay loyal to China and do not blame the Chinese Virus on China, such paltry donations will keep coming the Bangladesh way, else Bangladesh will be left alone to fight its war against the Chinese Virus alone.

Points to Ponder: The Way Forward

The fundamental question which one should ask is, what happens after the virus is controlled. How will countries like Italy or Spain which are completely devastated stand upon their feet? Do they have the financial muscle to bounce back? Or do we need some external stimulus to support the countries? After all, why shouldn’t one sue the country where all this originated and extract the resources needed? Does this mean that if China refuses to pay up for the damages, can governments seize Chinese assets in their countries and use it to rebuild their countries?

Think about the Chinese Colony like Pakistan that has been begging the International Community to waive of its debt. Would nationalizing Chinese assets or in other simple words, taking over Chinese debts and forfeiting Chinese Loans/investments in Pakistan not be a suitable compensation for Pakistan that can get rid of a major portion of loans and interests?

Wouldn’t the countries that experienced financial losses, depression, loss of Human lives not freeze the Chinese Assets for compensation?

Remember if Germany was made to make compensation to the world for the damages during World War II, why not China is responsible for the Chinese Virus Pandemic worldwide be made to pay compensation to every country in the world?

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