Chengdu Massacre that happened in Parallel to Tiananmen Massacre

Chengdu Massacre by Communist China. Have you ever read about it? or ever heard about it? While the world focuses on Tiananmen Massacre, let us tell you about another massacre which happened parallel to that – at Chengdu.

“Nygaard noted that there was no noise coming from the pile of bodies and thinking that “there were definitely lifeless bodies.”

First came the stand-off with India. Then came student protests. To ensure it need not fight on multiple theaters, China bowed before the protesters. Then came the disastrous defeat against India. Tibet saw an opportunity and erupted into Protests.

And the students who tasted first blood and knowing the uselessness of Chinese Army started protesting against the Little Bottle. As like everywhere, the protests started as a memorial gathering to mourn Hu Yaobang’s death.

Chengdu Massacre that happened in Parallel to Tiananmen Massacre
Chengdu Massacre that happened in Parallel to Tiananmen Massacre

But, in Chengdu, when the protests escalated, the demands were not democracy but accountability. Democracy and Freedom entered the parlance only after bodies started to pile up.

The protests started on April 21 but picked strength after May 16 when 30000 students and staff gathered at Renmin Square. Crowd joined them to protest against police highhandedness. More than a thousand police were brought from outside.

Bodies were simply dumped into trucks and taken away. The authorities didn’t care even if bystanders were killed. Next day, 100 students announced a hunger strike. Next day, the party acted. Provincial Vice-Party Secretary Gu Jinchi said, while he sympathizes with them,

He warned them to break the protests. In fact, no one was concerned about their deteriorating health. Then, the real deal started. Hundreds of thousands marched in support of those on hunger strike – whole of Chengdu industrial and government workforce hit the roads that day.

But, the news coming from Beijing was making people scared. May be, they didn’t expect, an army which loses against another army can unleash it’s hurt ego on innocent civilians. Slowly, the numbers started dropping down.

On June 4, a lock down of the protest site was ordered. Those who didn’t leave were ejected out. Next day, 2000 students marched again, in protest. They were tear gassed and it erupted into a riot. Who did that is still an open question.

Chengdu Massacre that happened in Parallel to Tiananmen Massacre
Chengdu Massacre that happened in Parallel to Tiananmen Massacre

Police stations and stores were burnt, police vehicles were damaged and it became a free for all. Next day, on June 6, 5000 came on the roads. It was an even bigger riot. On June 7, government called them “a tiny minority of criminal elements hell bent on sowing destruction and mayhem” and that the students “.

The police brutality spread and disorder was crushed by the next day.

“From her hotel window she (Kim Nygaard), saw the security forces putting protesters into sandbags and stacking their bodies into trucks. She remembered seeing the security forces wiring a detainee’s arm behind his back by breaking his arms.” Another saw a pile of 30-40 flip flops – clearly hinting the scale of deaths.

Again, this is established by the fact that, government declared, of the 1800 injured, only 700 were protesters. Arrests and executions went on for weeks after that.

“Ford recalls hearing gunshots ringing out in the early hours of June 4 and running to safety with a crowd of people. Ford was told that the police were beating the female students harshly and ripping their clothes off after they were pushed to the ground.

She witnessed “several thousand soldiers occupied the platform that had been erected by the students and seized the loudspeakers and communications instruments.”

The soldiers were drafted from military police units outside the province, as “units stationed within the city had refused to suppress the students in their own district.”

Notice this image. Most of them civilians with head injuries. Were they Deliberately targeted?

“Bernstein noted the solidarity that the citizens of Chengdu had for each other, with “citizens donating $15,000 to help the students.”

But, when the police cowed down the people with their brutalities, why did they hit the roads on June 4th? News of massacres started pouring in.

Unlike the last protests, these are different. The Chinese Communist government isn’t bothered about murdering people. After all, who wouldn’t expect a strong arm of the government especially after a disastrous military defeat from India?

Though Tiananmen, and to an extent, Chengdu were well known, one shouldn’t ignore all those hundreds of protests all over China which failed to achieve, amidst much brutality, what the Chinese wanted that day, and for which they are fighting even today.

Points to Ponder

Given the past history of brutally slaughtering its citizens in Chengdu Massacre and the Tiananmen Massacre, will Imperialist Fascist China repeat the same massacre in Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan?

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