War Updates : Turkey and Azerbaijan Indulge In Disinformation Propaganda

As per the latest war updates from Armenia, the artillery of the Karabakh Defense Army (Armenia) is inflicting artillery strikes on the positions of the Azerbaijani army at the publication of this article.

War Updates : Turkey and Azerbaijan Indulge In Disinformation Propaganda

At the moment, the Azerbaijani artillery is shelling the villages of the Vardenis region of Armenia. Artsrun Hovhannisyan reported this.

Two Azerbaijani helicopters were destroyed by Igla MANPADS in the eastern direction by Artsakh DefenseArmy units

Some new war updates have appeared. Yesterday it was reported that some Armenian positions were lost in the southern direction and in the direction of the Talish village to the Azerbaijanis.

In the southern direction, all (or almost all) positions were returned as a result of the counteroffensive by Armenian Army. This was reported officially, and our sources from Artsakh say the same.

However, the situation with Talysh (northern direction) remained unclear.

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Major of the State Border Service (SBS) of Azerbaijan, pilot Qasimov Abbas Rza oğlu, is among the losses of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces recorded by us from 27 to 28 September.

Gasimov was killed on September 27, he was already buried. Based on the fact that Gasimov was not a pilot of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, but the State Border Service, it can be assumed that at least one of the helicopters shot down by the Armenian side was Mi-17, since the State Fire Service is currently operating a helicopter of this model.

War Updates : Turkey and Azerbaijan indulge in Disinformation Propaganda
War Updates : Turkey and Azerbaijan indulge in Disinformation Propaganda

In addition, the murder of Gasimov directly indicates that not only the Azerbaijani army, but also the State Border Service of Azerbaijan is involved in the hostilities on the line of contact. The State Fire Service of Azerbaijan was also directly involved during the July battles, using a kamikaze UAV against Armenia.

Azerbaijani Armed Forces are preparing for another attack.

“The enemy has begun a strong artillery preparation, is preparing for another attack,” said Artsrun Hovhannisyan, a spokesman for the Armenian Defense Ministry.

The forward subdivisions of Artsakh AO destroyed Azerbaijani strongholds and armored vehicles.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reports that from 7:00 it has been advancing in the direction of Jebrail (Jrakan) – Fizuli (Varanda).
Source: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3582082351848455&id=1085101198213262

As we expected, the southern direction for Azerbaijanis is the highest priority at the moment. Varanda-Fuzuli is a ghost town where no one lives. One, this is an important road junction, besides, the city is of great propaganda value for Azerbaijanis.

You cannot surrender an inch of land to the enemy. Do not retreat!

The forces of the 2nd Beylagan army corps are now lacking for the Azerbaijanis. They will soon be using the Internal Troops. And then they will start sending cadets, sailors, boys caught on the street, and so on to the front – we have already seen this in the 90s.

The border troops of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces took part in the attacks. Military expert Vahagn Mkhoyan reports that Azerbaijan has border troops in Yevlakh and Horadiz, which are used as reserve troops. It is concluded that if they are used at the end of the 2nd day of the war, then the total losses of Azerbaijan are really significant.

War Updates : Turkey and Azerbaijan indulge in Disinformation Propaganda
War Updates : Turkey and Azerbaijan indulge in Disinformation Propaganda

In the city of Vardenis (the territory of Armenia, not Karabakh), a civilian bus is on fire after an attack on it by an attack drone of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, said Artsrun Hovhannisyan, a spokesman for the Armenian Defense Ministry.

Now an Azerbaijani video has appeared on the network, which captures the captured Armenian post and the bodies of the dead Armenian servicemen. We will not publish the video for ethical reasons. On it, you can count 8-10 dead, i.e. the entire squad that was at the post did not retreat.

The video was obviously filmed yesterday. it’s day time in the video circulated by Azerbaijanis.

This evening, the Azerbaijanis reportedly launched a powerful offensive in the direction of Talish-Matagis-Martakert (north of Artsakh). The attack was reportedly repulsed by Armenia. Apparently, the Azerbaijanis were planning to build on the small success that they managed to achieve yesterday.

As per our sources in Armenia, “No war goes by without loss. Victories are not final, defeats are not fatal, the only thing that matters is the courage to continue. We believe in the Armenian army. We believe that she will return the Armenian land seized by the enemy. We believe that the army will avenge each of our guys. Believe in the Armenian army. She never failed.”

War Updates: Georgia doesn’t allow assistance to reach Armenia

There was information that Georgians do not allow Armenians from Javakhk who wish to come to Armenia as volunteers.

In general, if you give free rein to the voice of reason, then perhaps they are not allowed due to the fact that the borders are closed for quarantine, and not because the Georgians do not want to let the volunteers through.

We hope the Armenian government will comment on this and will be able to get the volunteers to enter the country.

As per our sources in Armenia, “Well, we have long known about the serpentine, the judiciary of our northern neighbors. Well, nothing, in case of need to break through a corridor to Tskhinval – a matter of technology”.

“And we even know what such a ban is connected with. At the front, our guys arrange a branch of hell on Earth for the Azerbaijanis. Therefore, there are no materials either from the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan, or from their journalists (even propagandists) – there is nothing to show.”

Meanwhile, the situation with the volunteers returned to normal. However, this does not mean that Georgia is not an anti-Armenian state. The Georgians allow Turkish military aircraft flying to Azerbaijan through their territory, but they do not allow Russian military aircraft flying to Armenia and supplying the 102nd base. The one that covers Armenia’s rear on the border with the Turks, while Armenians beat the Azeris in Artsakh.

The reason why the Georgian border guards do not allow volunteers to enter Armenia is coronavirus. However, several vehicles with humanitarian aid were allowed to cross the border. And those Armenians who have Armenian citizenship. The rest of the Armenians from Javakhk will think about how to get into the country and take part in the battles against Azerbaijan. Our subscriber from Javakhk informed us about it.

War Updates: Azerbaijan Keeps the Russian Media outlets out from the conflict zone

Azerbaijan has denied accreditation to many Russian media outlets to cover events in the conflict zone.

In particular, this was announced by Murad Gazdiev, a senior correspondent for the state TV channel Russia Today.

“Azerbaijan has refused to accredit / enter the country for us and many other media outlets. On the part of Azerbaijan, mainly locals and Turks work in the conflict zone. It is not entirely clear what the Azeri politicians are guided by … Never in history has a ban on the press ended well,” he wrote.

Above – how Stepanakert, the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh, looks like in peacetime.

Below is how he met us. This is how the “blackout” mode looks like. In the city, street lighting is completely turned off, in houses people also try not to light up excess light. All because of the bombing, which has not been in the capital since 1992.

War Updates : Bottom Image from Armenia from yesterday compared with a normal day (above) due to black outs
War Updates : Bottom Image from Armenia from yesterday compared with a normal day (above) due to black outs

War Updates: Turkey and Azerbaijan indulge in Disinformation Propaganda

The person in the photo on the left is not a Ukrainian, but is wrapped in an Armenian flag – if you look closely, you can see that in addition to the blue and yellow, there is also a red stripe. On the Armenian flag, orange is often replaced with yellow, which can be seen in the right photo.

We hope for the conscientiousness of the administration of the Militarist channel and wait for the removal of incorrect information.

War Updates : Turkey and Azerbaijan indulge in Disinformation Propaganda
War Updates : Turkey and Azerbaijan indulge in Disinformation Propaganda

The angle is such that not all of the red stripe is visible, but still it is.

New video. The Defense Army of Karabakh repels the attack of the units of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and destroys their military

The Azerbaijani Armed Forces opened fire on the military unit of Vardenis of the Armenian Armed Forces, and also used aviation in the direction of the positions. This action of the enemy was preceded by the disinformation of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan that the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia allegedly fired rockets at the Dashkesan region of Azerbaijan from the Vardenis region. Thus, in essence, the enemy was trying to prepare the ground for justifying his further actions. Wait for a hard answer. – Press service of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia.

The message is obviously false. If the 3rd Fortification (regiment) was allegedly destroyed, then the Azerbaijanis would have already taken the Martuni region. But Martuni is still ours, the Azerbaijanis continue to fire at him.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reports that the 3rd Martuni motorized rifle regiment of the armed forces of the separatist regime of Karabakh was destroyed.

The information disseminated by the press secretary of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense that the Martuni military unit was allegedly completely disabled due to the attacks of the Azerbaijani army is absolute disinformation and does not correspond to reality.

All military units of the Defense Army continue to remain in line and, with their precise actions, inflict crushing blows on the enemy.

We are waiting for the denial of the Armenian side.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry continues to live in an alternative reality.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry reports that the enemy’s “URAGAN” multiple launch rocket system has been destroyed and that the Armenian colonel has been destroyed.

MLRS “Uragan” is in service with only a few countries of the world. After the collapse of the USSR, Russia did not export this equipment.

Armenia does not have this system in service.

At first, the Azerbaijanis said that they had surrounded Martakert, but then it turned out that they had not even advanced in the direction of the city.

Then they said that they had taken Fizuli, but it turned out that the “offensive aimed at liberating Fizuli” was still underway.

Then they began to say that they had defeated the Martuni fortified area. It also turned out to be a lie.

Will someone else believe in the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry after that? I try to be objective, but it is impossible to remain objective when one of the parties is blatantly lying

During the fighting in the Khojavend direction, Colonel Karen Babayan, the chief of artillery of the 18th motorized rifle division stationed in the direction of the occupied Jabrayil region, was killed.

The source told about the details of the recruitment of the General of the General Staff of Azerbaijan by the Russian special services. The first interaction took place when the General began to transmit information about Israel’s arms supplies to Azerbaijan, including through Turkey. Communication went through the nephew of the general, who lives in Moscow and has a fairly large flower business. The next step was the transmission of detailed plans for the Karabakh offensive. After the transfer of this data by Russia to the Armenian side, it managed to place minefields, weapons, equipment, etc. exactly in the places of the prepared offensive. As a result, the elite corps, which were specially prepared for the attack on Karabakh, suffered serious losses.

It was possible to identify and detain the General thanks to the information collected by Turkish intelligence. However, the betrayal caused almost irreparable damage to the operation itself, undermining the morale among the military personnel in Azerbaijan.

There are circumstantial indications that this is true.

From the first days, Armenian Ministry of Defense published a video, which showed how Azerbaijani equipment (T-72A tanks and IMR-2 engineering vehicles) was blown up by mines, and the detonations obviously took place at a distance from the front (this is hinted at by the order in which Az equipment was moving – clearly not offensive; also in one of the videos, next to the tanks, you can see the infantry marching in a column).

And at the same time, a pro-Azerbaijani source says that the Armenians have installed minefields in advance in the area where the Azerbaijanis should advance. Much converges.

One can object to this that there have always been minefields in Karabakh. This is true, but it is strange that the Azerbaijanis have not reconnoitred these fields for 26 years and have let the infantry with equipment on untested terrain. It is at least reliably known that all these 26 years of truce, the Azerbaijani side used saboteurs to create passages in these minefields. And then their tanks and infantry carelessly went straight for the mines.

If there was a betrayal of an Azerbaijani general, then the general public is unlikely to know about it. But there is indirect confirmation of this fact.

Azerbaijan’s use of AN-2

Azerbaijan’s use of AN-2 “corn makers” is an extremely interesting phenomenon.

As we understand it, the Azerbaijanis equipped these ancient aircraft and made them unmanned – because there are AN-2s shot down, but no one has seen their pilots.

Regarding the An-2 and their use at the front, we dare express the following thoughts:

First of all, you need to proceed from the fact that the AN-2 is cheap and simple. That is, it is not a pity to lose. The car is extremely unpretentious, it can take off and land on a dirt road. Azerbaijan had 63 such machines in 2012.

Despite the fact that the An-2 is considered ancient, there are tasks for this machine.

Firstly, this is the evacuation of the wounded / transfer of the DRG and other all those who need to be delivered individually and quickly to the front line.

Secondly, in the last 24 hours on the Internet there is an obsessive opinion (both among the Armenian and Azerbaijani sides) that it could be an AN-2 converted into a drone that is used to detect air defense.

Here is a video of Azerbaijani using help of Terrorists after an unsuccessful attack on Matagis. More precisely, what is left of them.

Notice the dead wearing red band around their upper arms. If you compare them with the pictures from Syria, you will notice that in Syria, Free Syrian Army (FSA) members carry red, members of Turkman organizations carry blue wrist bands

Images of dead Turkish sent terrorists wearing red ribbons on their arms

After the Turkish military intervention in Syria in 2016, a Terrorist group of Turkish-backed Arabs and Turkmen was established under the name “Free Syrian Army”. with on-ground support of an organised military backed by Turkish airpower. The group closely cooperates with Turkish troops in Syria.

We will continue to bring the latest War Updates from the conflict zone.

Points to Ponder

Question to be asked to Turkey – Why is Turkey interfering in a dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan by sending Terrorists to the conflict zone to fight on behalf of Azerbaijan?

Isn’t it a step towards establishing the Neo-Ottoman Empire envisioned by Erdogan?

World can never forget the mass murder of 1.5 million Armenian Christians by Turkey. Is Turkey obsessed with Killing Armenian Christians by hook or crook?

Why is Turkey not thrown out of NATO for its Genocide in Syria, Libya and now using Azerbaijan to kill Armenian Christians in Armenia?

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