Balochistan Freedom Fighters Killed 10 Pakistan Army Personnel in an Ambush attack in hills

Balochistan Freedom Fighters killed 14 Pakistan Army personnel on Friday 26-July 2019. In another attack by unidentified gunmen on a Pakistan Army post, several more Pakistan Army soldiers were killed and many injured. In the Meanwhile, the strikes by Engineers, Students, Pharmacists, Medical students and others continue with no hope of resolution.

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Maj. Graham Baloch claimed responsibility for the deaths of 14 military personnel in Tajbahan and Jhao on Friday. Balochistan Freedom Fighters killed a policeman with a sniper rifle at a military checkpoint in Tajbahan Marzeen, Kech District.

After the sniper attack, the occupying Pakistan army tried to track down the Balochistan freedom fighters. But as soon as the occupiers (Pakistan Army) entered mountainous terrain, they had to abandon their trucks as the trucks could not enter the mountainous terrain. Pakistan Army entered the mountains on foot.

Balochistan Freedom Fighters Killed 10 Pakistan Army Personnel in an Ambush attack in hills
Balochistan Freedom Fighters Killed 10 Pakistan Army Personnel in an Ambush attack in hills

However, Baloch Freedom fighters had already laid an ambush in the hills. In the ambush attack, Baloch Freedom Fighters killed all the 10 Pakistan Army personnel who had entered the hills.

Major Graham Baloch added that the Balochistan Freedom Fighters Killed 3 more Pakistan Army men in a patrol convoy. Freedom Fighters attacked another Pakistani army patrol convoy with heavy weapons at around 8 pm in Korak area of ​​Awaran district on Friday, killing three of the Pakistan Army and injuring several others.

He said that attacks on Pakistani forces would continue till the liberation of occupied Balochistan

Another attack by Pakistan Army’s Death Squads on Pakistan Army itself

According to information received from regional sources, some unidentified gunmen targeted a Pakistani Army checkpoint/post in the Saradok area near Panjgur district of Balochistan. Intense firing and explosions were heard during the attack. According to reports from regional sources, the attack was so intense that the whole area was bombarded with gunfire.

There have been reports of casualties to the Pakistani Army in the attack, but the matter has not yet been confirmed by security forces. The actual casualty figures are not available.

It is to be noted that attacks in the area have often been carried out by Baloch Liberation Armed Forces on Pakistani Army and local death squad personnel. Very often responsibilities of the attacks on Pakistan Army are accepted by the Baloch Liberation Organization. However, no one has claimed responsibility for this attack. Even the Baloch Liberation Organization has not accepted the responsibility of the attack.

Our local source, on the condition of anonymity, told that this attack may have been carried by the Death Squad members themselves on the Pakistan Army.

We will like to mention here that Pakistan Army has groomed some terrorists and criminals and formed Death squad of Terrorists to fight against Balochistan Freedom Fighters. As per the source, some of the members of the Death Squads are not happy with the Pakistan Army using them as pawns to fight their own Baloch countrymen. Due to this growing resentment, some of these Terrorists of Pakistan Army’s Death squad attacked the Pakistan Army.

Engineers on Strike

In the meanwhile whole of Balochistan is on strike. Students, Engineers, Doctors and 2 more groups are on strike since last 2 weeks. We covered in details about the different strikes in Balochistan in our previous article “Balochistan Engineers, Medical Students, Pharmacists, Mine Workers, Teachers On Strike

As per a local source, “Balochistan Nation has a very small population as compared to the other provinces in Pakistan. With the crowd seen at the Press Club, Quetta, you will find almost every class of people are sitting in hunger strike. Students, engineers, doctors and 2 more groups. It seems whole of Balochistan is at strike in solidarity with all the groups. Quetta has turned into a living hell. Due to protests all over the city, all the roads are blocked. All the local businesses are suffering. Quetta is totally paralyzed due to strikes and stoppage of all official work.”

Engineers strikes continue in Balochistan as there is no hope of their demands being met.
Engineers strikes continue in Balochistan as there is no hope of their demands being met.

Governance in Balochistan is at a lowest ebb. As per one of the source, all these issues are so simple they could be resolved in a single day. But the problem is Pakistan government doesn’t want to spend any money on Balochistan Nation. Punjabi dominated Pakistan government is already exploiting all the natural resources in Occupied Balochistan Nation. They have given mines to Chinese companies without any international tenders being floated against the loans.

As per the source, the Punjabi dominated Pakistan Government does not want to spend any money in Balochistan as Pakistan establishment doesn’t know how soon Balochistan will get Independence and break-away from bankrupt Pakistan and be recognized by the international community as an independent Nation. Hence Punjabi dominated Pakistan does not want to invest in Balochistan for the fear of losing their leftover finances.

As per the reports received from Balochistan, leaders of all the political parties have shown their support to the Engineers strike. Members of all political parties coordination committee also attended the Engineers strike camp at Quetta Press Club. Politicians from PMLN, PPP, BNP, NP, JUI, JI, PMAP & Others smaller political parties have also expressed their solidarity with the Engineer’s protests.

The demand list that placards and banners at Engineers strike rallies show are legitimate and needs consideration. Prominent among these demands is the removal of non-technical office holders from technical posts. The highly lucrative posts of Engineers are used as a political tool. Technical posts are in control of non-technical staff.

Criticizing Engineers for deteriorating infrastructure hold ground only if engineers are deciding matters that are technical. But the Balochistan puppet government, gives the Engineers posts to non-technical people and take huge bribes. As a result of non-technical staff holding engineering positions, projects that could be completed in 1-2 years linger on for 10 years and still not getting completed.

“Balochistan already has plenty of engineers, most of them are flocking to other professions. What use is of a degree that cannot fetch a job. Engineers are finding themselves nowhere, bemused and confused.”

No employment for Baloch Engineers in CPEC

Large number of current unemployed bachelor’s degree holders in Balochistan are growing at an alarming numbers, with a yearly accumulation of more than one thousand. And there are only on average 100 job opportunities available to contest for on yearly bases. The current bankruptcy Pakistan is experiencing, the private sector is almost unable to absorb the bulging skilled youth population. China brought its own citizens for Engineering jobs.

As per an Engineer, “Pakistan Government took our lands in Balochistan and gave to Chinese companies for CPEC. We did not protest. We thought we will be given jobs in CPEC projects and our lives will prosper. However, they were the dreams sold to us.”

“China brought its own Engineers and highly skilled workers for CPEC projects and none of the Balochistan engineers were given any jobs in any of the CPEC projects. We made a mistake of believing the Pakistan Government. We lost our jobs, our lands. Now our demography is also being changed with more Chinese and Punjabis settled in our lands.”

A local source said, “Puppet Chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan, Jam Kamal criticized the Engineers for their ‘lowest level education’. One may ask why then the need was felt to expand the network of engineering institutes? All the sweet talks and thought process of Prime Minister Imran Khan in front of the world doesn’t quite align in Balochistan, and the engineering profession is no exception.”

Medical Students Strikes

Meanwhile, the medical students are also in the sit in protests. There was a massive protest by students at Quetta Press club on 24th July. There were videos floating on the social media by young doctors calling for a large number of people to gather at Quetta Press club for showing their support with the medical students on the strike.

Balochistan Medical Student requesting People to join their protest on 24th July at Quetta Press Club

There is decades of political unrest. People are saying that if the lives of students is wasted despite literate, skillful and yet confused youth can be attracted to an ideology of Freedom Fighters. As per one student, “We are disenchanted with the empty promises of all political parties. Pakistan is run by the Army and the Intelligence agency ISI. Freedom fighters are correct. We need to get Freedom of Balochistan. Only then we can get justice and we can get a prosperous future. Pakistan will continue to exploit us.”

 Balochistan Students continue in Balochistan as there is no hope of their demands being met.
Balochistan Students continue in Balochistan as there is no hope of their demands being met.

This frustration is seen among all the protesters including the Engineers, Pharmacists, medical students and all the others who are on strikes in Balochistan. This frustration is growing as each day passes. As per the student, “So far the protests have been peaceful. But now more with no future of Balochistan seen under the exploitative rule of Pakistan, more people are thinking of joining the Freedom movement of Balochistan. Azad Balochistan will fulfil our aspirations.”

“Strike down on these protests, an exercise allowed by the constitution, will do no good and further deepens the hopelessness and desperation that Engineers have already found themselves in. Azad Balochistan is the solution.”

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