Broken window pane after violent protests by Pakistanis in the name of Kashmir in Sadiq Khan's Londonistan

On 4th September 2019, Indian High Commission in Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan was attacked again. In a second attack in last 20 days, a violent mob attacked the Indian High Commission of London with stones and other projectiles leading to a massive law and order breakdown situation. Located a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace, Royal Courts of Justice, King’s College, London School of Economics and the Australian High Com and the Australian High Commission and all the corridors of British power, this attack raises serious questions of the prevailing law and order situation in London. The sad thing is, Sadiq Khan, the Lord Mayor of London is busy converting London into a Londonistan dominated by anarchist Pakistani mobs bent on destroying the city and driving away tourism. Who should be blamed for this?

Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan created a bad image of London wordwide. People are avoiding travel to UK.

Ironically, the answer for this comes from the American President Trump who was engaged in another spat with the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

“The incompetent Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was bothered that I played a very fast round of golf yesterday. Many Pols exercise for hours, or travel for weeks. Me, I run through one of my courses (very inexpensive). President Obama would fly to Hawaii. Kahn should focus on ”knife crime,” which is totally out of control in London. People are afraid to even walk the streets. He is a terrible mayor who should stay out of our business!”

David Vance also criticized Sadiq Khan and his turning London into Londonistan.

David Vince Tweeted about Sadiq Khan's Londonistan
David Vince Tweeted about Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan

This was in response to Sadiq Khan likening the leaders of the Western World with Nazis.

“For the first time in more than 70 years, it seems the lessons of the Second World War are genuinely at risk of being forgotten or, worse still, being rewritten.

“The EU and NATO, so instrumental in preventing another bloody world war, are facing unprecedented attacks – often from leaders of the very nations that helped create them.

“Support for democracy is at a record low across the western world, and the values that define liberal democracies are under siege – from the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary, to a free press and a vibrant civil society.”

Again, the question rises, why should an isolated article be given such importance? Because, immediately the next day, Sadiq Khan said

“We’ve got to put aside our party differences to work to avoid no deal…I think it will happen organically…Up until we’ve resolved the issue of Brexit, I think parties of certain values and certain beliefs should work together”

He also wrote, “Today I wrote to all London MPs to ask them to do everything possible to stop a catastrophic no-deal Brexit.”

And sent the message, “MPs have a chance to rule out a no-deal Brexit this week. It’s crucial that they grasp this opportunity with both hands – and put the needs of London and the UK first before it’s too late. ”

Mayor of Londonistan, Sadiq Khan’s Letter
Mayor of Londonistan, Sadiq Khan’s Letter

He also said to BBC Radio 5 Live, “we have to avoid calling a #GeneralElection before we’ve removed the possibility of a no-deal #Brexit”

What does this even mean? He wants the Parliament to function so that Labour will be proofed from it’s lack of direction but make the Prime Minister incapable to do anything?

And the voice of anarchy. Good or bad, Britain has voted supporting Brexit and what sense does it make to riot on roads and bring the country to a standstill when the country overwhelmingly voted in favour of Brexit? This is in response to Jeremy Corbyn tweeting about stopping Boris Johnson over his no-deal Brexit.

Absolutely the right thing to do. Parliament must stop a catastrophic no-deal Brexit this week. The public must get the final say on Brexit. And Britain desperately needs a general election and a Labour Government.

Here, we are seeing a situation. We have a Mayor who is not interested in maintaining the law and order in London which he is responsible for, but is more interested in sabotaging Brexit. It is already well known that while British Parliament opposed Brexit, Britain as a country supported Brexit and everything was done to sabotage a deal. And Sadiq Khan, the Lord Mayor of London is leading the show from the front. The most disconcerting thing coming from his side is asking the MPs not to pass the deal and not allow the Parliament to be suspended – meaning, whatever happens, a Brexit Deal will not happen.

While he is busy playing Brexit politics, Indian Embassy was yet again attacked. Clearly, this can be attributed to the mixed messages sent after the first attack on 15 August 2019.

London Mayor’s Office said “The Mayor supports the right to peaceful and lawful protest and condemns the violence from a small minority that took place outside the Indian High Commission in London yesterday.”

Scotland Yard said, “The event was largely peaceful, but officers did have to react and deal with a small number of incidents as they happened. In total there were four arrests for Section 4 of the Public Order Act, affray, obstruction of police and possession of an offensive weapon”

One cannot but ignore the coincidence of the new Home Secretary Priti Patel passing anti-knife crime laws coming a few days before the first attack.

Clearly this seems to be a cue to the protestors. An even vicious attack was launched on Indian Embassy, that too when the Parliament is apologizing to India and the world over how Indian High Commission was being treated by the Pakistanis based in Britain. In a reminder of the Pakistan sponsored mobs in Indian Kashmir and something unexpected for London, the heart of London saw stone pelting which led to damage of property.

Indian High Commission London tweeted, “Another violent protest outside the Indian High Commission in London today, 3 September 2019. Damage caused to the premises.”

Indian High Commission Tweet after Pakistani Mobs vandalism in Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan

The reply-retweet ratio(184/3.4k at the last count) for the tweet Sadiq Khan tweeted as a reply clearly portrays the anger against the Lord Mayor of London.

It is sad to notice that British MPs have already fallen into the Pakistani trap with the MP of Birmingham Hodge Hill Liam Byrne leading the most recent protests in person with the image of a person arrested on terrorism charges by India, Yasin Malik in the backdrop. It is important to note that the person in question is arrested by India for manslaughter and not terror charges, which is the usual case.

MP of Birmingham Hodge Hill Liam Byrne leading the protests in Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan with the image of Yasin Malik arrested on terrorism charges by India, in the backdrop
MP of Birmingham Hodge Hill Liam Byrne leading the protests in Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan with the image of Yasin Malik arrested on terrorism charges by India, in the backdrop

Pakistan’s Minister of State for Overseas Zulfi Bukhari, who was appointed as the chairman of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) in May 2019 led the violent protesters. Bottles, eggs, tomatoes, stones, shoes & smoke bombs were hurled at the Indian High Commission Building. This clearly proves these violent protests have nothing to do with Kashmir, or Kashmiris. These are organized by Pakistan Government and Pakistani Intelligence Agency to show their muscle power in UK.

Smoke Bomb Hurled at the gate of Indian High Commission Building while Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan Police stood watching

As the elections are coming near, by showing a gathering of 2000-3000 Pakistani slogan shouting protesters, Pakistanis want to show the might of united Pakistanis who will vote in blocks for the Candidates supporting Pakistan and speaking against India. As we mentioned in our previous article “Pakistani Demographic Invasion Of UK & The Demise Of British Glory”, Muslims make up more than a fifth of the population in 26 parliamentary constituencies and around 50 per cent in some areas. There are also 70 council wards with a Muslim population of 40 per cent or more. Hence the political compulsion of a few London Politicians, speaking in favour of Pakistan and against India is understandable.

London needs to introspect. Is London for the peaceful residents of London or for the violent mobs which rule the roads in London?

Serious Questions being raised

A serious question is being raised. How could the Protesters be even allowed to go so close to the High Commission Building? Why did police even allow the protests near the building.

As per people, this is the worst of its kind. Pakistani hooligans vandalized the Indian High Commission Building. This is a criminal Act. How was it allowed for Sadiq Khan knowing well the earlier 15-August terrorism by Pakistanis at the same locatin. How the protesters were allowed to damage and vandalize the building? There are police and cops already in place on duty. Why there was this laxity on the kind of action that should have been taken by the Metro Police. THese are serious concerns. This has not happened in the past in London under any previous Mayors. Why was the riot police not called. Pakistanis threw smoke bombs. What if they could have thrown real bombs?

The attack on the Indian Embassy is a provocation. All Foreign missions and embassies hosted by UK are under the guarantee of the UK Government. The ones who perform their diplomatic duties in UK are guests of UK. Utmost importance should be given to ensuring their security in a Types. What message has UK sent to the whole world by letting the second violent protest and endangering the safety of the Indian Staff working in the Indian High Commission as well as the people in the adjoining offices.

London Has lost respect in the Arabian Gulf: Reason Pakistani Mayor Sadiq Khan

In an old video we got where Tommy Robinson interviewed Imam Mohamad Tawhidi @imamforpeace

Question: What message would you give to our(UK) government in how to limit and deal with the problems we have?

Tommy Robinson interviewed Imam Mohamad Tawhidi @imamforpeace

Reply: Two things that i would like to say to answer your question. One the people in your government right now are not qualified to lead at all. So from the lowest form of government which is the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan upto Theresa May. I would not have him manager of McDonald’s let alone Mayor of London. I am not joking. I am honest. I would not have him manager of McDonald’s. In fact the whole world, whole Arabian Gulf, and i don’t want to say i am a racist, but this is the reality. The whole Arabian Gulf, to them London was a “Paradise” on earth. Oh you studied in London! You Honeymooned in London! London! When they heard that the Mayor of London is not a “White British Man”, who knows the value and history of this country, and is a man of Pakistani descent, they lost respect for London. Why? Because Pakistanis don’t have that position in Arabian Gulf. If you have been there, you would know what their situation is like. We don’t want to say racist, but this is the reality.”

“Pakistan is the most problematic nation in the Islamic World”

Exactly. I haven’t heard him criticize or call for closing of the Pakistani Embassy or anything. I haven’t heard anything like that. So i don’t believe Sadiq Khan at all.

Angry Reaction on Social Media

One person tweeted on Twitter, “Do you know who is the mayor of London? A Pakistani Origin guy and the winner of Pakistan’s “Nishan-e-Pakistan” award which is given for “The highest degree of service to the country and nation of Pakistan”…he won’t disappoint Pakistan”

“Time for @MEAIndia (Ministry of External Affairs, India)  to issue travel warnings to Indians going abroad to avoid UK destinations completely. And declare London (under

@SadiqKhan) as Teror infested city and move Indian embassy to a peaceful city (if there’s any). Indians are in total danger.”

“@SadiqKhan is a traitor. He is openly promoting terrorism. How can common people be safe in London when Indian Embassy was attacked & permission for this so-called protests were given by this traitor”

One British citizen tweeted, “Mayor of London @SadiqKhan sheds crocodile tears as #Pakistani Thugs vandalize #IndianEmbassy in London! Wake up Indians! Vote this bigot OUT next election!”

Harbir Singh with Twitter handle @HarbirSingh_ tweeted, “Pakistani descent Jihadis and their communities are @UKLabour, @SadiqKhan’s vote base. How much longer will Her Majesty’s Govt dance to the tune of the Pakistani vote? We’re watching. UK will soon have to choose between its Pakistani voters and India.”

“Hurling bottles, eggs, tomatoes, stones, shoes & smoke bombs is merely ‘unacceptable behaviour’ Mr Sadiq Khan? They are acts of violence by Pakistanis on the Indian embassy in London!”

“Indian High Commission in UK is an extension of Indian territory. By attacking it, Pakistan and it’s proxies have declared war on India. Strictest possible action should be taken by India. There’s complicit involvement of politicians of Pakistani origin in this violence.”

Jaiveer Shergill with Twitter handle @JaiveerShergill tweeted, “Vandalization of Indian Embassy in London by Pakistan supporters reflects Pakistan’s growing frustration arising out of global isolation, economic suffocation & condemnation. UK must not allow such acts of violence on their soil & expose Pak’s violent character @MayorofLondon”

Sanjay Dixit with Twitter handle @Sanjay_Dixit tweeted, “Resign, you bigot. You won with the votes of Indians, but now your death cult is more important to you. You were the architect and participant in the first incident on 15th Aug. I accuse you of planning an ethnic cleansing of Indians from London. Indians all over the world unite.”

Dr.Aiswarya Biswal Twitter handle @AshBiswal tweeted, “Look at peaceful protest by Paki Jihadis in UK. Vandalising @HCI_London  is their definition of peace. Threatening sanctity of Indian Embassy at peaceful times is heinous & obnoxious. This vile attempt to attack the most populous democracy has to be condemned & taken seriously”

#LondonBanegaPakistan and #Londonistan hashtag trending on Twitter

As our readers are aware, we have covered extensively about the terror spread by Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in the below articles:

Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs In UK Raped Thousands Of Girls 8-12 Year Old

Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs – British Girls’ Honour Doesn’t Matter

Videos of the attacks and violent protests of Pakistanis on Indian High Commission are viral on the social media. There are also videos of Pakistanis traumatizing Britons that are viral on Social media.

Worldwide the Social Media users in the US, Europe, India and other countries are extensively criticizing London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Hashtag #LondonBanegaPakistan and #Londonistan are trending on Twitter.

Since US President Donald Trump spoke against Sadiq Khan, these hashtags are being very frequently used worldwide.

Inbound tourism to the UK

In the midst of all the controversies surrounding London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs, Pakistani Knife violence, Pakistani violent agitations, hooliganism, the worst sufferer is the UK Tourism Industry. As the word is spreading around the world of London getting converted into Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan, People are avoiding visiting London.

As per the reports we received for 2018 Data, the 37.9 million overseas visitors who came to the UK in 2018 spent £22.9 billion. These figures represent a 3% decrease in volume and 7% (nominal) decrease in value compared with 2017.

In 2017 the UK ranked seventh in the UNWTO international tourist arrivals league, behind France, Spain, USA, China, Italy and Mexico. The UK accounted for 2.8% of global arrivals in 2017.

In 2017 the UK was in fifth place in the international tourism earnings league (on par with 2016) behind USA, Spain, France and Thailand according to UNWTO figures.

The UK accounted for 3.7% of international tourism receipts in 2017.

London accounts for 54% of all inbound visitor spend, the rest of England 33%, Scotland 10% and Wales 2%.

There were 3 per cent fewer overseas visitors in 2018 than in 2017, representing 1.2 million travellers. Collectively they spent 7% less, a drop of £1.6bn to £22.9 billion.

As per sources in UK, the figures that came for 2019 so far are of a grave concern. Some people are blaming the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit, uncertainty surrounding Government policies. However there is a far bigger majority that points to the Government Policies of turning London into Londonistan by Sadiq Khan responsible for creating a bad image of UK in front of the whole world.

We got information that people planning to visit Europe are skipping travel to London due to safety reasons. They do not trust London anymore. The videos floating all over the social media of crime by Pakistanis has painted a bad image of UK as a whole. Unless UK takes some concrete measures to curb growing menance of Pakistanis, tourism industry of UK will take fatal blows.

As per people, this time of Brexit is a very tiring moment and uncertainty is already gripping UK. However the growing muscle flexing by Muslims to show their unity in voting has impacts on Political decision making which will land UK further in turmoil. If the decline in tourists further continues, it will be fatal to the UK economy.

Latest Tourism Data available till May 2019

Visits: The UK received 3.3 million overseas visits in May 2019, down 6% year-on-year, following an 8% decline in April; visits in the last three months were down 5% to 9.4 million. There were 14.3 million inbound visits to the UK between January and May 2019, 3% below the inbound visits in the same period in 2018. Overseas visits to the UK in the twelve months to May 2019 were 2% behind June 2017 – May 2018 with 37.5 million visits.

Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan driving tourists off UK.
Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan driving tourists off UK.

Spending: In May 2019 inbound visitors spent £2.1 billion, down 1% on May 2018. Spending in April was down 15% on 2018. With inbound spending down year-on-year in each of the last four months, spend in the year to date was 6% below January – May 2018, and down 7% in the last three months. Overall, overseas visitors to the UK spent £22.4 billion in the twelve months to May 2019, down 8% compared to the previous twelve-month period.

Chart showing decline in Visits to the UK from the high of 2017 to the lowest of May 2019. Will this downturn continue?
Chart showing decline in Visits to the UK from the high of 2017 to the lowest of May 2019. Will this downturn continue?

Holiday visits decreased year-on-year for the first time in 2019 in May, down 16% on 2018. This sharp decline is likely to have been partly influenced by the timing of Whit Monday, a public holiday in many European countries that fell in June 2018 but May 2019; however, it was also the weakest May for holiday visits since 2012. With growth earlier in 2019, holiday visits are down a milder 6% in the past three months and for the year to date period numbers matched 2018 at 5.4 million. In the last twelve months to May 2019, holiday visits were up 2% on the previous twelve-month period to a record 15.1 million.

Figures showing decline in Tourism till May 2019 in Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan
Figures showing decline in Tourism till May 2019 in Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan

Visits to friends and relatives (VFR) were up 7% in May to 1.0 million, just short of the 2017 record. However, after declining in each previous month this year, they are down 3% in both the past three months and year to date figures compared to the records set in 2018. They are also down 3% in the latest rolling 12 months.

Business visits were up 2% in May to 740,000, though well below the record set in 2017. They are down 5% on 2018 in both the last 3 months and year to date figures; in each case the 2018 results were also down on 2017.

Miscellaneous journey purpose visits are a combination of a wide range of different journey purposes, including (but not limited to) short term study, looking for work, shopping, attending a sports event and many more. Compared to the other journey purpose categories, miscellaneous visits represent a smaller proportion of inbound UK visits and results do tend to fluctuate. Visits were down 8% year-on-year in May, down 5% year to date to 910,000 and down 10% over the latest rolling 12 months.

Of special concern is the tourism involving Indians. Numbers show that in 2017, there were 39.2 million visits by Indians spending a total of £24.5 Billion. This is only the number for tourism; while Indian movement to Europe involves jobs and education. This is not trivial a number even for a country like UK.

Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan

As per an article published in in December 2016, Sadiq Khan’s intentions were revealed.

“And another thing. Khan has vowed to “DEFY Brexit” by working on proposals for London-only work visas, not because he and the city’s business leaders believe this would help buttress its economy in the uncertain years ahead, but simply in order to “maintain the number of migrants entering London”. That was not the view of a social media crank but the Daily Express. The article crossed the Atlantic. On arrival at the website of the co-founder of something called the American Freedom Defense Initiative it was re-published beneath a headline in which the migrants it referred to were all Muslim, complete with a claim that Khan was eager to sustain their inflow because he has “close ties” to “jihadis, Islamic supremacists and Islamic Jew-haters”.

After Sadiq Khan turned London to Londonistan, People want him to Leave

Bats in the belfry. The suggestion that London’s mayor, who for years has been an energetic champion of interfaith understanding and at the forefront of urging his fellow British Muslims to follow his example by participating in mainstream politics, is engaged in a secret plan to fill the British capital with foreign jihadists is poisonous, imbecilic drivel. But as 2016 has taught us, ignorant fantasists, loudmouth bigots and dirty propagandists anywhere in the western world can no longer be just laughed at and dismissed.

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