Without Naming Pakistan, India US Vow to Fight Radical Islamic Terrorism: Howdy Modi

India and US resolved to Fight Radical Islamic Terrorism on Sunday 22-September 2019. In a Mega event Howdy Modi, US President Donald Trump joined Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the NRG stadium in Houston, Texas at the event titled, ‘Shared Dreams, Bright Futures’ organized by Texas India Forum. Over 50,000-strong American Indian community filled the stadium and cheered ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’ and “USA, USA, USA”.

In his speech at the “Howdy, Modi!” rally, President Donald Trump linked his concerns about security at the US-Mexico border with India’s security concerns about its border with Pakistan.

“Both India and US also understand that to keep our communities safe, we must protect our borders,” Trump said.

Trump also alluded to India’s concerns about terrorist threats from Pakistan Army supported and financed Pakistan-based Terrorist organizations in Kashmir.

In a warning to the countries supporting Terrorism, President Trump said, “Today we honor all of the brave American and Indian Military service members who work together to safeguard our freedom. We stand proudly in defense of liberty, and we are committed to protecting innocent civilians from Radical Islamic Terrorism.”

Howdy Modi – US President Donald Trump said, “We stand proudly in defense of liberty, and we are committed to protecting innocent civilians from Radical Islamic Terrorism.”

These were the 3 magical words of US President Donald Trump, “Radical Islamic Terrorism”, whole NRG Stadium in Texas was full of uproar, drawing loud applause from the 50,000-strong audience and a standing ovation from Modi and the Indian delegation sitting in front of the stage, including external affairs minister S. Jaishankar.

It is pertinent to mention that Indian neighbor Pakistan has used Terrorism and its proxies to wage a war India using its Terrorists and Proxies for decades. Thousands of innocent civilians including women and children have died as a result of Pakistan sponsored Terrorism. As soon as President Trump used these 3 magical words, there was a long uproar in the entire NRG stadium as President Trump had touched the most emotional chord in everyone present in the stadium.

There were over a Billion viewers worldwide watching the event. Everyone who had suffered at the hands of Terrorism felt optimistic that the New World Leaders will finish off the Terrorism and the countries sponsoring Terrorists once for all in their lifetime and make this whole world a better place to live.

This is in the background of the recent spurt in Terrorist activities by countries supporting Terrorism.

Recently, after the deadly attack in Afghanistan that killed a US soldier and Pakistan supported Taliban Terrorists accepted the responsibility of the attack, President Trump called off the Peace talks with Taliban Terrorists. President Donald Trump told reporters, “As far as I’m concerned, they are dead.”

President Trump had cancelled secret plans to host a Taliban delegation in the US after the Taliban Terrorist group admitted killing a US soldier.

We covered it in detail in our previous article Afghanistan Army Killed 1911 Pakistan Sponsored Taliban Terrorists In Last 14 Days

Also, recently in a Largest Drone attack on two Saudi Aramco Oil processing facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais provinces on Saturday sparked fires that the state oil company Aramco. There was a worldwide condemnation of the attack. We covered it in details in our previous article titled Largest Drone Attack Against Saudi Oil Facilities Of Aramco

In the backdrop of these recent terrorism, whole world is united against the threats of Islamic Radical Terrorism and the statement coming from the US President Donald Trump carries a great significance.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks about the Decisive war against Terrorism

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi pointed out Islamabad’s role in promoting terror in the region without naming the neighboring country.

During his speech at the NRG Stadium, Houston, lambasting Pakistan (without naming), Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi said, “Whatever India does in its own soil (Amendment of Indian Constitution for abrogation of article 370 of Indian Constitution), some people (Pakistan) have problems. These are same people who can’t govern their own country properly. These people have made hatred against India as a centre of their Politics. These are the people who want unrest. These are the same people who shield terrorism and nurture it. Whole world knows them very well.”

Howdy Modi – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks of a decisive war against Terrorism.

“These people have made hatred their main policy towards India,” Indian PM Modi said adding that “they are supporters of terrorism, nourish Terrorism and they are known to everyone.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed Pakistan and said time has come for a decisive battle against terrorism and those who encourage it without naming Pakistan. He asked the congregants to remember where the terrorists responsible for 26/11 and 9/11 attacks were found to be hiding.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked a gathering that had US president Trump sitting among the audience in the front row in a stinging attack on Pakistan (Without naming Pakistan) at Houston’s NRG Stadium, “Where do you find conspirators of 9/11 and 26/11 terror attacks? Time has come for a decisive battle against terrorism and those who encourage terrorism. I want to stress on the fact that in this fight, President Trump is standing firmly.”

Whole NRG stadium was filled with a great uproar and applauses. As per a person present at the congregation, “who would know the pain of losing someone close due to Terrorism from Pakistan than Indians. Our women were raped, many people killed, our houses and shops burnt, and we were forced to flee Kashmir because of the Pakistan supported Islamist Radicals and the Terrorists. We welcome this statement from both the great leaders. We bless them both and pray the almighty God to make them successful in their fight against the Islamic Radical Terrorism.”

Modi said Trump was standing against terrorism with “full strength” and called on the audience to give standing ovations to the US president and Indian parliamentarians for passing the changes in Jammu and Kashmir with a two-thirds majority.

Home Minister Amit Shah said, “Message to world is loud &clear that this new India will leave no stone unturned to keep our country safe & united. Thanks to PM Modi’s leadership, entire world today stands firmly with India in its decisive fight against the menace of terrorism.”

Indian Social Media Reaction

Social Media was also filled with great appreciation for President Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

One Twitter user said, “President Trump said he will wipe out Radical Islamist Terrorism from the face of the planet. He sent the right message to Pakistan. War against Terrorism Pakki. Indian and US will jointly hit the Terrorists and the Country supporting Terrorists. Terroristan should get ready for the banging.”

Major Gaurav Arya (Retd) tweeted, This is what a “HOUSE FULL” stadium looks like. All the “rent-a-Khalistani” protestors have been exposed as two-faced duplicitous mercenaries, just like their client General Qamar Javed Bajwa. #HowdyModi – 50,000 attendees inside the stadium. 10,000 outside, waiting to get in.”

India and US resolved to Fight Radical Islamic Terrorism: Tweet from Major Gaurav Arya (Retd)
India and US resolved to Fight Radical Islamic Terrorism: Tweet from Major Gaurav Arya (Retd)

Noted Indian Journalist Abhijeet Kar (Twitter handle @karabhijeet_kar) Tweeted, “Narendra Modi ji Keep it going Honorable PM Sir. Many Billions will stand with your resolve for the Nation Shall wait for the “Final Fight” against evil because that will happen sooner someday! Go ahead Sir for infinity! Jai Hind”

He further tweeted, “It’s been a Brilliant India winning 🇮🇳 Moment on a Super Sunday! #HowdyModi But, remain Vigilant! The enemy is immoral, dirty and wicked! We have to remain United with all our might!”

Abrogation of a temporary provision of Article 370 of Indian Constitution

Referring to the, Modi said that this provision was keeping Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh away from development.

Speaking about the amendment in the Indian Constitution and scrapping/abrogation of the temporary provision i.e. article 370 of the Indian constitution on 5-6 August, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Article 370 had deprived people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh of development. Terrorist and separatist elements were misusing the situation. Now after abrogation, people there have got equal rights.” PM Modi said that the Constitution that was for the rest of India was now also for Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi further said, “All the discrimination that women, children and Dalits were facing, has been ended by giving “farewell” to Article 370 which allowed terrorism and separatism to rear its head in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Indian PM Modi pointed out that the move to scrap the provision was debated in the upper and lower houses of parliament for hours and the debates involved were telecast live. He noted that the government did not have a majority in the upper house but both houses had passed the measures to abrogate article 370 with two thirds majority.

He asked the congregation to give standing ovation to Indian parliamentarians for repealing Article 370 through Parliamentary action. The crowd readily obliged chanting “Modi, Modi”.

We have covered about Abrogation/scrapping of the temporary provision of Article 370 of Indian constitution in our previous article, “Celebrations In Jammu & Kashmir, Protests In Pakistan As Article 370 Indian Constitution Abrogated

When asked about the significance and import of Modi and Trump attending the Houston event together, Indian foreign minister S Jaishankar last week told reporters: “My sense is, it is not just Pakistan, I think whole world will be watching the Houston event and take lessons about what Indian Americans have achieved, what India and the United States, the state of the relationship today, so I think there are multiple messages there and obviously it is for the Pakistanis to read what they wish to into it and I would say the same applies to other people in the world as well.”

“Today India is challenging the mindset of some people who believe that – nothing can change. Now we are aiming high and we are achieving higher,” said the PM

While saying that his government was not deferring the challenges but was taking them head on, he recited two lines from a poem he wrote. “Ye jo mushqilon ka ambaar hai, wahi to mere hoslon ki minaar hai,” the lines in Hindi when translated mean, “It is this heap of difficulty, which is the pillar of my fortitude.”

The audience of 50,000 is seen as the largest gathering for any foreign leader barring the Pope.

The significance of Modi’s message to Pakistan, given in public and with Trump in the audience, is a direct warning to Pakistan to refrain from sending Terrorists to India and stop interfering in Indian internal affairs.

Meeting of Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi with different groups in Houston.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met representatives of the Sikh community, Kashmiri Pandits and Bohra Muslims at Houston in Texas on Sunday morning as per India time.

In a politically significant gesture, the Indian Prime Minister also met a group of Kashmiri Pandits promising to “build a new Kashmir” which would be for everyone, and representatives of Bohra Muslim and Sikh communities.

“Kashmir mein naee hava bah rahee hai (new winds are blowing in Kashmir) and we will all build a new Kashmir together that will be for everyone,” he told the delegation.

The PM thanked the community for their patience for over 30 years. “I had a special interaction with Kashmiri Pandits in Houston,” Modi later tweeted. “In Houston, a delegation of the Kashmiri Pandit community met the Prime Minister. They unequivocally supported the steps being taken for the progress of India and empowerment of every Indian,” MEA Spokesperson tweeted.

The delegation of Kashmiri Pandits thanked the PM for scrapping of provisions of Article 370 and said that their 700,000 community members were ‘indebted’ to his government. The delegation also presented a memorandum to Modi, requesting him to set up a task force under the Indian home ministry to bring the community together, develop the region and repatriate Kashmiri Pandits.

The Kashmiri Pandits thanked Modi for diluting Article 370 and withdrawing the special status given to Jammu & Kashmir. Modi joined them in reciting a Sanskrit verse ‘Namaste Sharade Devi’.

“PM told us you’ve suffered a lot together we’ve to build new Kashmir,” ANI quoted one Surinder Kaul, representing the Kashmiris, as saying.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met representatives of the Sikh community. The atmosphere was filled with slogans of “Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal”. American Sikh community felicitated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Howdy Modi – Prime Minister Narendra Modi met representatives of the Sikh community.

The Sikh community submitted a memorandum to the PM on their long-standing demands including the genocide of the Sikhs in the 1984 Delhi riots, renewal of passports of asylees and issues pertaining to registration of Sikh marriages under the Anand Marriage Act and not the Hindu Marriage Act.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi met representatives of the Sikh community.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi met representatives of the Sikh community.

“We submitted a memorandum and thanked Modi ji for what he has done for Sikh community. We thanked him for Kartarpur corridor. President Trump is coming here tomorrow (at Howdy Modi), shows how important a leader PM Modi is,” an ANI tweet said quoting Avinder Chawla, sitting Commissioner, Arvin, California.

Howdy Modi – 50000 American Indian Community at NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas
Howdy Modi – 50000 American Indian Community at NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas

Members of the Dawoodi Bohra community felicitated Indian PM Modi by gifting a shawl and interacted with him. They recalled his visit to Indore last year to attend a programme of their community. They also highlighted his association with Dawoodi Bohra leader Syedna Sahib.

Howdy Modi – Members of the Dawoodi Bohra community felicitated Indian PM Modi

PMO India had earlier tweeted, “The Dawoodi Bohra community felicitates PM @narendramodi in Houston. They recall PM Modi’s visit to Indore last year to attend a programme of their community as well as highlight PM Modi’s association with Syedna Sahib.”

India and US Vow to Fight Radical Islamic Terrorism at Howdy Modi rally: A Tweet from a Twitter user
India and US Vow to Fight Radical Islamic Terrorism at Howdy Modi rally: A Tweet from a Twitter user

A twitter user tweeted, “Kashmiri Pandits in Orange, are seated right behind Indian Muslims in white and Green. Together, we represent the Indian Flag. This is Naya Hindustan as Modi has been talking. #HowdyModi”

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