Bankrupt Pakistan hires Propaganda lawyers in Middle East

Bankrupt FATF Grey Listed Pakistan hires Propaganda lawyers in Middle East to poke India. Vicious propaganda by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI, Indian opposition parties, Anti-India journalists and Radicals flooded these lawyers with anti-Muslim videos that suited their narrative.

These lawyers also joined the rally as cheap trolls and posting years old pictures and material and labeling the largest Social Service Organization in India, RSS responsible for every ill to the Muslims in India. They ignored the fact that none of the incidents they were flooded with had anything to do with RSS.

Bankrupt Pakistan hires Propaganda lawyers in Middle East
Bankrupt Pakistan hires Propaganda lawyers in Middle East
Bankrupt Pakistan hires Propaganda lawyers in Middle East
Bankrupt Pakistan hires Propaganda lawyers in Middle East

Two years after Modi came to power, Pakistan understood that it’s game is up. In a report commissioned by Pakistani Senate named “Policy Guidelines in view of the Latest Situation Developing between India and Pakistan” , one of the prominent points highlighted was to use the internal fault lines inside India.

  1. Comprehensive outreach to those segments of Indian public opinion which are opposed to Modi’s extremism and his anti-Pakistan policies including political parties, media, civil society organisations and human rights groups.

Specifically, it talks about joining hands with anyone and everyone opposing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and by default, Modi’s alleged extremism clearly meaning alleged Hindu resurgence.

A few years later, Imran Khan the next Prime Minister of Pakistan said in his bloodbath rant in UNO clearly mentioned that any perceived insult to Islam will be retaliated with blood.

It looks as if Pakistan’s opportunity came through Tablighi Jamaat’s Delhi event as a COVID-18 super spreader, that came as a god sent to the ecosystem, while hate politics have been forced into a back seat.

In fact, even during the CAA protests the Indian Muslims were used fully to further the agenda of hate of certain elements. However it didn’t work out as expected.

It turned out that Tablighi Jamaat became the main spreader in India with some states like Tamil Nadu attributing almost 90% of cases to the Tabligh event. This, directly threatening the life of an ordinary citizen, with governments preferring political correctness over ground realities made many Indians vent their frustration over the state of affairs.

This was the opportunity everyone was waiting for. A sudden spurt in number of complaints filed with countries of Muslim Countries for “Hurting Muslim sentiments” were filed by Muslims from everywhere taking it to the level of epidemic proportions.

It is a matter of time Hindus retaliate – a prominent anti-Hindu handle which actually pioneered such act of using rules of Islamic countries against Hindus, Arun Nambiar is sacked from his job, and another handle which goes by the name @brumbyoz which almost spearheaded the current round of complaints has shut down his public accounts and has gone incommunicado. There are rumours, though, that this handle is doxxed by one of his close associates who fought with him recently.

It is important to note that, due to the activities of Turkey, Tabligh, ISIS and Islamic Terror, Iran and European migrants, Islam is already on the backfoot. The Muslim community from the Gulf countries has latched upon it, adding weight to the cases filed. In fact, there are cases noted where people are goaded to criticize against Islam and use it to complain. A princess of UAE has added her weight and some prominent locals. We covered it in details in our previous article titled Game Of Malicious Prosecution Begins – Who Will Lose?

Now, if using the word Muslim by a non Muslim can be twisted as anti-Islamic, we would really want to understand what punishment will be given to the Ruler of UAE who permitted construction of a Hindu temple in his country – an act which hurt the sentiments of every Muslim in countries like Pakistan.

Such normalization of hatred and rationalization of atrocities has led to another round gruesome murders where a 70 year old Hindu monk, his 35 years old Hindu companion and their driver were lynched in full view of the police.

Another pertinent question to be asked is, how did it happen that a single vehicle containing three people was waylaid by a mob of hundreds that too in a time when there was a complete lock down in India?

Another rhetorical question is that, Tajikistan has banned Tabligh. Will it hurt the sentiments of Muslims if Tablighis from Tajikistan are called as terrorists? Tablighi Jamaat is also Banned in Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia would have commented on Tablighi Jamaat, would it be anti-Islam?

Whole world is angry with Radical Islamic Terrorism. Islamic leaders were looking for an image makeover. In reality all the Terrorism worldwide is funded by a couple of countries in the Gulf along with Pakistan. There are two ways Islam image can be changed. One is to spend a lot of money and do a lot of social service in a lot of countries for all religions, that would develop love, acceptance for Islam. Second way is to look for a scapegoat and divert world attention to the scapegoat so that the world can forget about the Radical Islamist Terrorism emanated, financed and supported by a few countries. The first option was very expensive.

Bankrupt Pakistan hires Propaganda Lawyers in Gulf Countries to poke India.
Bankrupt Pakistan hires Propaganda Lawyers in Gulf Countries to poke India.

In Chinese Virus Pandemic, when world Oil demand has fallen, Oil prices dropping, spending on social service and communal harmony is ruled out. Further the radical Islamist ideology teaches radicals to have no mercy on non-Muslims. Hence the first option was out right ruled out.

So to put all their dirt under the carpet, and bring a scapegoat, the idea was proposed by Pakistan. They hired Propaganda experts, Advocates who had contacts in Royal families in most Gulf countries and who could influence their policy decisions. They bought the idea of Hindu-Terrorism sold by Pakistan and made India, Hindus as scapegoat.

As a clear proof that this is a targeted Hindu hatred, the lynch mob has fallen upon an Indian Member of Parliament (MP) just because he is a Hindu and not the person who originally posted that, Tarek Fatah.

It is but obvious that there are both useful idiots like Zafar Sureshwala and people sensing this as an opportunity to take down another Hindu.

2 Hindu sages and their Hindu driver were lynched by a huge mob outside Gandchinchle village in an Indian state of Maharashtra.

It is natural that any fallout of this attack will also be used as hurting Muslim sentiments. How will this vicious cycle end, when every opportunity is used to provoke Hindus, even if it means breaking law and even murdering people?

Another pertinent question to be asked is, how did it happen that a single vehicle containing three people was waylaid by a mob of hundreds, that too in a time when there is a complete lock down in India?

It is worth noticing that the Chief Minister of the state used the word ‘attack’ even though it’s an ambush leading to lynching just to tone down the intensity of the crime and the backlash.

It pains one to see doctors and police attacked by Muslim mobs frequently when they visit Muslim areas to check upon them for their safety.

The question again, is, will a Kuwaiti or a person from Dubai stay silent when their king is cussed in public, their police and doctors thrashed on roads? What if it happens that Non-Muslims are attacking the doctors and police on the roads? Will Kuwaiti and UAE citizens not react? Why instead of calling the reaction of Indians as Islamophobia, they appealed to Radical Muslims in India to not throw stones on Police and Medical workers?

It is curious to note, people who never spoke about India all their life are searching for old tweets which are relevant to their agenda, clearly hinting that there is someone who is running the show for them.

What explains this sudden rise of hatred against India exactly when India is sending aid to these countries? Who is provoking them to provoke India to stop aid to their countries?

Points to Ponder

What is the official stand of the rulers of the countries of these respective hired lawyers that are hired to run the propaganda by bankrupt, FATF Grey Listed Terrorist Sponsor nation, that committed Genocide of Millions of Baloch, Sindhis, Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Ahamadiya Muslims? Will the propagandist lawyers for a few dollars, put at stake the relationship India and Gulf countries had, partnership they had for decades?

If the stand of the rulers in Gulf countries is the same as that of these hired guns of Pakistan, does that mean that these countries are preferring a world renowned sponsor of Terrorism and Killer of Millions of Baloch, Sindhis, Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Ahamadiya Muslims as an ally over India? Why? Only because Pakistan is an Islamic nation and controlling the Gulf Policy affairs?

Either the rulers of these respective countries take a stance or reign in on these bad mouth, sold out Layers that will not only ruin the relationship between their countries and India, but also will create a wider gap between Hindus and Muslims in already volatile communal situation in India.

How long will it take for Indian Government to wakeup to the reality that they have a sworn enemy sitting next door that has sworn to bleed India with 1000 cuts? When will India support Freedom of Balochistan, Sindh, Pashtunistan? Will there be a repeat of 1971 anytime sooner when Indian Army help liberate Balochistan, Sindhu Mahadesh and Pashtunistan?

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