There is a spurt in the number of Fake Pakistani Twitter handles posing as Arabs. One Twitter handle @kahlownyasin with a profile picture of an Arab Sheikh posting Anti Hindu posts on Twitter went viral.

Fake Pakistani Twitter handles Posing as Arabs
Fake Pakistani Twitter handles Posing as Arabs

There was a meeting on Monday between Pakistan President Dr Arif Alvi, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) chief Lt Gen Faiz Hameed. As per our sources, Imran Khan and ISI Chief Faiz Hameed updated about the success of their plans and propaganda in Gulf against India on Islamophobia and against RSS (the largest social service organization in India), by hiring a few Propaganda Lawyers and a few Fake Pakistani IDs disguised as Arabs.

Fake Pakistani Twitter handles Posing as Arabs: Meeting between Imran Khan and ISI Chief discussing the success of their campaign in Gulf against India by hiring a few Propaganda Lawyers and a few Fake Pakistani IDs disguised as Arabs
Fake Pakistani Twitter handles Posing as Arabs: Meeting between Imran Khan and ISI Chief discussing the success of their campaign in Gulf against India by hiring a few Propaganda Lawyers and a few Fake Pakistani IDs disguised as Arabs

Social Media enthusiasts after a little research were able to identify the true identity of @kahlownyasin. He is a Pakistani from Faislabad who works at Al Hamdaan Group. He is not any Sheikh or holds any power.

Profile of Yasin Kahlown
Profile of Yasin Kahlown

He tried to change his handle name to @freelancer7711 however he was identified by social media warriors.

His sole purpose was to spread hate in the Arab world against Hindus in India and fuel such hatred to such an extent that the Arab countries expel Hindus working in the Gulf Countries.

Searching on his tweet history, at one point of time he had posed as a Turk and posted tweets of friendship betweetn Turkey and Pakistan.

Erdogan from Turkey with Pakistanis
Erdogan from Turkey with Pakistanis

He even posted some tweets in the past in Turkish language

Fake Pakistani Twitter handles Posing as Arabs: Tweet of Yasin Kahlown in Turkish language.
Fake Pakistani Twitter handles Posing as Arabs: Tweet of Yasin Kahlown in Turkish language.

He also tried to change his display picture multiple times posing as MBS with location in twitter set as Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa with location on his profile set to Bahrain.

One of the social media warrior shared the ISIS plan to target all Hindus working in the Gulf countries.

Social Media users sending a word of caution.

Not only the Pakistanis, even some of the Indian Muslims also joined in the spree to spread hate between Arabs of Gulf and Hindus of India.

An Indian Muslim with Twitter handle @0Selfless put on the profile picture of @TamimBinHamad and started spreading hate against Hindus in the Arab world by posting hateful content, posing as an Arab. His whole Tweet history since Aug 11, 2019 contains only the poetry in Hindi or Urdu (either he wrote or copied from elsewhere, it cannot be verified). Many Right Wing Hindus also follow the handle for his poetry.

However since yesterday suddenly the hateful content started pouring in.

Another Fake Pakistani Twitter handle posing as an Arab Princes H.H. Mona bint Fahd al Said with Twitter handle @SayyidaMona.

Another Twitter handle complaining about Hindus working in Gulf is @Asmapraveen77.

It is a known fact that the largest Single source for spreading Chinese Infection Virus in India is Tablighi Jamaat. India has to extend the lock down period. We covered it extensively in our previous article Panic Grips Tablighi Jamaat Ijtema: Maulana Saad On The Run . Is calling a spade a spade a crime? Now these Indian Muslims are also complaining Hindus working in Gulf Nations only because they called a spade a spade? Does Tablighi Jamaat represent whole Islam? Pakistan is also cracking on Tablighi Jamaat. Malaysia and other countries are also cracking on Tablighi Jamaat. Then should all of them be deported and case of blasphemy be filed against all of them?

Many Twitter users have tagged local police twitter handles for immediate action to nab the criminals. It needs to be investigated by the Police authorities if someone has hacked the twitter handle of a Poet or has the poet himself turned into spreading hate. In the past Pakistani hackers have hacked many Twitter handles of Indian nationalists and used the same handles for spreading hate between Hindus and Muslims.

Social Media users tagged Ministry of Interior, Bahrain also for action.

One of the Twitter user who is also a social worker shared the email he sent to Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia complaining about Yasin trying to disturb the peace and harmony between Hindus living in the Kingdom and Saudis in Saudi Arabia.

Here is the screenshot he shared.

Even the Indian Muslims and Leftists are also reporting against Hindus working in Gulf Countries. What business Indian Muslims or Pakistani Muslims have with Hindus working in Gulf countries while the Indian or Pakistani Muslims are not living in Gulf countries. How does it disturb their peace? Is it sheer jealousy or is it hatred for Hindus that they want Hindus to lose their jobs and be deported from Gulf nations? Did they check their profiles how hate filled is their tweet or social media history? What if there is a counter complaint on them for hateful content against Hindus and India?

Here is one such example. This Muslim named Zaigham Murtaza who calls himself a Journalist with his location New Delhi is sending a lot of complaints to Gulf Authorities against Hindus working in Gulf. He used to work for RSTV and was thrown out because of his extremist views. One of the social media users exposed him

When looking at his tweet history, you can see the hate for Hindus.

Would Cyber Crime branch or Delhi Police register complaint against him and do the needful?

Similarly we learnt about Mazhar Farooqui a Gulf based Journalist who recently married his daughter to son of a Retired IG, CRPF in a grand wedding at Lucknow. He is at forefront of getting Hindus removed from the jobs in Gulf by complaining to their employers on different charges.

Social Media users explored his own tweet history that shows how hateful he is against Hindus. His continuous use of “eating cow dung”, “smoking cow dung”, “drinking gaumutra (Cow Urine)”

More and more Social Media users are coming forward and sending emails to the police and Ministry of Interior of all gulf countries against people posting hateful content against Hindus and India. As we mentioned in our previous article titled Game Of Malicious Prosecution Begins – Who Will Lose?

We spoke with an Indian Advocate who on the conditions of anonymity said that this is a big problem. But once Nationalist lawyers form small teams, we will make sure that those posting hate against Religion and India on Social Media will not Only be prosecuted in India, but we will collaborate with HR of all US and European Multinationals and will make sure Action is taken against them besides filing legal complaints in respective countries. He said that research work has already started and you will start hearing on Social media how many people lost their jobs.

He further said that in this game of Malicious Prosecution, the worst sufferers will be Pakistanis. He elaborated on it. He said 99% of Hindu Indians working abroad are Secular and respect the law of the land they work in. However, Pakistanis are the worst offenders. No matter whichever country they live in, they will not end religious hatred against Christians and Hindus.

He said let Pakistanis decide if they want to play this game of Malicious Prosecution. Patriots worldwide are ready to take on all the radicals from the work spaces. He said already Pakistanis and Radicals have maligned a good religion like Islam and made it a religion of hatred by propagating different forms of Jihad in every non-Muslim country. Hence none of the Multinationals in any country will bear that they hire Radical extremists that support negative form of Jihad and post Anti religious hateful messages against other religions on the social media. All MNCs have very strict social Media policies.

He further said that the action will not only be limited to US, Europe, South Asian countries, but also in the Gulf.

He said Gulf has one of the strictest rules against posting content that contains any form of religious hatred. It applies equally to Pakistanis posting content online against Christians, Hindus.

We had a discussion with lawyers in Gulf countries. One of them (on condition of anonymity said that they have agreed to help Indians with legal formalities to take on anyone irrespective of religion, whoever posts Hateful comments or content against the other religions. He said, “Gulf Countries want to send out a message to the world that we are very tolerant towards all other religions besides Islam in Gulf Countries. We will not let anyone take benefit, just for the reason that they are an Islamic nation. We will take action against everyone using our land to spread hate against other religions. This Chinese Virus Pandemic has taught us that whole world is one family and we have to coexist with others religions. He said we want to send out a message that we are very tolerant modern society and will take action against anyone spreading hate on religious ground.”

In an article published in Gulf News titled UAE: Up to Dh1m fine, 5 years in jail for religious intolerance Any act that insults the divine entity, any religion, Prophet, messenger, divine book or house of worship will be considered contempt of religion and the offender will be jailed for five years and penalised up to Dh1 million, the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department has stated.

Ameena Al Mazrouei, Social Responsibility Specialist at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, said, “We stand against the differentiation of people based on their caste, creed and colour, and the offender will be jailed for five years and penalised up to Dh1 million as per the rules of the country.”

“We respect all human beings and ensure they get fair services and justice. Whoever they are, irrespective of their religion, nationality, background or culture, they are treated equally here in the UAE. Everyone gets justice equally,” she said.

As per Federal Law No (2) of 2015 pertaining to Discrimination and Hate, Article (4) penalises the offender with fines ranging from Dh250,000 to Dh1 million and five years jail.

The law pertains to, “Offending any religion or any of its sacred things, disrupting or preventing religious observances or ceremonies by violence, distorting in any way, any of the holy books, destroying or desecrating the sanctity of places of worship, graves, appurtenances or any of their contents.”

Al Mazrouei said the law comes down heavily against anyone who insults a religion, desecrates it or vandalises a house of worship, whether it is a mosque, temple, synagogue, church or gurdwara.

Peaceful coexistence

The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department held an exhibition “Following the Steps of Zayed – Justice and Tolerance”. In an earlier exhibition, the ADJD displayed a series of efforts of the department to spread the message of peaceful coexistence, communal harmony, religious tolerance and respect to all faiths among community members.

She said, “If people are talking on social media sites, they are not allowed to disrespect any religion, faith or God. In case there is a breach, offenders will be charged under contempt of religion laws and will be penalized.”

“We are also focusing on social media because nowadays, many people text messages at will and don’t realize that they may be hurting the feelings or beliefs of some others,” Al Mazrouei said.

People from different backgrounds think they can say anything online and nobody would recognize them. They must understand that they have freedom but it ends if it hurts someone, she added.

We are sharing the email addresses of the Gulf Authorities for our readers. You can draft simple emails and attach screenshots of any hateful content and email to the police department of the respective countries where the violater resides. If you can do a little research and find his whereabouts or company he works in, post all the details in the email and send it to the gulf authorities for necessary action.

Following are the awards Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been awarded in different Islamic Countries by the Kings of the respective Gulf Kingdoms and the Presidents of the nations.

  1. The King Hamad Order of the Renaissance, Bahrain – August 2019
  2. Order of Zayed, UAE’s highest civilian award – August 2019
  3. Grand Collar of the State of Palestine – February 2018
  4. Amir Amanullah Khan Award, Afghanistan – June 2016
  5. King Abdulaziz Sash Award, Saudi Arabia – April 2016
  6. Rule of Nishan Izzuddeen, Maldives – June 2019

All the above awards were awarded to Indian Prime Minister because of the tireless work done by Indian Prime Minister. However since last few days suddenly as soon as Pakistan Intelligence Agency hired a few propaganda lawyers in gulf countries to spread hate propaganda against India, twitter got flooded with selective hate content in order to malign and disturb the cordial relations Arabs enjoy with Indian Hindus. Infect Indian Hindus and Christians are at the high positions at most of the big companies in Gulf Nations. Whereas Pakistanis handle low blue collar jobs.

As per a source from the Gulf nations, the rulers of Gulf nations are disturbed by the hate campaign launched against Hindus in India and frequent complaints against Hindus in the gulf nations. Indian Hindus who have helped build wealth for the Gulf nations are facing tough times because of these Pakistani Fake handles and Pakistani troll army.

In one instance one of the Indian Hindu had mentioned that a couple of Muslim females have made a fake profile in his name and sent the screenshots to the Gulf authorities under the charges of Blasphemy. The Social media user had tagged Indian Foreign Minister Dr S Jaikrishan and Ministry of External affairs along with the Home Ministry to take action against the criminals. He has written in his message that in case he loses his job in Gulf in the MNC, as a protest, he will commit suicide along with his family members and the blame would squarely fall on these two females who made his fake profile and tried to dox him.

Will Cyber Crime Cell of the police take necessary action against the owners of the twitter handle @LaywersInBaking and @bombaimallu?

George Soros funding

George Soros recently declared that he will spend billions of US DOLLARS to fight Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi & the US President Donald Trump. His first target is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is part of BJP & is a nationalist govt. India under Narendra Modi is rising steeply eclipsing major economies like UK & France, Eclipsing Japan in steel making. India is marching ahead slowly becoming a market leader. So Soros used the Tried & tested weapon “Islamophobia” to target Hindu majority India.

Islamophobia and Racism are weapons manufactured by Liberals & Leftists in Europe to send millions of young male Muslims as refugees to European countries and to help Islamists spread their ideology & demolish any resistance with the Jibe that “Muslims are ill treated “. In India / world Islamophobia and Racism are now being used to demolish all resistance to Soros plan. Indian Opposition Congress Party, Leftists, Anti-National Media and other leftist/Socialist Parties are using the terms Islamophobia and Racism Extensively.

We should remind our readers that Islamophobia was used in UK to silence the voices of thousands of Parents whose young daughters between 8-12 were raped by Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs. If the Parents raise their voice and point any fingers on Pakistanis, they are booked under law of Islamophobia and Racism. Many young girls of 8-12 years are raped regularly under the threat that their parents or other family members can be jailed for Islamophobia and Racism. Read our previous article Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs In UK Raped Thousands Of Girls 8-12 Year Old

Also read the article Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs – British Girls’ Honour Doesn’t Matter

Impact of this Hindu Phobia spread by Pakistanis and a few Indians

In some Arab quarters the message is going viral to ban Beef import from India during this Ramdan.

For Hindus it would not make any difference. This beef boycott will be taken with great happiness by Hindus. But imagine lakhs of Muslim workers working in these export companies? It is not the owner who suffers. Owners can switch to other products or other countries or can start other new businesses. It is the labour who suffers. Once the business is lost, Gulf countries will not see if the Hindus are facing loses or are the Muslims suffering.

Points to Ponder

There are thousands of handles posting hateful content in replies to the Pakistani Hired propaganda lawyers in Gulf. What if group of Nationalist Indians take all of these hateful handles and scan their Social Media profiles and lodge complaints with Police also send complaints to their employers? Will it not lead to more hatred between already volatile communal situation in India? Does Indians want peace or do they want perpetual hatred? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As the Newtons law said, if Muslims try to cause pain to Hindus, if Hindus react and return favors in the same plate, who will suffer? Why do not people understand that either a Hindu loses the job or a Muslim loses the job, ultimately it is their families and India as a whole that suffers.

Who is creating Hindu Phobia in Gulf Countries? It is Pakistanis and a few Indians. Indians including Muslims need to wake up. It is their own brothers who will suffer ultimately. Pakistanis will be happy as they impacted India’s revenue. But who was actually impacted? It is lakhs of Muslims who work in these Beef and other export houses and feed their families. If one day Indian Muslims do a soul searching, they will realize how they fell prey to the Propaganda by Pakistan and Leftists to bleed India. They were used as tools to revenge against India. Muslims need to realize it is ultimately they need to live along with Hindus in the same country.

Pakistanis want India to suffer and they will want to complaint against Indians working in Gulf countries. Today Pakistanis are complaining against Hindus from India working in Gulf countries, tomorrow it can be against Muslims from India working in Gulf Countries. Today if Indian Muslims side with Pakistani Muslims and complain against Hindus, tomorrow it can be their turn as well. The hatred this game of malicious prosecution will create that none of the Hindu Businessmen will want to employ any Muslim employees and there could be a complete social boycott between religions.

India is a country of multiple religions and diverse cultures. Multiple Religions and Diverse cultures are infact the strength of India. Indians should not dox each other. Social Media Warriors should come forward and identify such people who dox others and file complaints with police irrespective of the religion.

Also our question to the Rulers of Gulf Kingdoms. Would the Rulers allow a few handful of paid propaganda lawyers who are hired by Pakistan Intelligence Agency and Pakistanis to use the Gulf Kingdoms to spread hate against Hindus and India? Will Gulf Police authorities crack down on Pakistanis and Indian Radicals living in Gulf who are themselves posting hateful content on Social Media against Hindus? Will Gulf Kingdoms setup a special department to look into the complaints coming from Hindus against Pakistanis and other Radicals living in Gulf Nations that are hateful against Hindus? Will Indian External Affairs Ministry work with Gulf Nations to setup a grievance redressal forum to effectively take action against Pakistanis and Indian Radicals spreading hate against Hindus and India?

In case Pakistanis intend to masquerade around posing as Arabs, they need to use proper English as Arabs do not speak Urdu!!!

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