USCIRF Report Receives The Flak: Attempt To Derail US-India Relations

USCIRF report receives the flak from all over the Social Media over its biased coverage of India. India that is a sovereign country and has come as a life saver at a call given by US President Donald Trump during the present Chinese Virus Pandemic, was targeted maliciously in the USCIRF report.

General consensus was that there are vested interests in the US who do not want US-India relations to strengthen, post China exit. In fact many are opinion that it is the Chinese Money at play that wants to keep US away from India and trapped in Chinese manufacturing and supply lines web.

USCIRF Report Receives The Flak: Attempt To Derail US-India Relations
USCIRF Report Receives The Flak: Attempt To Derail US-India Relations

Every country expects that it’s relationship with a different country is much more than a personal equation between the heads of state. India is no different, USA is no different. Neither of the countries would want the relationship between both the countries to be based on the personal rapport which exists between Narendra Modi and Donald Trump but on a solid foreign and domestic policies which will not change even after Modi and Trump exit the scene after a decade or two.

Clearly, we see that the relationship is moving in the correct direction – India relaxing norms to send medical aid to USA and USA reciprocating it in its own fashion. In fact, both the countries have benefitted out of this. It is no surprise that the world which is angry at China, is trying to move it’s investments out of China into a better market and India is seen as a hot destination for almost everyone.

But, things are not as smooth as one wants it to be. Whether this is hatred towards Trump or hatred towards India, the fact is that some entity or the other always did something to poke at India and hope a reaction from India which can be used to polarize the domestic opinion against Donald Trump. Nothing can be a better example than the Democrat sponsored hearing on Kashmir which didn’t even get support from inside USA itself. Read our previous article Fake Pakistani Propaganda Exposed In An Open Letter To US Congressmen Before Kashmir Hearing

India retaliated in kind when India’s Foreign Minister refused appointment to the errant Senator. Read related article: Pramila Jayapal-Ilhan Omar-Rashida Tlaib irritant in Indo-US ties

Though such acts are treated as fringe activity with no meaningful consequence, such things pop up every now and then. For instance, the USCIRF annual report on International Religious Freedom states that, “On the other hand, India took a sharp downward turn in 2019. The national government used its strengthened parliamentary majority to institute national-level policies violating religious freedom across India, especially for Muslims. Most notably, it enacted the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, which provides a fast track to Indian citizenship for non-Muslim migrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan already residing in India. According to government officials’ statements, this law is meant to provide protection for listed non-Muslim religious communities—but not for Muslims—against exclusion from a nationwide National Register of Citizens and the resulting detention, deportation, and potential statelessness. The national and various state governments also allowed nationwide campaigns of harassment and violence against religious minorities to continue with impunity, and engaged in and tolerated hate speech and incitement to violence against them. Based on these developments, in this report USCIRF recommends CPC designation for India.”

The report added India to the list of “Countries of Particular Concern” clubbing India with Burma, China, Eritrea, Iran, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Vietnam.

The agenda and biased treatment of the report is clearly visible in the key findings section.

This section is confused at best and a diatribe at the worst and logically bankrupt all the while.

No numbers are presented to establish the presupposition that “religious minorities under increasing assault” after BJP came to power in May 2019. But, statements like “The national government allowed violence against minorities and their houses of worship to continue with impunity, and also engaged in and tolerated hate speech and incitement to violence.”, “Throughout 2019, government action—including the CAA, continued enforcement of cow slaughter and anti-conversion laws, and the November Supreme Court ruling on the Babri Masjid site—created a culture of impunity for nationwide campaigns of harassment and violence against religious minorities.” are abundant in the section.

Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) is referred to but in conjunction with the words “National Population Register (NPR) as a first step toward a nation-wide National Register of Citizens (NRC)”. It really makes one wonder how one can write over topics without knowing even the basics of the topic. A few facts over this.

a. This is not the first time India enacted CAA.

b. The current CAA is applicable only to the minorities of certain countries which faced religious persecution and are already in India. It really doesn’t make sense as to how a Muslim fled religious persecution in Pakistan and applied for asylum in India. Read our previous Article What Is Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019? Why Was It Required? Why Are Jihadist/Western Pseudo-Intellectuals Opposing It?

c. NPR is the nationwide census activity which happens every ten years in India. When Indian government has not announced an NRC, it makes one wonder why reference to NRC came into the report of a global entity of some standing. The reference to NRC is more than enough to discount the report completely – this is as good as imposing sanctions on Lesotho just because “you believe” Lesotho will illegally acquire nuclear weapons in a few decades. The language itself means that it is a script copied from the Pakistani script writer who are bent on spreading their propaganda to spread hate and incite riots in India by creating fear/scare among Muslims on NRC which the government itself has said is not coming. Report is nothing but a piece of crap that is spread by Anti-India forces who do not want peace in India.

The NRC of Assam is a consequence of illegal infiltration of people from the neighboring country. It is as good as American Government declaring ejection of Mexicans who illegally crossed the border into USA. It makes one wonder why Trump Government’s decision to eject the Mexicans is not looked upon as persecution of Christians by American Government. To have a perspective of numbers, Indian Government has declared that there are at least 20 million Bangladeshis illegally staying in India, which is equivalent to the total population of Venezuela or one sixth of the population of Mexico. It makes one wonder why correction of illegal immigration is looked upon as religious persecution, that too, when India surrendered a territory equivalent to the area of Nevada or Colorado. Read a related article

Read more at: Two crore Bangladeshi immigrants illegally staying in India, Centre informs Rajya Sabha

While the report mentions that “Troubled that Hindus were excluded from Assam’s NRC, he and other BJP officials advocated for the CAA as a corrective measure to protect Hindus.”, it is educative to note that CAA was an election promise made by BJP many a time. Even in 2014, BJP declared “Address the issue of infiltration and illegal immigrants in the North-East on priority basis.” as an election promise. It makes one wonder how something which is already planned for years has become a knee-jerk reaction to Hindus who failed Assam’s NRC.

While the report mentions that “The CAA’s passage in December sparked nationwide protests that police and government-aligned groups met with violence; in Uttar Pradesh (UP), the BJP chief minister Yogi Adityanath pledged “revenge” against anti-CAA protestors and stated they should be fed “bullets not biryani.” In December, close to 25 people died in attacks against protesters and universities in UP alone. According to reports, police action specifically targeted Muslims.”, the report refuses to mention a conspiracy of sedition against Indian state, thereby highlighting it’s bias. The report doesn’t mention the war waged against India by hiding the fact that even intelligence officers were captured and executed by anti-national elements. Read our previous article Leftist Liberals & Jihadists Planning Disruption During Trump Visit To India

Check a related article : Deep conspiracy behind Delhi riots, those guilty won’t be spared: Amit Shah

Moreover, US has a similar law called Lautenberg Amendment, that gave fast track refugee status and eventually citizenship to a set of minorities from three countries. Read more: CAA has corollary in US’ Lautenberg Amendment

Also read the article : Statistics show that Trump’s “travel ban” was always a Muslim ban

Since US also has a similar law in force and US also has similar immigration policies, should USCIRF consider US also as CPC? Since Democrats are in opposition, they can call Trump administration by any names. No hard feelings India!!

In spite of the fact that US Government declared Kashmir as an internal issue in India, it makes one wonder why the report mentioned “In August, the government also revoked the autonomy of Muslim-majority state Jammu and Kashmir and imposed restrictions that negatively impacted religious freedom.” Read our previous article Celebrations In Jammu & Kashmir, Protests In Pakistan As Article 370 Indian Constitution Abrogated

The report goes on like this, with innuendos after innuendos making one wonder if this report is really made by an institute of some repute. In two words, the report lacks quality and substantiation, it hides crimes committed by other communities like the recent lynching of two Hindu saints, the selective targetting of Hindus by Indian Muslims in Arab countries, the known role of Pakistan in polarizing Indian Muslims against Hindus etc and shows open hatred towards the current ruling dispensation. The question which should be asked is why.

In no time, the bias towards India in the report was questioned.

A prominent Member of Indian Parliament minced no words when she said “USCIRF outsourced report on India to a Brit Iqtidar Cheema of Paki origin sounds more like a lobbyist of Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI. 2018 Tony Perkins as a commissioner known for ”hateful stances against non-Christians, far-right Christian views, anti-LGBT, relationship with Ku Klux Klan.CREDIBILITY?”

India, as usual, ripped it apart, by questioning the competency of the panel.

It should be noted that Anurima Bhargava who voted against India was appointed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi whereas Sharon Kleinbaum and Gayle Manchin were appointed by Charles Schumer who is a Democrat and had advocated balanced relationship with Pakistan despite the fact that Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan.

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says that everyone in the United States has the right to practice his or her own religion, or no religion at all.  Ironically, some of the Members of commission are themselves belonging to the groups who are involved in Mass conversion of poor Hindus to Christianity. Indian Government’s crackdown on funding of evangelists and NGOs laundering Money and using it for conversion activities has irked some of the commission members.

Contrary to what the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution says, USCIRF supports organized religion at the cost of Individual rights. Why does USCIRF concerned with mass conversion of Hindus to Islam or Christianity? If India has anti-conversion laws to prevent imbalance and demographic changes, why is USCIRF concerned?

USCIRF’s double standard could be further seen in its treatment of Christian and non-Christian countries on VISA and foreign funding matters.

It should be noted that 2 of the 3 dissenting members Gary L. Bauer and Johnnie Moore were appointed by the US President Donald Trump.

Tony Perkins, Chairperson, though he is a Republican, his also a president of Family Research Council, that is a extreme Right Protestant Christian activist group with stated mission “to advance faith, family and freedom in public policy and the culture from a Christian worldview”

Gayle Manchin is a Politician who has been noted for her corruption. There is a long list of corruption allegations against the family.

In fact, the dissent notes in the report themselves are worth reading.

Dissent Notes – Gary L Bauer

“I must dissent from the decision of my fellow Commissioners to recommend India, the world’s largest democracy, for designation as a “country of particular concern,” or CPC, placing India in a gallery of rogue nations in which it does not belong. The trend line on religious freedom in India is not reassuring. But India is not the equivalent of communist China, which wages war on all faiths; nor of North Korea, a prison masquerading as a country; nor of Iran, whose Islamic extremist leaders regularly threaten to unleash a second Holocaust. India is our ally. A young democracy, it only gained its sovereign freedom in 1947. I hope and pray India’s leaders will resist the impulse to punish or restrict any of their citizens based on faith. The United States should raise our concern over restrictions on religious liberty in all bilateral communications and negotiations with India, as allies do. I am deeply concerned that this public denunciation risks exactly the opposite outcome than the one we all desire.”

Dissent Notes – Tenzin Dorjee

“I want to express my concerns about the CAA, as all persecuted religious minorities deserve the same treatment. I also dissent from the recommendation that India should be designated as a “country of particular concern,” or CPC. India does not belong to the same category as authoritarian regimes like China and North Korea. India is the largest democratic nation in the world, where the CAA has been challenged openly by the opposition Congress Party and law makers, civil society, and various groups. By and large, the press freely reported both anti-and pro-CAA voices and chief ministers of states such as Kerala decided not to implement the CAA.”

Clearly, both the dissenting notes touch upon the same points – CAA(about which none in the panel know anything except the hearsay they came across) and concerns about tagging India with countries like China or North Korea.

It is interesting to note, while a whole four pages of unsubstantiated information is given against India, Pakistan which is known across the world for it’s persecution of not just religious minorities, but ethnic minorities is given a cursory coverage of two pages – almost as if Pakistan is mentioned because it should be mentioned.

It is surprising to note that Anurima Bhargava who gave the opening remarks in the report, had in 2019 report mentioned that the Commission had not officially visited India. An article in an Indian News paper mentioned , “A new Commission member, Anurima Bhargava, a Chicago-native of Indian origin, wrote that the Commission had not had the opportunity to officially visit India in over a decade and sought stronger engagement and a productive dialogue with India.”

Question arises, how the commission presented its report on India? What did they rely upon? Looking at the PDF of the report available online, It relied on several articles written by Hinduphobic and India hater Journalist Hannah EllisPetersen who works for The guardian. If you see her previous articles you can very well understand how much hate she has for Hindus and how much love she has for Muslims. We will give you one example for her biased and Hinduphobic reporting

Hannah’s articles on Gau Mutra (Cow Urine) to malign India and Hindus should be enough to establish her Hinduphobic credentials.

Here was the response to this article by the Police Department of Uttar Pradesh (A state in Northern India). It is surprising that her articles that maligned India’s reputation in International community and spread communal hatred between different religions, no criminal complaints or civil suits were filed against her in Indian Courts.

Similarly the other articles relied by this report are from BBC published by Vikas Pandey and Geeta Pandey who are also known leftist/Liberal Journalists and known for their Hinduphobic views.

Spokesperson for Indian Foreign Ministry sums it quite bluntly, “We reject the observations on India in the USCIRF Annual Report. Its biased and tendentious comments against India are not new. But on this occasion, its misrepresentation has reached new levels. It has not been able to carry its own Commissioners in its endeavor. We regard it as an organization of particular concern and will treat it accordingly.”

Points to Ponder

There are a few pertinent questions for USCIRF to answer.

1. Why didn’t you call out American Government’s anti-Christian attitude when it said it will be ejecting Mexicans out of USA? If you do not address Mexicans by their religion Christianity, why do you mention illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan as Muslims? Illegal Infiltrators in a country are illegal.

2. Does USCIRF support terrorism and rioting in the name of religious freedom even after it leads to the execution of an intelligence officer? The report no where mentions Genocide of Hindus and destruction of Public property by illegal infiltrators and the Jihadists in India. It clearly is a Kafirophobic report prepared by Democrats and the Vested Interests who are bent upon destroying India-US friendship.

3. If a missionary goes to an uncontacted tribe in an attempt to convert and is murdered by them, do you call it out as a crime against humanity or will you support the missionary?

4. Will you condemn the religious bigotry of, say, Vatican City or Pakistan for not allowing a Hindu to be the head of the government? Hindus, Christians girls are being abducted, raped, forcefully converted, Hindus are being burnt alive in Pakistan, however the commission considered India on the same category as these nations.

5. Why was Pakistan not pulled over the enforced disappearance of Millions of Ethnic Baloch, Pashtuns, Mohajirs, Sindhis, Ahamadiya Muslims, who are either killed or sold for Organ harvesting? Why? Was it because the report was prepared by the Pakistanis? or was the report prepared by the Democrats who are known for their Kafirophobia?

Question for Indian Authorities. Will they allow anti-India Journalists to spread Fake News Internationally to malign India’s reputation in International community? Or will legal action be taken against these Fake Media houses and the Journalists and they be sued for damages on posting Kafirophobic biased news?

USCIRF is a Propaganda Organization that is always Biased, its report is based on half-truths, hearsay and the articles peddled by Leftist, Liberal Fake News Media. As such the Report is liable to be trashed.

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