Profile Picture of Twitter Handle @Hatehunter7

Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 gets 200 Hindus out of Job in Gulf. We expose here the strategy of Pakistan, Turkey to bleed Hindus

In a war of words that has escalated beyond India Pakistan border, it has reached Gulf. Pakistan started their troll army under the ISPR 5th Generation Warfare project spending billions of dollars in monthly incentives to over 1 million trolls. These trolls posted hate content against Hindus since last 2 years. The hate content included morphed pictures of Hindu Gods with nude models and showing hate against Hindu religious practices.

All this hate propaganda continued for over 2 years. It tested the limits of patience of Hindus in India who still did not reciprocate with hate. Thereafter started active intervention of Pakistan ISI in India’s Internal affairs and started nation wide riots by Bangladeshi infiltrators and Rohingya Terrorists, pelting stones on Police officers on duyt, destroying public property worth Billions of dollars, orchestrating protests all over the India. However Hindus still maintained their cool and did not react.

Pakistan orchestrated riots in Delhi during the arrival of US President Donald Trump. We posted this conspiracy even before the arrival of US President Donald Trump in India in our article Leftist Liberals & Jihadists Planning Disruption During Trump Visit to India.

Many Hindus were killed during the Delhi Riots including the cold blooded barbaric murder of Indian Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma. However Hindus kept their cool and patience and did not let this escalate further.

Thereafter the assault of Terrorist Nation Pakistan continued on India. Pakistan infiltrated Chinese Virus infected Radical Islamist Terrorists in India and Indian Security forces retaliated on border and defended the Line of control. We mentioned about this in our previous article Pakistan using Chinese Virus COVID-19 as Bio-Weapon against India: Activates Proxies.

There came another new attack from Pakistan. This time Pakistan conspired with Turkey and hired a few Propaganda Lawyers in Gulf Countries to spread hate against Hindus and India by spreading fake doctored videos showing Muslims as victims of Islamophobia, hiding the complete context why it happened. We covered this in details in our previous article Bankrupt Pakistan Hires Propaganda Lawyers In Middle East To Poke India.

We are sure if Muslims would have committed such acts in Gulf countries, the punishment would have been severe. However Hindus did not lose their cool and let a few Pakistani hired Propaganda Lawyers continue to spew venom against India. Next came in the series of hate propagandists the Rogue ‘Princess’. We covered it in details in our previous article A Rogue ‘Princess’ Trying To Influence India’s Elections using a Fake Islamophobia Narrative.

One fall back of this new found lease of life to the dying propaganda was that Pakistanis, Indian Radicals and Leftists started reporting Indian Handles for any comment they made against Tablighi Jamaat or Radical Islamist Terrorists with a fake narrative of Islamophobia. Even though the alleged comment were made years back, now was the time to scan all the social media platforms for any given person and find at least one comment out of millions of his posts that they could use against the person with allegations of Islamophobia. We mentioned this in our previous article Game of Malicious Prosecution Begins – Who Will Lose?

Out of hundreds of Pakistanis and few Indian Islamist Radicals and Leftists some became famous in getting many Hindus working in Gulf countries out of their jobs and getting them entangled in Legal battles in such countries.

One such Twitter handle is @hatehunter7.

Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 gets 200 Hindus out of Job in Gulf

Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 posted and complained about over 200 Hindus working in Gulf Countries. He scanned different social media profiles of people working in Gulf. He was assisted by his followers who would post about different people they knew were working in Gulf countries and could be neighbors or colleagues or people they knew the identity of and started the witch hunt and finding the needle from the hey stock, finding one post out of thousands of posts that could be used to support the Fake narrative of Islamophobia.

Profile Picture of Twitter Handle @Hatehunter7
Profile Picture of Twitter Handle @Hatehunter7

Even twitter when complained about any posts that are allegedly hateful, looks at the total number of Posts, posted by a person and then compares the number of tweets that are reported as hateful and then decides if the account is to be locked or is to be suspended.

However Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 started complaining about the Hindus working in Gulf even for one odd comment made by the person that may not be even hurtful, but the narrative weaved was to incite the Arab authorities that display tolerance for Hindus publicly but actually take extreme measures without any investigation. As there is no justice or law of Jurisprudence in the Arab nations, anything, any word that they deem is against Islam, is punishable. The comment of Hindus were posted out of context and allegations of Blasphemy were made to incite Arab Muslim authorities to take action.

Some of the posts by Twitter Handle @hatehunter7

We are posting here some of the tweets posted by Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 for our readers to decide is this not Malicious prosecution with the Malicious Intent showing Extreme hate against Hindus?

Here is the recent Victim of Fake Islamophobia narrative of Twitter Handle @hatehunter Mr Shankar Sinha and the tweet mentions the company the victim is working in and a hateful narrative.

In the above tweet, the victim Shankar Sinha was commenting on the a post showing a crowd of people in a Muslim majority area totally disregarding the countrywide lockdown imposed in India by the Indian Government and orders for remaining indoors along with maintaining social distancing were issued. However social media is filled with millions of images and videos showing some of the Indian Muslims ignoring the Government Orders and doing their normal routine work on crowded streets. Now in this situation if the Chinese Virus is still spreading despite Indian Government losing Billions of Dollars worth revenue per day because of the lockdown and some Radical Muslims disobeying government order, will it not anger any sane Human being? Why is it being termed as Hate against Muslims?

What if the same is done by them in Kuwait or UAE? Why did Kuwait government impose 2 weeks curfew in Kuwait? Why is it not being termed as Islamophobia? Why is Kuwait and UAE authorities angered with Indians infected with Chinese Virus who disobeyed Kuwait and UAE Government and let the Chinese Virus spread faster in Kuwait and UAE? Should the action of Kuwait and UAE Islamist Radical Propaganda lawyers spewing venom against Hindus be not considered as Hinduphobia and should they not be tried for their hate speeches against Hindus?

Everyone all over the world is angered with the acts of a few who are disregarding the government orders of complete lockdown and still spreading the virus. Should they be not given the highest punishment under the law of the nation who put the lives of millions in danger by their disobedience to the Government orders of lockdown?

Further the comment of Shankar Sinha against a communist is taken as mocking someone who allegedly gave a speech on the persecution of Muslims in India. By that standard, whoever calls a spade as spade should be put behind the bars and should be removed from all the jobs. Purpose of posting this screenshot is for the readers to see how the Fake narrative of Islamophobia is build against Hindus. It is nothing but venomous hatred against Hindus filled inside such handles like @hatehunter7 who themselves are filled with hatred and by hook or crook will want to prove anyone guilty.

Witch hunting continues.

His one comment condemning a Communist is taken as an evidence against Islamophobia. A Hindu hater himself calling others hateful. Can’t a Muslim be a Communist?

Here comes another victim of @hatehunter7. Shankar Devendran a proud Hindutva supporter. So does this hatemonger @hatehunter7 means that a person should give up his religion by virtue of working in a Gulf Nation?

Now look at the screenshots enclosed in the complaint. All these are the Face book posts of the others that Shankar Devendran has shared on facebook. By liking or sharing any posts on Facebook, does it mean a person is guilty of Islamophobia?

Now look at the post that Shankar Devendran has shared. It is a meam. Where does this mean says it is against Islam? This is a meam against a few Tablighi Jamaat radicals who were responsible for 33% cases of Chinese Virus spread throughout India. Even the words used do not say they are against Muslims. Will Kuwait or UAE not act against anyone who is responsible for spreading Chinese virus to others? Is it wrong to share the pictures of such people? But look at the narrative weaved by the Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 pronouncing him guilty of hate for Muslims.

Another bunch of screenshots enclosed by @hatehunter7 giving email addresses and some of the Face Book posts of Shankar Devendran.

Lets examine one such collage of screenshots posted by @hatehunter7. In one screenshot someone has questioned some radical muslims the logic of Namaz on the roads. Why not they do their religious rituals inside homes or the Mosques? Would Kuwait or UAE allow Namaz on Roads? Is calling a spade a spade Islamophobia? Moreover Shankar Devendran did not even comment. He just shared the post what others are saying. Does that mean that anything shared on social media becomes the personal view of the person sharing the post?

By that standard the rogue ‘Princess’ also shared semi nude pics on her twitter account. Should she not be charged with blasphemy and making mockery of Islam?

Fake Islamophobia Narrative continues. None of the posts or comments are from Shankar Devendran and all the posts are from his facebook page which Shankar has shared for information of what others are thinking about different issues. That does not necessarily mean the personal opinion of a person sharing the post of someone else.

Another victim of Hate Hunter is Pritam Shetty.

Lets examine this post. Here is one collage of several screenshots attached. In the first screenshot, a person has shared the image where Indian Muslims were pelting stone on Doctors and Health workers and many such videos became viral on social media. What was the Guilt of Pritam Shetty in this post? He just said “Shame of these people.. what they really want?” By what standards is this Islamophobia? He has questioned the shameless Bio-Terrorists who were spreading Chinese Virus and when the Doctors and health workers went in the locality to help them, these Bio-Terrorists pelted stones on the Doctors themselves grievously injuring A doctor and some medical staff. Is questioning this behavior of some Muslims Islamophobia?

In another screenshot shared in the above collage, someone shared a meme that said that people who are not able to understand what Corona Virus is and what is its impact, would they understand the meaning of CAA or NRC or NPR? A very logical and thoughtful meme. It is very well known that Pakistan orchestrated nationwide riots and strikes on CAA along with India’s Radicals and Leftist Liberals and brought the whole country to standstill. Many videos also were shown on National TV and were viral on social media. When asked these people what CAA stands for and what it means, no one knew its meaning and since they were told to protest and destroy public property, they were doing the same.

We have covered in details what CAA is and why it was needed in India. CAA gives Indian Citizenship to persecuted minorities of Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parasis, Jains and Budhists living in 3 islamic nations. It does not impact Indian Muslims in any way. So if a person who does not know the impact of Chinese Virus, how would he know the meaning of CAA? They are guided by their radical Politicians and Leftist Liberals who misuse them as pawn in their political chess. Moreover Pritam Shetty just said “Exactly” on someone else’s post. How could this be against Islam?

Further @hatehunter7 shares the address and phone number of the company where Pritam Shetty works putting his life in danger and susceptible to attacks by Islamic Radical Terrorists. It is well known how terrorists target anyone labeled against Islam. Hence @hatehunter7 has put the identity of over 200 persons at risk. Not only them, but lives of their family members, relatives and friends are also put at risk.

Not only that, look at this tweet, in order to get the phone number of the CEO or MD of the Arab company, how @hatehunter7 who calls his name as Mohammed harasses and threatens the HR of the Gulf based company.

Posting the screenshots of the conversation wherein @hatehunter7 threatens the HR of the Gulf based company for extracting the phone numbers of the MD/CEO.

Reading the above conversation between @hatehunter7 (Mohammed) and the HR of the Gulf based company, you can clearly see how this Hindu Hater person is harassing and threatening others of Fake cases for extracting information and putting them all under mental stress and pressure.

There are over 200 posts of @hatehunter7. There are hundreds of such Hindu Hater handles who are reporting thousands of Hindus working in Gulf Nations on friviolous charges, making them lose their jobs and also putting them at grave risks of legal hassles.

However Hindus are cool and have still not lost their patience. Hindus want good relations with the Muslims and will not reciprocate Muslims working in US/Europe with similar action because Hindus are taught of Universal Brotherhood and Ahimsa.

Points to Ponder

What if Hindus report against the Muslims working in Europe/US or other non-Islamic countries for posting hateful content on social media against Hindus, India? Will the Main stream Media, Leftists, Liberals, Radicals cry Islamophobia? They should not as the same standards should apply for everyone for the same matters.

Will the Gulf Kingdoms see the conspiracy of Pakistan and Turkey to create public opinion against India, Hindus and ultimately grow Radical Islam in Gulf Nations that will consume the Gulf Kingdom and will spread its roots of Neo-Ottoman empire deep in Gulf Nations?

If this continues, Indian Businesses and Indian Talent that is largely Hindus will remain away from Gulf nations. Who will be at loss? Indians can get jobs elsewhere, but Indians that contributed in the economic development of the Gulf nations, will no longer be offering their services for these countries that fell in the propaganda of Pakistan, Turkey and the Islamist Radicals.

What if the Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 who calls himself Mohammad turns out not to be a Muslim, but turns out to be a Communist or a Liberal who wants to spread hate between HIndus and Muslims? Will Indian Authorities wake-up?

Besides, there is no way to tell if the handle @hatehunter7 is owned by a Muslim. For all it means, a Communist, a political opponent or simply someone who sensed power in this anonymous life while being a zero achiever in real life.

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