The Kunan Poshpora Lie - Why in last 1 week, a hoax, an alleged incident in Kunan Poshpora in February 1991 that never happened, started being raised?

Unable to achieve anything on the ground, it looks like Pakistan is planning to open a new front against India on the propaganda front – the Kunan Poshpora Lie. We have noticed a sudden interest in Pakistani and Pakistan supporting social media handles and their social media troll army over a hoax created at behest of Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI.

In its attempts to create a rift between Muslims and Hindus in India, we have seen Pakistan shift from topic to topic.

We talked about a number of assaults by Pakistan on India in our previous article Twitter Handle @hatehunter7 gets 200 Hindus out of Job in Gulf

We mentioned in the article:-

In a war of words that has escalated beyond India Pakistan border, it has reached Gulf. Pakistan started their troll army under the ISPR 5th Generation Warfare project spending billions of dollars in monthly incentives to over 1 million trolls. These trolls posted hate content against Hindus since last 2 years. The hate content included morphed pictures of Hindu Gods with nude models and showing hate against Hindu religious practices.

All this hate propaganda continued for over 2 years. It tested the limits of patience of Hindus in India who still did not reciprocate with hate. Thereafter started active intervention of Pakistan ISI in India’s Internal affairs and started nation wide riots by Bangladeshi infiltrators and Rohingya Terrorists, pelting stones on Police officers on duty, destroying public property worth Billions of dollars, orchestrating protests all over the India. However Hindus still maintained their cool and did not react.

Pakistan orchestrated riots in Delhi during the arrival of US President Donald Trump. We posted this conspiracy even before the arrival of US President Donald Trump in India in our article Leftist Liberals & Jihadists Planning Disruption During Trump Visit to India.

Many Hindus were killed during the Delhi Riots including the cold blooded barbaric murder of Indian Intelligence Bureau officer Ankit Sharma. However Hindus kept their cool and patience and did not let this escalate further.

Thereafter the assault of Terrorist Nation Pakistan continued on India. Pakistan infiltrated Chinese Virus infected Radical Islamist Terrorists in India and Indian Security forces retaliated on border and defended the Line of control. We mentioned about this in our previous article Pakistan using Chinese Virus COVID-19 as Bio-Weapon against India: Activates Proxies.

Then came another new attack from Pakistan. This time Pakistan conspired with Turkey and hired a few Propaganda Lawyers in Gulf Countries to spread hate against Hindus and India by spreading fake doctored videos showing Muslims as victims of Islamophobia, hiding the complete context why it happened. We covered this in details in our previous article Bankrupt Pakistan Hires Propaganda Lawyers In Middle East To Poke India.

We are sure if Muslims would have committed such acts in Gulf countries, the punishment would have been severe. However Hindus did not lose their cool and let a few Pakistani hired Propaganda Lawyers continue to spew venom against India. Next came in the series of hate propagandists the Rogue ‘Princess’. We covered it in details in our previous article A Rogue ‘Princess’ Trying To Influence India’s Elections using a Fake Islamophobia Narrative.

One fall back of this new found lease of life to the dying propaganda was that Pakistanis, Indian Radicals and Leftists started reporting Indian Handles for any comment they made against Tablighi Jamaat or Radical Islamist Terrorists with a fake narrative of Islamophobia. Even though the alleged comment were made years back, now was the time to scan all the social media platforms for any given person and find at least one comment out of millions of his posts that they could use against the person with allegations of Islamophobia. We mentioned this in our previous article Game of Malicious Prosecution Begins – Who Will Lose?

Indians are bravely replying and failing every Satanic Propaganda run by Pakistan against India.

In the series of different Propaganda, suddenly the alleged hoax of an alleged incident in Kunan Poshpora in February 1991 started being raised in last one week. Anyone can search on Google, it is customary for the Leftist, Liberal, Radical, Anti-Indian Fake News Main Stream Media to write an article every year in February month on the hoax incident blaming Indian Army. However it puzzles everyone why suddenly this issue was raised in last one week, especially when the last time it was talked about seriously was in the aftermath of a Pakistani terrorist attack on Indian Parliament more than a decade ago.

Kunan Poshpora Hoax of Pakistani Radical Islamist Terrorists

Without even going deep into what happened, one will notice that Kunan Poshpora Incident looks more like false allegations made taking advantage of the fog of war. Below is what we know.

The Kunan Poshpora Lie - Why in last 1 week, a hoax, an alleged incident in Kunan Poshpora in February 1991 that never happened, started being raised?
The Kunan Poshpora Lie – Why in last 1 week, a hoax, an alleged incident in Kunan Poshpora in February 1991 that never happened, started being raised?

1.Alleged incident took place on 23 Feb 1991 when army units entered the village to interrogate people over terrorist presence.

2. The Army units took a certificate of no torture from the village elders.

3. A complaint is filed on 5 Mar 1991, investigated by local magistrate and complaint filed with state commissioner on 7 Mar 1991.

4. The local magistrate, Yasin declared that he can’t put the brutality which happened there on paper.

5. No medical tests were done. The victims alleged police refused medical tests but the medical tests done after meeting with the Chief Justice 17 Mar didn’t throw any surprises.

6. Army asked a neutral Press Council of India to do a fact check. Even, that hinted nothing happened

The delay of 10 days to file formal charges clearly indicates a conspiracy to malign Indian army through a well thought out conspiracy. What do we have here? An FIR which doesn’t talk about the brutalities and alleged victims whose medical checks revealed nothing. Also worth noting is the location of villages and their proximity to Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir and this raises serious questions over veracity of claims. Whether the incident happened or not, no one knows. What happened that day, no one knows. But, the fact is, a person is deemed innocent unless proven guilty.

Also, one needs to assess the impact of such stray incidents(whether they happened or whether they are fabricated) in shifting the focus from the real issue on hand – a genocide level forced exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley amidst slaughter, pillage and rape.

Besides, it is important to note that rape was alleged by 23 women but medical tests were done for 32 women. Where did that extra 9 come from(plus another woman who was in advanced stages of pregnancy and already delivered a baby)? Also, their statements contradicted every time.

The Kunan Poshpora Lie
The Kunan Poshpora Lie

A time line. Two glaring observations.

1. Who made them file a complaint in 2004, after 13 long years? The timing matches with an aggressive anti-India stance taken in the Kashmir Valley.

2. The number of complainants now became 50. Initially, it was 23, then 33 and now, 50.

To be more specific w.r.t. the timelines, this is timed with the arrest of Afzal Guru in 2002 for attacks on Indian Parliament. The question then is, was this deliberately raked up to spread hatred against Indian Army after the arrest of Afzal Guru? If yes, by whom?

The Indian army has contended before the Supreme Court that the allegations of rape and torture are “a hoax orchestrated by militant groups”, “part of cleverly contrived strategy of psychological warfare”, to “discredit the security forces by indulging in false propaganda”, “with a view to jeopardize the conduct of counter insurgency operations…in the valley”, and that the numbers of men and women alleged to have been tortured and raped are against “natural human conduct”.

In fact, the recent case of Major Gogoi, who in an attempt to save loss of life became a hated figure in Kashmir and was dragged into a honey trap is a clear indication of the real picture. It is also known that Burhan Wani was a just another name in the long list of terrorists who were outed by jilted lovers who revealed their locations after the started to show disinterest in the women they bedded.

Major Gogoi saving the life of Army Officers in his unit from a crowd of Islamist Radical Jihadists who was ready to kill all the Army officers had Major not used one of the Jihadists in the crowd as a shield to save the lives of his men.
Major Gogoi saving the life of Army Officers in his unit from a crowd of Islamist Radical Jihadists who was ready to kill all the Army officers had Major not used one of the Jihadists in the crowd as a shield to save the lives of his men.

Major Gogoi was trapped in a Fake case by the Radical Islamists in Indian Kashmir. That raises a question on who can be the informants? Can they only be Male informants? Do Army Officers need to take along Judicial Magistrates along with them for getting information from informers? In a place that is infested with Radical Islamist Terrorists and female Jihadists that are inspired by Pakistani Radical Islamist Terrorists, what is the safeguard for the Army Officers from the fake charges which are rampant in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir?

This has been a campaign that has been going on from 1990s itself. At that time mass rape of women at Kunan Poshpora was trumpeted by terrorists and Islamic fundamentalists against Indian army. This was investigated by a three member committee formed by Press Council of India – an independent body. The committee was headed by veteran journalist B. G. Verghese, definitely not a ‘jingoist’ liberals love to hate. Popularly known as Verghese Committee Report stated this about the Kunan Poshpora mass rape incidents:

The Kunan rape story, on close examination, turns out to be a massive hoax orchestrated by militant groups and their sympathizers and mentors in Kashmir and abroad as part of a sustained and cleverly-contrived strategy of pathological warfare and as an entry point for re-inscribing Kashmir on the international agenda as a human rights issue.

This is not to say that there have been no human rights violations or gender based abuses. But here at least we have a democratic system to which the military has to answer unlike in the neighboring Islamic country where genocidal military leaders can enjoy protection as in the case of 1971 Bangladesh genocide.

Womanizer Pakistani Radical Islamist Terrorists

There have been instances of the Pakistani Radical Islamist Terrorists who infiltrated in India, raped local Muslim Girls. Some Muslim girls considered it their religious duty to satisfy the Islamist Radical Terrorists who are on the path of blowing themselves up for getting 72 virgins in the afterlife, offer themselves for sex with these terrorists. However many of the girls were involuntarily raped by these Pakistani Terrorists who could take shelter in any house in Kashmir in the past. One example was Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) terrorist Abu Dujana who was killed in August 2017 by the Indian Security forces. Dujana was a womanizer and was involved with many women in the Valley. He was involved with two women in Pulwama alone– one was his wife, the other was his former girl friend.

Kashmir police say that Dujana was a terror for women in the Valley. Without elaborating much, they said that with his death, women will feel more secure. Terrorists in Kashmir get female attention in the State. Experts say due to their nuisance value, they charm women. Many among the charmers are involved with more than one woman at a time. Like Dujana, terrorists also force themselves upon women.

A police officer told the TOI that LeT terrorists come from poor families in Pakistan and fall for well-off Kashmiri girls. They use their power to submit the girls into relationships.

Kashmir’s terror poster boy, Burhan Wani was involved with women in the Valley. His ex-girl friend had tipped off forces about his whereabouts, which led to his killing.

There were more such instances in the past. A Lashkar commander Abu Talha was killed in 1999 after the father of a girl he wanted to court tipped the agencies off about his whereabouts. Talha had fancied the daughter of a PWD engineer. The daughter was very educated and cultured. Talha would threaten the engineer to get her married to him. Girl’s father told the forces about his whereabouts. He was killed in an encounter.

In 2012, an LeT terrorist Abdullah Uni was killed in a similar fashion. He had many girlfriends in Sopore. One of his girlfriends tipped off agencies about his whereabouts. He was killed in the ensuing encounter.

Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), 1958 Act

For the ignorant, AFSPA provides extraordinary powers to Army soldiers deployed in disturbed areas, but neither the Army called for AFSPA nor drafted this Act. Instead, this was discussed and debated by various Parliaments and passed to ensure that the Army can function effectively in the designated disturbed area when deployed; where the State Administration has gone defunct or cannot function properly in its jurisdiction. Therefore, it must be noted that the deployment of Army in the hinterland and application of AFSPA comes only ‘after’ the said area is declared disturbed under the ‘disturbed Area Act’. An area is declared ‘disturbed’ when the state machinery is unable to function and calls in the Army for support. Therefore, any dilution of AFSPA then would mean diluted effectiveness of the Army in counter insurgency or counter terrorism and personnel getting involved in litigation consistently.

A Disturbed Area Act passed on September 11, 1958 was applied to the seven northeast states. A similar act passed in 1983 was applied to Punjab and Chandigarh, which was withdrawn in 1997. A similar act was applied to J&K in 1990 and has been in force since. Neither does the Army ask for deployment in the hinterland, nor does it enjoy when forced to act against its own Indian brethren when deployed in disturbed areas – its primary task being against the enemy and defending the borders. As importantly, in an insurgency environment, the Army can only keep violence levels at manageable levels whereas the balance must be taken on by the state administration; where state administrations have consistently failed.

On eve of Independence Day (August 14, 2018), 356 serving Army-men, in personal capacity, have moved a writ petition to the Supreme Court on 14 August 2018 over their fundamental rights, asking whether a soldier’s discretion can be put under legal scrutiny. The writ petition, which has been admitted by the SC, raises a number of questions, among which are, ‘Can the discretion of a soldier be put under legal scrutiny?’ and ‘Can anything be above national security?’ The petition includes: whether the rights of a soldier has been violated in the probe, given the trying circumstances under which the officers serve in their aim to curb militancy and terrorism in order to protect the interests of the country; whether members of an institution with a glorious history of martyrdom and sacrifice should serve under the threat of being tried under court martial if they don’t follow orders and prosecuted by the criminal justice system if they do; whether anything can be put above national security; won’t this affect their morale; whether the court applying a murder charge even while the investigations were ongoing is right, and; whether it would prejudice agencies in the matter.

It is a blot on the government and the Army Chief that serving Army men have to approach the SC against unwarranted and arbitrary dilution of the AFSPA. Ironically, all this is happening concurrent to MoS (Defence) telling Parliament that the Army has deficiency of over 9000 officers; 7,986 in Indian Army and 1,256 in the Navy as of January 2018. Why should youth not join police instead of Army which the government is trying its level best to degrade below the police? Have we not turned India into a banana republic that the Islamist Radical Terrorists can kill people anywhere, Female Jihadists can file fake rape or molestation charges on any Army officer but Army personnel in counter insurgency environment have to face FIR even though covered by AFSPA?

It needs to be appreciated that these 356 serving soldiers and officers of the Indian Army, which include a Brigadier and number of Colonels, though knocking on the SC door in private capacity, indirectly represent the 1.4 million troops of the Army, Navy and the Air Force. Why have we come to such situation is because of two reasons, succinctly described by a senior veteran: first, “because the General in question, the Chief Of Army Staff will not take the responsibility for his men’s actions and is willing to let an agency which does not even know the business end of a rifle decide on the SOPs”; second, “the milords have failed to make the politician, the babu, and the policeman work according to constitutional norms. Every institution under the government has been corrupted and now they are trying to do this with the Armed Forces, which are working under constitutional norms and well aware of its obligations to the nation”.

Logically, the SC ruling should be: one, those who are against AFSPA should take up for removal of ‘Disturbed Area Act’, which will automatically remove AFSPA, and; two, dilution of AFSPA in unacceptable because it will reduce Army functioning in counter-insurgency areas akin to police or even lower than police because policemen don’t face FIR when they open fire.

Points to Ponder

All of this makes one question why Kunan Poshpora is raked up at this time, coinciding with the Pakistani threats of a massive wave of attacks in Kashmir Valley on 11 May. It needs to be noted that Pakistan has decided to attribute all the terror attacks in Kashmir to a mythical entity TRF inspite of the fact that a Pakistan based terrorist organisation Hizb-ul-Mujahideen confirmed more than 80 of its workers were killed by Indian forces. The number can only hint at the level of attacks in Kashmir Valley coordinated from Pakistan. It needs to be seen whether Kunan Poshpora is a just another front in their game of propaganda or if it is a preparation for something bigger which Pakistan is planning.

Should the Genocide of Millions of Baloch, Mohajirs, Sindhis, Pashtuns, who are disappeared and either sold for organ harvesting or killed, their villages burnt, women raped, be not brought in open? Shouldn’t Pakistan Army be charged with Gross Human Rights abuses? Shouldn’t Pakistan be banished by the International Community?

Terrorist Nation Pakistan thinks that what their army considers as normal in Balochistan, Sindh, Pashtunistan, Indian Army might also be doing the same. However Pakistan does not know what is the honor of a highly disciplined Indian Army which is one of the highest orders in the whole world.

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