Cornered Chinese Dragon losing its steam

Cornered Chinese Dragon is losing its steam. Though heightened tensions are noticed involving the world and China, it is not surprising that, with the sudden spike up in the elevated levels has forced China to choose it’s own battlefields.

Cornered Chinese Dragon losing its steam
Cornered Chinese Dragon losing its steam

In the last few days, a bill is introduced in American Congress to recognize Tibet as an independent country, restrictions are increased over listing of Chinese companies in American Stock Exchanges, Canada has allowed extradition of Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou to USA and rhetoric is at an all time high.

On the other hand, Hong Kong has erupted again in protests, followed by a brutal crackdown. China retaliated by passing a new Security Law for Hong Kong. This law will effectively destroy the autonomous status of Hong Kong and will make it a just another Chinese province. The protests and sharp criticism it evoked world wide, US is considering sanctions on China. We covered it in details in our previous article US considering Sanctions on China for Beijing’s crackdown on Hong Kong

Concerned America has called a UN Security Council meet over this.

On the other hand, Taiwan plans to grant asylum to Chinese fleeing from Hong Kong.

Cornered Chinese Dragon losing its steam: Protesters in Hong Kong for Independence from China
Cornered Chinese Dragon losing its steam: Protesters in Hong Kong for Independence from China

This has come amidst another Chinese attempt to browbeat WHO into rejecting Taiwan’s membership. Though WHO has rejected Taiwan’s representation in World Health Assembly, it looks like except Pakistan, no country in the world supported China.

Read the US press statement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo here over Taiwan’s Exclusion From the World Health Assembly

President Trump announced the US is officially leaving the World Health Organization (WHO).

Australia opened another front, when it declared it will investigate China over COVID pandemic. China protested, threatened, and then retaliated by increasing tariffs on Australian barley and beef. But, the investigation goes on.

Amidst all this, China is hit by a second wave of the Virus, raising questions if the first wave really subsided.

New chosen battlefield by the Dragon

The best China could do by reducing the pressure is to shift and choose a battlefield which it thinks it can win – India. After India imposed trade restrictions on China, China tried to hem India through multiple angles – attacks in the Naxalite (Armed Terrorist Wing of Communists in India) belt (which turned out to be a one-off incident), increased belligerence from Pakistan (which fizzled off after India’s recent aggression on the border and Pakistan finding no support in OIC over the so-called Indian atrocities) which led to Pakistan going back to it’s regular whining on twitter (non-stop propaganda tweets from Imran Khan and Qureshi) and more importantly, China’s Nepal adventure (which again backfired) and Chinese aggression on Indian border.

When Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated a road which was under construction from 2007, Nepal’s Communist Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli condemned the move by declaring that the road is built in Nepalese territory, raking up a long dead and insignificant issue. An irritated Indian Army Chief minced no words when he said, Nepal’s objection to the new road was “at the behest of someone else”. It is an open secret whom Indian General Naravane was referring to. Communist Oli but gave a meek rebuttal by saying his government was only “articulating a national sentiment and claiming what belongs to the country and not raising the issue under pressure from elsewhere”.

In this backdrop, it has surfaced that India has blocked export of Nepalese Palm Oil which, in fact is sourced from Malaysia and elsewhere, refined and sold to India taking an advantage of the low tax rates Nepal has as a part of the Free Trade Agreement with South Asia. Oli tried to create a national backlash against India but the efforts spectacularly backfired. On one side, people started questioning his rationale of talking about an unknown territory in some remote corner and not about Mount Everest which China showed as it’s own. His attempts to send people to “reclaim the territory from India” ended in a fiasco when the people were thrashed by the Nepali locals and handed over to police.

A formal change to Nepali map to incorporate the new areas was blocked by the Cabinet and with prominent politicians coming against Nepal’s Communist PM’s policies and corruption, and frequent protests against his rule have seen another failure of Chinese enterprise against India. Clearly no one would want to follow the suicidal path of alienating the country which gives jobs to at least 10% of Nepalis and handles 90% of the country’s trade

We covered about China’s Nepal adventure that backfired in our previous article Nepal Surrenders Mt Everest to China And Disputes 40 KM Land With India

China Escalates on India’s Border

On the other hand, China itself has decided to escalate on the border with India. Unlike the operational border between India and Pakistan, the border between India and China is not demarcated. There is a sort of no-man’s land with claims and counter claims and encroachments. All the issues in Ladakh between India and China happened in that area. The main reason for Chinese aggression is the building of a new road connecting the extreme posts of India near Daulat Beg Oldie from Leh giving a massive local advantage to India. Possibly as an attempt to neutralize this advantage and partly as a way to divert the attention of the country and the world from the domestic issues, it is possible China escalated the situation all across the border.

In 1987 Indo-China War is any indication (where China refused to engage India and allowed Indians to shift their border posts by almost 150 km uncontested leading to the sacking of military heads of Tibet Command and that of Chengdu region, and the shoddy performance of Chinese troops in the battlefield made people bold enough to launch the 1987 Tibet Uprising and 1989 Tiananmen Square) and after the 2017 Doklam fiasco, China clearly knows it has no advantage whatsoever on the Indian border. In fact, in a round of jostling on the Sikkim border area, a Chinese Major was left with a blooded nose by an Indian officer. A Chinese soldier tripped from his post in Ladakh and fell into the Indian camp. He was treated by the Indian side and sent back.

While India’s supply lines are shorter and are well integrated, China cannot depend on Tibet due to the treacherous landscape and the lack of provisions. Though China has a string of airbases in Tibet, the cost of maintaining an army in such hostile a climate where temperatures easily drop below -20 degrees is prohibitively high.

It is no surprise that Pakistani cheerleaders have jumped into the discussion and are hoping that China will trounce India, after they realized Pakistan is no match to India.

But, things suddenly started turning downhill. China has decided to deescalate. Firing the first bullet, Foreign Ministry spokesman Muhammad Lijian Zhao said, “We are committed to safeguarding our territorial sovereignty and security, and safeguarding peace and stability in the border areas. Now the China-India border area situation is overall stable and controllable. Between the two countries, we have good border-related mechanisms and communication channels. We are capable of resolving the issues properly through dialogue and consultation”.

With India not backing down and hinting that nuclear weapons are not a show piece, it leaves a frustrated China trying to fish in troubled waters after the failed enterprise against India. With these frequent provocations and with India hosting the Tibetan Government in Exile, it needs to be seen if India will formally join USA in declaring Tibet as an independent country. On the other hand, the India-Japan-Australia-USA quad and India’s interests in SCS through it’s state arm Oil and Natural Gas Corporation means that Indian interests are not just restricted to protecting it’s personal lake – the Northern Indian Ocean, but also are fast reaching Chinese shores.

It looks as if India is not letting go any opportunity to corner China. A prominent Minister in Indian Government openly declared Chinese Virus COVID-19 is man-made. India has allowed it’s MPs to join the virtual attendance of Taiwan President’s swearing in.

China has it’s fears – especially after the fate of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou and with rising tensions, it has decided to evacuate all it’s citizens from India.

President Trump was no less late – he sensed an opportunity to rile China and tweeted.

These rising tensions, China wants to evacuate Chinese from India.

Points to Ponder

Will the Chinese ruling imperialist fascist CCP realize that the days of Han Kingdom’s imperialism are over and they are living among civilized International community that has its civilized rules of engagement between nations. No country can use its force to invade the other countries like China did to invade Tibet. No country can think of invading any other country in future as China is thinking to invade Tiwan in future. No country has rights to trespass on other countries land and occupy other country’s land by force as China has occupied parts of Indian union territory of Ladakh and frequently trespasses into Indian side. Also No country can use predatory loans to capture the strategic assets in other countries. No country can use Bio-Weapons and destroy the economies of other countries and kill millions of innocent civilians by spreading virus as China spread Chinese Virus worldwide killing over a million people in a span of a few months and bringing the global Economy to a standstill. Will China Realize all this?

If China does not realize the above, then it is important for the International community to forfeit all Chinese Loans, Nationalize all Chinese assets in their countries, Sue China for compensation for loss of human lives and economic losses because of Chinese Virus. Chinese CCP leadership should be tried in International Court of Justice and given the strictest punishment for endangering the Human existance by spreading the Chinese Virus.

International Community should come forward and recognize Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan as Free Independent Countries.

Not only this will the supporter of China i.e. Pakistan be clipped? Will International Community also recognize Balochistan, Sindhudesh, Pashtunistan as Free Independent Countries and help contain the Terrorist Producing Factory of the world viz Pakistan to a smaller geographical location?

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