Riots In US & India Are Attacks On The Oldest & The Largest Democracies

Riots in US & India have a lot of similarities. Both these attacks are attacks on the oldest & the largest democracies. In US it is given the name of Black lives Matter, while in India it was given the name of Islamophobia to curb the voices of the vast majority that was impacted with these riots. Common thing linking the both are the Leftist, Liberals, Islamist Radicals, George Soros, China, Pakistan…

Riots In US & India Are Attacks On The Oldest & The Largest Democracies
Riots In US & India Are Attacks On The Oldest & The Largest Democracies

Those who call them as Protests in the US are ignorant. Protests can never be planned and include riots and arson. This is more of an insurgency designed by the Leftist Liberals and the Radicals to take down the oldest Democracy in the world. Only persons that benefit from the fall of the mighty USA are China and the manipulators George Soros.

You don’t need to look far behind. Just rewind a year back and look at the largest Democracy in the world. Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi got elected with a thumping majority. However the Leftist, Liberals and the Islamist Radicals supported by China and its Stooge Pakistan and support of foreign elements like George Soros and the American Democrats brought the country to a stand still with the riots extending for one complete year.

US Experts who need to draw a model of the protests escalating, need to study the planned riots in India that were named as Islamophobia. Our study reveals that the Riots in US in the name of “Black lives Matter” and in India in the name of “Islamophobia” had the same hallmarks of the Leftists Liberals, Islamist Radicals, George Soros, China, Pakistan behind the riots.

We explained this nexus in our previous article US President Donald Trump Impeachment: Nationalism vs Regressive Left

Neither one can call the protests in the USA as protests because they included planned arson and instead of helping the Black people, the riots impacted the black people the most. The divide it has created between the black and the white is so widening that it will be difficult to fill. For the true Americans they know that the riots during the Election year are planned to create poll stunt to get the black voters to vote against President Trump.

Black people we spoke to also know that US president is the first President after Abraham Lincoln who had done something substantive for the Black people. President Trump didn’t do it for the Black People, he did it to make America Great Again. US President knows it is Black and White all Citizens of the USA that can come together and work for the USA and Make America Great Again.

US President Donald Trump also tweeted:-

Who Conspired Minneapolis riots?

Over 5000 National Guard Soldiers and airmen brought curfew into effect despite large crowds in the streets. To destabilize civil society the out of state instigators have well-organized Minneapolis destruction. Curfews had been enacted in at least 25 cities. The planned violent protests may aim for more difficult nights. Government officials, law enforcement officers and protesters in cities across the United States are preparing for a another night of mass demonstrations after George Floyd, a black man, was killed in police custody in Minneapolis on Memorial Day.

We covered in details about the circumstances leading to his planned murder in our previous article Something is very fishy about the George Floyd Murder by Cops

Protests in UK

There are reports of the protests have spread to other world capitals including Berlin and London. The London Metropolitan police said they arrested five people outside the embassy — two for assault on police, the others for violating Chinese corona virus lock down guidelines.

Riots In US & India: Can the riots happen in UK too? Images of protests from UK
Riots In US & India: Can the riots happen in UK too? Images of protests from UK

It is ironical that thousands of British Girls have been raped, many people have been murdered by Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in UK, but there were no protests against those Pakistan Muslim Grooming Gangs as they enjoy the protection of Liberal Leftists and the kinds of George Soros. We covered about Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs in our previous article Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs – British Girls’ Honour Doesn’t Matter.

If riots start in UK in next few days, it will not be a big surprise. The way in the past Pakistani Radical Islamists had committed arson and riots at the Indian High commission in a planned way, it will not be a big deal if they bring down UK as well. Read our previous article Jive Jive Londonistan: Is Sadiq Khan responsible for converting Britain as a colony of Pakistan?

Arson, Looting, Riots, Murders in the US by Antifa Terrorists in the name of Black Lives Matter

Violent protesters lashed out at police, stopped traffic in New York, Houstan, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Atlanta. Agitators began protests with verbal expression against police brutality later demonstrators tried to break through security barriers outside Washington DC but it was secured. Washington DC landmark, the St John’s Episcopal Church was set on fire by protestors. This is in the vicinity of the White House. St. John’s Church, which rioters set on fire last night, supported the peaceful March on Washington which furthered the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. White House also came down heavily on the Arsonists.

Emergency curfew was in place but crowd stayed out and Police officers fire tear gas to disperse crowd. Despite police warning in Chicago protestors lingered out, Why crowd wanted to cross in to the city? Looting local businesses and setting a police station ablaze were allowed to escalate by local leadership, against police brutality by whom?

Derek Chauvin, charged with manslaughter, all four officers directly involved in the incident were fired from their jobs but violence is erupting in nearby cities. The current Governor of Minnesota is Tim Waltz of the DFL( Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party). Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani strongly feels that the policies of progressive democrats ensued violence in the city. He further said Mayor should resign because he was unavailable for four days to protect people’s property and lives.

Friday night demonstrations were more violent, why? Three days ago Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-Minn) district covers affected areas and she was urging for peaceful protest because more force leads to more devastation, why there was need for protest?

Why there was disappointment and stinging criticism? In 2019, Minnesota state Rep Steve Drazkowski called for the opening of an ethics investigation for Omar being possibly guilty of federal tax fraud and federal immigration. Minnesota CFB found fraud in tax returns filed by Omar.

Joe Biden the Democratic presidential candidate are likely to pay bail fees for Antifa Terrorists jailed during violent protests in Minneapolis. Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick a biracial adopted and raised by white parents established a legal defense fund for Minneapolis Antifa Terrorists just two days ago and refused to stand during national anthem on Friday in support of oppressed minorities. The Know your rights website is offering legal assistance to Antifa Terrorists and Rioters of Minneapolis . The website educates and mentor rioters and arsonists around the country.

Are these violent protesters “thug” as called by the President Trump? Does it lead to Nov. 3 presidential elections and Minnesota could be critical in determining the winner.

Floyd Murder was planned to defeat US President Donald Trump in 2020 Elections.

What is going on in the US. A while back a Somali cop shoots & kills an unarmed while lady. Nothing happens. This time White cop allegedly causes the death of an African American man also unarmed. Both terrible incidents, strange the whole country blows up for one not the other?

Bricks delivered to sites of riots

Pallets of bricks being delivered to cities across America to arm the rioters for destruction. Can someone please arrest Soros!!

Similarly in Italy in the past the stones were delivered at the protest site in November 2019. Who plans and coordinates in all riots?

In India the house of a local Muslim Politician was used as a war headquarter to kill Hindus. However the Leftist Media including the Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, BBC and others termed these as protests against Islamophobia in India.

Watch another Video showing the preparations for civil war by the so called “Protesters”. They should be called Terrorists. Media and Leftist, Liberal Politicians are to be blamed who for their votes call these Terrorists, Arsonists as protesters.

Geoge Soros behind the planned riots?

Our News Group had already issued a caution against the Archangel of Anarchy, George Soros in our recent article, George Soros Becomes Active Again – Who Is The New Target?

Here is a tweet from @YairNetanyahu, son of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and he clearly points to George Soros behind this.

Hold on, What are these Pakistanis doing in the riots in the US?

Whom are the riots, arsons and looting impacting the most?

A business place of a black was destroyed by the Antifa Terrorists

Look at the following video share by a social media user. This should be enough to educate everyone from Blacks to Whites, everyone. People had spent their lifetime savings building these businesses that were burnt. By looting and burning grocery stores, where will the black or white people living in the neighborhood go for their daily needs?

Politicians supporting the Terrorist Antifa and the Arsonists

Attorney General of Minnesota (accused of beating his girlfriend) proudly holding the domestic terror organization Antifa handbook.

Daughter of Ilahan Omar asked her supporters “Comrades” as in Communists to get the Hockey Sticks to the protest site? Here is the long list she tweeted. Was it pre-planning for a civil unrest?

Riots In US & India Are Attacks On The Oldest & The Largest Democracies: Tweet by daughter of Ilhan Omar asking "comrades" to bring hockey sticks to protest site
Riots In US & India Are Attacks On The Oldest & The Largest Democracies: Tweet by daughter of Ilhan Omar asking “comrades” to bring hockey sticks to protest site

Leftist Liberal Politicians like Pelosi, Schumer are still worried for the “dishonor” treatment to the Antifa Terrorists.

This looks exactly similar to what happened in India wherein Muslim Politicians boasted of over throwing the Indian Constitution and replace it with one that suits Muslims. But the Leftist Liberal Media accused India of Islamophobia.

Attempts by Leftist, Liberals, Islamist Radicals, Soros, China Pakistan to bring India to a standstill for almost a year

Now look at the same in Largest Democracy in the world with 1.3 Billion people. Since last one year India has been brought to a stand still by continuous rioting in the name of protests. Rioters could be seen throwing stones at Police, damaging public property, even an Indian Intelligence Officer was killed, Islamist Radical Politician made his house a war zone and threw petrol bombs on Hindus, claimed lives of 53 people and injured over 500 in New Delhi alone.

Rioters or you can call Terrorists pelting stone at Police officers. Watch this video!! Would you call them protests? Or was it planned to bring down the largest Democracy?

Islamist Radicals attacked and burnt a Police station. Was it part of protests or planned to bring down India? USCIRF that has the members of US Democrats and George Soros Team members in the panel still accused India of Islamphobia. They are now doing the same against the USA by creating a wide divide between the blacks and the whites. Those who speak against the Rioters and the Arsonists or Antifa Terrorists are named as Anti-Black or Racists.

Was these burning of public property called protests?

Whom did innocent school children impact? The rioters and the Radical Terrorists even attacked a school bus in Delhi. Oh wait!! USCIRF accused India of Islamophobia?

This was the height of Protests. Illegal Bangaladeshi infiltrators and Rohingya Terrorists tried to derail trains and kill as many Hindus as possible. But Leftist Liberal Soros and China supported media accused India of Islamophobia.

It was seen in New Delhi that the students of some Universities that have high number of students enrolled for the courses on socialism, communism were the front runners in the execution of riots all over the country. Who was giving them directions? Only a Narco Test can reveal the truth. We covered about one such university in our previous article Students of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) Protesting: How Do They Have So Much Time for Protests?

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)

We covered about the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom USCIRF, the constitution of its Panel, its members and how it gave an adverse report against India and how it was widely condemned across India in our previous article USCIRF Report Receives The Flak: Attempt To Derail US-India Relations

Looking at the entire picture with a 360 degree view, you can assertively say that Soros team played a role in creating hatred in Indian public for the US by publishing an adverse report by a panel that constituted of Democrats and the Soros team mates.

This is the reaction of some of the Indians that are now lashing out at USCIRF. Was this reaction not expected when India was accused continuously of Islamophobia?

Points to Ponder

Did Soros Knew that US would go through riots on similar lines as that in India? Was the Leftist Liberal Media in the US used to spread hatred in Indian Public against the US by continuously accusing India of Islamophobia while hiding the killings of Hindus by the Muslims? Did the USCIRF report was the final nail to create a divide between Indian Public and the US? US Public would never know what is the truth, thanks to the continuous Fake Propaganda by Fake News Media of the likes of New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, CNN and others?

US Intelligence Agencies should work with Indian Intelligence Agencies and check the massive riots orchestrated in India on one issue or the other that paralyzed entire India for a year. The Riots in India were planned, organized by the external Leftist, Liberal, Radical Islamist forces. Many pointers are pointing towards China, Pakistan and George Soros behind such a large level of Riots.

China had threatened to retaliate against the US, Soros had vowed to bring US to its knees, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Pakistan are working towards breaking the US, the roots of the current riots will be found only

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