Chinese Communist CCP Flooding China To Save Three Gorges Dam.

Chinese Communist CCP is Flooding China. Only to save the big ticket Hydro power project known as the Three Gorges Dam that was launched to claim the record of one of the largest Dams in the world.

On One hand China wants to show aggression against its neighbors. China has created a War-Like situation on its eastern border with India and Nepal where China is doing the salami slicing and occupying territories of India and Nepal inch by Inch and on the other hand Nature is punishing China for the blunders China has committed against the Nature.

Chinese Communist CCP Flooding China To Save Three Gorges Dam.
Chinese Communist CCP Flooding China To Save Three Gorges Dam.

China is facing one of its largest floods in history almost one-fourth of the country is now suffering from floods caused by severe and ongoing rainstorms.

Chinese Communist CCP Flooding China To Save Three Gorges Dam: Destruction Caused by the Flooding in China

In southern China, regional rainstorms and mudslides that began on June 1 have uprooted more than 7,300 houses and affected nearly eight million people. The immediate economic loss is estimated at 20.6 billion RMB (US$2.9 billion) by local officials.

The nonstop downpours have also raised the Chinese public’s concerns over the potential bursting of the world’s biggest hydro power project. Despite government assurances that the dam is structurally sound, Experts have taken an opposing view and claimed that the facility is not as stable as many have been led to believe.

Chinese Communist CCP Flooding China To Save Three Gorges Dam: Destruction Caused by the Flooding in China

Photos of disasters across the country are appearing on social media that makes people wonder again could the Three Gorges Dam one of the largest dams in the world hold up to this challenge? on June 22nd the China Observatory issued a warning that the heaviest rainfall since the flood season began would occur from June 22nd to 25.

Chang Ching Qi Jung a city in Szechuan province just experienced its biggest flood since 1940. The water levels there had exceeded the safety level by four meters on average. At least 40,000 residents have evacuated. The ongoing rainstorm has brought suffering to at least six provinces in southern China. China has more than 87,000 dams. On one of the world’s largest dam, the Three Gorges Dam, since last week Chinese people posted videos and photos of mass mud and landslides claiming that several smaller dams had overflowed or collapsed already.

Map showing the area, the water would engulf if the Three Gorges Dam were to fail.
Map showing the area, the water would engulf if the Three Gorges Dam were to fail.

However, Chinese officials denied this and claimed that the dams were working fine. This is sickeningly similar to the situation Just before the 1975 dam collapse in which a total of 62 dams were washed away, inundating 30 cities and killing at least 250,000. At least 10.15 million people were affected because of the floods.

Related content concerning the crisis has been removed from China’s social media platforms. Three gorgeous damn once again become the focus of attention.

Chinese Communist CCP Flooding China To Save Three Gorges Dam: Destruction Caused by the Flooding in China

Beijing’s official media reported on June 21st that on the previous day the flow of the dam had increased to twenty six thousand five hundred cubic meters per second. when compared to the day before there is an increase of six thousand cubic meters per second the current water level in the reservoir is close to 147 meters, exceeding the flood control limit by nearly two meters. The only source of information for the dam is via China’s official channels as the area is under strict military control.

Former China water expert Dr. Wang Wei Luo said, “the CCP had claimed the purpose of the dam was to control flood but it’s real purpose was to generate electricity and to be able to claim the so-called world’s largest dam. In the beginning many Chinese scientists refused to support the project because they were worried about the feasibility of the flood control mechanism. However, they were suppressed by the CCP government and were silenced for years.”

When asked if the Three Gorges Dam could possibly collapse, Wang Wei Lua replied, “the risk is always there”.

China has the highest rate of dam collapse in the world. More than double the world average. Because of three reasons dam design errors, engineering quality and operational errors.

He said the government had kept a low profile but no matter there is an immediate risk or not. Chinese people have the right to know the truth and the words from scientists should not be hidden or suppressed.

According to gist calculations, if the three gorges dam collapses or floods at 100% capacity, the flood will reach EE Chun in half an hour. The water and heat song will flow at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour for at least 4 hours each or will be submerged under 20 meters of water. The loss of human life in each song alone will be 500,000. The peak of the flood will reach Wuhan within ten hours and Anjing within a day. It is still too early to predict how many casualties could be caused.

Some opinions also noted that the world is calling for the investigation on the origin of the Chinese Wuhan Covid-19 pandemic and many evidence points to Wuhan.

Australian Prime Minister said, “An investigation of how this happened to the world out of common sense and I think in Australia’s national interests,”

However, if the three gorges dam collapses or floods at full capacity Wuhan where the P4 Laboratory locates will be flooded and critical evidence could be destroyed. In 2014 Chinese media reported that over the past 20 years Chinese people had handed over approximately 63 billion US dollars to the Three Gorges Dam. At least 16 million people have been displaced from their hometowns and 10 million of them are living in poverty.

If Wuhan gets flooded, critical evidence could be destroyed by the Chinese Communist CCP
If Wuhan gets flooded, critical evidence could be destroyed by the Chinese Communist CCP

In terms of River ecology the free-flowing waterways have been cut off. Plants have died. Fish cannot migrate and reproduce and many cherished species have been lost including many indigenous species, despite huge costs.

According to an official report the amount of concrete port and the amount of steel frame used in the main body of the dam is about one thousand cubic meters – only 16.5 five kilograms of steel which is equivalent to inserting 80 pairs of chopsticks per cubic meter of concrete, far from the standards expected for such a large project.

Huang Manley former professor of the Department of Water Resources of Ching hua university warned in 1957 about the potential disaster if the dam was built. However, Huang was persecuted in the Cultural Revolution and was sent to the dam site to dig toilets. In 1992 Wang wrote again to Jiang Zemin, then general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, three times saying the Yangtze River is one of the largest rivers in the world and the largest reservoir in China and that the government has organized this project which will be a calamity to the nation and the people. If it is built it will eventually be forced to blow up it. Turned out that Wang Wang Li was right.

In 2005 one and a half years after the dam was completed problems such as heavy siltation in the reservoir and alkalinization of soil salts gradually emerged. In fact on June 11th China’s Ministry of Water Resources held a press conference. Vice Minister Yi Jian Chen put forward the three fears which were the historical flooding, the quality of the dam and the potential of mass landslides. He also said that the existing projects can protect against the floods since the founding of the country, but the risk of the super flooding is beyond level. This is the first time that China’s official Department admitted the uncertainty of the dams capability.

What Chinese people fear is not only the dam failure. In 1975 Anong province was hit by typhoon Nina and the aftermath was the collapse of 62 dams including the largest poncho dam. Most of the dams that collapsed in this disaster were built with the help of the Soviet Union or during the Chinese Great Leap Forward movement. The dam collapsed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. No resources or measures were taken to control the floods or rescue people after the disaster. The Communist Party of China and the Chinese government remained silent to the public while no media were allowed to make reports. The official documents of this disaster were considered a state secret until 2005, when they were Declassified. And overseas scientists estimated eighty five thousand six hundred to two hundred forty thousand casualties were caused by the dam failure. While the CCP government claimed only 26 thousand people were deceased.

More Experts are questioning the Chinese Projects

A notable Chinese hydrologist Wang Weiluo (王維洛) has questioned the safety of the massive Three Gorges Dam, warning that it could collapse at any moment.

Wang pointed out that the dam’s design, construction, and quality inspection were all carried out by the same group of people and that the project was finished too quickly. He said that even Chinese Vice Minister of Water Resources Ye Jianchun (葉建春) confessed at a June 10 press conference that water levels of at least 148 rivers in the country have risen above warning thresholds, which proves that the Three Gorges Dam has a limited effect on flood control.

Rather than commenting on the validity of the images showing the dam’s warping a year ago, Wang said a more serious concern is the cracks and substandard concrete discovered during its construction. He said a failure of the dam would have catastrophic consequences for individuals residing in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and that they should prepare for evacuation as soon as possible.

The Chinese water expert also criticized the Chinese government and state media for refusing to acknowledge the potential danger of the reservoir. He said that scientists who have spoken the truth have been criminalized by Beijing, resulting in a society with no communication.

People are questioning China.

One Social Media user questioned China and asked, “with 40% of China under water and Three Gorges about to burst, how long do you suppose, before the Han Video Gamers on Indian Border will be summoned back to fight floods? Or are you saying they will flee to Ngari to escape floods?

Another Social Media user questioned, “Will the International community lift the veil over the shining images of development in China and show how poor quality projects Chinese execute that can put the people in danger in every country where they execute similar projects?”

He further questioned, “Will governments of the countries that are giving strategic infrastructure projects to the Chinese companies wake up to the reality of fraud, deceit in every Chinese Project and Boycott the Chinese?”

Another Twitter user tweeted, “Finally, China becomes a real Communist country – a stateless and classless country (only when natural disaster comes). Communists in the West, please come China, I will pay you a drink (of flooding water).”

Points to Ponder

As the whole world focus is now on Bio-Terrorist China that has spread Chinese Wuhan Corona Virus in the entire world, more cans of worm are being opened. A big question is raised to the dam design errors, engineering quality, operational errors, inferior quality of material used to cut the costs and insensitivity to the environment. Are the other countries watching that wants Chinese to execute similar shining multi-million-billion dollar projects?

As the experts have raised apprehensions of Wuhan getting flooded, is it CCP conspiracy to flood Wuhan and finally get rid of all the Wuhan Virus related evidences? Or is it Communist CCP to defend the Three Gorges Dam that was launched with much fan fare only to get a place in the Guinness Book of world records for the longest dam in the world even though it may turn out to be the environmental disaster? Is it the insensitivity towards people and their properties that are flooded?

Take a moment and ponder over these questions as well:-

1. If Three Gorges Dam collapses, what is the plan China has got? Going by the fact that China is threatening people sharing information over the floods, how prepared is the country over the impact to the areas downstream, including the Megapolis of Shanghai?

2. Even if the dam survived this year, what plans have China got to fix the issue before the next year’s flood season?

3. The stability of Three Gorges Dam raises serious concerns over a similar dam proposed over Yarlung Tsangpo or Brahmaputra. Will China re-look into its plan taking lessons from the potential failure of Three Gorges Dam?

4. Does it still make sense for China to have an offensive posture on Indian border? With the supplies from mainland China cutoff due to floods and the eventual need of massive relief effort means that units from Ladakh will either be forced to fend for themselves with no supplied coming or recalled to China to be a part of the relief effort.

Whatever the results, one thing is very clear. “For the Communist CCP, Human Lives Do Not Matter.”

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