Global Terrorist Recruiting Country Turkey Now Recruiting Terrorists to be sent to Ukraine to Fight Russia

Global terrorist recruiting country Turkey is recruiting Terrorists from Syria, Artsakh, Libya for their further forwarding to southeastern Ukraine.

According to sources, after negotiations between representatives of the armed forces of Turkey and Ukraine, the Turkish intelligence began to actively recruit terrorists/mercenaries from the Syrian militants in the province of Idlib for their further forwarding to southeastern Ukraine. Clearly, global terrorist recruiting country Turkey’s actions are connected with the escalation in Donbass. It’s known that the terrorists conclude a contract for 6 months and will receive 3500$ monthly. Currently, the number of those wishing to take part in war in Ukraine is about 7000 people.

Global Terrorist Recruiting Country Turkey Now Recruiting Terrorists to be sent to Ukraine to Fight Russia
Global Terrorist Recruiting Country Turkey Now Recruiting Terrorists to be sent to Ukraine to Fight Russia

As per a report, According to sources from within the mercenaries of the occupation, the Turkish move came at the request of Ukraine, made by Ukrainian intelligence officers during their meeting with Turkish officers last week. Based on this meeting, Turkish intelligence decided to take a number of steps to stand by Ukraine.

A source close to the mercenaries confirmed to “Al-Nahar Al-Arabi” that after the Turkish instructions reached the mercenary leaders, the preparatory efforts accelerated in response to the Turkish orders.

He added that secret registration centers were opened to register the names of mercenaries wishing to go to Ukraine.

According to the sources, Ankara not only re-paid the mercenaries and issued its orders to prepare for any emergency on the Ukrainian front, but spread through intermediaries cooperating with it that the Ukrainian contract would be more attractive materially than the contracts signed to send mercenaries to the Libyan fronts and the Karabakh region in Azerbaijan.

According to information circulating among these mediators, the monthly amount of any mercenary who goes to Ukraine may reach 4,000 dollars, and that the expected mission of these will be the deployment and fighting on the Ukrainian border, which is threatened by being nibbled by Russian forces.

The sources revealed that, given the importance and seriousness of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, work is underway to secure a first batch of mercenaries of no less than 7,000 mercenaries, to be on standby when the Turkish password received to send them to Ukraine if necessary.

Since the beginning of 2014, the Crimean peninsula has been witnessing a political crisis after the Russian armed forces extended their control over Crimea which has maximum Russian speaking population and held a referendum after which it annexed the peninsula to the Russian Federation. However Ukraine and its friendly countries considered as an occupation and an encroachment on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ukraine is one of the main points of contention that continues to disturb the course of the Russian-Turkish partnership.

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As per another report, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is interested in the conflict in Donbas because he wants to repeat exactly the same scenario as with Azerbaijan. After subduing the military leadership in Baku, he then placed his own men in key positions.

Erdogan wants to repeat the same in Ukraine, while he intends to use Tatars and jihadists in eastern Ukraine.

“Syrian National Army mercenaries have mobilized to fight in Ukraine as tensions escalate with Russia,” Syrian and Kurdish sources said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has revealed that the Turkish intelligence service has instructed the leaders of the so-called “National Army” mercenaries in Syria to prepare for the possibility of sending them to Ukraine in the event of escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

According to mercenary sources, the Turkish move was made at the request of Ukraine, which was made by Ukrainian intelligence officers during their meeting with Turkish officials last week. Based on this meeting, the Turkish intelligence service decided to take some steps to stand by Ukraine.

According to information circulating among these ombudsmen, the monthly amount of each mercenary going to Ukraine can reach $ 4,000 and that their mission will be to develop and conduct military operations on the border with Ukraine.

Sources revealed that given the importance and seriousness of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, work is underway to secure a first batch of at least 7,000 mercenaries on standby so that global terrorist recruiting country Turkey can send them to Ukraine as soon as possible.

It is clear from the above that Turkey wants to involve Syrian terrorists in Ukraine. The reason is simple, it will “sell” an expedition to Ukraine, NATO and especially to the USA, in order to extort money, without paying a blood tax itself if hostilities with Russia and pro-Russian guerrillas begin.

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The Turkish involvement will mainly consist of sending terrorists/mercenaries, drones, MIT agents, intelligence equipment and, if necessary, other military equipment. But in no case will Turkey “openly” send its military personnel and I say openly, since it is considered certain that among the Syrian mercenaries will definitely be outside the MIT agents and men of the Special Forces of the Turkish General Staff, Bordo Bereli, who operational under the Deputy Chief of General Staff.

However, Turkey, as wise people say, “scratches itself in the mouth of the shepherd”, which are the powerful Russian Armed Forces, which have nothing to do with Syria, Libya, Nagorno-Karabakh. The terrorists/ mercenaries know this and that is the reason why the monthly salaries of the Turkish mercenaries, which depending on their duties and hierarchy used to range from $ 500-1,000, have now risen to $ 4,000 for Ukraine.

Regarding our country, we should seriously consider this “new way of conducting operations” adopted by Turkey, which as a ground force does not widely use its own units, except Bordo Bereli, Special Forces Army and Gendarmerie, electronic means such as Koral, while carrying out precision stand-off strikes by the Air Force and its artillery, with tanks and TOMB-TOMA securing the area previously occupied by mercenaries and Turkish commandos who have been given TOMP-TOMA-tanks.

The above minimizes the loss of human resources of the Turkish Armed Forces to conscripted hoplites, since the “dirty work” of close land engagement with the enemy is done by Syrian mercenaries and Turkish commandos who are fully professional soldiers.

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Consequently, the impact of military operations losses on domestic public opinion in Turkey is negligible, as the number of terrorists/mercenaries killed is much higher than that of professional Turkish commandos.

The military experience gained by the Turkish army, even in the above way of conducting operations, is very useful, since they thus acquire knowledge of what is right and what is wrong on a modern battlefield.

If no action is taken by the International community, the lesson Turkey is sending to the world is that, “The institution of Terrorists or mercenaries is something that could possibly be adopted by our country in order to gain combat experience on modern battlefields that is lacking.”

Turkey Sending Terrorists to Other Countries violates International Law

There are hundreds of Syrian Terrorists in Nagorno-Karabakh, much closer to eastern Ukraine, who are hungry and ready to do anything. In fact, these Syrian mercenaries who were deployed in Artsakh, complain that they have not yet received their salaries.

One of those who speaks on video was recognized by experts as a Terrorist of the famous Terrorist organization “Abo Amsha” and we are talking about a famous pro-Turkish warlord.

The scenario in this case would be an immediate transfer of all these Syrian mercenaries who are on Azeri soil in Ukraine, to receive their salaries from the Ukrainian president and not from Ankara who will save their salaries.

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Turkey, involving mercenaries in the war in Nagorno Karabakh, violated international law. Thirty-three members of the Swiss Federal Council sent a letter in which they called on the country’s government to put pressure on Turkey in connection with the facts of gross violations of human rights in Armenia, Syria, Libya and Iraq. The MPs called on the government to postpone signing a new free trade agreement with Turkey until the country complies with the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights.

Armenian Foreign Minister Ara Ayvazyan gave an interview to the Saudi websites Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadat in March 2021, in which he noted that Turkey plays a destabilizing role in the region. “Turkey is the country that pushed Azerbaijan to start a war against us. Turkey sent mercenaries to Azerbaijan, and the international community knows about it,” he said, stressing that all mercenaries should leave Karabakh, but Turkey sends contradictory messages.

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Russia Declared Economic War on Turkey

Russia has closed Turkey as a destination for its tourists after Ukraine’s Zelensky came into common terms with the Dictator Erdogan.

A few days ago, the state consumer service Rospotrebnadzor and the Russian official Anna Popova, warned the Russian citizens not to travel to Turkey … especially this summer, due to … coronavirus, while it is known that the hot months rapidly drop the contagion of this disease.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor, Anna Popova, spoke about the very bad epidemiological situation in Turkey due to the coronavirus. This is the official excuse. The Russians are upset with Turkey’s stance on Ukraine and have launched an economic “war” in Ankara.

Russian Duma member Mikhail Seremet has advised the Turkish president to moderate his desire for Crimea. ” Given Erdogan’s aggressive rhetoric, I think we should urge our citizens not to travel to Turkey, as no one can guarantee their safety there,” he said.

Then the Russian media make suggestions to the citizens, which country to choose. “Russians who have booked trips for next month will have to reconsider their holiday plans. Turkey is no longer a holiday destination.”

Russian tourists will have to choose another country for their vacation. A first choice is Egypt. A more expensive but alternative is a holiday in the UAE. Cyprus is also a good choice. There are also more expensive destinations such as Tanzania, Maldives, Seychelles and Sri Lanka. All other resorts popular with Russians will open in mid-May. Greece and Tunisia are waiting for Russian tourists.

This is obviously Putin’s order, as he wants to send a strong message to Erdogan.

A commentator said, “it is worthy to note that the last time Turkey sent it’s mercenaries to that area led to Russian Conquest of Crimean Khanate. Let’s just hope Russia doesn’t gift Kars to Armenia for Turkey meddling into Russia’s internal affairs.”

Points to Ponder

Doesn’t this expose the hypocrisy of United States and European Union and other countries that continue to cooperate and do business with the global terrorist recruiting country Turkey?

As long as the Terrorists are used by global terrorist recruiting country Turkey against US/European enemy countries, they are considered good terrorists and Turkey will get a free pass to attack other countries using hired terrorists?

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