Erdogan's Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream

In last couple of Decades we have heard of Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream. Will it be successful? If it is successful, it means many countries may see toppling of their governments backed by Turkey. Big Question is who is Financing the Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream?

Erdogan's Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream
Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream

Turkish Economy is the most vulnerable among all the big economies of the world. It’s a known and proven fact. But, in the last one week, we have seen Turkey unleashing waves and waves of refugees on Greek Border, smuggle weapons into Libya and even conduct air raids there, and block supply of water to vast swathes of Syria in the name of fight against Chinese Virus COVID-19. Clearly, Turkish Economy is not capable of waging a multi-pronged war like this, even though Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman imperialistic agenda always dreamt of that. A proof of this comes from the utter mishandling of Chinese Virus COVID-19 crisis in Turkey. Journalists are arrested for “misreporting”, people arrested for “spreading rumors” and rumors of people dying but not acknowledged by the government.

Erdogan's Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream
Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream

Neo-Ottomanism (Turkish: Yeni Osmanlıcılık) is a Turkish political ideology that, in its broadest sense, promotes greater political engagement of the Republic of Turkey within regions formerly under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, the predecessor state that covered among others, the territory of modern Turkey also.

The Ottoman Empire was an influential global power which, at its peak, controlled the Balkans, most of the modern-day Middle East, most of coastal North Africa (at least nominally), and the Caucasus. Neo-Ottomanist foreign policy encourages increased engagement in these regions as part of Turkey’s growing regional influence. This foreign policy contributed to an improvement in Turkey’s relations with its neighbors, particularly with Iraq, Iran and Syria.

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In all our previous articles, we tried to bring forward how Turkey has asserted its influence in all its neighboring countries on its path to resurrect Neo-Ottoman empire. Be it Cyprus, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Qatar and lately Europe, the influence of Turkey to establish itself as leader of Muslim Ummah is every increasing.

Turkey is supporting GNA govt in Libya and killing LNA forces including the civilians by continuous Air Raids.

Turkey is killing Kurds and Muslims in Syria. Recently Turkey has disconnected water supply in Syria on the pretext of preventing Corona Virus spread, but this is a conspiracy to starve syrians of water and food and kill them before even Chinese Corona Virus reaches in war ravaged country.

Turkey has joined hands with Iran and after the death of Solemani, has provided leadership to all the Hezbollah, Houthi, Muslim Brotherhood and all other Terrorist Organizations that Iran used to support. Due to sanctions on Iran, Turkey has increased its spheare of Influence in Iran as well and the Death of Soleimani was the best gateway to Iran.

Pakistanis consider Turkey as their forefathers. They are asking Turkey to validate that Pakistanis are the rape children of Turkish Invaders and Turkey will accept them as their foster Children and give dual citizenship to Pakistanis. In turn Pakistan is also walking on the same footsteps of Turkey by killing more and more Muslims. We already know that Pakistan has already committed Genocide of Millions of Baloch, Mohajir, Sindhi, Pashtun, Hazara, Ahamadiya Muslims. And this Genocide of Muslims by Pakistan Army continues as we write.

A person we spoke with said, “Turkey has killed the most number of Muslims than any one else. Turkey is not the leader of the Muslim Ummah, but the Killer of Muslims. It is surprising that some of our Muslim Brothers are financing this Killer of Muslims.”

People compare Erdogan with Blood Sucking Vampire who has killed more Muslims than anyone else
People compare Erdogan with Blood Sucking Vampire who has killed more Muslims than anyone else

Who is financing Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream ?Turkey as we know is not doing good economically and we discussed that in details in our previous articles mentioned above. Where is all the money for all these Military Imperialism, financing of Terrorists and arming them with ammunition coming?

Answer to all the above questions is Qatar.

Relations of Turkey with Qatar during the Ottoman period

Beginning in the late 19th century, the Ottoman Empire started campaigning to incorporate the provinces of Eastern Arabia into their empire. After establishing themselves on al-Hasa coast, they advanced towards Qatar, which had come to serve as a base of operations for Bedouins who opposed Ottoman rule. In 1871, in an attempt to secure a landing for Ottoman troops, they sent an envoy bearing an Ottoman flag to the proclaimed ruler of the Qatari Peninsula, Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani. He accepted and flew the flag, and by December of that year had authorised the Ottomans to send military equipment and 100 troops to Al Bidda. In January 1872, Qatar was formally incorporated into the Ottoman Empire as a province in Najd with Al Thani being appointed its kaymakam (sub-governor). Most Qataris were allowed to retain their previous positions in the new administration. The arrival of the Ottomans came three years after the end of the Qatari–Bahraini War.

In 1890, the Ottomans attempted to further consolidate their influence over Qatar by imposing numerous administrative reforms, increasing taxes and stationing additional troops in their garrison at Al Bidda. This eventually led Jassim Al Thani to rebel against the Ottomans, who he believed were seeking to usurp control of the peninsula. He resigned as kaymakam and stopped paying taxes in August 1892. This, along with the March 1893 imprisonment of more than a dozen members of Qatari tribal leaders by the governor of Basra, Mehmed Hafiz Pasha, culminated in the Battle of Al Wajbah. After the Qataris defeated the Ottomans in that battle, Sultan Abdul Hamid II granted Jassim Al Thani a full pardon.

After the Young Turks assumed power in the Ottoman Empire in 1908, they declared they were renouncing their claims on Qatar on 29 July 1913. The last of the Ottoman troops in Qatar peacefully evacuated in August 1915. This move was seen as an attempt of currying the United Kingdom’s favor.

Political Cooperation

In the 1980s, the two nations began signing bilateral agreements with one another. Bilateral relations gained further traction in the 2000s with the signing of several additional agreements. Their coordination in regional politics, particularly in the Syrian Civil War and the Egyptian Crisis has led their relation to be described as an alliance. Both countries have rejected the designation of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist entities.

While commenting on the turmoil in the Middle East during a joint press conference held with Qatar in December 2014, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that “together with Qatar, we always side with oppressed people around the world”. Both countries have several common regional threat-perception, patronize the same regional non-state actors (including in Syria) and share similar agendas in Syria, Libya, Egypt and elsewhere.

Qatar and Turkey’s alliance have translated into closer cooperation in international organizations such as the UN and OIC. It was announced that Turkey and Qatar agreed to establish a cooperation council called ‘High-level Strategic Cooperation Council’ on 19 January 2015. This decision was revealed after a meeting between the countries’ foreign ministers Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu and Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah concerning the recent mutual diplomatic shifts away from Egypt since Abdel Fattah el-Sisi rose to power in 2014. The first meeting of the council took place in Doha that December, during a visit by President Erdoğan.

Following Turkish air strikes conducted in August 2015 over fighters of the PKK group in north Iraq, the Arab League released a statement denouncing Turkey’s actions. However, Qatar, a member of the organization, dissociated itself from this position, and instead proclaimed its support for Turkey.


Qatar and Turkey share similar positions on the Syrian Civil War. The two formed a single bloc in the Civil War and supported the same rebel groups. One prominent opposition group funded by both Turkey and Qatar is the pro-Islamist Syrian National Council.


Turkey and Qatar both backed the pro-Islamist General National Congress in Libya. In January 2015, a Libyan army official accused Turkey and Qatar of funneling arms to Islamist political factions in Libya via Sudan.

Muslim Brotherhood factor

Both Qatar and Turkey overtly provides region-wide support for Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood’s web of network in the region is something Qatar is using to project its influence internationally and compete with other regional players, while Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (otherwise known as AK Party) promotes a mix of democracy and Islam like that of the Brotherhood. In 2014, when Doha asked several Brotherhood exiles to leave Qatar due to the pressure from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States, Turkey decided to host these exiles.

Similarities between Hitler and Erogan reflected in Erdogan's Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream
Similarities between Hitler and Erogan reflected in Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream

Turkish Troops in Qatar

Currently, there are more than 5,000 Turkish soldiers in Qatar. The number of Turkish troops in Qatar could rise further in the future. Turkey’s ambassador to Qatar Fikret Özer confirmed in February 2018 that Turkish air and naval troops will eventually be stationed in Qatar after the necessary infrastructure is built, however, no date were given. At the Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (DIMDEX) held in March 2018, both countries signed an agreement that would allow Turkey to construct a naval base in the north of Qatar which would include a training facility.

2018 Turkish currency and debt crisis

During the 2018 Turkish currency and debt crisis, in mid-August Qatar pledged $15 billion worth of direct investments into Turkey. A few days after announcing this, Qatar’s Central Bank signed an agreement with the Turkish Central Bank for a $3 billion currency swap. Officials involved with the deal have stated it will drastically improve bilateral trade. Some analysts have cited Qatar’s financial assistance to Turkey as a good example of the consistent advancement of bilateral relations in recent years. Another view is that Qatar is attempting to repay Turkey for its loyalty and military assistance during the Qatar diplomatic crisis.

Similarities between Hitler and Erogan reflected in Erdogan's Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream
Similarities between Hitler and Erogan reflected in Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream

In the midst of all the above, we came across an article Erdogan tightens his grip on Qatar written by Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Thani who is a member of the Qatari ruling family. That explains how Qatar has become a de facto colony of Turkey. Turkey has its Army are present all over Qatar, its police in every street. Turkey is venting out its frustration of Russian President Vladimir Putin for keeping Turkish Delegation standing, on the Qatar Royal family. Does Qatar has no Arab pride left and it is acting like a slave to Turkey? or Does Turkey have held the sparrow by its neck and keep tightening its grip to squeeze more funds for its Imperialism? We are reproducing it for our readers reference. Readers can decide what should be done.

I greatly admired the Russian president’s smart move when receiving Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Kremlin. Surrounding the Turkish president and his delegation were a number of imposing statues depicting Russian victories over the Turks, so that Erdogan would not forget his natural status or exceed his limits.

We see irony at its highest with Erdogan’s entering Qatar as if he were its leader, marginalizing its emir and treating him like one of his followers. The Turkish president was keen to show his power to all media outlets so as to confirm his authority over Qatar, treating it like one of his provinces. He deliberately insulted the Qataris, subjecting them to the same treatment as had been inflicted on him by Putin as if to compensate for the humiliation the Russian had put him through.

Every time Erdogan visits Qatar or summons the emirs of Qatar, I am overwhelmed by a wave of grief, because he treats the Qataris not as his partners and friends, but as if he were their master and they his followers. I have experienced this bitterness first-hand 15 times — the number of summits between Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani and Erdogan. Each one of the 15 summits has been worse than the one before, as the Turkish president showcases his dominance. He does this in the way he treats Qatar or taxes Qatar to pay for all his losses, compensating for the currency collapses, covering the expenses of his invasions of northern Syria, paying to strengthen his presence in Libya, financing his base in Somalia, buying all his unsalable goods, and contracting with his companies to carry out small and secondary projects for huge sums.

What is more, he has planted his troops and weapons on every inch of Qatari territory, allowed himself to carry out intelligence operations inside the country and used its territory to test his weapons. The streets of our beloved Doha have turned into playgrounds for Turkish soldiers — and soon for Turkish police officers — swaggering and strutting around with the arrogance of the colonizer, controlling the movements of the unfortunate citizens, most of whom avoid contact with them. The honorable ones have chosen to remain in their homes and neighborhoods so as not to be morally or physically humiliated, especially if they are not fluent in Turkish, which has become a necessity of life unless Qatar is saved from this colonization.

The humiliation reaches its height when news about Qatar, its decisions and the visit of its emir, are broadcast by the Turkish Anadolu Agency in the form of directives or orders which draw attention to the fact that Qatar’s decisions are being made by Ankara.

How can Erdogan become a friend to the Arabs, if he is obsessed with memories of the Ottoman occupation of the Arab countries?

Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Thani

Any partnership is based on equality and common interests, which is lacking in Qatar’s relationship with Turkey. All the agreements signed between Qatar and Turkey give all the benefits to Turkey and only burden Qatar with obligations. The Turks have a historic contempt for the Arabs, so how can they suddenly befriend them? How can Erdogan become a friend to the Arabs, if he is obsessed with memories of the Ottoman occupation of the Arab countries? How can Erdogan become a friend when the bitterness of the great Battle of Al-Wajbah is still stifling his breath? How can Erdogan become a friend to Arabs when he knows only how to take and does not give, and when he does not respect anyone, and does not value unlimited Qatari support?

Like many Qataris, I wonder how the Qatari leadership accepted this humiliation and this strange dependency, handing over the reins of power to the Turks. We are all wondering: What fatuity is this? What has fate in store for us? Why do we put ourselves at the mercy of our executioners, opponents and haters who tortured and humiliated us in the days of their black colonization? What has become of our dignity to make us succumb to this anomaly? How can we entrust our enemy with our security?

To tighten Turkey’s grip on Qatar, one last thing must be done: To demolish Al-Wajbah Palace, delete this name from all curricula and programs, and then change the national day according to the Turkish mood. Anyone who thinks that Erdogan’s dominance has reached its peak is totally wrong, as he is becoming increasingly sinister with every morsel he swallows, asking for more. He will not stop until he is assured that Qatar has become Turkey’s first colony. It is only worthy of being a mere Ottoman state, one to be depleted of all of its resources and a foothold for Erdogan in the Gulf.

What I am most afraid of is the day when a Qatari asks about his homeland in Turkish (thank God I do not know Turkish and I do not like to hear the language).

All the Qataris I have talked to share the same concern and the same anger, as we see our pure land tainted with Turkish impressions until it has almost lost its features, invaded by the Turkish language until it has almost lost its identity.

Brothers and sisters, the holy month of Ramadan is approaching, the month during which we won the Battle of Al-Wajbah in a glorious victory, expelling the Ottomans and defeating the Ottoman governor of Basra who sought to humiliate Qatar.

We are the descendants and offspring of those great people, infused with the pride and dignity of our ancestors who never succumbed to humiliation and disgrace. May Qatar return to its identity and glory, with tribes and families who love and respect each other and appreciate their historic partnership in protecting this beloved entity and act as a guarantee for our children and grandchildren.

Qatar is an authentic Arab country and it will never be Turkish, no matter what happens. The so-called Tarek bin Ziyad colonial base will remember the story of the Ottoman governor and reenact what happened to him, for chivalry does not change and brave and noble people do not succumb — they will show that we are symbols of bravery and magnanimity.

  • Fahad bin Abdullah Al-Thani is a member of the Qatari ruling family.

Points to Ponder

Turkey is the Biggest Killer of Muslims. There is an infighting between the Islamic world. Some countries are promoting a Killer of Muslims (Turkey) to be a Leader of Muslim Ummah. If we look at the map of the former Ottoman Empire and the present Neo-Ottoman Empire that Turkey wants to establish by 2050, The only obstacle remaining in its path is Saudi Arabia.

Erdogan's Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream by 2050
Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire dream by 2050

As we all know Saudi Arabia is continuously attacked by Houthi and other Terrorists supported by Iran and Turkey. 30 Years is a very long time and the current semantics can change. If Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Qatar all fall under the influence of Erdogan’s Imprerialist Neo-Ottoman Empire, it is not far that a coordinated attack by different Terrorist Organizations supported by Iran, Turkey and other countries in the region may run over Saudi Arabia.

Another question needs to be asked to Saudi Arabia. Who is guarding Saudi Arabia? What are the hired Pakistani Army Militias doing in Saudi Arabia? Pakistan Army has the history of surrendering when the time comes. Recently Houthis in Yeman claimed that thousands of troops including Pakistani soldiers led of former Pakistan Army chief Raheel Sharif led IMCTC forces had surrendered. We know Pakistan is a puppet of Turkey. What if there is a coordinated attack on Saudi led by Turkey and Iran? What if Pakistani Troops switch side in the decisive battle and open gates to Turkey and Iran led forces to walk over Saudi Arabia? That will complete Erdogan’s Imperialist Neo-Ottoman Empire.

In our previous article Largest Drone Attack Against Saudi Oil Facilities Of Aramco We reported how a coordinated drone attack on Saudi Refineries halted the production from those refineries.

If this coordinated attack grows from all sides encircling Saudi Arabia, the US provided Patriot Missile System will not be able to shield Saudi Arabia from all the sides of its border from all the directions. It is time that Saudi Arabia assumes leadership of Muslim world and declare Turkey as a Killer of Muslims and press upon US and allies to expel Turkey from NATO and help in cutting the Imperialist flight of Neo-Ottoman ambitions of Erdogan.

Will the Muslim World unite and eliminate the Killers of Muslims like Turkey, Iran and Pakistan?

Only Solution we see is toppling of Radical government in Iran and replacing it with a Democratic government. Pakistan be dismantled and smaller new less radical Nations of Balochistan, Sindhu Mahadesh, Pashtunistan be formed. Afghanistan be helped to get rid of Taliban Terrorists. Cyprus be helped by NATO allies to get freedom from Turkey. Saudi led alliance help Kurds and Muslims of Syria from the attacks by Turkey. Saudi Leadership help Haftar’s LNA in Libya that is fighting ruling GNA that is backed by Turkey Army and Armament. Enforce strict guidelines against use of Arms by Terrorists to malign the name of Islam.

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