Why Does Regressive Left hate Trump's 'Make America Great Again?'

Why Does Regressive Left hate Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again?’ Left is systematically destroying the American way of life.

I recently came across a music video that is being used today as a message in support of the so called protests going on in the US.

But first things first – Let’s be honest with ourselves, shall we and call these events for what they are. The fact is that these are no protests but plain and simple rioting and arson and mayhem. And people with no good intentions are using the situation as a pretext to indulge in looting, thuggery and a means to vent their frustration at life, their own shortcomings, etc. to beatup and harass the regular folk who won’t stand up to these bullies as they are scared and confused.

This video is a couple of years old and in it the singer is complaining about Trump, his policies and his administration. The singer repeatedly calls Trump a liar and manipulator and other things.

I’m all for freedom of expression and to the fullest extent of the philosophy. However, I have an issue here that needs to be addressed. The singer has all the freedom to say whatever she feels and thinks. That is her right and opinion. But when those words, that as per freedom of expression are supposed to be a private opinion, are used as propaganda to malign a person who is the best thing to have happened to the US in a long time, then it becomes a malicious campaign and needs to be exposed as such. Trump’s got his head straight, knows what he’s doing. More importantly knows what needs to be done and has the gumption to do it.

Why Does Regressive Left hate Trump's 'Make America Great Again?'
Why Does Regressive Left hate Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again?’

However, instead of being appreciated for all that he is doing he is facing criticism and backlash on almost all fronts by his opponents. And unfortunately for the people of US who have till now mostly been supportive of him are getting influenced and brainwashed against him. That could be disastrous for not only the US but the free democratic world as we know it.

So, why is this happening? Are the people of US so naïve and gullible? No, not at all.

What is happening is that the left, the so called liberals who are really either misguided or are acting on nefarious agendas of their own, the Islamist Radicals, George Soros & China in collision with the terror outfit AntiFa are using the opportunity provided by the death of George Floyd to further their own agendas. Anyone who knows anything about these people and organizations will know how diabolical their intentions are and how dubious and cunning their ways of working.

In the past few years, a change is occurring across the globe. People no longer blindly accept whatever is told to them or fed to them. In the past it was easier for the ill-intentioned people and organisations to further their agendas by duping and recruiting the naïve and the innocents by either playing into their vulnerabilities or merely convincing the dissatisfied that their ideology was better at resolving world problems. But the last couple of decades have not been kind to them. Starting with the demolition of the Berlin Wall, accession of the Eastern European Satellites from USSR, and the complete & absolute disenchantment from the communist ideals across the globe. Today communist ideology is universally considered to be an abject failure. Even Russia has abandoned most of the principles.

Unfortunately, the sensible people with common sense who are unwilling to blindly toe the line anymore, are beginning to raise doubts and question the narrative of the agenda. People are falsely being termed as Right Wingers. And a negative campaign is being carried out to create a negative image of these free-thinking logical people with common sense as they pose a huge threat to the designs and intentions of the aforementioned dubious. The free-thinking logical people with common sense can demolish any spin, any fake news, propaganda that’s created or generated by the dubious. So, label them as Radical Far Right, Right Winger so that the common person starts becoming weary of them and distances him/herself from them.

The free-thinking logical people with common sense don’t have any agenda to follow or promote. So, they don’t counter the false narrative of the dubious about themselves. Big mistake. If you want to be heard, If you want to make a difference, If you feel injustice is being done and you need to stand up against it then you need to be heard and to be able to connect to the common man.

The Left acting on nefarious agendas, the Islamist Radicals, George Soros, China and AntiFa each have plans and mal-intentions of their own. At the moment they work together for the sake of strength in numbers and better utilization of resources. But all of them appear to have come together to create chaos and wreak havoc across the USA right now.

How does rioting and looting and beating up innocents become a form of protest? How does it get you heard? What is happening is that the politicians and other figures of authority that are elected to office are scared of losing out on the votes of the rioters and looters. So, they are literally getting down on their knees to appease their potential voters. Though the number of the rioters is quite small compared to the total population of the US, they are still making the spineless politicians and others get on their knees. That’s because the celebs and other “prominent” people are coming out in support of the rioters. The politicians like the public seem to have short memories. As happened first with the Indian PM, Narendra Modi, where the so called intellectuals, the celebrities, the artists all were vociferously anti-Modi and left no stone un-turned to try and stop him from winning. No ruse was out of bounds, no trick too low to be used. Yet, people heard Modi and liked what he said and they believed in him. And he won by a decent healthy majority. Similarly when Trump was running for this first term there was very vocal an loud opposition from a lot of public figures, celebrities, sports people, etc. to the extent that the perception across the world was that he would not win. Yet he did. And he did so because he resonated with the common Joe in America. He minced no words in stating the vision that he had for America and how he was going to go about achieving it and the people mostly liked what they heard and thus put him in the oval office. And now, the same thing is happening. And again the mindless and the spineless are getting duped and falling for the false narrative. As they know the left, liberals, Islamic radicals, & other anti-establishment people cast their votes en masse but the vote of the free-thinking logical can go either way. Also they’re not sure who will vote which way. So they try to ensure the votes that they can. However ill desired they might be.

This issue can be very easily remedied. All that has to happen is that people need to vote and not abstain. And the free-thinkers and others need to make their reasons for casting their votes know. If all free-thinker and those that do not support the concept of rioting and looting and beating up innocent civilians to create a sense of fear and chaos in the country come together and say we will certainly never vote for anyone who has agreed with or given in or supported the rioters in any manner and the size and numbers of these people became know to all then these same politicians who are on their knees for the rioters and other criminals will stop doing so and be forced to do the right thing for a change.

The thing is most people are brought up with a decent sense of morals and ethics. They are told and taught since childhood to “Do unto others…”, that life is just and fair, if you do the right thing good things will happen to you and similar BS. But that’s just a load of lies.

Such concept & ideology is all good till a certain age in childhood, in the fairy tale listening age. But when children outgrow that stage, they need to be told the truth. That life is not fair, AT ALL! Shit happens. Deal with it and move on with life. People are prejudiced, biased, racists, etc. and if you try and shame them or oppose them, you might like to believe that you are on higher moral ground but in reality you are no better or different than the very ones you’re opposing and looking down on since you yourselves are practicing what you’re condemning. Atleast the people you are looking down upon are not hypocrites…!!

The frequent shooting incidents in schools, malls, etc. that are occurring in the US are partly due to this factor of the American society. Its is true for a large portion of Europe, specially where the people are giving more importance to tolerance, being liberal, etc. than to common sense, logic and basic reasoning, it is happening in certain parts of Asia too. In India there is this whole brigade that is working exclusively towards creating a false narrative that there is intolerance in India towards Muslims and its being written about, blogged, tweeted and spread across social media and other media. And this propaganda is very cleverly designed to meet the sensibilities of the afore mentioned category of people who believe in doing the right thing, have a strong moral sense, etc. The reality is very starkly different. It is these same people who shout intolerance, Islamophobia, communalism, castism, etc. who are in fact indulging in these practices. If a person faces any sort of injustice and if that person is a Muslim then so much hue & cry is raised about it. But if the same injustice is experienced by a non-Muslim then NO ONE will even talk about it. Even the news paper headline will be a person died. But if a Muslim were to die the headline would be “A Muslim Died”. And if victim is Muslim and the perpetrator(s) happened to be a Hindu the level of outrage on display would be astounding. One would never hear the end of it. Conversely if the victim is a non-Muslim and the perpetrators are Muslims then no one will be even willing to talk about it. And they talk of Islamophobia!

What has happened as a result of this tactic is that the average Joe has become weary of standing up against the injustices and atrocities being committed by these very people. The narrative they have created and quite successfully, I reluctantly admit, is that the sensible logical people have been labeled Right Wing Extremists. This combined with the upbringing and social conditioning of the common man makes him keep a distance from the free-thinking sensible logical people leaving him open for the leftist, liberals to influence him and if not openly support them then at least not oppose them outright. Which is more than enough for them to carry out their nefarious agenda without any check.

Trump is not falling for that. He knows what needs to be done and how to do it. And these leftists cannot allow for that to happen. So, they have managed to convince a lot of well-meaning but ultimately naïve people of prominence to support their opposition of Trump. Most of the times they have been smart enough not to come out and declare what they themselves stand for. They raise a ruckus about Trumps policies, his way of doing things, etc but do they ever say how they’d do things differently on clear cut concrete terms? No, they just make general statements that we will not do this or we will do that instead.
When appreciation of Trump’s handling of the covid crisis in the US started growing and he started talking about holding China accountable for this whole affair through various methods the CCP and the leftists & liberals started getting worried. They were looking for an opportunity to divert the public attention away from China. And what better way to do so than by creating mayhem in the whole country.

The reason why George Floyd died the way he died is yet to be investigated properly, to see if his death was mere overzealousness on the parts of the police officers or is there a much larger sinister conspiracy in play here. But that does not in any way reduce the import of the fact that this occurrence, this so very unfortunate occurrence, which normally would have shocked and jolted the nation into some sort of introspection followed by protests of outrage and calls for change in society, etc as had happened in such instances in the past.

George Floyd wasn’t the first black man to be killed in this manner, and given his criminal record he certainly wasn’t an “innocent”. So, the reaction that Is being witnessed in America and which has spilled over to several other parts of the world is grossly disproportionate.

So, what’s different this time? Well, this time Trump wasn’t about to begin his actions against China. And the dastardly leftists, liberals, Islamic radicalists, George Soros, China say this as a golden opportunity to further their nefarious agendas. And they employ the Terror outfit AntiFa to carry out their plan on the ground by paying people to create riots, inciting them to go loot and destroy public property and if some innocents get hurt or killed during all these that would just be the icing on the cake for these evil people.

If only the “well meaning” people of USA were made aware of these facts they would rise up as one against these anarchist terrorist forces. So, the propaganda machine goes into overdrive. The prominent people from within the safety of their homes, far from all this madness speak out on TV and social media how they are standing in support of these terrorists.

Yes, they are terrorists! The world has seen centuries of protests. Protests by their very definition are supposed to be nonviolent. As per the Oxford English Dictionary is:

1 A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.
1.1 An organized public demonstration expressing strong objection to an official policy or course of action.
2 Law
A written declaration, typically by a notary public, that a bill has been presented and payment or acceptance refused.
1 Express an objection to what someone has said or done.
1.1 Publicly demonstrate strong objection to an official policy or course of action.
2 Declare (something) firmly and emphatically in response to doubt or accusation.
3 Law
Write or obtain a protest in regard to (a bill).

So what is going on in the USA can in no way, by any stretch of the imagination, be called protests. They are riots, a call to arms, a strategic attempt to cause mayhem and disrupt lives in America. And anyone who says otherwise should be called out and confronted and held accountable.

If they say #BlackLivesMatter then aren’t they in effect saying other lives don’t matter or that other lives don’t matter as much as black lives do. Why create this divide? Why can’t it be #AllLivesMatter?

Also, how does beating up people, damaging public property, defunding police (I have never heard of anything more ridiculous, specially in the American contest where each police division of cities, counties, etc are different and independent and governed by elected officials. If you defund police you are in effect telling these rioters that its ok to damage your property, it ok to enter your homes, to loot you to hurt you and maybe even kill you. Because apparently only #BlackLivesMatter. And surprise surprise! Even the common black folk who are not part of terrorist AntiFa or other criminal organisation, the innocent black population of America is also suffering), creating autonomous zones within cities (seems surreal, as if we’re in some bad production of a post-apocalyptic movie) be called protests. A call to arms has a term for it and its called revolt. What these people are trying to create is anarchy and totalitarian system which is the very thing that they claim to be opposing. Does no one see the irony and hypocrisy in that?

People in the US can take a heed from what has been happening in India at the moment. Take for instance the lockdown in India. When it began most of the opposition was in agreement and on board as they felt there’s no way such a nationwide lockdown can succeed in a country like India given its diversities. But when they saw it working, they got worried and started doing things to sabotage it. They managed to panic the workers into leaving the homes in the cities for their native places. They created a whole fake narrative about the economy failing as if that were happening only in India and as if the government was directly responsible for it.

This present situation is so unprecedented that most people have been experiencing prolonged bouts of uncertainty which is making them desperate for a reprieve, some sort of clarity, some solace, some direction as to what the future holds and the nefarious leftists and liberals have pounced upon this opportunity to further create doubt in the minds of the people towards the government.

There is only so much the government can do for you. We need to understand that the basic purpose of the government is to govern. It can’t magically make our lives all better. If we want to bring about a change in our lives, in our society, then we have to stand up for it, speak out in favour of it, demand it from our government and if a large enough of the population come together as rational sensible people then the government will have no choice but to make it happen.

So, think, analyse and then decide.

About the Author: Arunesh Solanki, Alumni of Mayo College (Ajmer), Engineering from MIT, Manipal

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