US Sanctions On Chinese Officials Over Human-Rights Abuses In Xinjiang Soon

US sanctions list on Chinese officials will be released soon. USA is working on a Bill to impose sanctions against CCP Chinese officials. “The U.S. is preparing to roll out long-delayed sanctions to punish senior Chinese officials over human-rights abuses against Muslims in Xinjiang, two people familiar with the matter said, part of a toughening of the Trump administration’s stance toward Beijing” as per Bloomberg News.

US Sanctions On Chinese Officials Over Human-Rights Abuses In Xinjiang Soon

The sanctions are likely to target Communist Party officials responsible for the internment and persecution of minorities in Xinjiang, according to the people, though they declined to say who specifically would be cited or when the sanctions would be rolled out.

The administration is acting under the 2016 Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which give the U.S. broad authority to impose human-rights sanctions on foreign officials. The sanctions were delayed amid negotiations over a U.S.-China trade deal, but President Donald Trump signed a law last month requiring him to punish officials responsible for oppression of Uighurs and members of other minority groups.

A State Department spokesperson declined to comment. A Treasury Department spokesperson said the Office of Foreign Assets Control doesn’t comment on possible or pending investigations, including to confirm whether or not one exists.

The two people cautioned that Trump would still need to give final sign-off for any sanctions to go ahead. In the past, he has delayed or frozen sanctions for fear they would jeopardize trade talks or sour his relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin or North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un.

U.S.-China ties have soured badly in the months since the “phase one” trade deal was signed, while the coronavirus pandemic made many of its elements moot. Trump administration officials have at the same time ramped up their criticism of the Chinese Communist Party over its human-rights abuses, including in Xinjiang, and the erosion of political freedoms in Hong Kong.

In a further sign of the U.S.’s determination to call China out over abuses in Xinjiang, the administration issued a new business advisory Wednesday warning companies about the risks of running their supply chains through firms which “engage in human-rights abuses, including forced labor in Xinjiang and elsewhere in China.”

The U.S. Congress has long sought to restrict American companies’ reliance on Chinese partners that rely on forced labor in Xinjiang.

Earlier this week, the Associated Press reported that China had subjected hundreds of thousands Uighur women and other minorities to forced sterilizations, abortions and pregnancy checks to slash birth rates in Xinjiang.

At a briefing on Wednesday, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo cited what he called “recent credible and deeply disturbing new reports” of forced sterilizations.

“This shocking news is sadly consistent with the CCP’s decades-long callous disregard for the sanctity of human rights,” Pompeo said, referring to the Chinese Communist Party.

Defiant China showing belligerence.

Communist Chinese mouthpiece Global Times news Editor in his article belittled the US and President Trump and boasted about the Chinese supremacy in the world.

Hu Xijin wrote, “If Trump wanted to play tough, he would have terminated the phase one China-US trade deal, increased tariffs on Chinese products or announced a timeline of raising tariffs on goods from Hong Kong, putting Hong Kong’s products under the same tariffs as that of the Chinese mainland. But he touched upon none of them.”

He further said, “The US presidential election will take place in about five months. For the moment, the US economy is going through a difficult period with negative GDP growth and a record-setting unemployment rate. It has no strength to relaunch its trade war against China. The US has long been enjoying a substantial trade surplus with Hong Kong. Take 2018 for example, the trade surplus of US goods with the city was $31 billion. If the US imposes the same tariffs on Hong Kong’s goods with products from the Chinese mainland, the US will suffer losses, which in turn, will threaten Trump’s outcome in the upcoming election.” 

Hu Xijin further wrote, “The Trump administration has almost played all of its trump cards on hand without hurting itself. Decoupling will be its last resort. However, the shrinking US high-tech sector, which Washington cherishes the most, has already decoupled with China. Things that the US feels reluctant to sell to China are almost no longer for sale. People-to-people exchanges, which the US keeps a high alert to, have mostly been halted. Driving away all of the Chinese students? Come on, the US yearns to see more Chinese students landing on its soil with money.”

“The US is in strategic chaos, it’s acting on impulse and selfish pursuits of political parties’ interests. This is the explanation behind all kinds of US reckless behavior that a major country isn’t supposed to display.”

Unity is Strength

Recently Indian Government banned 59 Chinese Mobile apps. We covered it in our previous article Government Of India Bans 59 Chinese Mobile Apps including Tik Tok. As per people, “a simple action by Indian government has rattled China. Similarly the sanctions proposed by US President Donald Trump against China, if implemented by all US allies will have a deadly impact on China. However the sanctions should not be limited against the CCP officials. The sanctions should also involve trade embargoes and all the Allies including EU and other NATO allies should boycott China and ban all Chinese products.”

Points to Ponder

Has the US and other nations forgotten 512K deaths of innocent civilians killed by Bio-Terrorist China using the Bio-Weapon of Chinese Corona Virus?

Has the US and Allies forgotten the Economic losses and world economy coming to a standstill because of the Chinese Corona Virus?

Why China is not declared as an ‘Enemy country’ and every country forfeit all Chinese Loans, nationalize all Chinese assets in respective countries?

Why China is not sued for Trillions of Dollars worth monetary compensation to all the countries in the world for Bio-Terrorism by China?

Will sanctions against the CCP Officials have any tangible impact on China?

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