PAF JF-17 Crash : 5th Crash Since January 2020

A Pakistan Air Force PAF JF-17 crash near Pindigheb, Attock, on Tuesday 15-September 2020 made it the 5th Pakistan Aircraft Crash Since January 2020.

A Chinese designed Fighter Aircraft JF-17 of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) No. 16 Squadron allegedly jointly produced by low quality Pakistani and Chinese spares, crashed near Pindigheb, Attock, on Tuesday.

PAF JF-17 Crash : 5th Crash Since January 2020
PAF JF-17 Crash : 5th Crash Since January 2020

The incident happened during a routine training mission, adding that no loss of life was reported.

As per the Censored news from Pakistan Air Force PAF, “The pilot ejected safely. No loss of life or property has been reported on ground.”

The PAF said that a board of inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of the crash which is the fifth such incident since the start of this year. However it is very clear that no blame will be placed on the cheap and low quality Chinese spares and all the blame will be placed on the “Human Error” and Pilot as well as the ground staff will lose their careers.

Sources in Pakistan Air Force told us that Pakistan Air Force is under a lot of Stress because of Indian Air Force. Indian Army and Indian Air Force has caused a lot of stress for the Pakistan Pilots. Pakistani Pilots can not forget the Indian surgical strikes carried out by Indian Forces last year on on 26 February 2019 on Jaish-e-Mohammed Terrorist Training Camps in Balokot in Pakistan Occupied territories. Thereafter folloerial skirmish the next day between Pakistan and Indian Air Forces, Indian Air Force Mig 21 Bison shot down a Pakistan F-16 fighter Jet and the Pilot was murdered by the Pakistani Public thinking him to be an Indian Pilot.

As per the source, Pakistan Public is now asking questions to Pakistan Army and Pakistan Airforce looting Public money by way of Fauji Foundation and Corruption in CPEC. Rampant corruption in Pakistan Army, Air Force, CPEC has brougth Pakistan to the verge of Bankruptcy. In order to divert public attention, Pakistan has to keep its assets active.

As per the source, Pakistan Pilots do not have confidence in Chinese designed fighter jets, however they have no other option and Pakistan cannot afford better air crafts.

Source also told that Pakistan Air Force is rationing on important spares because the Chinese spare parts are very expensive for a poor country like Pakistan.

This loss of Chinese Designed JF-17 means a loss of $25 Million and is a huge loss for the bankrupt economy like Pakistan.

On Social Media there was controversy regarding which Fighter Jet had crashed. However Social Media users proved it using different visual techniques that it was PAF JF-17 crash.

PAF JF-17 Crash : 5th Crash Since January 2020
PAF JF-17 Crash : 5th Crash Since January 2020

As per the source, If the border tension with India continues for another couple of years, Pakistan Air Force PAF will lose more such Fighter Jets without even seeing the actual war.

In March, a PAF F-16 aircraft crashed near Shakarparian in Islamabad during rehearsals for the March 23 parade. Wing Commander Nauman Akram died in the crash.

A PAF trainer aircraft crashed on February 12 during a routine training mission near Takht Bhai in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mardan district. It was the third PAF training aircraft to have crashed while on a routine training mission in less than two months.

In the same month, a PAF Mirage aircraft, which was also on a routine operational training mission, had crashed near the Lahore-Multan Motorway. Pilots in both cases had ejected safely.

Earlier in January, a PAF aircraft had crashed while on a training mission near Mianwali. Both pilots – Squadron Leader Haris bin Khalid and Flying Officer Ibaadur Rehman – aboard the PAF FT-7 aircraft had lost their lives in the crash.

In May 2020, A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airbus A-320 carrying 99 passengers and eight crew members crashed in a residential area near the Karachi Airport. We covered it in details in our article Pakistan PIA Civilian Plane Crashes: Public Money Spent on Terrorists

Points to Ponder

Loss of $25 Million worth of a Fighter Jet means, over a million poor families in Pakistan lost food that could have lasted for one month.

Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force wants to keep the rivalry between India and Pakistan growing so that Pakistan Tax Payers continue to feed the lavish life style of Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force Officers and higher ups.

How long Pakistan Public will feed these corrupt organizations?

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