Who is the Real enemy of Kashmiris? : By Zafar Sahito

Who is the Real enemy of Kashmiris?, an article that takes you back to the truth about what happened on 22nd October 1947 and how History books in Pakistan are written with lies, twist of facts to suit political and ideological agenda.

Who is the Real enemy of Kashmiris? : By Zafar Sahito
Who is the Real enemy of Kashmiris? : By Zafar Sahito

In the memory of 22nd October 1947

In 712 AD Our last Maharaja of Sindhudesh Raja Dahir Sen was killed by Arabs when they invaded Sindh. To legitimize their attack, Arabs gave many reasons. The famous one was that Raja Dahir Sen was a Hindu tyrant Ruler who persecuted innocent people in name of religion and he was looting and massacred Muslim traders, poor victim people. He wrote letters to Arab caliphs and they came to rescue the people of Sindh. So till today history books in Pakistan teache that Muhammad Bin Qasim (Arab Invader) was our liberator and a Hero! But what he did was, just looted the Hindu Temples, killed thousands and took daughters of Sindh as slave to Arab’s streets, presented them as gift to royals, many were even were sold in streets too.

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History is a double-edged sword. Historical boundary precedents play a central role in the outbreak, character, and long-term consequences of territorial disputes. The General concept about the history is that it is either composed by the rulers or by the occupiers, lies, twist the facts to suit their political and ideological agenda, rather than present facts before the people. History written by Arab invaders, Persians and Pakistani Muslim Scholars (mostly) support their ideology and justify their political narrative. What happened with Sindh, Sindhi people and our last Hero Raja Dahir Sen of Sindhudesh? How Pakistan is still misleading and twisting our history of Sindh, same happened then on October 22, 1947 with people of Jammu and Kashmir and their MahaRaja when tribesmen and Pakistan Army attacked and invaded Kashmir. Lies, twist and misleading propaganda against last Hindu Maharaja Hari Singh, that he was a tyrant and he was persecuting innocent Muslim of Kashmir. To liberate people of Kashmir a lashkar (Militants group) of approx 20,000 Tribesmen with support of Pakistan military entered Jammu and Kashmir and looted, vandalized places of worship, raped thousands of women and carried out massacres of hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri people in name of Jihad (Holy war) and in history books of Pakistan they are known as liberators and messiah.

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What was Indo-Pakistan war of 1947- 48? Also known as the Kashmir war, the war was fought between India and Pakistan from 1947 to 1948. Pakistan precipitated the war a few weeks after its creation by launching tribal lashkar (militia) “Tribesmen” in an effort to capture Kashmir, the future of which hung in the balance. The inconclusive result of the war still affects the geopolitics of both countries. On 22 October 1947, Pakistan’s Pashtuns tribal militias crossed the border of the state. These local tribal militias and irregular Pakistani forces moved to take Srinagar but on reaching Baramulla they took to plunder and stalled. Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, Hari Singh made a request to India for assistance.

General Tariq real name (Major General Akbar khan) of Pakistan army was in charge of the attack. The plan famously known as “Armed revolt inside Kashmir” against a non-Muslim tyrant ruler who is persecuting Muslims of Kashmir. The word “Hindu tyrant”, alleged atrocities against Muslims ignited the naive people and tribesmen to fulfill their religious obligation “Jihad” (Holy war) but when they attacked, the homes of Hindus and Muslims were looted. Even places of worship were not spared. They entered and took whatever they considered to be valued. They vandalized Mandirs (Hindu Temples) and desecrated Masjids (Mosques). In their lustful search for gold, silver and money, they even used digging equipments to search beneath the stone floors of Shops. Hindu people thought that these attackers are Muslim they will spare mosques, they will not enter there so many Hindus hid their gold and valuable things in the Mosques. But their efforts went in vain because no place was spared.

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First President of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Sardar Ibrahim khan appointed by Pakistani military praised the invaders:

“Tribesmen played an important role in the movement of Azad Kashmir, They came all the way from different parts, from settled and unsettled areas of tribal territory to fight in Kashmir. Suleman khel tribesmen came all the way from Afghanistan to take part in this Jihad” but when the Indian army came in region on the request of Maha Raja and encountered tribesmen they retreated with great speed. They disintegrated into smaller groups and vanished leaving the territory entirely defenseless. All the tribesmen reached Abbottabad safe and sound. Major General Akbar khan of Pakistan army held back the Indian army with lastly”. This statement of Sardar Ibrahim khan totally exposes the aggression and involvement of Pakistan military starting of war agenda against Kashmiri people and capturing of Kashmir. It was not India who started war but Pakistani history books and media portraits till today that it was India who massacred Muslims in Kashmir and they give the example of November 06, 1947 when killing of Muslims happened in Kashmir in reaction when thousands of hundreds Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were slaughtered and women’s were raped by Tribesmen and Pakistan Army during last 15 days from October 22, 1947.

I want to salute Muhammad Saeed Asad (Wounded memories) and Dr Shabir Choudhry (Tribal invasion and Kashmir) for their efforts for bringing truth and wrote valuable books for readers.

Muhammad saeed Asad who interviewed those people who either suffered during the tribal attack or witnessed the carnage:

“This ill-fated and Pre-conceived plan of the 22nd of October 1947 was designed to dismember our body. It totally disintegrated our society. I turned our history on its head and it buried our dignity”

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In another places, he writes:

“Many eye-witnesses of the time along with a number of writers have opined that the tribal invasion of Kashmir was an ill-thought out and idiotic plan, which has proved fatal for Kashmir and Kashmiri’s in my opinion, there remains no doubt and there is no room for a second opinion that the planners and perpetrators of the tribal invasion on Kashmir, stand out as enemy number one of the Kashmiri’s. I would go further to say that if this invasion didn’t take place, a dispute on Kashmir would not have arisen”.

He writes further:

“The planners of the tribal invasion and their Kashmiri agents are the original and actual culprits of Kashmiri people. It is important for the nation to identify these criminals, bring them forth and make them stand in the court of time … I have strong hope that the new generation of Kashmir will not remain ill-informed or misdirected, as to who are foremost in killing their future and the enemy of their future”.

What happened with people of Sindh? Their history was destroyed. They were used in fake two nation theory. Pashtuns were used by Pakistani military in name of “Jihad”. People of Bangladesh were trapped by Pakistani Muslim narrative, but in 1971 finally got their freedom. The people of Kashmir and Muslims of India should read these books and try reach to reality, not only narrative of Pakistan. Because the history books of Pakistan and media is misleading and fake.

About the Author : Zafar Sahito, Jeay Sindh Thinkers Forum, America. He can be reached over twitter by his handle @widhyarthi.

Points to Ponder

After 72 years of Independence, why the successive governments in India have not taught the truth about Pakistani Invasion on Kashmir using Islamic Radical Tribesmen who raped and slaughtered Kashmiri people, raped their women, looted and destroyed places of worship including Hindu Temples and Muslim Mosques?

Why the History Books were allowed to be altered by Liberals/Leftists and Islamist Radicals and the truth about the past “Who is the Real enemy of Kashmiris?”, not taught in every Madrasa and every school in India and particularly in Indian Jammu & Kashmir?

Why Madrasas were allowed to teach their own version of History Books that were biased by Pakistani influence?

Will India correct the past mistakes and the correct History lessons will be taught in all Madrasas so that Indian Muslims learn from the past “Who is the Real enemy of Kashmiris?” and know that Pakistan is not only the enemy of India, but Pakistan also is responsible for desecrating Islam by using Terrorism in the name of Jihad to such an extent that whole world speaks bad about Islam?

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