Antifa Threatens Trump Supporters of Retribution in New Hampshire

Antifa once again threatens President Trump Supporters of Retribution in New Hampshire if they vote for President Trump in US Elections. A letter widely distributed to the residents carries open threats to Trump supporters.

Antifa Threatens Trump Supporters of Retribution in New Hampshire
Antifa Threatens Trump Supporters of Retribution in New Hampshire

“You have been identified as a Trump Supporter,” the letter begins. It asks if you have fire insurance, and ends with the statement, “you have been given fair warning.” Not an implied threat, but an implicit threat to burn down houses of Trump supporters.

While these letters were delivered in two small towns in New Hampshire, they culminate four years of hatred for President Trump and everyone who supports him. It is the expected outcome of the largest propaganda war launched against a nation since Joseph Goebbels ran the Reich Ministry of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945.

The lessons learned from Goebbels are being applied today by the legacy media, high tech media, and the Democratic party.

The key to the Goebbels’ strategy was to have one voice. And that is exactly what the combined Democratic propaganda machine is giving to America and, sadly, to the world. One voice that hides any dissension, or variance from their talking points.

The talking point is that the Democratic propaganda machine distributes daily to all of the left-wing and legacy media. One voice that we hear, see, read on all medium, from social media to our computer search engines, to television, cable, newspapers, magazines, and radio.

Certainly, there is a large alternative media, like Rush, Sean, Communities Digital News, and others, but to get to them you almost have to jump through hoops. All of this one-sided propaganda coming at many uninformed non-political citizens has its results.

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And those results look like riots in the streets, looting, lawlessness, murder, and rape. All in the name of anti-Trump hatred. Sending warnings, as those letters did, are just the tip of the iceberg. The hatred spewed through the Democratic propaganda machine is having its effect. Those letters of hate and retribution are the effect of over four years of pure evil coming from the radical left.

All with one voice. The voice of rage at having lost to American loving, middle class, working people. That voice, superior in the left’s mind, that spews hatred, falsehoods, and negative fake news about conservative patriots and the President that they elected.

President Trump has accomplished more in three and a half years. President Trump has done more than the combined accomplishments of the four presidents that preceded him. Yet according to the Democratic propaganda machine, he has accomplished nothing and is a total failure.

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Following that logic, the American people, are responsible for that failure. Why? Because they chose Trump as their leader? By that logic, Patriots must be punished for that folly. So burning the houses down of conservative patriots houses down, with them, their spouse and children; even the dog, cat, and parakeet, inside, is justified.

We have passed the point of political differences, at least to the radical left. We have reached that point of hatred for those who don’t believe exactly as they do. It is a sorry state of affairs in America. One that can only be changed by supporting the only political party that is standing up for America today: the Republican party.

Any vote for a Democrat is a vote for the evil demonstrated in those letters distributed in Millford and Brookline, New Hampshire.

The importance of the coming election can not be more evident. Nor can the differences between the parties.

We either vote for what is right, or for evil. The choice is in our hands.

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About the author: Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

Points to Ponder

Isn’t this threat of Antifa to President Trump supporters similar to the threats to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi supporters in Indian state of West Bengal where Modi supporters are beaten to death, tortured, their houses burnt?

Why are the FBI, CIA silent on this massive threat to US citizens by George Soros and China supported Antifa Terrorists? Is the Communist China not threatening the Democracy in United States of America?

Is it correct to say that China and George Soros are succeeding in overthrowing Democracy in United States?

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