Institutionalized Hinduphobia Bordering Racist Xenophobia in the West

Institutionalized Hinduphobia Bordering Racist Xenophobia is growing in the West. Indian immigrants (Majority being of Hindu Faith) are amongst the Most Successful and Highly Educated Immigrants in US, Canada and UK. They are also among the Highest tax payers with overall community having a higher per capita income.

Institutionalized Hinduphobia Bordering Racist Xenophobia in the West
Institutionalized Hinduphobia Bordering Racist Xenophobia in the West

Education with Professional skills have always been a priority with Hindu Indian Families traditionally. Hindus from India that migrate to the West are mostly Doctors or Engineers or IT Professionals that work towards the prosperity of the countries they settle in.

As immigrants, HINDUS are peaceful, progressive and Tolerant as a Faith. Like the Jewish community they mostly keep their cultural and Family ties with their Motherland and are emotionally connected.

Hinduism is the fourth largest faith in the United States, representing approximately 1% of the population in 2016. Though the population of Hindus is small and despite being the most successful ethnic minority contributing to community and country, Hindus are discriminated and abused systematically.

As per Pew Research, Household income of Hindus is next to Jews.

Till recently they rarely if ever spoke up for themselves Politically or got involved in active Politics. In the last many years Hinduphobia is being promoted in American universities and some sections of Canadian society by Pro Pakistani/ Lefty & Islamic +Khalistani Lobbies.

Rutgers University with the Hindu hater Audrey Truschke is one example.

This week a student from Yale Tweeted his Hinduphobic comments.

At Oxford University UK a Hindu Student Leader Rashmi Sawant resigned and left the university after being targeted by a Hindu hating Professor Abhijit Sarkar whose Tweets reek of Hinduphobia and Hate.

In Sweden another Hinduphobic Professor Ashok Swain is a known ISI agent.

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What are the forces behind the strategic build up of Hinduphobia and Hate in the West?

Pakistan ISI sponsored Radical Islamists and Khalistanis and handful of Radical Far Right evangelist Christianity in cahoots with Anti-Indian George Soros supporting Leftist Media are some of the forces behind the strategic build up of Hinduphobia and hate in the West.

Some of the Sunday sermons in Charismatic churches is dedicated to ‘Pagan bashing’. Hindus are considered to be on par with the Idol Worshippers of “False Gods” mentioned in the Bible and looked upon as unsaved, Lost heathens by these far-right radical Christian groups.

Charismatic Churches also have a large following of Afro-Americans.

Most Christians would know about the yoga system of Hinduism but not of how the spiritual message of Hinduism is so close to that of Christ’s. Paramhansa Yogananda who travelled to United States tried to create a bridge between Hinduism and Christianity. He tried to bring out similarities between Hinduism and Christianity when he said, “Self-Realization Is the Eternal Message of Religion”. He said, “Self-realization is the eternal message of religion. Whatever your beliefs and practices, the essential purpose of religion is to help you to fulfill your own highest potential, as a child of God.”

However if you watch the far-right 700 Club Christianity channel and many of the denouncements on Hindu Gods by Extremist Christian Pastors, it has created a long lasting negative image of Hinduism in the minds of North Americans who have not associated closely with Hindus.

Many far-right Christian organizations look upon India as a rich ground for conversion and spreading their version of Christianity. Many indulge in Child trafficking. The world is well aware of the horrors of pedophilia committed by Catholic priests in the US and which has led to many churches filing for bankruptcy.

Since Hindu organizations have begun to oppose these, Hinduphobia is being spread by some of these far-right extremist organizations in the West.

Furthermore, there are some politicians and lobbyists in the West that are sympathetic to Islamic Republic of Pakistan and China and due to their hate against India, target Hindus for being from India.

Leftist/Liberal Main Stream Media (MSM) houses that are sold out to China or are being run by the Lobby of George Soros has played a very big role in spreading Hinduphobia in the West. All Liberal Fake Media is following the policy of diversion & denial. They show unimportant news from India while they hide the Mass Genocide of Baloch, Mohajirs, Sindhis, Baloch, Hazaras in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Uyghur Muslims in China, Export of terrorists to other countries by Turkey.

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Role of Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the arch rival of India and Pakistanis supported by their Intelligence Agency ISI operatives work closely with Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR in the United States and their only agenda is to hurt India. To achieve their objective, they can divide Americans on the religious lines.

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It needs no introduction about the dangers posed by Radical Islam that is propagated by Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the entire world, that is synonym to use of Terrorism to invade the entire world.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is infamous in UK for its biggest contribution to the British society. Pakistan has given the world renowned Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs to not only UK but other European countries as well. These Pakistani Muslim Grooming Gangs have raped thousands of girls aged between 8-12 years not only. They not only raped British Girls but also Hindu and Sikh Girls and groomed them into flesh trade.

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It is very surprising that the same Islamic Republic of Pakistan is trying to spread Hinduphobia in the West using its troll army on Social Media.

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Meanwhile Pakistan the same Islamist Radical Nation that carried out the biggest Genocide and Mass Rape against Hindus in Bangladesh 1971 War, has a very strong Islamic Lobby in Left Leaning American Universities and is behind the systematic Hinduphobia being spread in the West.

1971 Hindu Genocide by Pakistan Army

Now here is the reason for Audrey Truschke’s Bigoted character against Hindus & the Indian Government. Her work definitely needs to be understood and questioned disparaged. At last, it also can be seen that her Husband Thane Rehn was involved in serving Pakistan.

Audrey Truschke: Enough cannot be said about this Hinduphobic Professor whose mission is to deny the worst Hindu Genocide in History by Islamist Radical and the Murderous Ruler Aurangzeb who butchered millions of Hindus.

Ankush Bhandari in his article on Audrey Truschke’s exposes her connections with Pakistan and the Extremist Christian Conversion groups.

Some excerpts:

It is well-known fact that Audrey Truschke is better known for her bigotry tweets and racism-filled books rather than for her scholarship. She has always tried to attain publicity by misinterpreting the facts. Moreover, she has the incredible distinction of being fathered and mothered (academically) by two of the most Hinduphobic American academicians: Sheldon Pollock and Wendy Doniger. Both of these scholars have been thoroughly exposed in Rajiv Malhotra’s ‘Battle of Sanskrit’, ‘Invading the Sacred’ and ‘Academic Hinduphobia’ books. Many others have also written about them, which finally lead to one of Wendy’s books being pulped in India, a few years ago. Their contempt for Hinduism, their evil machinations to see it abused and ultimately destroyed and their continued attack on it through lies have all been well documented[3]. Hence Audrey, having been taught by both of them, is living up to her mentors. She has not disappointed them yet. They should be so proud of her. She has very well narrated in her books the values she imbibes from her Gurus.

Audrey Truschke “Hinduphobic Books Calligrapher”

In one of her books on Aurangzeb, she lauded Mughal rulers, even one as tyrannical as Aurangzeb, while deliberately showing Hinduism (the one and only religion since mankind appeared on this earth) in a very bad light.

As she was mentored by such Hinduphobes like Sheldon Pollock, and Wendy Doniger, a so-called Freudian who ascribes what she thinks are Freudian attributes to Hindu devatas. Her family background advocates a deep-rooted hate for pagans.

Audrey Truschke has gone to the length of using blasphemous language against Hindu Gods. Had a similar language been used against Islam, there would have been Fatwas for her head. Hinduism in India has tolerated thousands of Islamist Invaders who looted and plundered India, raped Hindu women, killed over 80 million Hindus over several centuries, and still survived. India that once spanned from Afghanistan in the West to deep East in Asia that includes today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and had the influence of Hinduism on several Asian countries is now reduced only to a small country of India while Hindus have become extinct in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

Institutionalized Hinduphobia Bordering Racist Xenophobia in the West
Institutionalized Hinduphobia Bordering Racist Xenophobia in the West

If the Indian Government does not take a stand with the US & Canadian government this may have far reaching consequences.

Hinduphobia in Canada spread by Pakistan supported Khalistani Groups

In Canada with the Trudeau Governments support of Khalistanis to appease NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh who is a known Khalistani sympathizer Hindu Indian immigrants have suddenly found themselves extremely vulnerable.

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These Khalistani sympathizers who have reach in higher levels in Justin Trudeau Government are supported by Pakistan Intelligene Agency ISI and want to create insurgency in Indian state of Punjab. However when it comes to the questions of destruction of Sikh Gurudwaras or abduction and rape of Sikh Girls and their forceful conversion to Islam and marrying them off to Radical Muslims in Islamic Republic of Pakistan, these so called Khalistani leaders go silent.

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A Hindu Indo Canadian who complained about blaring ” Prayers” from the Mosque in his area was fired from his job last year.

Meanwhile Khalistani Goons assaulted Hindu Indo Canadians who participated in a peaceful Car Rally in late February. The Peel police Canada have still to take action.

What is the way forward for Hindus in the West?

US Senator Tulsi Gabbard of Hawai who follows the Hindu faith, though she is not of Indian origin is one of the ONLY World leaders to speak up. During the Election debates she would intelligently and convincingly Defeat Kamala Harris. Most Indo Americans would have preferred to see Tulsi as VP today.

How can Hindus Counter Hinduphobia?

IT is now time for Hindu Americans and Canadians and Europeans to speak up. Unity and strong political leaders and candidates from the community and a legal body to counter any false attacks on Hindus stemming from Hinduphobia.

Social Media should be used as big tool in countering any Hinduphobic misinformation that Pakistanis or Leftists or the any other groups can spread against Hindu Religion by presenting the truth and exposing the lies of Hinduphobic people.

The way different countries in the Europe have made laws against Islamophobia, on the same lines, Hindus should also push for such laws to include Hinduphobia as well.

Promoting Hinduism with talks by Spiritual and community leaders and countering and questioning the legality of spreading Hinduphobia in Churches, Mosques and Educational institutions.

The ISKCON and other Hindu organizations like the Self Realization Foundation of Paramhansa Yogananda, Organizations of other Hindu spiritual leaders should come forward and spread the true essence of Hinduism, that is Yoga and Spirituality and promoting Hinduism.

There is a growing population of Atheists worldwide. Due to deep rooted radicalism in some of the religions especially in Islam, people do not want to be associated with any religion and hence they start questioning the concept of God etc. However, Hinduism has a rich treasure of knowledge that can bring the atheists to the love of God and self realization. Once the true essence of Hinduism is understood by the West, people will themselves question the far-right Christian organizations, or Islamist Radicals or the Leftists supported by George Soros or China who are spearheading their campaign of spreading Hinduphobia as a means of diverting public anger from the other evils and failures of other religions.

Finally if each Hindu is well aware of the strengths and beauty of their own Faith and is the best ambassador of their Culture, faith and traditions, then each one of them will go a long long way to destroy false narratives about the great Hindu religion that is called the “Sanatan Dharma” since it is present from the periods before any other religion was even born.

About the Author :  Pen Name : Little Tigress. Global Freelance journalist with background of crime, court and defense living in Canada.

Points to Ponder

Total Christian Population in the world is 2.382 billion i.e. 31.11%.
Total Muslim Population in the world is 1.907 billion i.e. 24.9%
Total Hindu Population in the world is 1.161 billion i.e. 15.16%

However there are 58 Islamic countries in the world that comprise of 24.9% of the world population of Muslims. However for Hindus with 1.161 Billion population, there is no Hindu Nation in the world. Even in India, the leftists and liberals along with the Islamist Radicals have been successful in dividing the nation on Caste system for their vote bank politics and Hindus cannot yet call India a Hindu Nation.

Where can one expect the Hindus to go after 30 years? Would they meet the same fate of Kurds and Yazidis and Parasis and Jews of the world that saw their entire extinction? Or will the Hindu spiritual leadership spread the essence of Hinduism that include Yoga and Spirituality and a strong Hindu political leadership will emerge worldwide on lines of Jewish rights and protect the interests of this ancient religion?

Wouldn’t it be good if Hindus and Christians stand together and support each other on International issues and work together in shaping a tolerant world future?

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