New avatar as crematorium video blogger (vlogger) |

In her new avatar as crematorium video blogger (vlogger), One of the once famous journalist in India is trapped in her own lies.

There used to be a famous journalist in India who fell to bad days and is eking her living as a vlogger these days. She has lost her jobs and is forced to run a simple YouTube channel to spread her propaganda. She was notorious in the past for compromising Indian interests but she hasn’t lost her patronage from certain quarters.

Why did she lose her patronage? Because she lost access to corridors of power and is seething with revenge for her lost days of glory. When the pandemic hit India the second time, the vlogger got a brainwave. Why not barge into crematoriums and create an outrage using half burnt bodies? It worked exceptionally well and brought a bad image to India to the extent that India’s Foreign Minister had to pitch in personally to instruct officers to counter the mode of propaganda.

New avatar as crematorium video blogger (vlogger) |
New avatar as crematorium video blogger (vlogger)

The Indian vlogger recently monetized the deaths in India by reporting from one of the Crematorium ground in India earning from the grieving of people who lost their loved ones and were performing the last rites of cremation as per their Hindu Religion. She did not go to any graveyard but chose to monetize and sensationalize the deaths of Hindus by sharing the images/video of people grieving in Cremation ground.

Vlogger had claimed that every family at every funeral site wants to be heard and chronicled.

Trapped in her own lies - Lies about every family at every funeral site wanting to be chronicled. |
Trapped in her own lies – Lies about every family at every funeral site wanting to be chronicled.

Below screenshot were shared on the social Media by a Twitter warrior with handle @Sharanyashettyy, showing the response from Seema Shetty with twitter handle @seema16 exposing the lies of the vlogger.

She tweeted, “She was at the crematorium where my aunt was cremated..she came to my cousin’s to speak to them..they refused syaing its a family moment..she also wanted to speak to my old uncle and click his pic they refused

Lies of Media Vulture exposed by public on social media |
Lies of Media Vulture exposed by public on social media

Here is the tweet:-

People who know her history very well understand her agenda. Her agenda was to create panic in public especially Hindus that Hindus are dying everywhere and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not doing anything to prevent the deaths.

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But, her father’s death due to COVID turned out to be her undoing. Like a true vulture, she decided to use her father’s death to further her agenda. In an interview to a foreign propaganda channel, she said, her father died choking for Oxygen and begging for treatment. But, her father died in the ICU of one of the best hospitals in the world!!

The Indian vlogger Ms. Barkha Dutt did not find it important to mention that the Wuhan virus killed 12-17 times more people in the US and Europe, compared to India. This is despite the fact that India is far more densely populated than these countries. One needs to keep in mind that India’s population is a massive 1.39 billion strong. It is also a well established and know fact that the previous governments for the past 70 years did not do a very good job at establishing a proper government owned medical infrastructure. Quite literally under the PM Narendra Modi’s medicine for all scheme (PM Janaushadhi) a vast network of subsidized govt owned pharmacy outlets were established across rural India between 2019-2021. When Modi government started in 2019 there were barely 5 such shops in the state of Uttar Pradesh and 2 shops in Chhattisgarh. By the end of 2020 this number rose to 1057 and 238 in UP and Chhattisgarh, respectively. When pandemic started India had almost a non-existent infrastructure to manufacture PPE, masks, sanitizers. There was an acute shortage of testing kits in 2020. However, within 2 months India became second biggest producer of PPE, masks and sanitizers. These were supplied not only to India but also several countries. The number of test kits used every day now runs in million kits a day. Now India produces all these test kits, this infrastructure didn’t exist earlier. She even ignored to tell everyone that Bharatbiotech’s Covaxin was invented and produced in India without any external help which has been found to be effective against all variants of the virus mutations. Her programs even tried to show Covaxin in poor light, there can be no rational explanation about this consorted effort by her and her ilk against India made vaccines.

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Some Facts of what Modi’s BJP-led NDA Govt did that none of the Media Vultures of the Leftist Liberal Media Cabal want to hide from the public and instead of giving him Nobel prize, want to demonize him.

The first AIIMS was set up in 1956 in Delhi under the All India Institute Medical Sciences Act, 1956 and was formed under the leadership of India’s first health minister Amrit Kaur. From 1956 to 2003 (47 years) there was no announcement or construction of AIIMS hospitals.

On August 15, 2003, Atal Bihari Vajpayee of BJP (same party from which Modi in India belongs to), declared that under the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana, six new hospitals with modern facilities, like those available at AIIMS in Delhi, will be established in backward states in the next three years.”

Modi’s BJP-led NDA government came to power in 2014, it announced four new AIIMS, seven more in 2015 and then two more in 2017.

As per a Leftist News Paper in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in February 2021 that around 30,000 MBBS seats and 24,000 postgraduate seats in medicine have been added since the present Central government came to power in 2014. He said that the number of MBBS seats have gone up by 50% and postgraduate seats by 80% since 2014. The figures are much more than all the previous Non BJP Governments had achieved in earlier 60 years combined.

None of the Media Vultures or the present vlogger had highlighted the above work done by present Modi Government. But all the efforts of leftist media cabal are directed to defame and dethrone Modi Government to further the agenda of International Corporate Mafia.

Now coming back to the vlogger case.

Opportunity knocked the door of this Indian vlogger. Her own father got infected by Chinese Corona Virus. However she did not blame China till date for the Chinese Wuhan Virus that has spread all over the world killing over 3.17 Million people worldwide.

As per her own version of this Indian vlogger, her father who had been infected for last 10 days did not prefer hospitalization as she put it in response to Suchitra Tyagi twitter handle @Su4ita, “Believes he will fall more ill scared of isolation i suppose :(“. Screenshot is attached for the same:-

Trapped in her own lies - Screenshot showing father was not hospitalized for 10 days |
Trapped in her own lies – Screenshot showing father was not hospitalized for 10 days

Everyone who is following the social media and news channels knows that Chinese Corona virus is deadly for the aged people and what this Chinese Virus does to lungs of the people. Question arises, why did she not get him hospitalized much earlier while he could be saved? Why did they decide to take him to hospitalize only after 10 days? Wish Doctors are Gods with magical wand that can do everything for everyone.

This vlogger got a group of best doctors in a best hospital in India i.e. Medanta Hospital. Nevertheless, a question is being asked how did she get a bed in India’s best hospital, the moment she decided to hospitalize her father? What about those who are struggling even to get a bed in hospitals? Was it simply that the bed was available and she got the bed? Because all her propaganda has been that there are no beds available in any hospital and people are dying on streets in India. Does that mean all her propaganda has been fake as well?

Her Dad dies in hospital and the vlogger decides to use his dead body to score some points. In an interview with a foreign propaganda outlet she says her father died choking, begging for better treatment.

After the sad death of her father, she leveled many allegations left and right on anyone and everyone starting from the ambulance driver to the hospital and more lies she spread even on the western propaganda outlet. (Wonder if the Western propaganda outlets pay for appearance to the guests with sensational story on their media channel that can increase their TRP.)

Lies of Media Vulture - Trapped in her own lies |
Lies of Media Vulture – Trapped in her own lies

The more she got trapped in her own lies and all her lies were exposed by social media warriors.

Even till a few months ago, many prominent Indians were treated at Medanta and came out cured of COVID. Concerned Indians started questioning the hospital as to what went wrong because of which he died. When the vlogger clearly said he died because of lack of treatment, people are bound to be concerned. If that is the situation in one of the best hospitals of the world, what of the rest of India? Requests were were made to the Chief Minister of the state and Prime Minister of India to launch a commission of inquiry into the malpractices. The hospital was concerned at this bad turn of events and raised a clarification – was it the hospital which was the culprit or was it the ambulance. As a cue, the tweet from the hospital insider was deleted and the vlogger went on an incoherent rant cursing those not allowing her to weep in private (note, it’s the same thing she did in her new avatar as a crematorium vlogger) and that her father died not because of the hospital but because the ambulance didn’t have a functioning Oxygen supply.

The mystery of the deleted tweet  |
The mystery of the deleted tweet
Blaming to death of her aged father who was already infected for last 10 days on the Oxygen Cylinder in the private ambulance |
Blaming to death of her aged father who was already infected for last 10 days on the Oxygen Cylinder in the private ambulance

Another lie!! In no time, journalists approached the ambulance owners who confirmed that Oxygen supply in the ambulance has not failed and that the crematorium vlogger is lying. This spooked her and she went into another incoherent rant.

The vlogger goes on an uncontrolled rant saying he died because of faulty Oxygen supply. Now, it turns out that the ambulance owner comes on record saying the vlogger lied and that unleashes another uncontrolled rant.

Lies, lies and lies – and lies to cover up more lies. And this is how this vlogger treated her own father, what can we say of her reporting on other topics?

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One of the India’s most popular media OPIndia brought the expose about some of the allegations she levelled and how she was exposed in their article titled “After coming under scrutiny post Barkha Dutt’s father’s death, the ambulance driver says that there was ample oxygen

We are reproduing the whole content for our readers here:-

On Thursday (April 29), journalist Barkha Dutt was hit with the tragic news about her father SP Dutt. Barkha Dutt took to Twitter to inform that her father had tragically died after being tested positive for COVID-19. The former Air India official succumbed to the Coronavirus infection on Tuesday (April 27).

Barkha Dutt has been on the road, reporting the dire conditions as India faces its toughest challenge yet – the deadly second wave of the Wuhan Coronavirus. It was in the midst of this that Barkha lost her father.

A couple of days after the death of her father, in an interview with Kim Brunhuber of CNN, Dutt stated, “My father’s last words to me were I am choking. Please give me treatment. And I tried my best. Even being a journalist, who knows doctors and can pay for the best private medical treatment. The private ambulance that ferried him to the hospital had an oxygen cylinder that did not work.”

She added, “It got delayed because there is no green corridor for the ambulances in the city in the Capital eve now. By the time we reached the hospital because the oxygen (cylinder) had failed/faltered, his levels had fallen precipitously. He had to be taken into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). He never made it back.”

Barkha Dutt further continued, “It has not been a few days and not even 48 hours. When we went to cremate him, there was no space at the cremation ground. There was a physical fight that erupted between multiple families. We had to call the police to cremate my father. And yet in this moment of loss, it was difficult to articulate and put together a bunch of sentences.”

“I speak because I realise that despite my devastation, I was luckier than most Indians. Today, I think about the orphans of the Indian state,” the journalist concluded. She also said that she was heartbroken at the state of families waiting outside hospitals or the deceased waiting to be cremated. Dutt also claimed that the brother of one of the Coronavirus patients told her that the family was left at the mercy of God.

After coming under fire from employers post Barkha Dutt revelations, the ambulance driver gives clarification.

After the revelations made by Barkha Dutt, we are told that the driver and the caretaker of the ambulance came under heavy fire from their employers. It was then that the driver had explained that he is pained every time a life is lost. He had also said that perhaps claims made during times of distress might not be entirely true.

Following this, the ambulance driver and its owner have denied the allegation that the oxygen cylinder in the vehicle was not working.

Sonu, the ambulance driver, said that the oxygen cylinder was full and Barkha Dutt herself had checked the supply. The audio conversation was published by The Pulse. He recounted that the journalist had inquired about the oxygen supply in advance. According to him, she had checked both the mask and the flow of oxygen before ferrying her father to the hospital.

(Video Courtesy: Youtube/The Pulse)

“She interrupted me during the journey and repeatedly asked me to check the oxygen supply. I assured her that it was working fine. We had reached the hospital without any issues. We were accompanied by two of her vehicles. The patient’s caretaker was also with him. I had even stood outside the emergency department for 15-20 minutes. The patient also got down from the ambulance without any difficulty,” Sonu claimed.

“I had personally carried the patient from the first floor of his house to the ambulance. Why is she lying? I had shown her that the mask, oxygen cylinder were working properly. There were several witnesses including Barkha Dutt’s two drivers and a security guard. I am not lying,” he reiterated. Sonu further stated that the claims of missing oxygen cylinder in the ambulance was untrue and that he had given a demo of the same to the journalist.

Essentially, the driver of the ambulance said that before the patient (Barkha Dutt’s father) boarded the ambulance, Barkha asked to check the large oxygen cylinder in the ambulance. The driver claims that Barkha had even asked if the cylinder is a small one or a big one and questioned why there was a big cylinder in a small ambulance. Nevertheless, after that was checked by her, the driver asked Barkha if she was carrying an oxygen mask for her patient. Barkha then asked the driver why he did not have one, to which, the driver said that they carry one too but several patients prefer to use their own. If she did not have one, the ambulance has one nonetheless.

He further said in the middle of the journey, the ambulance was stopped and the working of the cylinder was again questioned. At that time, the driver had demonstrated that the oxygen cylinder was indeed working. He even claimed that Barkha Dutt was lying and that if she really was telling the truth, she would have taken a photograph then and there.

The Pulse informed that they had got a copy of the audio conversation with Sonu via journalistic sources in the interest of balanced reporting. While Barkha Dutt told CNN that her father became critical due to a faulty oxygen supply, the ambulance driver reiterated that the patient was normal when he deboarded the ambulance. At the same time, he explicitly mentioned that Dutt had herself checked the oxygen supply and the functioning of the mask prior to the journey from her father’s residence to the hospital.

This is the family's reply to OpIndia article
This is the family’s reply to OpIndia article

Lies, lies and lies – and lies to cover up more lies. And this is how this vlogger treated her own father, what can we say of her reporting on other topics?

This is a perfect example of left leaning Media vultures, who can use her father’s death to spin a propaganda.

Note: To vent her anger against perceived Modi govt’s supporters who cornered her on her lies, she declared she will boycott election news coming in the next few days.

Trapped in her own lies she declared she will boycott election news |
Trapped in her own lies she declared she will boycott election news

Emboldened by Indian Media Vultures, the western propaganda outlets added fuel to fire by sharing old images labeling them as people dead in streets was enough to create panic in Indian public. Whom is this global media vultures cabal helping by running this coordinated propaganda against India and Indian PM Modi?

Western propaganda outlets sharing old images labeling them as people dead in streets was enough to create panic in Indian public. |
Western propaganda outlets sharing old images labeling them as people dead in streets was enough to create panic in Indian public.

Points to Ponder

What do you call a vlogger who uses the dead body of her father to run her agenda and openly declares she will boycott news which doesn’t suit her narrative? A journalist or a troll or an enemy agent?

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