Heartbreaking Reports of International Indian Students in Canada dying young in Tragic circumstances.

Heartbreaking Reports of International Indian Students in Canada dying young in Tragic circumstances. Shouldn’t Canadian and Indian Government investigate jointly?

It was less than 6 months ago that Canada was rocked with a Heartbreaking global scandal wherein, the remains of 215 children, some as young as 3 years old, found buried on the site of what was once Canada’s largest Indigenous residential school — one of the institutions that held children taken from families across the nation, another scandal has come to light involving students. This time a new scandal involves Shocking reports of innumerable International Indian student suicides/deaths in Canada.

Is this just the Tip of the iceberg connected to the Khalistani Movement in Canada?  

Shouldn’t Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP),  Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) & National Investigation Agency (NIA) & Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (MEA) investigate?

Heartbreaking Reports of International Indian Students in Canada dying young in Tragic circumstances.
Heartbreaking Reports of International Indian Students in Canada dying young in Tragic circumstances.

Toronto’s International Airport lies in a huge area known as Mississauga &  borders Malton & Brampton also known as the Little Punjab within Ontario Canada. Malton has a huge concentration of the immigrant Punjabi community of Indian origin.

Each week coffins are being loaded on the flights to India. What’s tragic is that according to Issac Callan an investigative journalist’s report these are the coffins of young Indian boys & girls who came to Canada to study in various community colleges in recent years. In the last two weeks alone there were at least five coffins of young Indian International students. This is an unusually high figure. (October/November 2021)

Many of these lost young lives are allegedly suicide victims.

Here are some of the recent deaths of students of Indian Origin:-

September 7, 2021, a 23-year-old Indian origin youth Prabhjot Singh Katri hailing from Bukkanwala village in Moga district from Punjab, India was brutally murdered with sharp-edged weapons at Truro town in New Scotia province of Canada, late night. Indian youth of Punjabi-origin was found dead at a Robie Street apartment building in the Truro town. He had migrated to Canada from here in 2017 on a study visa. Prabhjot was staying there at the house of his sister Rajvir Kaur and her husband for the past 4 years. He was an innocent guy. He was coming back from his job when he was killed by some unidentified persons outside his apartment. He was working as a taxi driver to pay for his studies. He belonged to a poor family in India. His friend created an online fundraiser to help send his friend’s body home to his village in India, so his parents could put him to rest.

7-April 2020, Pritpal Singh, 22, was shot dead in Canada’s Surrey, by unidentified assailant in the wee hours of April 7. Pritpal Singh from Ludhiana’s Sareen village in India had gone to Canada one and a half year ago on study visa, after he completed his schooling.

April 20, 2020, An 18-year-old Indian student Navjot Singh who had been studying in Canada has died under suspicious circumstances. Navjot Singh was originally from the town of Shahabad, Uttar Pradesh, but had gone to Canada to obtain a Bachelor of Commerce. His body was discovered in his room on April 20, 2020. Kashmir revealed that he spoke to his son on April 19, 2020, and everything seemed fine. However, the next morning, Navjot’s body was discovered.

July 19, 2018, Palwinder Singh, a 27-year-old Indian man in Canada, was shot dead in his home by four assailants in Brampton city. Singh was a truck driver and had immigrated to Canada in 2009. Two men from Mississauga one of 18 years and another of 19 years surrendered and were charged with first-degree murder. The two suspects are at at large.

Nov 15, 2016, A 17-year-old Indian-origin Sikh boy Gurnoor Singh Nahal, who was a high-school student was coming home from work when he was shot. He was working part time in order to pay for his education.

Why suicide?

Six Indian students died by suicide in 2020, and several more have taken their lives this year in 2021.

The Extreme stress, financial debts, dangerous situations of being forced into crime or prostitution & Political Activism by Anti India Groups plus personal factors may have driven them to take this extreme step. We can only speculate & listen to the whispered voices. However until there is a serious investigation into the unusual number of untimely deaths in the community the Truth will not be known

Most Victims reportedly hail from Punjab in India & are from poor or middle class families who took huge loans, sold land, jewelry & more to pay for their children’s education in Canada.

Recently, The protestors, with the Naujawan Support Network, armed with banners and a loudspeaker distributed leaflets in an attempt to shame the business owners and to demand payment of more than $8,000 in alleged unpaid wages to Rohit Uppal, a butcher at the shop owned by one Shaheen Quereshi and his son Arsalan.

International students are being exploited by businesses and landlords who take advantage of their vulnerable status in Canada. International students can legally work 20-hours a week, but a large percentage of South Asian students are forced by economic circumstances to seek employment with employers willing to pay them under the table. Many employers routinely pay less than minimum wage and compel these workers to work overtime with little or no additional pay.

Heartbreaking Reports of International Indian Students in Canada dying young in Tragic circumstances.
Heartbreaking Reports of International Indian Students in Canada dying young in Tragic circumstances.

The Indo-Canadian youths, are easily lured into lucrative drug trade by Khalistani criminals, and made to join their criminal gangs and kill other Indians who do not subscribe to their Anti-India activities.

Yet this Khalistani community is also known to inhumanely exploit the very students they sponsor.

Many have also been sponsored/ Lured by Sikh Khalistani Canadian Citizens in Canada who want to increase their numbers in order to change the demography  & thus control the Voting pattern & their clout in the Nation of Canada.

Students speaking anonymously at Various Brampton Colleges say that the accommodations offered, break many Tenant laws in Canada but the scared & vulnerable students don’t know that.

For Canada, international education is a very lucrative business, but for international students from India it is a heavy financial burden, especially since many families are taking loans to send their children to Canada

Witnesses & former victims speaking anonymously say that dozens of students are crammed into basement apartments and given just a meal a day or eat at Gurudwaras.

Another tragedy on Diwali night November 4, 2021, a student on probably work visa, now post completing course working as guard crushed between trailer & truck… a genuine accident, but this just indicates the hazards students go thru trying to make ends meet. Whereas the ones of landlords & the millionaire commission agents of Punjab arrive, buy cars, go places where none of us could afford to do so even after years of working in Canada!!!

Many can’t speak English so are totally dependent on the community.

Gurudwaras and the ‘Bosses’ there control these students. A Non Sikh student speaking anonymously says that they are totally brainwashed to hate the Indian Government and pushed into Anti India/ Hindu activism.

These Punjabi/Sikh students have become the faces in various Anti India & Pro-Indian Farmers Rally protests/ gatherings within Canada.  Many of these protests are held near Indian Consulates or community centers.

These groups are also encouraged to act aggressively towards Pro Indian participants of Rallies or programs and to repeat scripted narratives of fake allegations against the Indian Government/Army/Police & Fake ‘Sob Story’ Farmer’s accounts of being exploited by The Modi Government. These storiescare for the Canadian and Global media.

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A Student from BC wishing to remain anonymous shared some shocking details of what goes on in Gurudwaras and how even Canadian Politicians are part of it ( Jagmeet Singh) known Bhindarwala supporter)

(Key- all those nefarious organisations listed in the previous article PJF, WSO, BAAZ .. project to be champion for Sikh causes only to add to this problem here ‘coz they are key in enlisting the vulnerable for their propaganda campaigns too! )

Here is a list of Canadian Politicians who openly support the Anti India Khalistani movement.

Justin Trudeau
Ruby Sahota
Gurratan Singh
Jagmeet Singh
Sukh Dhaliwal
Tim Uppal
Prabhmeet Sarkaria Mayor of Edmonton –
Amarjeet Sohi, who came to 🇨🇦 here early 80s; his Wikipedia page mentions Punjab insurgency “…in general further increased following the Indian Army’s 1984 assault on the Harmandar Sahib complex and Akaal Takht, and the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards later that year. This was followed by the bombing of Air India Flight 182 in 1985, which was linked to Canadian Khalistani militants”

Interesting to read that –
“Sohi immigrated to Canada in 1981, initially working as a taxi driver in Edmonton. He returned to India in 1988, where he was detained and accused of terrorism. While in prison, he was subject to harsh treatment and solitary confinement. After spending 21 months in prison, Sohi was released due to a lack of evidence. Returning to Edmonton, he worked as bus driver before entering politics.”

plus Harjit S Sajjan former Defense Minister

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Patrick Browne Mayor of Brampton plus the ones mentioned are all supporting Khalistanis Farmers Protests.

The Extremist Politicians know that patriotic Sikhs in India are strong & will not stand with anyone who breaks India. Most of the Sikh community in Canada who are well settled & moderate do not want to have anything to do with the Khalistanis.

However  though The Khalistanis are small in Numbers, they are savvy with political clout & most are lawyers, master manipulators. When they are groomed on a flawed history they are groomed to be lawyers too!

And if not lawyers, masters in public speaking, manipulating interviews, media & the vulnerable to think like them.

Thus their way to increase their following/numbers/support is to use the vulnerable by becoming their best buddies, manipulating them to think in a similar manner. That’s why many in India have stated – their friends were fine when they lived in India, but after moving to Canada they become anti-India.

This is almost the kind of environment which was witnessed in the months before the Kanishka Bombing. As was described by Terry Milewski The Famous Canadian investigate Journalist in his documentary. ( links)

The greatest tragedy is that of students having to resort to crime as Drug Mules or Prostitutes to raise money.

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In their incisive analysis titled The Realities of International Students: Evidenced Challenges, One Voice Canada pointed to rampant fraud and corruption in the student recruitment industry, “exorbitant tuition fees” and an “underground economy” where students are working illegally and are being exploited by their employers.

Is this for personal survival or part of the Fund Raising Tactics of Khalistanis???

A Multi Pronged Investigation in India & Canada is required.

RCMP, NIA, Investigative Journalists & MEA should start investigating the matter immediately.

Start with the Agencies that market Canadian colleges and universities as a Mecca of Education & the easiest way to get Permanent Residency (PR Card) leading to citizenship literally fleece families in India with false dreams.

Solutions: Nip the ‘ Student Racket’ in the Bud.

Create Awareness in India via Media and Government about the risks of studying in Canada unless the student and family is completely aware, well informed  financial stable and capable of handling the situation.

India’s Loss is Canada’s gain. Canadian community colleges, universities,  small unknown institutes are fleecing Indian students at four times the amount a Canadian student pays. The average tuition fee for domestic students is $6,822 compared to $27,613 for international students.

There are currently 236,000 Indian students at various educational institutions in Canada.

Indian Students opting for higher education abroad are rapidly increasing and their growth outpaced domestic student growth by >6x in the last three years to reach ~770k in 2019. This is further expected to grow >2x till 2024 to reach ~1.8 million students who would be spending $75-85 billion overseas, according to the latest report “Higher Education Abroad” released by a consulting firm RedSeer. A major chunk will be spent by Indian students in Canada.

While Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and Hick Town Mayor’s like Patrick Browne never lose a chance to Lecture and accuse PM Modi of India of ‘mistreating’ Farmers, they forget to mention how Indian students are lucrative for Canada’s Failing Economy while Canadian media & the Liberal & NDP Government are openly Anti-India.

See the statistics in the Article of how Canada profits from international Students in article titled International student crisis : Funeral home sending alarming number of bodies back to India. As per the article, increasing number of flights are carrying the bodies of young Indian men and women as part of their cargo.

Article further says, “We’re finding that the number of student deaths has increased, not only in Brampton but across Canada. We see it across Canada,” Kamal Bhardwaj, the owner of Lotus Funeral Home and Cremation Centre, told The Pointer. “We have relationships with the Indian consulate, so when an international student passes away, then we’re notified, then we have to [help] out the families, usually bring their bodies back to India.”

Report further adds, “In the past two weeks alone, Bhardwaj and his staff have sent the bodies of five students home. He says he sends them home at least on a monthly basis.”

As per the article, “The amount of money spent by international students in Canada has exploded over the last decade. According to the federal government, they spent $6.5 Billion in 2008 and by 2018, the number had reached $21.6 Billions, more than tripling in a decade as many of these unsuspecting students became the focus of a post-secondary system that now views them as a cash cow.”

Indian Universities and Colleges are now World Class. India’s economy is booming & job and business opportunities for youth are innumerable.

Indian colleges should encourage Indians to study there. After a few years of work if youngsters choose to immigrate abroad they will be better equipped to face life on Foreign shores than if they choose to move as students.

Why is Canada risky? Studying in Canada is not the same as studying in USA which has stringent laws for students to qualify academically. US also ensures that Foreign students will be 100% Financial covered & not a burden on the system.

Canada only allows students to work 20 hours weekly over studies , which is impossible for students to meet their basic needs.

Canada has the Extremist groups of Khalistanis and ISI who look for vulnerable Indians to exploit in anyway against the Indian Government.

How can Indo Canadians help? Most Canadian provide counseling and Mentoring but many students do not avail of these supportive measures.

Temples can be a place of solace and networking.

Indo Canadian Community leaders can come forward and have serious discussions at several levels to help solve the student issues. However most will not want to get involved if there is a Khalistani threat or connection with the students they want to help.

Sikhs & Punjabis themselves should stand with the Students of their own communities.  Similarly those from other states should mentor their own. It will be easier to relate.

This problem is not limited to Ontario alone but to all Provinces where Indian students are a majority.

Also where the Khalistani +ISI groups have centered themselves and look at each vulnearable young boy or girl coming from India as a recruit for their long term Break India Agenda.

Wake up India. Wake up Indo Canadians and Wake up Canada. The Enemy is everywhere!

About the Author :  Pen Name : Little Tigress. Global Freelance journalist with background of crime, court and defense living in Canada.

Points to Ponder

Shouldn’t Indian Government should jointly investigate with Canadian Government on the role of criminals and Anti-Indian Khalistanis in putting the lives of Indians in danger?

Shouldn’t Canada work on addressing the concerns of Indian students and improve upon the living conditions for Indian students?

Indian students are spending $21 Billion for studies in Canada. Can’t this money be spent in India to open more IIT, IIMs and Medical Colleges to give high class learning opportunities to Indian students within India?

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