Evil Chinese Designs Now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation : Indian Media and Political Vultures Helping China's Plans? | NewsComWorld.com

Evil Chinese Designs now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation. China is taking advantage of Vaccine Diplomacy in African and Other Countries while Opposition in Questioning Indian Government for sending Vaccines to other countries. Are Indian Media and Political Vultures helping China’s plans?

China is taking diplomatic advantage of vaccine diplomacy like its debt trap diplomacy and a “vaccine vacuum” by sending millions of vaccine shots for Chinese Corona Virus to poor nations, including in Africa and Latin America countries.

Evil Chinese Designs Now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation : Indian Media and Political Vultures Helping China's Plans? | NewsComWorld.com
Evil Chinese Designs Now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation : Indian Media and Political Vultures Helping China’s Plans?

As US stopped supply of raw materials for Vaccines to India, it slowed down production of Vaccines in India. Thereafter the second wave of Chinese Corona Virus hit the Non-BJP states that did not follow the advanced notifications and guidelines of the Central Government led by Indian Prime Minister Modi. Despite this Pandemic, Indian Opposition aided by the Media Vultures and International MSM Propaganda Outlets are putting pressure on Indian Government one way or the other. Now they have started questioning Indian Government on why did Indian Government sent out millions of Vaccines to other countries when Indians were not vaccinated yet.

Evil Chinese Designs now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation : Indian Media and Political Vultures Helping China's Plans? - Frequent U-Turns by Indian Opposition as shared on Twitter by some social media users.
Evil Chinese Designs now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation : Indian Media and Political Vultures Helping China’s Plans? – Frequent U-Turns by Indian Opposition as shared on Twitter by some social media users.
Evil Chinese Designs Now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation : Indian Media and Political Vultures Helping China’s Plans?

However the same opposition parties should introspect that how they created distrust against Indian vaccine in the minds of Indian public and before the shelf life of the vaccines get expired, Indian Government sent the same vaccines to over 95 countries. Now when the second wave hit India, the same opposition made a U-Turn and started crying for the shortages of the Vaccine. This pressure now being exerted on Indian Government asking questions of why the Vaccines were sent to other countries, whether inspired/sponsored by China or not, has given an opportunity for China to spread its claws over the poor countries and take advantage of the vaccine vacuum and take control of their strategic assets in the process.

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Remember last year after the first wave, China wanted to capture strategic assets in all the countries world wide using its vaccine trap and earn billions of dollars. However, as India stepped in, all the plans of China using its vaccine diplomacy were shattered. India supplied initial token quantity free vaccines to a lot of countries and giving them the option to place orders and purchase remaining quantities from India, like any salesman would do. The free quantities developed faith in the world on Indian Vaccine and India earned a lot of respect and goodwill also as a byproduct.

This goodwill and friendship helped India during the second wave of Chinese Corona Virus when all these countries helped India with Oxygen concentrators, tankers, Oxygen generation plants and so on.

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Here is the data as per Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Government website on how many vaccines India donated and how many vaccines were sold to those 95 countries on commercial basis. We are attaching it in PDF Format. Readers can also click on the above hyperlink to visit Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Government website that has updated information as on 16 May 2021 at 1800 hrs IST.


Moreover, sometimes the contract agreements for Make in India by MNCs require certain portion of the produce to be sent to other countries that the Media and Opposition parties are silent about.

Evil Chinese Designs Now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation : Indian Media and Political Vultures Helping China's Plans? - Propaganda by Media and Political Vultures against Indian Government on supply of vaccines to other countries. - (Information shared by Social Media users on Twitter)
Evil Chinese Designs Now adopt vaccine diplomacy as a tool of exploitation : Indian Media and Political Vultures Helping China’s Plans? – Propaganda by Media and Political Vultures against Indian Government on supply of vaccines to other countries. – (Information shared by Social Media users on Twitter)

Had Indian Government followed what Opposition parties, Media Vultures now are questioning India on Vaccine Diplomacy and India would have hoarded all the vaccines for itself, no other country in the world would have come to rescue of India when India needed the most. However these China controlled Indian Leftist/Liberal Media and Opposition parties need to be aware of the Chinese conspiracy.

Would you still call Indian Government responsible for the situation? or would it be the opposition parties in India who should be held responsible?

Besides the constant Propaganda by Media Vultures and their international MSM Propaganda outlets, Indian Government is constantly working at enhancing the Vaccine production of Made in India Vaccines.

At a time when Media and Political Vultures are working day and night to create panic in India putting more stress on medical resources, creating doubt in every step that Indian Government lead by Narendra Modi takes, Indian Prime Minister is not giving up to these Media and Political Vultures and their Foreign Propaganda Outlets. In fact with the latest announcements by Indian government, Indian Government gives a Big Jolt to BIG Pharma. On one hand Indian Government Announced AYUSH-64 Medicine for free distribution starting from Delhi, besides production schedule of 2.16 Billion Vaccines by December 2021. The tremors of this big jolt people will see echoed in the pain to all Media Channels controlled by Leftist Corporate lobby.

Indian Government Gives A Big Jolt To BIG Pharma : Announces AYUSH-64 Medicine Besides Production Schedule Of 2.16 Billion Vaccines By December 2021.

Affirming his faith in India’s ability to counter the second deadly COVID-19 wave, France’s President Emmanuel Macron on 8-May-2021 expressed solidarity with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Amid the noise over COVID-19 vaccine shortage and criticism aimed at the Narendra Modi government, Macron asserted that India does not need to be ‘lectured from anyone’ on vaccine supplies. At the virtual summit attended by Germany’s Angela Merkel and the EU president Ursula von der Leyen amongst others, the French President highlighted India’s vaccine exports to several countries in the time of the pandemic. 

“India does not need to listen to lectures from anyone about vaccine supplies. India has exported a lot for humanity to many countries. We know what situation India is in,” the French President said.

While the West has failed to provide the doses needed in developing nations and major producer India has halted vaccine exports as it grapples with a second wave of Chinese Corona Virus and China inspired/sponsored Opposition parties and Media Vultures now crying foul over Vaccine shortage, China has stepped in.

As per a report, China is not giving the vaccines free of cost. China just donated only 17.4 million vaccines to poor countries but sold a total of 651 million vaccine doses to the same poor countries for profits.

China has sold a total of 651 million vaccine doses – far more than its donations of 17.4 million – as of Monday, according to Beijing-based Bridge Consulting.

Latin America and the Asia-Pacific were by far the biggest buyers, receiving 309 million and 248.46 million shots, respectively, while Europe accounted for 61.38 million.

Africa bought the least, at 33 million, but it received the second highest number of donated vaccines from China – it got 5.45 million of the 17.45 million donated. China has pledged to donate vaccines to 35 African countries and the African Union Commission.

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China has donated the most – 10.5 million – to the Asia-Pacific region.

African nations have so far received 5.45 million donated Covid-19 jabs from China.

According to Bridge Consulting, Sinovac is the main Chinese supplier for vaccine sales, to 32 countries so far. Sinopharm – whose vaccine got World Health Organization approval for emergency use last week – is providing most of the donations, to 60 nations so far.

India started Shipping COVID vaccines after the first wave, selflessly to other countries including Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and Seychelles, while China is busy making windfall profits by exploiting Chinese Virus COVID-19 Pandemic.

More and more countries approached India for Indian Vaccine for Chinese Virus while Chinese Vaccines were being rejected worldwide.

Highly placed sources said that scores of countries approached India, as the word spreads that Indian vaccines are showing negligible side-effects, since the immunization drive in the country began. Till date India has supplied vaccines to 95 countries as mentioned above.

There have been doubts over the efficacy of the Chinese vaccines, with little late-stage clinical trial data released. But Lawrence Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University in Washington, said the emergency use listing would boost Sinopharm’s reputation and China’s vaccine diplomacy efforts.

Since Indian Media Vultures, Political Vultures supported by International MSM Propaganda outlets are under the influence of Communist China, they want to pin down India for not exporting Indian vaccines while China takes advantage of the “vaccine vacuum” and gains strategic control of assets worldwide that can prove to be a danger to world peace once this pandemic is over.

“There has been a dark cloud hanging over the Sinopharm brand with grave doubts about its efficacy,” Gostin said.

He said the WHO approval would create much-needed confidence in the vaccine. It also opens the door for its use by the WHO-backed Covax Facility, which aims to ensure fair and equitable access to Covid-19 vaccines.

A growing list of countries have meanwhile started manufacturing Chinese vaccines, including the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

Egypt – which like many African countries has been unable to secure enough vaccines – is the latest to join that list, announcing on Sunday that it would begin making the Sinovac shot in June, with initial annual capacity for 40 million doses. They will be used at home but also sent to other African countries that are struggling to secure vaccines.

WHO nod is a major credibility boost for Beijing and Chinese pharmaceuticals

Like China, Russia is also engaging in vaccine diplomacy through donations of its Sputnik V shot. Analysts say this is helping the two nations to strengthen relations with many emerging countries as Western influence wanes.

The Economist Intelligence Unit said the European Union, the United States and Britain had been mostly absent on vaccine diplomacy.

“This reflects intense political pressure in these countries to vaccinate their population first. It also reflects the recent controversies over the UK-developed AstraZeneca vaccine, which was originally intended – and priced – as a crucial vaccine for emerging markets,” it said. “Widespread hesitancy around this vaccine has left a gap for Russia and China to exploit.”

But David Shinn, a former US diplomat and a professor at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, said America was “by far the largest donor to the WHO’s Covax programme, for which it is getting little credit”.

“It will soon have enough vaccine so that it can significantly increase donations to other countries,” he said.

Gostin from Georgetown University noted that President Joe Biden was under pressure to do more to donate vaccines to “countries in desperate need like India”.

“The US is playing catch-up in its vaccine diplomacy and influence around the world,” he said.

Biden said last month that the US would share up to 60 million doses of its supply of the AstraZeneca vaccine with other countries. Washington has also said it would support a global waiver on patent protections for Covid-19 vaccines.

“We’re in open competition with China on several fronts but not directly competing on vaccine diplomacy,” Gostin said. “Our competition on vaccines is with our high expectations of US global health leadership.”

Stephen Chan, a professor of politics and international relations at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, said China had moved swiftly on vaccine diplomacy and other countries were only now catching up.

“Recipient countries, even if they have some doubts about Sinopharm, were alarmed with the bad publicity surrounding [cases of blood] clots that arose from using AstraZeneca,” Chan said.

But he said that in Africa, “it’s a ‘get whatever vaccine you can’ impulse – not a political affiliation impulse”.

China has also started using COVID-19 vaccines for political purposes. Taiwan recently blasted China for seeking to use vaccines to make diplomatic inroads with one of Taipei’s allies.

Honduras, among a small number of Latin American countries to maintain diplomatic ties with Taiwan, has said it was considering opening an office in China in a bid to acquire much needed COVID-19 shots, prompting Taipei to criticise Beijing for pushing a vaccine-for-recognition deal.

Several Latin American nations are receiving Chinese vaccines, but countries such as Honduras and Guatemala that have built ties with democratic Taiwan – which Beijing considers a breakaway province – are not.

Taiwan has complained that China is applying similar pressure to Paraguay, one of just 15 countries that formally recognise the self-governed island over Beijing.

China, Russia, and the United States have sought to deepen ties around the world and further their countries’ geopolitical clout through so-called “vaccine diplomacy”.

In case India and all allies fail to stand up with African nations at this time, China will continue to use the votes of African nations to control all the United Nation’s bodies as we mentioned in our previous article, China has lead a surprisingly effective, low-key campaign to lead mid-tier agencies at international organizations. At the United Nations, Chinese nationals now lead five of the 15 specialized agencies: the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Telecommunication Union, the Food and Agriculture Organization, the U.N. Department for Economic and Social Affairs, and the U.N. Industrial Development Organization.

On their own, these agencies really aren’t that important but collectively they provide Beijing with an increasingly influential platform to align the international agenda with their own priorities.

But none of it would have been possible without Africa’s support.

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Points to Ponder

Can it be said that every propaganda run by Leftists/Liberals, Media Vultures, Indian Opposition parties and their associate foreign Media Outlets are coordinated as per directions from China? Every propaganda these Vultures whether Media Vultures or Political vultures run are aimed at benefitting China?

India needs to decide if they want to be entrapped in Chinese conspiracy involving Media Vultures and Political vultures in India or look at a bigger picture and use vaccines as a means to shatter Chinese game plan to gain strategic assets in poor countries?

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