Chinese PLA Soldiers Cry As They are Sent to Indo-China LAC To Face Indian Army

As tensions continue to increase on the Indo-China Line of Actual Control LAC, a video surfaced on Sunday (Sept. 20) showing Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers cry as they are sent to Indo-China LAC to face Indian Army.

On Sunday, Pakistani comedian Zaid Hamid uploaded a video showing several PLA recruits crying on a bus as they are allegedly “transferred to Ladakh Border to face Indian Army.” Hamid then wrote that China’s one-child policy is “seriously hurting the motivation level of our Chinese brothers.”

Chinese PLA Soldiers Cry As They are Sent to Indo-China LAC To Face Indian Army
Chinese PLA Soldiers Cry As They are Sent to Indo-China LAC To Face Indian Army

He then added, “We Pakistani support you China. Stay Brave.” Although Pakistan is an ally of China, Hamid appeared to be poking fun at the tender, green recruits.

The footage was originally posted on the WeChat page of Fuyang City Weekly, but it was soon deleted. The original post shows 10 fresh recruits from Fuyang City’s Yingzhou District in China’s Anhui Province.

All of the new troops were reportedly college students, and five of them had “proactively volunteered to serve in Tibet,” which borders the Ladakh region where the bloody Galwan Valley skirmish took place in June of this year. The video was reportedly filmed at the Fuyang Railway Station as they prepared to head to a military camp in Hebei Province.

In the video, the soldiers can be seen sobbing hysterically as they struggle to sing the words to the PLA song “Green Flowers in the Army” (軍中綠花). A Chinese netizen who goes by the handle @waynescene reposted the video on Sunday and wrote “They were told that they would be going to the front lines after they got on the bus. The cannon fodder are crying!”

In June Violent Face-off Between Chinese PLA and Indian Soldiers: Several Feared Dead and Injured

in June 2020, In the counter-attack following the killing of their commanding officer Colonel B Santosh Babu by Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops in Ladakh’s Galwan valley, the jawans of 16 Bihar regiment, using the most “primitive fighting methods”, snapped the necks of at least 18 PLA troops and smashed their faces beyond recognition.

The Army men of 16 Bihar regiment were reportedly joined by the ‘Ghatak’ troops of India. Together, they “unleashed a reign of terror, unheard in modern military history”, the report said. Over 100 Chinese PLA troops were killed while 20 Unarmed Indian soldiers martyred. We covered it in our previous article Violent Face-off Between Chinese PLA and Indian Soldiers: Several Feared Dead and Injured

This attack sent a shock waves across PLA and they fear Indian Army.

Indian Army thwarted the Chinese PLA’s attempt to capture the important peaks in Indian Territory after an intense face-off on the night of August 28-29 there and occupied the dormant height within its territory. The Indian Army also removed the cameras and surveillance system of the PLA after taking the hill tops into its control. The Chinese Army has installed such equipment all along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and use them effectively to monitor Indian activities and respond quickly whenever they find Indian patrols on the Indian areas occupied by China.

Indian Army was holding its positions. However this was a big shock for Communist Chinese PLA which thought it was a cake walk to capture those posts and were outsmarted and pre-empted by Indian Army to capture those forward posts before Chinese Army could reach there.

In 1962 Chinese Invasion, the Invading Communist Chinese PLA used it’s artillery superiority to devastating effect. However, this time the stakes on the peaks are high on both sides. India is not the same India of 1962 and Indian Army is not the same Indian Army of 1962, Indian Political Leadership is not the same as that of 1962. A lot has changed. Indian Army has already given a taste of bloody nose to Chinese PLA during the face-off when 20 Indian Soldiers martyred and over 100 PLA kids were killed in an unfair combat where Chinese were armed with nail studded rods attacked unarmed Indian Soldiers. We covered it in our previous article Chinese Aggression at Indian Border Fails – Situation Still Tense.

China’s PLA soldiers from one-child families

Everyone knows CCP PLA hires single child kids who cannot risk dying in war. If Chinese kids start dying in a war, it will create public anger against Xi’s CCP that can overthrow Fascist CCP.

Antony Wong Dong  , a Macau-based military expert, said many mainland military officials and observers have voiced concerns about the impact of the one-child policy to China’s long-term  security since 1993.

“Under China’s strict military rules, deserters are shot on the spot, and even if only-child soldiers  are not afraid to fight, who will be responsible for their families if they die in battle or are severely wounded?” he said.

Sun, the Dalian soldier, said recruits usually need two years to adjust to life within a unit through tough routine training and psychological counselling.

Chinese PLA Soldiers Cry As They are Sent to Indo-China LAC To Face Indian Army
Chinese PLA Soldiers Cry As They are Sent to Indo-China LAC To Face Indian Army

Liu said the army had devised special training for “spoiled boys and girls” to strengthen its fighting capability in the past years, but the high rate of single children in the PLA was still a “strategic fear” for China’s long-term military development. The army has faced a serious lack of qualified manpower for at least a decade.

More over with the Winters approaching and India ready to stay guard in the winters, Chinese sissy kids that are used to air conditioned environment back home will see some real big casualties due to cold.

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Points to Ponder

A handful of brave Indian Army Soldiers defending their territory from outnumbered Chinese PLA soldiers with heavy duty vehicles and gears in May and June 2020 clashes, one can certainly question, “Are the sissy one child army of Chinese PLA capable of entering into a real life armed conflict with India?” Imperialist Communist China can send thousands of sissy soldiers. But once Indian Army is given free hand to use fire arms, imagine the Chinese Sissy PLA leaving their posts and deserting their ranks and running for their lives.

Indian Soldiers that martyred fighting China were given proper respect and last rites were carried with full honor. However Chinese PLA sissy kids know that once they die, their organs will be harvested and their ashes alone will be sent to their family members. Once more such single child kids fall, will it not create an uproar against the Communist CCP in China?

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