Blast at Iran Factory that supplied Drones to Hamas Terrorists : A new Iranian drone called 'Gaza' is displayed in Iran, Saturday. Credit: Sepahnews via AP |

There was a blast at Iran Factory that supplied Drones to Hamas Terrorists. 9 people were injured. In another story, Netanyahu appoints new Mossad Chief with experience on Iran and Hezbollah.

Blast at Iran Factory that supplied Drones to Hamas Terrorists

There was a “major explosion” over the weekend at an Iranian drone factory. The blast at the weekend injured at least nine workers at the petrochemical factory in Isfahan. The Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (Hesa), which produces a variety of aircraft and drones for Iranian and pro-Iranian forces, is located in the complex owned by Sepahan Nargostar Chemical Industries.

Blast at Iran Factory that supplied Drones to Hamas Terrorists : A new Iranian drone called 'Gaza' is displayed in Iran, Saturday. Credit: Sepahnews via AP |
Blast at Iran Factory that supplied Drones to Hamas Terrorists : A new Iranian drone called ‘Gaza’ is displayed in Iran, Saturday. Credit: Sepahnews via AP

The report says nine workers were injured in the blast, with Tehran not providing information on its cause.

This explosion comes days after Israel said the Islamic Republic of Iran has been supplying Palestinian terror group Hamas with drones.

Israel has been blamed for several recent sabotage incidents in Iranian facilities related to its nuclear program.

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, on Thursday 20-May 2021 showed the remains of what he described as an Iranian drone that was downed on Tuesday 18-May 2021 after crossing from Iraqi or Syrian airspace.

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The ‘suicide drones,’ or ‘loitering munitions,’ that Palestinian Hamas has sent from Gaza into Israel during the current confrontation are a version of an older Iranian drone called Ababil, the Jerusalem Post reported Friday 14-May 2021.

The model, apparently made or assembled in Gaza and which may be the one showcased in a Hamas video, is called Shehab. Drone experts have compared the Hamas model to Iran’s Ababil drone.

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Other variants of the basic model have been used by the Houthis in Yemen against Saudi Arabia, Seth Frantzman wrote in the Post report.

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Armed drones can be maneuverable and low-flying, evading detection. Israel says its Iron Dome missile-defense system, part of an annual $3.8-billion annual United States military aid, has been adapted to intercept drones and that those crossing into Israel were shot down.

Hamas’ drones could be carried on trucks and launched from a rail. The length of a Shehab is longer than an average person. Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia group, also uses drones and has attempted to send some into Israeli airspace. Israel announced last month that one such drone was shot down and another one was downed in January.

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Iran, which lacks an effective air force, has developed various drone models. It claims some of its drones now have long-range capability, up to 2,000km, although experts believe Iranian models are antiquated compared with current advanced drones. Israel itself has ‘suicide drones,’ while the US, which uses drones extensively, was by 2014 training more drone ‘pilots’(link is external) than conventional pilots.

We will cover details about Iranian Drones in our next article.

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Netanyahu Appoints New Mossad Chief With Experience On Iran, Hezbollah

A veteran Mossad operative, who Israeli media said specialized in recruiting agents to work against Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group, was named on Monday as the Israeli intelligence agency’s new chief.

David Barnea, 56, and currently the Mossad’s deputy director, will replace Joseph (Yossi) Cohen, early next month, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

Cohen is stepping down after more than five years at the Mossad’s helm, during which he was closely involved in Israel’s outreach to Gulf Arab states that resulted in peace deals with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain last year.

Barnea joined the Mossad in 1996, serving as a case officer. From 2013 until his appointment in 2019 to the Mossad’s number two post, he commanded its Tzomet division, which Israeli media reports said recruits and runs agents.

The Haaretz newspaper said that as Tzomet’s commander, Barnea was responsible for enlisting operatives against the Mossad’s top priority targets, Iran and Hezbollah.

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Iran has accused the Mossad of being behind the assassinations of nuclear scientists and military commanders as well as sabotage at uranium enrichment facilities that Israel alleges are part of a programme aimed at producing atomic weapons.

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Tehran denies it is seeking to build nuclear arms.

Barnea’s name and position in the Mossad could not be reported in Israel under military censorship rules until the announcement from the prime minister’s office of his new appointment.

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