Axis of Evil China, Iran and Pakistan Connected via CPEC

CPEC is being considered as the thread connecting the alliance of axis of evil countries that include China, Iran and Pakistan.

Axis of Evil China, Iran and Pakistan Connected via CPEC
Axis of Evil China, Iran and Pakistan Connected via CPEC

Plans for corridor stretching from the Chinese border to Pakistan Occupied Balochistan and Sindh’s deep-water ports “Gwadar” and “Karachi” on the Arabian Sea in Indian Ocean, started from 1950. In 1959 construction of Karakoram Highway was also carried out by China, but in 2002 when China began construction at Gwadar port in occupied Baluchistan and completed it in 2006, China was waiting for an opportunity to enter in region fully and get control of coastal belt completely. In 2011 when US-Pakistan relations went bad and a “Disastrous year” was declared, the alliance collapsed due to trust deficits and suspension of aid was announced. That situation continued over next year too. Finally it was year 2013 when China entered in region with full swing and a memorandum of understanding on cooperation for long term plan, China Pakistan Economic corridor (CPEC) of 46 Billion Dollars, a collection of infrastructure projects was inked up by two governments. In 2019, it reached to 62 Billion US dollars. Now it is multi billion investment because recently China signed a $400 Billion agreement with Iran, buying crude oil for 25 years. It is also part of “CPEC” because this pipeline will cross from occupied Sindh and Baluchistan. So before it was only Arabian sea coastal belt and various Islands, now Persian gulf coastal belt and its various Islands are also going in hands of China.

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Before going to triangle of nexus let’s have brief look on these three countries.

Expansionist China

Officially the people’s Republic of China (PRC) a one party State led by the Chinese communist party (CCP) best know as expansionist, autocratic and debt trapping country. Political dissidents and human rights groups have denounced and criticized the Chinese government for widespread human rights abuses, political repression, suppression of religious and ethnic minorities, censorship, mass surveillance. Recently has initiated the “largest transcontinental infrastructure investment project, in modern history known as One Belt One Road “OBOR”, formerly know as BRI/B&R . Due to debt trap diplomatic history and human rights violations of CCP, whole world is concerned over the project being a form of neocolonialism.

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Radical Iran

In 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran established the “Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps” (IRGC) supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas, PIG and PFLP-GC in Palestine along with Iraqi Shias militias. In 1990 Iran’s links and support was reported for Al-Qaeda and various Taliban groups.

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Pakistan was created by British to serve their interests in the region by fake two nation theory in 1947. The theocratic fascist has never respected the real democracy, freedom of expression, freedom of organizations, association and speech. These fundamental human rights as declared by UN’s charter of human rights have been denied since the creation of this unnatural state, in the name of the federal government dominated by Punjab/Pakistani military to historical secular nations. Sindhi, Baloch and Pashtuns are enchained in slavery and been always suppressed though utter fascism, arbitrary arrests, abductions, enforced disappearances, inhuman state torture, illegal detentions, extra judicial killings and assassinations by state agencies and military to abstain the political struggle of these oppressed nations aimed at securing their secular, cultural identity, National Independence and rights. It is the state that nourished Islamist extremism, terrorism, barbarism by hosting Al- Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden for years. Till now 54 world’s top wanted terrorist are enjoying safe paradise of Pakistan and 40 to 50 thousand Taliban Terrorists are still present under shadow of Pakistani intelligence agencies ISI.

Axis of Evil China, Iran and Pakistan Connected via CPEC
Axis of Evil China, Iran and Pakistan Connected via CPEC

List of CPEC projects in Pakistan

Thar-1 project
Thar-2 project and coal mine
Thar engro coal project
Matiari – Lahore transmission line
LPG pipe line Gawadar to Nawabshah
Port qasim project – electric line from Karachi to Punjab
Hyderabad chamber and commerce agreement with China 2018
Wind Power – 5 projects.
Nine lakh ton fertilizer product – 05 units in Sindh
12 lakh acre agricultural land buying for live stock and farming
Railway projects and Highway projects
Karachi – 4 canal project for billion US dollars
Port Qasim oil and gas storing facilities
Biotechnology project – artillery joint ventures factory

Latest in 2019 when prime minister Imran Khan visited China and signed a new deal of Mega cities projects on Twin islands of Sindh against will of Sindhi Nation and also financing for controversial Basha diamer dam to control waters of Indus River, are now part of CPEC.

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Why Fundamentalist Pakistan and Radical Iran are chosen by CCP China?

Pakistan’s long-standing rivalry with India and Iran’s rivalry with Israel and America are the main reasons that CCP has chosen Pakistan and Iran, while there are many other factors also. Pakistan and Iran in their political and psychological essence are extremists and terrorist states because of their foundations on the theory of Islamic nationhood. Sectarianism had been used as launchpad of Islamist terrorism against neighboring countries like Afghanistan (presence of American troops), India, future leader of Asia and a strategic partner of US.

Axis of Evil China, Iran and Pakistan Connected via CPEC
Axis of Evil China, Iran and Pakistan Connected via CPEC

Iran’s and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and military trains and facilitate the Islamist groups extremists and uses them freely to interfere in the internal matters of India, Israel, Afghanistan and US. Entire world knows for sure that terrorist organizations like Islamic revolutionary guards Corp (IRGC), Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Haqqani network, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaesh-e-Muhammad, Jamaat-ud-Dawa are sponsored by Iran and Pakistan to terrorize the entire humanity.

After CCP investments in these both countries, these all militant groups are now in hands China. Most of these terrorist groups are already hired by CCP to safeguard the “CPEC ” and “OBOR”.

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The other reason as to serve MR Xi’s ambitions to extend its economic and strategic influence across Eurasia, Arbian sea and Persian gulf are key locations to confront the western countries, specially when American warships are tangling regularly with Iranian forces. Nearly 100 projects are cited in agreement of China-Iran deal, arranged and facilitated by Pakistan. Pakistan and Iran to save their corrupt skin are ready and willing to go at any down level and bringing CCP against emerging Indian democratic influence in South Asia and new Arab-Israel friendship wave. Both of these countries are nuclear powers without their own national interests, always have played in others hands and now in service of CCP. In Pakistan and Iran national freedom movements are continuously striving for their freedom, while in presence of China in region, these both countries easily can crush these separatist movements. While CCP is happy that USA and West dream of new world order which will bring prosperity to humanity, more free democratic nations and free countries will be blocked. Expansionist CCP, radical Iran and Islamic fundamentalist Pakistan triangle and its existence would cause a great harm to global security and peace in the future as it’s nuke are much bigger threat to world peace and security than those of North Korea.

The expansion of CCP’s military assistance, training and intelligence sharing with Iran and Pakistan is also alarming for America and India. China world’s largest importer of oil and gas will benefit from Iran as it gets 75% oil from abroad. These are few reasons that CCP is continuously supporting and lobbying for Iran and Pakistan in UNO and other platforms. After Chinese COVID-19 biological attack on world countries, whole world is suffering. Millions have lost their loved ones, hunger is increasing day by day. World economy and job markets are going down. New recession is coming while CCP is enjoying economic growth. Because of money power, CCP is buying international organizations and influencing UNO.

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About the Author : Zafar Sahito, Jeay Sindh Thinkers Forum, America. He can be reached over twitter by his handle @widhyarthi.

Points to Ponder

Besides the economic gains, isn’t by getting the two evil countries of Pakistan and Iran in its axis, China is consolidating its power at the United Nations?

Punjabi Pakistan is giving away resources of occupied Balochistan and Sindhudesh, the resources that never belonged to Punjabi Pakistan at the first place. While Mullah regime in Iran is giving its people’s resources to China. Both the countries are sponsors of terrorism in other countries. Now both these countries are joining hands with the biggest Bio-Terrorist China. Shouldn’t the world be alarmed that the Islamist Radical Terrorism now got a Patron in the form of CCP China?

Shouldn’t the International Community work towards establishing democracy in Iran and help in disintegrating Pakistan into smaller new countries and help the freedom fighters in Pakistan get Independence from Pakistan and break this Axis of Evil countries?

What is going to be the punishment for the Bio-Terrorist CCP China for killing over 1.14 Million people worldwide using its Bioweapon of Chinese Corona Virus?

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