If you Think Afghanistan is Fighting War with Taliban, Think Twice - Afghanistan is Fighting War Against Pakistani Punjab

If you Think Afghanistan is Fighting War with Taliban, Think Twice – Afghanistan is Fighting War Against Pakistani Punjab.

Suddenly some articles are coming in Leftist/Liberal Media Propaganda outlets with the titles such as “Indian experts are wondering why New Delhi has been sidelined in Afghanistan. This is Why.” First of all these arm chair experts have no idea what is going on ground in Afghanistan or in Indian Government’s Cabinet meetings. All these “So-Called Pakistan Experts” are pointing that since US, Russia and China consider Pakistan to be relevant and made a few future deals in rail construction and India’s attempt to isolate Pakistan in International community are not working, India should also start speaking to Pakistan Army’s proxy i.e. Taliban.

However they are all totally Wrong and they have got it totally wrong. They do not understand the ground realities either in Afghanistan nor about Pakistan. There is more damage done by India in Isolating Pakistan Internationally than the damage done to Pakistan in 65 years by previous governments taken together. We have covered it in later part of this article in details.

These articles of “So-Called Pakistan Experts” are imposing their way forwards on India as if they are the sole “So-Called Pakistan Experts” and India has no other options except to kneel down before Pakistan Army’s Taliban Unit in order to stay “relevant”. They fail to understand that any political solution externally drafted cannot be imposed on people of Afghanistan. The solution has to be worked out by the people of Afghanistan, for the people of Afghanistan. Any attempts to impose a solution of rule on Afghanistan failed in the past. Russia, US, Pakistan or Middle East led peace talks in the recent past had no effects and instead brought war in Afghanistan. If India follows the advice of such “So-Called Pakistan Experts”, India will muddy its own International position which it holds currently with pride.

These Articles discussed about Russia, US failure in Afghanistan. They have started with mentioning the wrong history. They forgot to mention that Russia was defeated in Afghanistan using Mujahedeen forces created by United States taken from Afghanistan and Pakistan Army trained terrorist militias from Pakistan. US had to leave because of internal sabotage done by Pakistan in defeating the United States war against Terrorism following terrorism leading to fall of twin towers on 9/11. In this war also, India was the first to offer its military bases to the US led coalition, however Pakistan reluctantly had to offer its bases in order to not let India enter the Afghan region. However all the Major UN declared terrorists are in Pakistan. Even Osama Bin Laden was found and eliminated in Abbottabad near the Pakistan Army cantonment area. Terrorist Producing Nation Pakistan cannot be the part of any future solution. Terrorist Producing Nation Pakistan is the Problem. Only solution is to dismantle Pakistan, Create new smaller nations of Balochistan and Sindhudesh. However “So-Called Pakistan Experts” have overlooked this as a possible scenario.

The United States has launched several airstrikes in support of embattled Afghan forces in recent days, U.S. officials said Friday, an escalation in U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. At least four of the strikes were carried out Wednesday and Thursday, including some in Kandahar. The airstrikes were conducted at the request of Afghan forces under attack by the Taliban or to destroy equipment stolen by the militants, including artillery and vehicles. US has also started giving VISAs faster to Afghans who helped US forces. Similar pressure is building on governments of Australian and Canada to grant citizenship to Afghans who helped their forces in Afghanistan. If US was not aware of Pakistan’s role behind Taliban, US would not have carried out these airstrikes themselves, rather asked Pakistan to do it.

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These Articles failed to mention that Russia and United States both know that Pakistan is the key factor for the problems in Indo-Afghan region and despite all the Intelligence inputs these countries have, they have been sidelined for the reasons best known to the political class in these countries. These “So-Called Pakistan Experts” also failed to mention about the growing indigenous Freedom Movements in Balochistan and Sindhudesh for freedom of these oppressed nations from Pakistan’s illegal Occupation. Since Pakistan has hugely censored its media and none of the news from Balochistan or Sindhudesh about this indigenous Freedom Movement is allowed to be reported in the Pakistan’s National Media, none of the International Journalists are either allowed to visit Balochistan. Pakistan sympathetic International News Media is also reluctant to report the crimes and human rights abuses by Pakistan Army and Pakistan Intelligence Agency that have disappeared thousands of Baloch, Sindhis, Mohajirs, Pashtuns, Hazaras and either sold for organ harvesting or killed and their dead bodies buried at undisclosed locations. Not even the Indian MSM that publishes articles of “So-Called Pakistan Experts” have published articles condemning Pakistan Army or Intelligence Agency ISI committing Genocide of Baloch, Mohajirs, Sindhis, Hazaras, Pashtuns.

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These articles mention that China is talking to Pakistan. They have again got it wrong. China wanted a way to reach Arabian Sea and the only option available was via CPEC through Pakistan. China has invested Billions and has stopped or slowed down any further investments without taking over remaining strategic assets of Pakistan as mortgage. After assassination of Chinese Engineers working on Dasu Dam project, Pakistan has given the warnings to Chinese Communist CPC that Pakistan Army is still the boss in Pakistan and China has to deal with Pakistan Army who can takeover Chinese Projects anytime without paying back a single penny if China tries to bend Pakistan’s elbows too tight. China has called Pakistan ISI Chief Faiz Lt Gen Faiz Hameed after Dasu Dam massacre of Chinese Engineers by Pakistan Army. However General Faiz Hameed fearing that he would be arrested in China asked Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi to instead visit China. However China was not happy and told Pakistan to send Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI Chief Faiz Lt Gen Faiz Hameed. Pakistan has no options to send Faiz Hameed to China. Some sources are saying that he may be arrested even or reprimanded in China for killing 9 Chinese engineers by Pakistan Army faction.

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These “So-Called Pakistan Experts” failed to mention that Pakistan is the headquarters of Taliban units and is controlled by Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI and Pakistan Army. Even Pakistan Army regulars are fighting alongside Taliban units against Afghanistan Army and Government supporting militias in Afghanistan.

Social Media user Azeem Shinwari from twitter handle @a_sh32 tweeted a tweet. English translation reads, “The ongoing war in Afghanistan, the bloodshed and the massacre of Afghans, whoever calls it a civil war, is tormenting Afghanistan, our martyrs and our soil. Shaf Shaf is not in it, Shaftalo is that we are practically at war with Punjab and winning this war is the faith and duty of every Afghan. The Taliban is Punjab.”

If you Think Afghanistan is Fighting War with Taliban, Think Twice - Afghanistan is Fighting War Against Pakistani Punjab
 | NewsComWorld.com
If you Think Afghanistan is Fighting War with Taliban, Think Twice – Afghanistan is Fighting War Against Pakistani Punjab

Azeem also shared a screenshot showing tens of Pakistani ID Cards confiscated from arrested or killed Paksitani Army Personnel and civilians in Afghanistan’s war against Pakistan Army’s Taliban Unit.

When Taliban is Pakistan Army’s proxy and is in fact Taliban is Punjab, will it make any sense for India to enter into a dialogue with another body of Pakistan?

India’s declared position is that India will not enter into a dialogue with Pakistan unless Pakistan ends sending terrorists and smuggling arms and drugs into India. Guns and Dialogue cannot go hand in hand. Now Taliban is nothing but Pakistan Army’s Taliban Unit. When India is not entering any dialogue with Terror supporting Pakistan Government, will India enter into a dialogue with Pakistan Army’s unit? What these “So-Called Pakistan Experts” have failed to do is to lift the veil from the relationship between Taliban and Pakistan Army. Pakistan wants to forcefully takeover whole of Afghanistan and install a puppet Taliban Government.

Pashtuns in KPK region in Pakistan do not accept Durand Line and want to merge with Afghanistan. Balochistan and Sindhudesh Freedom Fighters see the Pakistan-Afghanistan War as an opportunity to join this war and fight alongside Afghanistan and seek freedom from Pakistan. Since Pakistan is overtly supporting its Taliban units. Afghanistan – Pakistan conflict, this is an opportunity for freedom of Balochistan and Sindhudesh.

Amrullah Saleh First Vice President – Islamic Republic of Afghanistan from his twitter handle @AmrullahSaleh2 made a sensational revelation. He tweeted, “Pakistan air force has issued official warning to the Afghan Army and Air Force that any move to dislodge the Taliban from Spin Boldak area will be faced and repelled by the Pakistan Air Force. Pak Air force is now providing close air support to Taliban in certain areas.”

“If anyone doubts my tweet on Pak Air Force & Pak Army warning to the Afghanistan side not to retake Spin Boldak, I am ready to share evidence through DM. Afghan aircrafts as far as 10 kilometers from Spin Boldak are warned to back off or face air to air missiles. Afghanistan is too big to be swallowed.”

Earlier, Pakistan foreign ministry spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri had confirmed that the Pakistan sponsored Taliban units were in control of a key town on the Afghan side of its border area.

If you Think Afghanistan is Fighting War with Taliban, Think Twice - Afghanistan is Fighting War Against Pakistani Punjab - People wave a Taliban flag as they drive through the Pakistan occupied border town of Chaman on July 14, after the Taliban claimed it had captured the Afghan side of the border crossing at Spin Boldak. | NewsComWorld.com
If you Think Afghanistan is Fighting War with Taliban, Think Twice – Afghanistan is Fighting War Against Pakistani Punjab – People wave a Taliban flag as they drive through the Pakistan occupied border town of Chaman on July 14, after the Taliban claimed it had captured the Afghan side of the border crossing at Spin Boldak.

If we go with the data of casualties suffered by Pakistan Army’s Taliban units due to Afghan Air Force airstrikes, Pakistanis are suffering huge losses. We are referring to Taliban as Pakistan Army’s Taliban Units because most of the Terrorists are hired by Pakistan Army and Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI to wrest control of Afghanistan without formal engagement of Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army and Pakistan Intelligence Agency has also sent its officers and low ranking soldiers to fight along Taliban Terrorists against Sovereign Nation Afghanistan’s national army.

With Afghanistan conflict moving into a decisive phase, the outcome of the on-going war between Pakistan’s proxies and Afghan national army is going to have serious consequences on Pakistan.

Afghan society has changed tremendously over the last 20 years. There is no way which can lead to Talibanization of Afghan Society. Today’s Afghanistan is well integrated with rest of the world, more importantly with the west.

Afghan diplomats have done a splendid job in presenting the new image of Afghanistan to the world.

The adventure which Pakistan has tried in Afghanistan will cost Pakistan liberation of Sindhudesh and Balochistan. One can be rest assured that Afghan society and Afghan government will respond to Pakistan in kind.

Pakistan on one hand is taking finances from US and NATO to appear to be playing an active role in negotiations with Taliban, while on the other hands financing, arming, sponsoring the same Terrorists besides sending its own troops in mufti dresses to fight Afghan Armed Forces and is killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan.

Now with the sensational revelation made by Amrullah Saleh First Vice President – Islamic Republic of Afghanistan about Pakistan Air Force providing direct air support to Pakistan Army’s Taliban units, the veil of innocence is clearly lifted off face of Pakistan. Pakistan has thus proved its hand in war against sovereign, democratically elected Afghanistan Government.

However despite the US and Europe having tons of intelligence from their intelligence agencies about Pakistan responsible for war in Afghanistan and behind all the casualties US and NATO suffered in Pakistan that hide Osama-Bin-Laden in its territory near its Army cantonment area, no action was taken against Terrorist producing nation Pakistan. While the same Pakistan was made as a party to the so-called peace talks on Afghanistan.

Shortly Turkey will also join the carnage created by Pakistan, brining in Syrian mercenaries.

People are worried for the safety of women and children in Afghanistan.

People are coming forward on streets to fight Pakistan Army’s Taliban units. Even the women are coming forward and taking up arms to defend themselves against Pakistan Army’s Taliban units and Terrorists. Local Militia are also expressing support to the democratically elected Afghan Government and providing security in several provinces.

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What we must not overlook is the role played by India in the region.

There is no doubt that India will become the most Powerful Nation in the World. It will surprise even the USA, the United Kingdom, Russia and Japan.

We have seen that India has effectively evaporated US ties with Pakistan, next India has created an alliance with Vietnam, shattered China’s Superpower dream and made use of the 3 Countries..

The long-running dispute over oil extraction overseas between Vietnam and China has benefited India. With India’s support, Vietnam began producing Oil in China’s Southern Seas. Vietnam now supplies all of its Oil to India. The United States has different support for this. Meanwhile India has continued to make Pakistan a poor Country, that too without going into a war.

India has brought the Port of Iran under his control and has set up an Indian Military base on the border with Afghanistan, very close to the area that divides Pakistan. In order to increase Indian trade, it has also built a route through Iran (leaving Pakistan) to Afghanistan. This route will also be used to supply afghan forces in time of need.

Very soon India will completely capture Pakistan occupied Kashmir and subsequently Pakistan will fall into 4 pieces (in the coming seasons) This will happen on the warning of Narendra Modi.

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan’s traditional ally, will also play a Key role in the Partition of Pakistan..

In Asia, India has almost finished China and the United States, Entire Muslim world is against Pakistan is evident from the fact that UAE fined the Foreign minister of Pakistan on landing in UAE & sent the minister back. Malaysia took over an Pakistan airplane to recover debts owed by Pakistan.

China did not come to rescue of Pakistan in either of the cases.

India is doing more harm to Pakistan than the real War, by using Muslim Countries against Pakistan, India has established the fact that the fake narrative of Pakistan being torch bearer of Islam simply vanished in thin air.

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What do people on ground say?

People are suggesting that since Pakistan has actively joined war alongside Taliban Terrorists and providing air cover to its Taliban Units, Afghanistan should declare a war against Pakistan.

As per sources, if Afghanistan declares war against Pakistan, even the Baloch, Pashtun, Sindhis are also ready to join this war against Pakistan for the freedom of Balochistan and Sindhudesh.

Afghanistan which has a majority of Pashtun Baloch and Sindhi population on its side is sure to cross the Durand line and Taliban won’t be able to protect Pakistan from Afghan storm.

The political leadership of both nations viz Sindhudesh and Balochistan must cease this opportunity given to them by Pakistan itself and declare their independence from Pakistan in the ensuing chaos.

Trying to capture Afghanistan will result in breaking of Pakistan which in turn will bring peace prosperity and peace not only in the region but entire world.

Speaking to some Baloch Freedom Fighters, they suggested that if Afghanistan can provide them shoulder fired Anti-Aircraft missiles and provide arms, they are ready to fight against Pakistan. If Afghanistan can openly support Baloch, Sindhi, Pashtun Freedom Fighters and arm them, they can make sure their territories are not used for an attack against Afghanistan. This coordinated attack against already bankrupt Pakistan will further weaken Pakistan.

As per some people we discussed the current issues, they suggested that if a war is started by Afghanistan, Balochistan, Sindhudesh against Pakistan, Afghanistan should invite India and other allies for airstrikes against Pakistan and India can get an opportunity to take back Pakistan Occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan that are illegally occupied by Pakistan for last 75 years.

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What is the way forward?

We discussed the current affairs in Afghanistan with security and strategic analysts. They suggested the following steps that US/NATO should take for permanent peace in Afghanistan and in the region.

  1. Declare Pakistan a Terrorist Nation and put it in FATF Black List.
  2. Impose Trade Embargoes, Trade Sanctions and block Pakistani Ports as part of trade embargos and force Pakistan to end its support to its Taliban Units that Pakistan is using for Forced takeover of Afghanistan.
  3. Support different groups of Freedom Fighters in Balochistan and Sindhudesh that are fighting for Independence from Pakistan and help Balochistan and Sindhudesh separate from Pakistan and recognize them as new nations separate from Pakistan.
  4. Abolish the Durand Line and give Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa region with Pashtun Majority back to Afghanistan and help Afghanistan become a bigger and a strong country.
  5. Help India to take back Pakistan occupied Indian Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan that Pakistan illegally captured by sending its tribal militia forces back in 1947.
  6. Once Pakistan is reduced to a smaller territory of Punjab, create a separate small nation of Khalistan that comprise of lands inhabited by Sikh Gurus.

If US and NATO nations can follow the above strategy suggested by Security and Strategic analysts, it will not only solve Afghanistan problem once for all, but also will end the Terrorist producing country Pakistan that has been the cause of spread of violent, radical form of Islam worldwide that gave birth to Terrorist organizations like Islamic State, Al-Qaida, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jamat-ul-Dawa and all the known terrorist organizations in the world.

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Points to Ponder

Will the International Community help Afghanistan, Balochistan and Sindhudesh Freedom Fighters end this Terrorist Producing country of the world called Pakistan?

Will International Community recognize two new nations Azad Balochistan and Sindhudesh free and separate from Pakistan?

Will India come overtly in support of Afghanistan, Balochistan and Sindhudesh?

Will China pull continue to put money into the endless pit called Pakistan or will agree to help India take back POK and Gilgit-Baltistan and make new agreements with India instead of Pakistan?

Though Pakistan that was covertly fighting a war against Pakistan using its Taliban units is now overtly supporting its Taliban units to wage a war against a sovereign, democratically elected government of Afghanistan, killing innocent civilians and bring the Islamist Radical Taliban rule back in Afghanistan. Will Afghanistan accept this realty that Pakistan is an “Enemy Country” and declare a war against Pakistan?

In light of the Pakistan – Afghanistan conflict, will Afghanistan support Baloch, Pashtun, Sindhi, Mohajir Freedom Fighters and provide them support to fight for their independence?

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