Democracies From US to India Under Attack : George Soros Plans to Decimate Democracies Worldwide

Nefarious designs of George Soros and his various organizations have put the democracies from US to India worldwide under attack. Any person who loves their nation and the government they elected that talks about “Nation First” is the target of Anarchist George Soros and his network of Leftist/Liberals worldwide.

George Soros every democratically elected government that talks about “Nation First” as “Dictators”. His propaganda machinery spans across all the countries include a network of universities, tech giants, NGOs, Social Media platforms, Capitalist elites.

Democracies From US to India Under Attack : George Soros Plans to Decimate Democracies Worldwide
Democracies From US to India Under Attack : George Soros Plans to Decimate Democracies Worldwide

Recently ThePrint published a full post of George Soros in their article “Frightening setback in India, democratically elected Modi creating Hindu state: George Soros“.

George Soros has confessed that he influences events in other countries to get expected results which are contrary to the wishes of the majority of the population that elects their governments following the democratic process. He mocks the democratic process by creating protests and riots against the democratically elected governments that he calls “Dictators”. He writes, “In Defense of Open Society, in a revolutionary moment the range of possibilities is far wider than in normal times. It has become easier to influence events than to understand what is going on. As a consequence, outcomes are unlikely to correspond to people’s expectations. This has already caused widespread disappointment that populist politicians have exploited for their own purposes.

He writes about the rise of nationalism after 2008 and calls the democratic governments in US and Russia again as “dictators”. He writes, “But by the end of the year my hopes were dashed. The strongest powers, the US, China and Russia remained in the hands of would-be or actual dictators and the ranks of authoritarian rulers continued to grow.”

He kind of accepts his role in trying to prevent Brexit. He writes, “The fight to prevent Brexit—harmful both to Britain and to the EU—ended in a crushing defeat.”

He tries to forment further trouble showing his ignorance and lack of knowledge and baked lies when he writes lies about India. He writes, “Nationalism, far from being reversed, made further headway. The biggest and most frightening setback occurred in India where a democratically elected Narendra Modi is creating a Hindu nationalist state, imposing punitive measures on Kashmir, a semi-autonomous Muslim region, and threatening to deprive millions of Muslims of their citizenship.”

His referring to removal of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution as “punitive measures on Kashmir” ignoring the fact that it gave rights to thousands of minorities in the state that were neglected and oppressed by the previous governments. His writeup on India was nothing but a propaganda against the Democratically elected majority Government that has the mandate of majority of Indian population and was elected based on the promises Modi Government had made in their election manifesto.

He further writes about Latin American countries giving a hint of his hand in creating trouble in those countries as well. He writes, “In Latin America a humanitarian catastrophe continues to unfold. By the beginning of this year almost 5 million Venezuelans had emigrated, causing tremendous disruption in neighboring countries. At the same time, Bolsonaro has failed to prevent the destruction of the rain forests in Brazil in order to open it up for cattle ranching.”

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George Soros then throws his venom against the former President of United States Donald Trump giving the hints of his involvement in instigating the BLM and Antifa protests in the United States. He writes, “President Trump is a con man and the ultimate narcissist who wants the world to revolve around him. When his fantasy of becoming president came true, his narcissism developed a pathological dimension. Indeed, he has transgressed the limits imposed on the presidency by the Constitution and has been impeached for it. At the same time, he has managed to gather a large number of followers who have bought into his alternative reality. This has turned his narcissism into a malignant disease. He came to believe that he could impose his alternative reality not only on his followers but on reality itself.”

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As soon as the new government in US came to power, they started reversing the decisions of Trump administration. As per latest report, Biden government is to divert $30 billion in Farm Aid that Trump designated for American Farmers, to climate change purposes. Was this reversal to back up Soros and other anarchists?

 News on Telegram Channel of
News on Telegram Channel of

He then goes and writes against Xi. He writes, “Trump’s counterpart, Xi Jinping, suffered a traumatic experience in his early youth. His father had been one of the founders of the Chinese Communist Party. He was expelled, and his son, Xi Jinping, grew up in rural exile. Since that time, the goal of Xi’s leadership became to reassert the Communist Party’s dominance over Chinese life. He called it the “Chinese dream” of a “rejuvenated” China capable of projecting its power and influence throughout the world. Xi Jinping has abolished a carefully developed system of collective leadership and became a dictator as soon as he gained sufficient strength to do so.”

In order to justify his meddling and interference in other soverign nations, he has used “Climate Change” as a lame ground. He gave hints of removal of Trump in advance when he wrote, “From an open society point of view, the situation is quite grim. It would be easy to give in to despair, but that would be a mistake. The public is beginning to be aware of the dangers of climate change. It has certainly become the top priority of the European Union – but we can’t count on the United States while Trump is in power because he is a climate denier.” It is like he has made up his mind that President Trump had to be removed in order for his agenda to succeed.

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George Soros wrote against Matteo Salvini in Italy calling him the would-be dictator of Italy giving a hint to the Leftist/Liberal ecosystem he has put in place to go against Matteo Salvini.

Matteo Salvini, Italy
Matteo Salvini, Italy

He writes, “I began to form this conclusion when I learnt about a spontaneous movement of young people turning up at rallies held by Matteo Salvini, the would-be dictator of Italy. They held up cut-out signs of sardines proclaiming “sardines against Salvini,” and explaining that there are many more sardines than sharks like Salvini, so the sardines are bound to prevail.”

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George Soros also exposed the true functioning of Central European University (CEU) and its mission to create more and more leftist/Liberals that will take up positions in different multinational companies including the Media and Tech Giants and work as a propaganda machinery to destabilize any country that has a democratically elected government that talks about “Nation First”. The decay he has brought is spread in 120 countries from where students are brought to the University and corrupt their minds.

He writes, “30 years ago I set up an educational institution that does exactly that. It is called the Central European University (CEU) and its mission is to advance the values of the open society.”

“During these 30 years, CEU emerged as one of the hundred best graduate universities in the world in the social sciences. It has also become one of the most international universities, with students from 120 countries and a faculty coming from more than 50 countries. In recent years CEU gained a global reputation for defending academic freedom against Victor Orban, Hungary’s ruler, who is hell bent on destroying it.”

This propaganda tool is not only limited to Central European University (CEU), but also to Bard College in the US and other universities and colleges worldwide. He writes, “Fortunately, we also have the building blocks for creating such a network: CEU and Bard College in the US are already long-term partners. CEU is a graduate institution, and Bard an innovative, mainly undergraduate liberal arts college. Both have been supported by the Open Society Foundations and encouraged to offer a helping hand to other universities and colleges worldwide. Bard and CEU have developed an array of successful relationships in the less developed parts of the world.”

If we look at the protests during Anti-CAA riots, the whole network of Universities were the ground zero of the protests all over India.

Democracies From US to India Under Attack : Network of Universities in India that were ground zero for Anti-CAA riots
Democracies From US to India Under Attack : Network of Universities in India that were ground zero for Anti-CAA riots

This idea of brainwashing the students is not only limited to the above Colleges and Universities, George Soros has created a network of educational institutes called Open Society University Network or OSUN worldwide to spread his venom against any government that advocates “Nation First” to whom he uses his pet word “Dictators”. He writes, “The time has come for OSF to embark on an ambitious plan to build on this foundation a new and innovative educational network that the world really needs. It will be called the Open Society University Network or OSUN for short. OSUN will be unique. It will offer an international platform for teaching and research. In the first phase it will connect closer together an existing network. In the second phase, we shall open up this network to other institutions who want to join and are eager and qualified to do so.”

He further writes about his network CIVICA. He writes, “CEU is already part of a network of European universities of the social sciences called CIVICA, which is led by Sciences Po in Paris and includes the London School of Economics. CIVICA has won a competition sponsored by the European Union requiring members of the consortium to cooperate not only in education but also in civic and international outreach. OSUN through CEU and Bard has already pioneered in these fields and we hope that members of CIVICA will become interested in joining OSUN – creating a truly global network.”

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Democracies From US to India Under Attack

In 2019 and 2020, Riots in US & India have a lot of similarities. Both these attacks are attacks on the oldest & the largest democracies. In US it is given the name of Black lives Matter, while in India it was given the name of Islamophobia to curb the voices of the vast majority that was impacted with these riots. Common thing linking the both are the Leftist, Liberals, Islamist Radicals, George Soros, China, Pakistan.

Those who call them as Protests in the US are ignorant. Protests can never be planned and include riots and arson. This is more of an insurgency designed by the Leftist Liberals and the Radicals to take down the oldest Democracy in the world. Only persons that benefit from the fall of the mighty USA are China and the manipulators George Soros.

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Neither one can call the protests in the USA as protests because they included planned arson and instead of helping the Black people, the riots impacted the black people the most. The divide it created between the black and the white is so widening that it will be difficult to fill. For the true Americans they know that the riots during the Election year were planned to create poll stunt to get the black voters to vote against President Trump.

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Now look at the same in Largest Democracy in the world, India with 1.3 Billion people. Since last two years India has been brought to a stand still by continuous rioting in the name of protests. Rioters could be seen throwing stones at Police, damaging public property, even an Indian Intelligence Officer was killed, Islamist Radical Politician made his house a war zone and threw petrol bombs on Hindus, claimed lives of 53 people and injured over 500 in New Delhi alone.

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Whether the riots were in the name of abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution or in the name of amendments in Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) or the protests and stone pelting by Tablighi Jamat or protests in Delhi at Shaheen Bagh, the whole Leftist/Liberal ecosystem created by George Soros worldwide supported by Tech giants like Twitter, Facebook can be seen at adding fuel to fire although they had no business to interfere in the internal affairs of India.

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The aim of these riots was to create a divide in India on the basis of religion. Whether George Soros and his global elite instigated Indian Muslims during abrogation of Article 370 of Indian Constitution or amendment to Citizenship Amendment Act 2019, or the present farmers protests that was meant to instigate Khalistanis.

Rioters or you can call Terrorists pelting stone at Police officers or hitting Police with Swords.

Democracies From US to India Under Attack : Do protesters in US or Europe hit policemen with Swords?
Democracies From US to India Under Attack : Do protesters in US or Europe hit policemen with Swords?
Democracies From US to India Under Attack : Do protesters in US or Europe hit policemen with Swords?
Democracies From US to India Under Attack : Do protesters in US or Europe hit policemen with Swords?
Democracies From US to India Under Attack : Rioters in Delhi attacking police with bricks and stones
Democracies From US to India Under Attack : Rioters in Delhi attacking police with bricks and stones

During Hathras riots in October 2020 in State of Uttar Pradesh in India, fake websites were made by Leftist/Liberals to coordinate protests that failed miserably and the organizers were exposed and enquiry initiated to determine sources of donations received from overseas.

Remember in 2020 US was rocked by riots by BLM and Antifa terrorists that Leftist/Liberals advocate for Noble peace prize while One day riot in Capitol Hill that was infiltrated by Antifa Terrorists became the ground of Impeachment of President Trump.

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Points to Ponder

When Leftist/Liberals worldwide can form a common front and use their collective might to destabilize and remove any government based on their propaganda filled with lies, shouldn’t Patriots, Nationalists, Right Wing worldwide should form similar alliance and support each other on all platforms and fight the global agenda of these elites?

Shouldn’t the governments that consider “Nation First” worldwide form a common platform and unitedly fight this agenda of George Soros and his Leftist/Liberal network?

Shouldn’t the social media platform like Twitter that supports the propaganda of Leftist/Liberal elites be banned in all the countries where the governments stand for “Nation First”?

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