China Threatened To Attack Australia If Australia Drags Itself Along With US In War Over Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

Emboldened by lack of coordinated action against China for attacking the whole world by releasing the deadly Chinese Corona Virus worldwide that took lives of over 3.01 Million people worldwide, China has started giving threats to the other countries who dare to stand up against China. This time China has threatened to attack Australia if Australia drags itself along with US in war over Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Communist CCP China’s mouthpiece, The Global Times, has started its old tricks to throw empty threats on other sovereign nations who dare to stand up against China. This time through an article published in The Global Times on 19-April 2021, Communist CCP China has threatened an Australian invasion in the event that Australia interfere over Chinese invasion of the Independent Taiwan, whose sovereignty and independence, China disregards.

China Threatened To Attack Australia If Australia Drags Itself Along With US In War Over Chinese Invasion of Taiwan
China Threatened To Attack Australia If Australia Drags Itself Along With US In War Over Chinese Invasion of Taiwan

Here are a few excerpts from the article:-

“The Australian military deeply knows that the Taiwan question concerns the core interest of China and if Australia uses force against China, China will definitely deal a heavy blow to Australia.”

Here comes an interesting part where in China tries to dismiss Australia as even capable of any action except serving as an advanced base for US. Seems like China has forgotten history if World War II wherein despite the fact that no individual nation was capable of fighting alone against Germany, it was the allied forces consisting of forces from many nation that unitedly fought against Germany. Article writes:-

“Australia is geographically far from Taiwan. It serves more as an advanced base in the Asia-Pacific and a supply base for the US. US forces have deployed marines and bombers to its base in Australia. The Australian Defence Force comprises of only around 60,000 permanent personnel, and the number of forces that it could devote to a war effort is even less.”

Here comes the direct threat of Australian Invasion and the losses a war would incur to Australia:-

“If Australia wants to get involved in the Taiwan question, it will consider whether China will use its forces to strike back at Australia, and if so, whether the US has the ability and will to protect Australia. That is what worries the Australian military most. To its dismay, the US would probably protect itself once a crisis occurs, and the Australian military must weigh up what losses a war would incur to Australia.”

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Trying to create division among Australian public the article writes:-

“This is why Australian Defence Force Chief General Angus Campbell indicated last Thursday that Australia would keep pushing for peaceful dialogue as he believes the outbreak of a war over Taiwan would be “disastrous” for the region.”

“The remarks came a few days after former defense minister Christopher Pyne said in a speech at the University of Adelaide that the likelihood of a “kinetic war” in the Indo-Pacific was becoming higher, and the trigger that could pull the US and its close ally Australia into it was Chinese forces entering Taiwan. This shows that the considerations of Australian politicians and military are different. Politicians only think about wooing the US to gain more political support.”

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Further in the article, China also tries to lure Australia with trade benefits and also threatens of economic losses to Australia, if China stops imports from Australia:-

“China-Australia relations, once characterized by strong trade bonds, have been in a state of deep freeze. Australia acts recklessly against China because China highly depends on Australia for iron ore – China imports 60 percent of its iron ore from Australia. But Australia shouldn’t miscalculate China’s determination in safeguarding its core interests, especially Taiwan. And China is actively seeking alternative iron ore markets in Africa.”

With these kind of articles being regularly published in Communist CCP Chinese mouthpiece Global Times, China has made it very clear that it will certainly invade Taiwan and does not care about the International opposition and is ready to go on war with the entire world over Taiwan.

Communist China threatens Democratic Taiwan with Invasion

The Communist CCP’s People’s Liberation Army PLA has been upgrading its missile bases, and one Beijing-based military source said it has deployed its most advanced hypersonic missile the DF-17 to the area. The DF-17 has a maximum range of 2,500km (1,550 miles).

The DF-17 hypersonic missile will gradually replace the old DF-11s and DF-15s that were deployed in the southeast region for decades. The new missile has a longer range and as per Chinese propaganda, it is allegedly able to hit targets more accurately.

As per sources, Currently, the PLA has only about 100 DF-17 missiles, but it is expected to increase production and deployment in the years ahead.

Satellite images show that both the Marine Corps and Rocket Force bases in Fujian and Guangdong provinces have expanded in recent years, according to Andrei Chang, editor-in-chief of the Canada-based Kanwa Defence Review.

“Every rocket force brigade in Fujian and Guangdong is now fully equipped,” he said.

“The size of some of the missile bases in the Eastern and Southern theatre commands have even doubled in recent years, showing the PLA is stepping up preparations for a war targeting Taiwan.”

Chang said one base in Puning, a city in Guangdong, had been upgraded and now housed a new type of ballistic missile, but declined to say what type.

“The missile base in Puning is responsible for attacking southern Taiwan, but the DF-11 and DF-15 do not have a long enough range to fly over the Central Mountain Range to hit the island’s airbases in Taitung and Hualien [both in eastern Taiwan],” he said.

Chang also said the PLA had deployed its Russian-built S-400 Triumf air-defence system that could detect and shoot down missiles, drones and jets from up to 600km away to defend against any attack by the Taiwanese air force.

“The S-400’s radar system is very sophisticated and is able to cover the whole of Taiwan,” he said. “It is able to shoot Taiwanese military aircraft once they take off.”

The PLA’s coastal defences also include 20 air force brigades – some of them armed with the J-20 which as per Chinese propaganda is allegedly country’s first stealth warplane.

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The Marine Corps headquarters had been based in Chaozhou in Guangdong since 2017 and would play a key role in any attack on a Taiwanese naval base in Kaohsiung.

Beijing has sought to keep up the pressure on Taiwan with a series of exercises around the island, including a large-scale invasion drill last weekend and multiple air sorties that saw almost 40 fighters crossing the median line in the Taiwan Strait in a single day in September 2020.

Chinese President Xi in his speech on Wednesday 25-November 2020, to the Central Military Commission while addressing military commanders, urged his troops not to fear death and focus on preparing to win wars.

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China is Stockpiling Food Items. It is stockpiling meat, corn, rice and other essential commodities on a war footing. China is also running the drive to not waste food. On the surface, China’s campaign to encourage mealtime thrift has been a cheerful affair, with soldiers, factory workers and schoolchildren shown polishing their plates clean of food.

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Points to Ponder

Despite the international community having the knowledge that China is preparing for Invasion of Taiwan, no sanctions or trade embargoes have yet been imposed against China. Australia continues to supply its Iron Ore, Copper mines, coal and other raw materials to China that are needed to equip China to withstand any trade embargoes that the international community may later impose as a window dressing against China. Shouldn’t Australia, US, Japan and all the countries around the South China Sea boycott China and stop all trade relations with China?

When will the International Community gather courage to take an action against the Bio-Terrorist China that killed over 3.01 Million people worldwide already using its Bio-Weapon of Chinese Corona Virus?

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