Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby Killed fighting Islamist Radical Terrorists in Frontlines. | NewsComWorld.com

Turkey is responsible for Terrorism in Chad. Chad President Idriss Deby was killed fighting Islamist Radical Terrorists in Frontlines.

Chad’s longtime ruler President Idriss Deby, a Western ally in the fight against Islamist terrorists in Africa, was killed on Monday on the frontline of a battle against the Libyan-based Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT) terrorists who invaded from the north.

Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby Killed fighting Islamist Radical Terrorists in Frontlines. | NewsComWorld.com
Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby Killed fighting Islamist Radical Terrorists in Frontlines. | NewsComWorld.com

He had gone to the front line, several hundred kilometers north of the capital, N’Djamena, at the weekend to visit troops battling rebels belonging to a group calling itself Fact (the Front for Change and Concord in Chad).

Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby Killed fighting Islamist Radical Terrorists in Frontlines. | NewsComWorld.com
Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby Killed fighting Islamist Radical Terrorists in Frontlines. | NewsComWorld.com

The government and parliament have been dissolved. A curfew has also been imposed and the borders have been shut.

Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby Killed fighting Islamist Radical Terrorists in Frontlines. | NewsComWorld.com
Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby Killed fighting Islamist Radical Terrorists in Frontlines. | NewsComWorld.com

Deby’s son Mahamat took control of the country and its armed forces on Wednesday, dissolving the parliament and suspending the constitution.

Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby's Son took control of the country and its armed forces | NewsComWorld.com
Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad | Chad President Idriss Deby’s Son took control of the country and its armed forces | NewsComWorld.com

France on Thursday defended the Chadian army’s takeover of power after the battlefield death of President Idriss Deby presented Paris with an uncomfortable choice – back an unconstitutional military leader or risk undermining its fight against Islamists. France has 5,100 troops, which includes a base in the Chadian capital N’Djamena, remain entrenched fighting terrorist groups backed by al Qaeda and Islamic State, as part of international efforts to fight Islamist terrorists, with few prospects of being able to pull out.

Islamists, feeding off a poisonous concoction of poverty, ignorance and local conflicts, have gone on a killing and kidnapping spree, particularly in Mali and Burkina Faso. Tens of thousands of people have died and 2 million have been displaced. In such a context, Déby has been regarded by France and the west more generally as an ally. He was a gun for hire and an alternative to sending more troops to a region that has been called France’s Afghanistan.

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Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, justified the installation of a military council headed by Deby’s son on the grounds that stability and security were paramount at this time.

Nestled in between Libya, Niger, Central African Republic, Sudan, Nigeria and Cameroon, Chad is a strategic outpost for France and the United States in the fight against Islamist terrorists across the Sahel and Boko Haram in Nigeria as well as for monitoring political instability in neighbouring countries.

Map of Chad
Map of Chad

The deployment of a battalion of 1,500 men to the tri-border theatre between Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger earlier this year was seen as a vital to enable French and other forces to re-orient their military mission to central Mali and to target Islamist leaders linked to al Qaeda.

Under Deby’s command, Chad’s army has been more effective than Nigeria’s forces against Boko Haram, the militant Islamist group active in north-east Nigeria. In Mali in 2013, Déby’s army fought alongside France when it ousted Islamists threatening to take over the country. The following year it helped quell fighting in the Central African Republic. In military terms, Chad has been the most effective member of the G5, an alliance with Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Mauritania aimed at pushing back the Islamist threat.

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Chadian troops were in 2020 mostly engaged in fighting terrorists from Boko Haram and the Islamic State in West Africa in the Lake Chad region.

Chad’s armed forces are among the most respected and battle hardened in West Africa. That reputation was forged after 2,000 troops took part in a French-led mission in 2013 to hunt down al Qaeda terrorists in the deserts of northern Mali marking Chad out as the only Africa country to support war against Islamist Radical Terrorists.

Turkey Responsible for Terrorism in Chad and destabilizing the region using Islamist Radical Terrorists

BOKO HARAM attacks Chad with the support of Turkey and the financing of Qatar in an effort by Islamo-fascist Turkey to encircle and destabilize Egypt and Sudan.

Turkey under USA and NATO cooperation and use of Drones is one of those powers harming the Region. From Egypt, Greece, Armenia, Cyprus, Libya, Syria to Niger, Mali and Chad, the footprints of Turkey can be seen in all the countries using the Islamist Radical Terrorists.

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Social Media is full of posts accusing Turkey.

One such tweet, “The Genocide and cause of wars by Turkey extrem nationalist in the ww1 and ww 2 and today under Nato in Africa is visible in the Chad, Niger, Libya and Syria Middle east. Ethiopia and Somalia and Mali. It will not be easy for the African Nations to counter this.”

The UN estimates that around 20,000 foreign terrorists, mainly troops from Turkey and mercenaries from Russia, Syria, Chad and Sudan, are currently in Libya.

The Arab League, United Nations, European Union and the African Union on Tuesday demanded an immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces from Libya.

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In a statement after a videoconference by its leaders, the so-called “Libya Quartet” demanded “full compliance with the arms embargo and the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all foreign forces and mercenaries from the entirety of Libya’s territory.”

In recent weeks, the possible departure of Syrian mercenaries has been raised and, this weekend, N’Djamena mentioned the arrival in Chad from Libya of several hundred Chadian mercenaries who may have contributed to the fighting that led to the death of President Idriss Deby.

With the terrorism risks on the border and Turkey’s hegemony goals – North Africa and CAR face a challenging future.

Egypt is watching instability in Chad closely:

1) Egypt views Turkey’s forays in Chad as a potential security threat.

2) Egypt is concerned by the FACT links to Misrata terrorists in western Libya

3) Egypt wishes to construct a road connectivity project with Chad and Libya.

A look at the below map shows that Turkey sponsored Terrorists are already entrenched deep in countries surrounding Egypt that include Libya, Niger, Chad, Sudan. If Chad is to fall to Turkey sponsored Terrorists, It is not far that these terrorist forces sponsored by Turkey march towards Egypt next.

Political Map of North Africa and the Middle East
Political Map of North Africa and the Middle East

As per a report, Egypt is making every effort to rapprochement with Chad in order to stand against Turkey’s influence in the African continent, especially after the defeat of Cairo’s ally in Libya (General Haftar).

Al-Monitor published a report in mid-March by the Egyptian journalist Khaled Hassan, in which he talked about developments in the file of the race for hegemony in the African continent between Egypt and Turkey, indicating that Egypt has recently shifted its focus to Africa, especially in Chad, where Turkey is interfering in the crises afflicting the country, while the future of the relationship between the two countries remains unknown after the killing of the Chadian President, Idriss Déby, on Tuesday.

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At the beginning of his report, the author notes that Egypt announced on March 10 its intention to sign an agreement with Libya and Chad to establish a new road linking the three countries, thus opening the door for Chadian products to enter the Egyptian market.

The objectives of the visit of an Egyptian intelligence delegation to Chad

This followed a visit by an Egyptian military delegation to Chad in early March. The high-level Egyptian military delegation visited Chad with the aim of strengthening cooperation between the two countries and discussing ways to combat terrorist organizations in the landlocked country located in North Central Africa.

The writer adds: Egypt had previously sought to achieve more rapprochement with Chad in an attempt to support bilateral relations between the two countries. On March 5, Hala Zayed, the Egyptian Minister of Health and Population, explained that Egypt had provided medical aid and support to Chad to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. Egypt also provided free treatment to Chadian citizens, established field hospitals specializing in eye surgeries, and brought Chadian specialists to be trained in hospitals affiliated with the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

In a report published on March 8, Al-Araby Al-Jadeed quoted sources as saying that Kamel made two visits to Chad last month, where he met with Chadian officials and confirmed Egypt’s readiness to raise the level of its military, security and technical support for Chad, by organizing military maneuvers and providing special grants to the Chadian army.

According to the same sources, Kamel agreed with Chadian officials to exchange presidential visits in the future. He pointed out that Egypt has shifted its focus to Chad, as Egyptian intelligence reports confirmed that Turkey is seeking to establish a foothold in Chad and in the rest of the African Sahel region.

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The writer highlighted the statement by Heba Al-Bashbishi, a professor of political science at the Institute for African Studies and Research at Cairo University, to Al-Monitor, as she made it clear that Egypt began to move towards African countries after years of neglect. “Africa has been neglected under many previous regimes for decades,” she added. But Turkey’s efforts to secure a foothold in Chad raised the alarm for Egypt. Cairo was late in realizing the importance of establishing a relationship with African countries, while Turkey already has a strong presence in Chad. ”

On June 25, 2020, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA), stated that Turkey was making efforts to “infiltrate many African countries”, including Niger, Chad and the Horn of Africa.

Turkey’s Influence in Africa

The report stated that, according to Heba Al-Bashbishi, Turkey is exploiting the crises afflicting Chad, including poverty, famine, terrorism and internal conflicts. Hiba believed that Turkey is trying to gain a foothold in Chad at all levels, whether on the educational, economic or military levels, with the aim of creating spheres of influence in Africa, imposing complete control over Libya, and tightening the screws on Egypt.

The report notes that on May 5, 2020, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) announced the building of an applied agricultural school in Chad, in order to support agricultural development in the African country. Melih Maqahid Atis, the coordinator of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency in Chad, stated at the time that the school to be built within the framework of the Chad-Turkey Friendship Complex project would significantly contribute to the country’s progress.

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On February 28, 2019, Erdogan and his Chadian counterpart signed four agreements, including one in a military framework, and other agreements related to monetary assistance, cooperation in the field of education and cooperation in the cultural field.

Heba Al-Bashbishi argued that Chad is a national security issue for Egypt, as a country that plays a pivotal role, especially with regard to its impact on the situation in Sudan and Libya alike. And she added, “It is possible to create chaos in the Egyptian border area and pose a threat to it through Chad.” She added, “Chad has a direct road linking it to Darfur in Sudan, where there are no Chadian forces. There is also a desert road linking Chad and Libya, where weapons and personnel are smuggled. Therefore, Turkey’s control of Chad represents a threat to Egypt’s security. ”

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Will Cairo block the road to Turkish hegemony in Africa?

The report notes that Shafa al-Afari, an Eritrean writer and political analyst specializing in African affairs, supports Hiba al-Bashbishi. In a statement to Al-Monitor, Al-Afari said that the approach that Egypt is adopting towards Chad has clear goals, which are to protect Egyptian national security from any threats, and that Chad is an extension of the strategic depth in Egypt.

Al-Afari pointed out that there is also a step represented in “cutting the road to Turkish hegemony in the region, and the emergence of Cairo as a strong competitor to Ankara in the field of military logistical support”. He added that the head of the Egyptian Intelligence Service discussed during his recent visit to Chad the means of military and logistical support that Cairo could provide to Chad in the field of combating terrorism and armed groups.

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On July 27, 2020, it was reported that the Turkish government had signed a military agreement with Niger and was preparing to announce a similar agreement with other countries neighboring Libya, including Chad, as part of Turkey’s attempts to tighten control over Libya . Al-Afari believes that Egypt is also trying to gain a foothold in Chad because Cairo wants to compensate for the loss it incurred in Libya, after the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) defeated Egypt’s strong ally, Khalifa Haftar, the leader of the Libyan National Army (LNA), which led to an increase in Turkish influence in Libya.

The author concludes his article by noting that on June 4, 2020, Haftar received a series of defeats at the hands of the Government of National Accord, which prompted him to withdraw completely from Tripoli. On June 20, 2020, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said that the Libyan governorates of Sirte and Al-Jufrah represent a “red line” for Egypt, fearing that the Government of National Accord (GNA), with the support of Turkey, would take control of Libya’s eastern border with Egypt.

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The rebel group Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT), which is based across the northern frontier with Libya, made inroads south after attacking a border post on election day and calling for an end to Deby’s presidency.

But it appeared to suffer a sharp setback over the weekend.

Chad’s military spokesman Azem Bermendao Agouna told Reuters army troops had killed more than 300 terrorists and captured 150 on Saturday in Kanem province, around 300 km (186 miles) from N’Djamena. Five government soldiers were killed and 36 were injured, he said.

The terrorists’ leader, Mahamat Mahadi Ali, told Radio France Internationale (RFI) on Monday that his forces had made “a strategic retreat”.

Chadian state television on Sunday showed images of burnt vehicles and a small number of corpses dusted with sand. A crowd of soldiers cheered next to what state television said was dozens of captured rebel terrorists, who sat with their hands tied behind their backs.

The unrest has raised alarm bells among Western countries which have seen Deby as an ally in the fight against Islamist extremist groups, including Boko Haram in the Lake Chad Basin and groups linked to al Qaeda and Islamic State in the Sahel.

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The United States ordered all of its non-essential embassy staff to leave the country on Saturday. The British government had urged its citizens to leave the previous day.

Turkey’s support for the Tripoli-based GNA in Libya is part of a broader strategy that seeks to extend its influence to sub-Saharan Africa through illegal Islamist groups Boko Haram and others in Chad, Niger, Mali, Cameroon.

In a column for the Arab Weekly, Egyptian writer Mohamed Abul Fadhl argues that Turkey’s support for the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord in Libya is part of a broader strategy that seeks to extend its influence to sub-Saharan Africa through illegal Islamist groups.

It would be wrong to assume that Turkey’s ambitions are limited to Libya or North Africa. It would be even more ill-founded to imagine that Ankara’s suspected connections to terror organizations are limited to the Arab world.

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The Turkish government paved the way for its Islamic project in Africa years ago, both through soft power ploys and the establishment of links with radical groups.

The first part of the strategy was illustrated by aid granted through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA). The second part was reflected by Turkey’s involvement with terrorists across the continent.

The first part of the strategy was illustrated by aid granted through the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA). The second part was reflected by Turkey’s involvement with terrorists across the continent.

Perhaps many did not pay close enough attention to how deep the links are between Turkey and extremists in African countries like Chad, Niger, Mali, Nigeria and Cameroon.

Much of the region surrounding Libya is fertile ground for cooperation and coordination between Ankara and active terrorist organizations, which have increased their activities over the past few weeks as Turkey makes moves in Libya and major powers are distracted with the Chinese Coroanvirus pandemic.

The Boko Haram Islamist group, which started in Nigeria, has begun to expand extensively in the Chad Basin countries, almost as though it is following specific orders. It has begun to secure major victories at the same time Turkey is making serious military maneuvers in Libya.

Boko Haram and other radical groups have also clashed with the Chadian Armed Forces, which have reduced pressure on the southern Libyan front where mercenaries are known to be funneled through to support the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA).

Chad has become a pivotal target for Boko Haram, and fierce battles have occurred there resulting in many deaths. Chad has a dark history with extremists that also involves Qatar.

Qatar has tried to sabotage Libya’s relationship with Chad by using the Union of Forces of Resistance (UFR) which is headed by the Chadian president’s nephew and fierce opponent Timane Erdimi.

Eridimi has also been active in Libya’s Fezzan region and has spent time in Doha.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has accused Qatar of supporting Erdimi, who was arrested by Chadian forces in February 2019 as he was leading his armed faction in southern Libya, along with dozens of armed rebel movements from Sudan and Chad and extremist groups to attack the army and establish a new terror epicenter in the region.

The Chadian army has been able to track down many terrorists. It caught 250 terrorists that entered Chad from Libya in January 2018, while destroying more than forty vehicles and confiscating arms and weapons. It will continue its missions in an area in Ennedi (northeastern Chad), which is close to the country‘s border with Libya and Sudan.

In February 2019, French forces attacked armed terrorists backed by Turkey and Qatar after they crossed the southern Libyan border to target the Chadian president. Some 20 minivans were destroyed after Chadian President Idriss Deby asked Paris for help.

The joint force backed by France to fight Boko Haram includes forces from Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria.

Armed brigades, mercenaries and terrorists are focused on southern Libya after having managed to secure Tripoli and the West. The east is still a red line they cannot cross at this stage, knowing that by approaching they will incur the wrath of Egypt. The south remained vital to their plans to fight the LNA, as well as their broader goals of working with Islamist groups in the Sahel and Sahara countries that Turkey continues to rely on.

These organizations maintain a degree of difference, but they are able to join together to fight a strong opponent. Turkey has managed to take advantage of this fact over and over, including in Syria, where it brought together many terrorist groups. It is relying on this same strategy in Sahel and Sahara countries.

This was illustrated by Turkish and Qatari efforts to cooperate with various rebel factions in Chad, Sudan, Mali and Nigeria in recent years, sometimes under the pretext of sponsoring peace negotiations.

But the real danger will come when Turkey manages to gather and transfer thousands of Syrian terrorists. Then it will likely aim to create a complex web of interests linking local and regional dimensions.

Points to Ponder

Since Turkey is responsible for Terrorism not only in Chad but in many African countries and is also responsible for destablizing Middle-East, why is USA and Europe not taking decisive action against Turkey?

Why is Turkey still part of NATO? Why Turkey has not yet been removed from NATO?

Since with the rise of Fascist, Nazi Turkey spreading Neo-Ottoman Empire, the Future of Middle-East Kingdoms like Saudi Arabia, UAE is at stake. Why is Middle-East not united and taking action against Turkey and its supporters?

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