Australian PM Under Attack By The Liberal Media Outlets: We Are Not Surprised |

Australian PM Scott Morrison is under attack by the Leftist, Liberal media outlets. How does the Leftist Liberal ecosystem work?

Before you read this piece of opinion, I wish you to know that am neither Australian nor Western. I am from India and I am observing things silently sipping tea all day long. There is enough data out there on the internet to analyze what is happening in geopolitics.

For quite sometime now I had been predicting that Australian PM Scott Morrison will be under attack very soon. This had happened in the recent times, notable mentions are- the Indian PM Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin of Russia and Donald Trump. Both PM Modi and Putin didn’t fall prey to this attack.

Australian PM Under Attack By The Liberal Media Outlets: We Are Not Surprised |
Australian PM Under Attack By The Liberal Media Outlets: We Are Not Surprised

Reason being– Apart from being extremely wise, Modi enjoys a strong support by his followers. The supporters of Modi are highly motivated individuals who counter propaganda which is being done against him. If you observe some of the popular Modi supporters on social media their posts are not only extremely organized or glossy, but they are sufficiently informative, data and evidence rich to counter the propaganda tactics of Modi detractors.

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Frustration among the Modi supporters

There exists a frustration among a narrow band of Modi supporters that PM Modi is worried about his image in the west and hence he is going soft on several issues.

Notable examples– The wrong narration of CAA bills, the resulting protests, and riots by the international and national media. It is now well established how Western media fabricated misinformation and tried to show the CAA was against the minority of India. It is also very well established how western media indulged in lies and false narration of the riots of the CAA in New Delhi in 2019-2020.

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Most notable example is how the killing of Ankit Sharma was attributed to Hindu right-wing groups by Wall street journal. The brother of deceased Ankit Sharma openly criticized and filed PIL against media outlets for misreporting the murder of his brother. It is now well established how a radical-Islamist sympathizer member of parliament Tahir Hussain of the Aam Admi Party (AAP) and his henchmen (radical-Islamists) engineered the murder.

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The allegations of involvement of any Hindu RW groups in the riots were found to be baseless and quashed. Instead, an organized ISIS operative racket’s involvement was found in the Delhi riots.

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Note- Western right-wing definition cannot be applied to Hindu right-wing.  The Hindu RW arose in 1920’s as a desperate response to Muslim RW (post-Mughal rule) and Christian RW (Victorian rule). Therefore, Hindu RW is quite left-wing by the Western definitions. Mughal times saw one of the cruelest forms of mass torture, pillage, rape and destructions meted out against Hindus. The Marathas arose and dismantled the Entire Mughal Empire in twenty-seven years and restricted them to an area of Delhi, Audh and Bengal. It took British East India company three Anglo Maratha wars to consolidate power in India. The first two wars were lost badly by the British, in fact the 1st Anglo-Maratha war had almost wiped out the British.  After the 3rd war the British overtook the Indian lands of Maratha Empire. So, Modern India is not the British construct, in fact it was a Maratha legacy which was based on the lines of Mauryan Empire. So Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) arose in the 1920’s to counter Victorian radical-Christians and radical-Muslim right-wing terrorism was propagated against Hindus. Now let’s come back to current times.

Likewise, the farmer protests of New Delhi which were misreported by the media houses. It was laughable to see porn-stars, pop-stars, and child climate change activists were opposing the bills.  One so called celebrity climate change activist (with anger management issues -words of Donald Trump), opposed the very law which is environmental-friendly and makes the Farming in India a sustainable eco-friendly affair.

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As far as Rihanna and Mia Khalifa are concerned, they perhaps don’t even know where India exists on a map. They probably don’t even know India exists on the same northern hemisphere as North America. The media houses simply ignored that fact that these laws were drafted as bills under the vigilance of farmer welfare groups of India, the farmer unions and under went scrutiny of the Judiciary. They were then tabled as bills in the lower and upper house of the parliament where it was passed with a thumping majority through a democratic voting by the members of the parliament.

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Lack of Force to Quell Unjustified Protests

I have simple question- Why should anyone’s protest curtail my right to use a road/transport infrastructure which was built by the public taxpayer money? The people like me have felt this and have kept quiet out of sympathy for the farmers. We also felt that on all these occasions Modi govt didn’t use adequate amount of force. While these protests were ongoing the media wasn’t concerned about COVID19 super spreader conditions at the protest sites. But now they are blaming the Modi govt of being ultranationalist, arrogant and leading India into the tragic 2nd wave.

However, they tend to ignore that fact that it is India which is conducting the fastest vaccination drive anywhere on the face of earth. While at it, India also sent vaccines to several countries.  The people of India also went easy on the COVID protocols which led to the spread of the sly mutated version of the COVID19 virus which had originated in Wuhan last year. Although WHO, China and Media hates to call it Wuhan-virus unlike the Japanese encephalitis, Spanish flu, EBOLA virus, ZIKA virus, AFRICAN Horse Sickness Virus (AHSV), GERMAN measles, New Delhi superbug (didn’t even originate in Indian subcontinent let alone New Delhi).  No actually its wrong to call it Wuhan virus, because only the outbreak originated in Wuhan. Its just similar to the origins of H1N1 strain of 1977 as noted by renowned virologists Sirotkin and Sirotkin[ Interesting read here by the father-son duo ].

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The media goes silent when their messiah Joe Biden administration blocks the sale of raw materials needed for vaccine manufacturing to Serum Institute India. The very India they so much are concerned about and want to save from the clutches of Modi. Moreover, the mindboggling fact is that the blockage also effects the ability of Serum Institute of India (SII) to deliver this vaccine to rest of the world as well. Please keep in mind SII produces 70% of all global COVID vaccine supply.

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You see the hypocrisy there?

Putin Doesn’t care

Russian president Vladimir Putin doesn’t even care what the west thinks. They left after him some Navalny and Ukraine conflict. The Brazilian ANVISA blocked the SPUTNIK-V vaccine just like how they blocked Bharatbiotech India’s Covaxin. But both these vaccines emerged as clear winners. While Modi carefully tries to balance, Putin doesn’t care.


But no matter how much I laugh at Donald Trump, I do feel sorry for him, like I do feel sorry for Rahul Gandhi of India. These are the textbook cases of accidental politicians and presidents. From Trump’s immigrant policies to Kungflu jibe he was demonized. Media, UN, WHO and Chinese hypocrisy notwithstanding, the media kept hitting new lows every day in order to hound Trump- a brief look into the articles from that period are a tell-tale.

Of course Trump didn’t know how to handle this like Putin or Modi. Trump never started a new war and in fact it was during his time there were US-Taliban peace talks. Trump had fallen prey to this kind of consorted attacks by the global media.  The US economy tanked during COVID19 pandemic and hence US votes swung in favor of Joe Biden.

Joe Biden and Indians

I was 10 years old when I saw the fall of Soviet Union on 25th December 1991 on TV. It was during this time Indian Space Research Organization wanted to acquire cryogenic technology from India. It was the then senator Joe Biden who rallied votes in order to block the transfer of cryogenic tech from Russia to India. This was noted by B. Raman in Kaoboys of R&AW as well. Things didn’t just stop there, when we tried to build it ourselves a sabotage happened. This is well documented in another book “Spies from Space: The ISRO Frame-UP” by J.Rajasekharan Nair.

In 1994, I was 3 months old into my 7th standard I read a newspaper heading in Times of India— “ISRO Spy Scandal”. The head of Cryogenic engine project, Nambi Narayanan was implicated in a Spy scandal, which was later found to be false. According to Nambi Narayanan he was physically tortured by none other than Police officers R B Sreekumar and Hemant Karkare. Some of the events pertaining to blockage of tech to India has also been noted by the late honorable former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in his book “Wings of Fire”. Oh by the way, so called journalists like Sagarika Ghosh wrote demeaning articles against Abdul Kalam and the Scientists of India. Just google “Bomb Daddy”. The article is titled: “Science is tough” link to the scribd :

Journalists like Sagarika Ghosh are not only intellectually dim but are jealous of the Science graduates. I find it hilarious!  Sagarika, her southpaw-boxer- turned-hubby-turned-Rajdeep, Pranov Roy, Cricket expert turned anthropologist turned Michelin star chef turned historian Ram Chandra Guha, Ashok Swain etc are the dimmest of the lot. There is a saying in my scientific circle about them “if you give a chimp a keyboard, 10 fingers, and sufficient time, the chimp can type from A to Z, 0 to 9”. Some people are not intellectually blessed, that’s just like some are tall and some are short. However, hating your own nation and kind may stem from traumatic experiences in early childhood at home.

Indians are aware what Biden did in the past and hence some of us were skeptical. We just saw a repeat of what had happened before, when Biden Administration blocked raw materials for vaccine production. Anyway, in the back drop of all these something more was brewing since past one year or so.

  1. Consorted efforts to bomb the reputation of Bharatbiotech and Covaxin. The wide range of hammer-sickle commie type T-47 journalists like Saket Gokhale are hired. Where T-47 stands for 47 chromosomes (down’s syndrome). But Gokhale is no scientist he is just a simple Monkey with a keyboard. He is corrected continuously by a young Dr. Haryax Pathak on twitter. But the good doctor Pathak is attacked by another chimpanzee for being a Hindu and a Brahmin. Which actually was very bizarre. Nidhi Razdan didn’t join Harvard and I defined “Razdanned” on urban dictionary. To this day its pinned to my tweeter handle- @WirelessEnergy2. You may ask why my handle is @WirelessEnergy2. Well Nidhi’s fans didn’t like my definition of Razdanned on urban dictionary and they got @WirelessEnergy1 suspended.

2. The Chinese side tells Indian side that there would be no more troop withdrawal and India should be happy that it came along this long in the High Himalayan border lake. This happens after 11 rounds of talks between both the sides.

3. Australia and China conflicts had been brewing since past 12 months or so. There comes our man PM Scott Morrison who dismantles the Chinese BRI projects in Victoria, Australia. This begets China to rattle like a key-spring loaded toy buffoon and calls Australia as “sick”. A lot of wolf warrior twitter activity is conducted. Morrison doesn’t give a donkey’s flying hoot.

4. China suspends air cargo transport to India on 26th April 2021. Same time Joe Biden blocks sale of Raw materials for vaccine production.

5. Around 27th April 2021, Ajit Doval’s negotiation led to removal of bans by US. In the backdrop china resumes the flights.

6. On 27th April 2021, the Guardian initiates the articles to project Morrison as a fanatic Rightwing Christian. Please note that Scott Morrison has amazingly served long period as a PM of Australia in recent times. Something which the CCP isn’t liking. Australia has seen  Six PM’s change in eight years

 7. Scott Morrison is now longest serving PM in the past 10 years. This is not going well for CCP aspirations of converting Australia into its economic colony.

Now I am counting for the days when the Australian media starts its attack on Scott. A little digging tells me that they already had laid a foundation in the past. On 30 November 2020, a Chinese diplomat, Zhao Lijian, posted a digitally manipulated image of an Australian soldier who appears to hold a bloodied knife against the throat of an Afghan child, on his Twitter page.

The Guardian article on Scott Morrison on 26th April 2021, can be found here

See how they are going to use it to call him Right wing fanatic very soon. There is an article criticizing Morrison by Australian media here. We will keep a track of articles coming off in future by Nadine Von Cohen on Morrison.

So, it turns out Nadine Von Cohen is a journalist from the Guardian, which is a left leaning news outlet. I am not at all surprised!  We are watching and they are unfolding. We will write facts to counter their propaganda!

About the Author : Author Indian Gopnik is a Scientist and Professor in a reputed Asian University of Science and Technology. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering, was a former faculty at the Indian Institutes of Technology. His work has two dedicated Wikipedia entries in the field of wireless power transfer, has 18 plus patents to his name. Twitter: @WirelessEnergy2

Points to Ponder

Isn’t Nationalism vs Regressive Left seems to be the norm of the political discourse in many a country? In many countries, Isn’t a sudden rise in Nationalism as a counter to Socialism seems to follow a global pattern, especially after Socialism degraded into Regressive Left?

How many more visionary world leaders will be attacked, defamed and dethroned by the repeated fake propaganda of the Leftist Liberal ecosystem?

Shouldn’t the Conservatives, Nationalists, Patriots, Right-Wing worldwide have their own ecosystem that extends the boundaries of one’s own country and coordinates with nationalists from other countries also towards a common goal to protect their visionary leaders?

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