Worldwide condemnation of Pakistan for Attempt to Force Takeover Afghanistan using Pakistan Army's Taliban Units |

There is a worldwide condemnation of Pakistan for attempted force takeover of Afghanistan using barbaric Pakistan Army’s Taliban Units. Afghans ask UN to stop Islamabad from supporting Taliban Terrorists. Pakistan Army’s Taliban Units attack on Afghanistan had a unifying effect on all Afghans to fight against Pakistan and its Taliban Units.

The Pakistan Army’s Taliban units are rapidly gaining territory in Afghanistan as the United States withdraws its forces from the war-torn country. The militant group now holds at least one-third of Afghanistan’s 364 districts.

Worldwide condemnation of Pakistan for Attempt to Force Takeover Afghanistan using Pakistan Army's Taliban Units |
Worldwide condemnation of Pakistan for Attempt to Force Takeover Afghanistan using Pakistan Army’s Taliban Units

The Taliban is not withholding any force, and has launched a full force violent campaign to gain control of the cities. Afghan forces clashed with the Taliban as Islamist militants besieged three of the province’s key cities. Local Afghan government commanders said military reinforcements began arriving on Saturday as Taliban fighters entered parts of Herat, Kandahar and Lashkar Gah. Afghan security forces are preventing Pakistan Army’s Taliban units from overrunning urban centers.

Afghan forces and militiamen of veteran warlord and anti-Taliban commander Ismail Khan have been deployed around the city.

People in Herat mobilized against the terrorist Taliban and formed a national resistance. Old and young all took up arms and combat terrorists.

In Lashkar Gah, insurgents were reportedly only a few hundred meters from the governor’s office. A clinic has also been bombed, along with several homes destroyed.

Afghan forces said the Taliban suffered significant casualties in the last two days. Pakistani Army’s Taliban Units have amped up the pressure on several cities in the recent weeks, while tens of thousands have been displaced.

Fighting was also hampering Afghanistan Government’s rescue efforts after severe flooding in Nuristan this week killed at least 113 people, with over 100 more missing.

Pakistani Army’s Taliban Units struck Kandahar Airport in southern Afghanistan with at least three rockets overnight. The Pakistani Army’s Taliban Units spokesperson said today that the aim was to thwart air strikes conducted by Afghan government forces. Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson said that they targeted Kandahar airport because the enemy were using it as a centre to conduct air strikes against Talibans. Afghan government officials said the rocket attacks forced authorities to suspend all flights and that the runway was partially damaged.

As per reports, USAF has conducted at least 22 Airstrikes in the last 24 hrs throughout Afghanistan against the Pakistan Army’s Taliban Terrorist Units.

The EU’s special envoy for Afghanistan, Tomas Niklasson, said he believed the war was set to get much worse.

He said he feared the Taliban way of thinking now was “something they had in the past – re-establishing… their Islamic emirate”.

And the former head of the British Armed Forces, Gen David Richards, warned the international withdrawal could result in the collapse of the Afghan army’s morale, leading to Taliban control and possibly a renewed international terrorist threat.

Humanitarian organisations have also warned of a major crisis in coming months as the Taliban continue their offensive – with a lack of food, water and services, and overcrowding in camps for the displaced.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that the United States strongly condemns the attack on the United Nations compound in Herat, Afghanistan that resulted in the death of an Afghan guard. The United Nations in Afghanistan is a civilian entity focused on supporting peace efforts, promoting the rights of all Afghans and providing humanitarian and development assistance. Attacks against civilian UN personnel and facilities are prohibited under international law.

Worldwide Condemnation of Terrorist Nation Pakistan

Noted Afghan Journalist Habib Khan from his twitter handle @HabibKhanT tweeted, “Why are Pakistanis so obsessed with Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan? If these fanatics are too good, why don’t you allow TTP to run the government for you? A basic principle of Islam is that what you chose for others, should chose for yourself. #SanctionPakistan”

Afghan twitter handle @HajiNoorUllah7 shared a video by Afghan Vice-President, “#BreakingNews Afghanistan 1st Vice President @AmrullahSaleh2 slams Pakistan. Says,”let us call a spade, a spade. We are under invasion. That invasion has a sponsor. It is on the other side of line”

In another tweet he tweeted, “Pakistan 🇵🇰 have been spreading Terrorism & butchering innocent people in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 via there proxyfighters like Taliban & ISIS & AL QAIDA since 1979. So WE AFGHANS have no RESPECT or SYMPATHY for Pakistan or Pakistanis.”

Thousands of Pakistani Intelligence Agency sponsored propaganda twitter handles have got activated on twitter that are glorifying and defending Pakistan Army’s Taliban Units and glorifying and celebrating the barbarism and murders committed by Taliban Terrorist units.

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There is a condemnation for this Pakistan’s action all over social media.

Muska Dastageer from twitter handle @DastageerMuska tweeted, “The number of Pakistani accounts gleefully commenting, mocking, ridiculing Afghans right now, especially in battlefield updates, in Afghan Twitter is very telling. Quite surreal to see a long hidden reality out in the open this way – the tone is venomous, gleeful, taunting.”

Nabil Shah from twitter handle @NabilShah1 tweeted, “It’s honestly shameful, but not unsurprising, the Pakistani media is severely restricted and people only hear good things about Taliban, never even mention the people that they are brutalizing.”

JS.Jigdalak from twitter handle @JanzebSalim tweeted, “By doing so, Pakistan is sowing the seed of hatred in the hearts of Afghans for itself, which probably will have very dangerous consequences for Pakistan.”

A social media activist Sonam Mahajan with her twitter handle @AsYouNotWish questioned Pakistan’s hypocricy. She tweeted, “Pakistani netizens defend Afghan Taliban terrorism, celebrate civilian killings as Shariah justice, normalise barbarism as a way of life in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Pakistan too is an Islamic Republic, will Pakistanis appreciate a TTP takeover of their country?”

People have questioned Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, that he has represented Taliban more than the Suhail Shaheen, and seems the official spokesman of the Taliban, promoting their narrative on the international forums and striving enormously to legitimize them.

Afghan television network values free speech so much that Saad Mohseni and his employees are “at risk of getting killed” by the Taliban. When the Taliban take over Afghanistan, they won’t just “kill government soldiers” but those who speak out against them. “See, the Taliban, this is the ultimate expression of cancel culture. They don’t like what you say, you’re dead. Saad Mohseni founded Afghanistan’s first television network there –the Moby Group, news shows, quiz shows, information shows. “He’s now got 400 employees, including journalists that the Taliban has named as military targets – in fact 12 of Mohseni’s journalists have already been killed.

The Pakistan government has repeatedly denied that it provides any military support to the Taliban in its diplomacy regarding its extensive operations in Afghanistan. Of all the foreign powers involved in efforts to sustain and manipulate the ongoing fighting, Pakistan is distinguished both by the sweep of its objectives and the scale of its efforts, which include soliciting funding for the Taliban, bankrolling Taliban operations, providing diplomatic support as the Taliban’s virtual emissaries abroad, arranging training for Taliban fighters, recruiting skilled and unskilled manpower to serve in Taliban armies, planning and directing offensives, providing and facilitating shipments of ammunition and fuel, and on several occasions apparently directly providing combat support. Many vehicles are crossing the Pakistan border everyday; sources inside Afghanistan reported that some of these convoys are carrying artillery shells, tank rounds, and rocket-propelled grenades. Such deliveries are in direct violation of International Law. Pakistani arms as well as Pakistani Personnel as identified by their identity cards, have been found in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s army and intelligence services, principally the Inter-Services Intelligence Directorate (ISI), contribute to making the Taliban a highly effective military force. While these Pakistani agencies do not direct the policies of the IEA, senior Pakistani military and intelligence officers help plan and execute major military operations. In addition, private-sector actors in Pakistan provide financial assistance to the Taliban.

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Pakistan’s notoriously porous border with Afghanistan has facilitated the transshipment of men and materiel.

People are demanding Action by International Community against Pakistan.

Nathan Jones from his twitter handle @nathan019970 tweeted, “Pakistan is the root of all ills in Afghanistan. The nation should be globally distanced and outcast for their support to terrorism to wreak in all of South-Asia. Signing this petition to show my support.”

Taliban then and Now

During the Taliban’s five-year rule – which was almost universally shunned by other governments but supported militarily and politically by Pakistan – women were prohibited from working, attending school or leaving home without a male relative. Men were forced to grow beards and wear a cap or turban. Music and other entertainment was banned.

Anyone not abiding by this code risked being publicly lashed, beaten or humiliated. Women who disobeyed these rules were sometimes killed.

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In 2001 Taliban defeat was celebrated by Afghans inside and outside of Afghanistan.

Children started to fly kites and to play games – both previously banned. Couples played music at their weddings, and women left their homes for work without fear of being beaten by Taliban enforcers. Many men shaved their beards. Afghanistan opened to the world.

Now as well, according to various reports by the Afghan stations Radio Liberty and Radio Salam Watandar, Taliban rulers in Afghanistan’s North and Northeast have asked families to marry off one girl per family to their fighters; said women should not leave home without a male relative; and ordered men to pray in mosques and grow beards.

The Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission, an Afghan government agency, says public infrastructure has been destroyed and social services halted in many Taliban-controlled areas, leaving 13 million people without public services.

All evidence suggests the Taliban still believe in restoring their old system of emirate, in which an unelected religious leader, or emir, was the ultimate decision-maker. No one could challenge his verdicts because he was believed to have a divine authority from God.

“The Taliban don’t believe in democracy. They just want the collapse of the government so they can reconquer Afghanistan and reimpose their system.”

There are even reports of Taliban hanging the dead bodies to the city gates.

Under Taliban rule, Afghanistan hosted many terrorists who perpetrated attacks on American interests worldwide.

The terrorists included al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, who planned the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the Sept. 11, 2001, World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in his home in Pakistan in 2011, but al-Qaida cells continue to operate in Southwest Asia and beyond.

And the Taliban still associate with the group – a violation of their 2020 accord with the U.S. According to a May 2021 U.S. government report, the Taliban “maintain close ties” with al-Qaida.

Recent reports from Indian security agencies say Pakistan-based terrorist groups are partnering with the Taliban to fight Afghan forces inside Afghanistan, too.

Journalist Ahmad Rashid says with the U.S. gone, the Taliban won’t likely strike a deal as long as the Pakistani military continues to give their leaders and their families refuge in Pakistan. The Taliban top brass is safe, while young Taliban fighters wage their insurgency in Afghanistan.

Pakistan Army’s Taliban Units Attack on Afghanistan – A Unifying effect on all Afghans to fight against Pakistan and its Taliban Units

Pakistan Army never expected their strategy to send their Taliban Units in Afghanistan would have a Unifying impact on all patriot Afghans.

As per Afghan Journalist Habib Khan, “Afghans from all ethnicities have never been so united against a common enemy, Pakistan and her proxy. This level of national unity is unprecedented in the recent Afghan history. I hope change will follow.”

Another twitter user Sardar Afghan from his twitter handle @SardarKhattak4 echoed similar views. He tweeted, “In it’s effort to subdue Afghanistan, Pakistan managed to unite us all. Last time this happened USSR collapsed spectacularly. I think I know where this is headed. Fingers crossed.”

Another Afghan handle has echoed similar views. Daud Junbish @DaudJunbish tweeted, “Unlike 1990s when the narrative was Pashtun Taliban vs non-Pashtun Northern Alliance, this time, PM @ImranKhanPTI contrary to your assertion, the Afghan Nation is standing united as one to defeat Pakistani madrasa mercenaries AKA Taliban #SanctionPakistan”

Even Afghan women and girls have taken up arms to defend themselves against Pakistan Army and its Taliban units.

Everyone has demanded sanctions against Terrorist Nation Pakistan.

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Afghans Ask UN to Stop Islamabad From Supporting Taliban

Afghans in a petition asked the UN to discourage Pakistan from backing Taliban insurgents following spike in violence and increased civilian casualties across Afghanistan.

The online petition set by the Afghan lawmaker, Mariam Solaimankhail, states, “The Afghan people and their allies request that the international community place intense and unified pressure on the Pakistani government, which continues to support the Taliban militia in Afghanistan.”

Condemning Pakistan’s continuous support for the Taliban, the petition reads, “Afghans ask that international leaders apply the right amount of pressure to the Pakistani government to force them to stop the Taliban murder of innocent Afghan citizens.”

“Whether through targeted sanctions, economic pressure, or full terrorist-support listing, Afghans need your help,” it demands.

The petition has participated by a large number of Afghans and attained 6,000 of the targeted 7,500 signatures at the time of the release of this report.

Pakistan is repeatedly blamed by Afghanistan for backing insurgent groups fighting in Afghanistan.

With the international troops departing from Afghanistan, the Afghan people say there was no any justification left for Taliban to continue war, asking the group to stop the violence and bloodshed immediately.

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Xi Jinping Urges China to Prep for ‘Military Struggle’ Amid Afghanistan Security Concerns

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on China’s military leadership to strengthen its solidarity with the Communist Party as he warned of potential armed conflict and security concerns at the country’s border with Afghanistan.

Xi on Friday said China should be prepared for “military struggle” as the United States is set to withdraw from Afghanistan by September 11 of this year. Xi made the remarks about strengthening the country’s military prowess ahead of the 94th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) formation. Beijing officials have for months expressed concerns that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is stirring up a Taliban resurgence and inviting regional instability.

Xi and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi this week said the U.S. pullout could provide Uyghur separatists with a base of terror operations in which they could conduct attacks against the CCP in the Western region of Xinjiang.

And on China’s eastern borders, British and American naval warships have stepped up their presence in the South China Sea and challenged Beijing’s claim to the international trade waters.

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“On the path of completely building a modern socialist country and realizing the second centennial goal, national defense and the military must be placed in a more important position, and the consolidation of national defense and a strong military must be accelerated,” Xi said Friday, according to the South China Morning Post.

“We must persist in strengthening the overall planning of war and make preparations for military struggle,” the Chinese president added.

The CCP’s Qiushi journal noted that Xi also ordered the People’s Liberation Army to be “absolutely loyal” to the Communist Party and he claimed that the country’s system of absolute leadership is a military advantage for China in comparison to Western democracies.

Wang hosted a delegation of the Taliban led by the group’s political committee head, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, on Wednesday.

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Xi took over as president of the Central Military Commission eight years ago and has consistently pushed the PLA to be prepared for war in any theater. Xi also led a massive overhaul of the country’s military forces in 2015 in order to modernize the Chinese military. Xi echoed this same sentiment on Friday, urging military and party leaders to push for massive technological developments within their armed forces.

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“It is necessary to promote high-level scientific and technological self-reliance, accelerate research on key core technologies, accelerate the development of strategic, cutting-edge and disruptive technologies,” Xi said.

Points to Ponder

Will International Community have any commonsense and impose sanctions and trade embargoes against Terrorist nation Pakistan that is a puppet of China and has sent Pakistan Army’s Taliban units to invade whole Afghanistan?

Will UN intervene, impose sanctions against Pakistan and send UN Peacekeeping Forces at Pakistan-Afghanistan Border to prevent Pakistan from sending arms and ammunitions and its terrorist units to Afghanistan?

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